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									                           “READ,                                            Florida Gulf Coast
                         READ, READ”                                          Ft. Myers, Florida
                                                                                      June 2010
                                                                                 V o lu m e 1 , Is s u e 1

      Ms. Bauer’s Reading Newsletter
                   Welcome!                       Reading Is The Basic
To All:
Welcome to the first reading newsletter of my     Tool In The Living Of A
class! This newsletter is to show literature
ideas, give parents encouragement to help         Good Life”
out, and share some quotes and ideas on
To the Parents of my fabulous students:
This newsletter is to guide you on the way to
help your child with his or her learning how to
                                                  Importance of READING
be a successful reader!
                                                  Reading is an essential skill that children
Topics on which Pages:
                                                  must know. Knowing how to read well is
Reading- Page 1
                                                  important for every child to succeed in life.
Parents- Page 1
                                                  Having the skill to read, children can then
Library & Websites- Page 2
                                                  be successful in mastering communication
About Author- Page 2
                                                  skills, writing and grammar skills, and
List of Literature Books- Page 3 & 4
                                                  enhancing their vocabulary!

                                                  Making sure that children at a young age
                                                  should learn how to read is important.
                                                  Encouraging the children to read is very
                                                  important, and also it shows them that
                                                  reading is not only necessary in life but that
                                                  it is also an enjoyment.

                                                  Parents’ Contributions
A caption describing the graphic

                                                  Parents- you have one of the biggest impacts
                                                  on your children in them learning how to
                                                  read. It is your jobs to encourage reading
                                                  and to be positive to your children while they

                                                  Search for exciting books, websites, activities,
                                                  and newspaper articles for your children. Let
                                                  them enjoy the ability to read!
                   Ms. Bauer’s Reading Newsletter Page 2

All about the Author                        Authors To Check Out
My name is Ms. Meredith Bauer. I was
                                            J.K. Rowling
born in DeLand, Florida. I am a 3rd year
student at Florida Gulf Coast University
in the College of Education. When I         Dr. Seuss
graduate, I wish to teach elementary        dir.yahoo.com/.../Children_s/Dr__Seuss__Theo
school, and I am very excited! I hope to    dor_Geisel___1904_1991_
leave an impact on students’ lives and to   Jan Brett
help as many children as I can with         dir.yahoo.com/.../Children_s/Brett__Jan
learning! Positivity and encouragement      Beatrix Potter
comes easy for me when I am working         dir.yahoo.com/.../Children_s/Potter__Beatrix__
with others who are learning.               1866_1943_
mlbauer@eagle.fgcu.edu                      C.S. Lewis
“If you can read this, thank a teacher”     dir.yahoo.com/.../Literary_Fiction/Lewis__C_S_
         Library Time!                                     Library Location!
     The library is a place to take               Name:
      your children to let them have a
                                               Lee County Regional Library
      huge variety of options to
      choose from to benefit their             Location:
      reading!                                 15290 Bass Road, Fort Myers, FL
                                               (239) 533-4000
                                               Hours of Operation:
                                               Monday- Wednesday 9am-8pm
                                               Thursday 9am-6pm
                                               Friday-Saturday 9am-5pm
                                               “A LIBRARY IS A HOSPITAL FOR THE MIND”

     What Can Be Found At the
             Library                                    Reading Websites
    The following are available at the
    library to help your child read:           -    Website to download books and worksheets
    1. Books!
    2. Magazines
                                               -    An interactive website of reading and
    3. Books on Tape                                language arts
    4. Internet Tape
    5. Displayed Art
    6. CDs                                     -    Website with online reading tools for K-12
    7. DVDs

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