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    Effective Date: April 1, 2009                                 Merrimack Valley Regional Network to End Homelessness
                                                                                   ICHH WORKPLAN

                                                                                        Fiscal Years 2009-11
                                                                                 April 1, 2009 – September 30, 2010

Program components (Check all that apply)
                                                    Network Operation                Family Innovations                Individual Innovations          IT and Evaluation
GRANTEE         Community Teamwork, Inc.               Leadership Council              Triage and Assessment              Triage and assessment           Regional data collection
                                                       Coordinated access points       Prevention and Diversion           Prevention and Diversion        Regional reporting
AWARD:              ICHH Grant: $756,767               Housing access, production      Rapid Re-housing                   Rapid Re-housing                Inter-organizational technology
                                                       Resource development            Stabilization                      Stabilization                   Process evaluation
                                                      Accountability, transparency     Asset Development                  Asset Development

          GOALS AND ACTIVITIES                                  OUTCOME MEASURES                  PROGRESS BENCH MARKS
                                                                                                     (6, 12 and 18months)                  Benchmarks progress and outcomes report
                                                                                                                                                    (For Reporting Only)

     1.   The goals of the MVRN are to share              Number of meetings including all
          resources, improve delivery of service,         regional activities                   Leadership Council established and
          effectively use financial resources,                                                  officers elected (Note: LC should
          reduce duplication of services and              Number of individuals and             include DHCD partners including
          replicate best practices.                       agencies across a broad spectrum      CAAs, RNP, LHAs)
     2.   The Leadership Council is the                   participating in Network activities
          governing entity and shall meet
          quarterly to guide the planning and             Number and percent of total           Executed memorandum of
          implementation of the MVRN                      membership (by sector)                agreements
          including selecting convening agency,           participating in leadership council
          establishing accountability standards,          meetings, working group meetings,     A directory of all network members
          review data to affect progress,                 and all other activities              including representation from
          leverage resources, and approve                                                       multiple sectors including housing
          funding decisions.                              The amount and type of leveraged      agencies, business, veterans services,
     3.   Community Teamwork Inc. will                    resources such as new housing,        domestic violence agencies, school /
          convene 19 communities and facilitate           financial, or staff resources among   homeless liaisons, and court eviction
          the development of the network                  others                                prevention programs, among others
          building upon the three CoCs, and the

Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development                                                                                                                    1
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          work of the Northern Middlesex                  The number of new “regional”        Approved Network budget
          Council of Governments, and                     leaders developed through new
          Merrimack Valley Planning                       structure                           Procedures for information sharing
          Commission.                                                                         by Leadership Council and all
     4.   A seven member committee will be                                                    network members
          named to review client resource
          requests.                                                                           Identified access points with widely
     5.   The LC will establish subcommittees                                                 shared contact information for
          that meet monthly to address                                                        service by new regional network
          interventions for family and                                                        system
          individuals. A steering committee will
          meet bi-monthly to review progress of                                               Functioning working groups with
          intervention strategies.                                                            coordinators, tasks and deliverables
     6.   The RN initiates coordination with
          state agencies including DHCD, DTA,                                                 An outreach strategy to educate and
          and DCF among others.                                                               inform public and providers about
     7.   Establish regular and ongoing                                                       regional service delivery model –
          communication mechanisms including                                                  how to get involved and how to
          meetings, emails, phone conferencing,                                               access services
          joint trainings, list-servs or other web
          based communications strategies.                                                    Operations and services that interface
                                                                                              with state agency providers in region
                                                                                              including DTA, DHCD, DMH, DCF


Individual Innovations:                                   Baseline from 2007 Point in time
    1) Target interventions to 40 chronically             count of both sheltered and
         and long term sheltered individuals              unsheltered individuals/family
         and chronically and episodically street          members:
         homeless.                                         Lowell: 432
    2) Provide permanent housing and assist                Lawrence: 310
         individual to maintain stable housing.            Haverhill area: estimated at 200
    3) Locate permanent housing through                   out of 606 in MA COC 510
         extensive real estate and landlord               (Gloucester/Essex)

Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development                                                                          2
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     4) Provide flexible rental subsidies and             Regional Individual Shelter
        other financial supports                          capacity totals 175. (LTLC-90,
     5) Provide appropriate support services              Lawrence-55, Haverhill-30)
        such as rep payee programs, education             Reduce capacity by __ %
        and job training,
                                                          Regional Family Shelter capacity
Family Innovations:                                       totals 90 (Lowell-37, Lawrence-7,
   1) Target interventions to divert 80 Tier 1            Haverhill-26, Amesbury-20)
        and 2 families from shelter                       Reduce capacity by __ %
   2) Support early warning prevention
        systems at DTA “front door” and NE                Number of individuals/families
        Housing Court (Lawrence session) and              served at point in time
        the Lowell Housing Court
   3) Locate permanent housing through                    Number and percent reduction in
        extensive real estate and landlord                sheltered and unsheltered
        outreach                                          chronically homeless individuals
   4) Provide flexible rental subsidies and
        other financial supports                          Number and percent reduction in
   5) Provide appropriate support services                sheltered and unsheltered homeless
        such as rep payee programs, education             families
        and job training,
                                                          Number and percent of families
                                                          imminently at risk of homelessness
                                                          diverted from shelter

                                                          Number and percent of families
                                                          assisted through “early warning”
                                                          prevention systems

Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development                                  3
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                                                          Number and percent of regional
1. Expand HMIS data systems to track families             access points (agencies) using
and individuals that are non-homeless                     Uniform Assessment Tool for
(prevention/diversion/stabilization) or homeless          families
as they interface with regional network
providers.                                                Number and percent of agencies
                                                          within each region that submit data
2. Establish data sharing protocols across the            elements through HMIS on a
region through affiliated COC intra-regional              timely basis -- by 10th working day
agreements.                                               of the month

3. Participate in a process evaluation as                 Number and percent of agencies
directed by the ICHH.                                     within region that provide 95%
                                                          completed data elements for all       Data sharing agreements among
                                                          clients                               principal partners in place

                                                                                                Integration of new data elements
                                                                                                related to the HPRH program.
SUSTAINABILITY                                                                                  Integration of Uniform Assessment
                                                                                                Tool essential data elements into
     1.   The network will become “region-                Number of access points identified    regional HMIS reporting
          centric” by operating collectively              and number of persons entering
          using a systems approach that is                system via that “door”                Ability to produce regional data
          strategic in its approach and use of                                                  either internally or through reports
          resources.                                      Number of “regional” process /        out of central HMIS.
     2.   Demonstrate improved delivery of                systems changes adopted
          services/reduce duplication                                                           Selection of network evaluator and
     3.   Build services into shelter “front door”        Number of changes adopted             plan to implement process evaluation
     4.   Provide uniform assessment                      related to delivery of community      within ICHH model
     5.   Replicate best practices                        services

                                                          Number of changes adopted related
                                                          to delivery of state services

                                                                                                Demonstrated ability to serve clients
                                                                                                across systems through multiple

Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development                                                                           4
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IMPLEMENT A REGIONAL SYSTEM                                                                     Produce at least 2 unified data and
THAT IS A MODEL FOR                                                                             client information reports
TRANSPARANCY TO CONSUMERS AND                                                                   Adopt at least three “systems” or
THE PUBLIC                                                                                      process changes

     1.   Publicize regional approach to new              Number and extent of outreach and     Identify at least 5 changes to service
          service response to preventing                  marketing for services delivered      delivery system based on new
          homelessness                                    through regional network              regional cooperation
     2.   Conduct in-service training to network
          partners                                        Number of targeted outreach           Identify at least 2 significant
     3.   Extensive outreach and coordination at          activities to special populations     initiatives that demonstrates
          shelter “front door” and at Lowell and          such as disabled, linguistic          enhanced collaboration with state
          Lawrence Housing Courts                         minorities or those in localities a   agency providers within region
     4.   Outreach to varied client access points         distance from the region’s urban
          including efforts to reach hard to serve        centers
          families, recent immigrants, and
          limited English speakers                        Number of opportunities extended
     5.   Widely disseminate established                  to solicit feedback and input from
          protocols for distribution of flexible          the public, including outreach to
          funds.                                          persons who are homeless or
                                                          formerly homeless

                                                          Number of requests for hearings,      Develop information materials and a
                                                          appeals or formal grievances          marketing plan

                                                                                                Hold at least 4 events/activities to
                                                                                                educate and inform public at large
                                                                                                about regional network

                                                                                                Hold at least 2 events that convenes
                                                                                                larger network for purpose of in-
                                                                                                service training or regional systems
                                                                                                development that builds provider
                                                                                                relationships across region

                                                                                                Coordinate press and other publicity
                                                                                                vehicles to continuously inform

Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development                                                                            5
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                                                                Develop strategies to provide
                                                                ongoing and timely information
                                                                using available technologies

Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development                                    6