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					World Missions:
                  ON THE FRONTLINES: The Power of Perspective on Christian Living and Missions
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Moments in
the Philippines

                         Moments in Philippine Missions
         Dear Prayer partners & friends,

       I thank God that you have a heart for the world, specifically
     people!! I am greatly encouraged by those who seek to demonstrate
     an “others-mentality” in a cross cultural exposure. I have been
     personally enriched in the soul by those who place others before
     themselves in a diverse setting. I have also been deflated and
     astounded by the insensitive and bulldozer mentality! I honestly
     thank God for you, that in Christ Jesus; you have a heart for people!       1. The language of love is in offering others our best in Christ.
     We are not only called to defend the gospel but to represent Jesus to
     a hopeless and diverse world.
                            A Christian Perspective
     This is demonstrated through our commitment to “authentic unity” It
     is an awesome reality, that the LORD Jesus can instantly unite
     people from various languages and cultural differences to
     accomplish His purposes and plans. We just completed a time of
     working along side a (Picture 1-2) visiting team from Denmark. The
     spirit was beautiful because we were neither Americans nor Danish,
     but Christ Followers. We united in His Spirit to exalt the Lord Jesus,
     love people deeply and hold firmly to the truth of God‟s word!
     I want to begin by taking you, to some dark places in Asia, to an un-       2. The Spirit of Christ reaches people through His people.
     reached people lost, abused, and enslaved. This is not an
     exaggeration. It is a hidden reality that finds great strength in secrecy
     and in silence; it takes focused prayer, along with an intense light to
     expose and deliver these young victims in the name of the Lord!

     In some areas, due to the prevalence (Picture 3) of poverty; it makes
     people very vulnerable to seemingly easy solutions. It is a reality
     that woman come into prostitution for various reasons. I will share a
     story with you about some women who came into this life by a
     choice not of their own. They are used, until unprofitable. No
     different than a towel being wrung out, until no moisture remains.
                  The Deep Need for Jesus‟ Bright Light                          3. They willingly chose this life. But a past filled with abuse, hurt, and
    While I was in Hong Kong, a pastor and I went to Wan Chai; it is a           hopelessness. It’s 3 a.m. and they were touched by the Lord Jesus.

    known red-light district that has many young women brought there
    under the pretense of a good job awaiting them. They have young
    girls from The Philippines, Russia, China, and Thailand. The head
    lady is labeled a Mama-san; it is best illustrated (Picture 4) in the
    picture, you have the customer = American + the girl = commodity +
    the mama-san = Older woman in the back. She is a mean spirited
    woman. We talked to a Filipina, a young girl from the Philippines.
    “I asked her gently, “Why are you here?” Can you come and go as
    you please? Have you been hurt? She just stared at us, sort of
    puzzled with tears starting in her eyes; as we explained why we were
    there, we also told her that Jesus loves her so much, unconditionally
    and accepts her and will rescue her!!! She had tears and said yes I          4. It is a place of emotional, physical, and mental enslavement.
                                                                                 May our Lord equip us, empower us, and embrace them! May
    do understand! She left quickly!” --CONTINUED                                our Lord rescue and restore these young girls to the honor of
  Page 1                                                                         Jesus Christ! Consider Psalm 10 Pray for the young victims.
  The mama-san supervises them, so we are careful not get them hurt
  and abused. We do have strategies and are working with the
  Authorities. Oh my dear Lord may you hear the cry, gather there
  tears and break the arm of this dark oppressive world and set them
  free! Consider Psalm 10:8-18 in regard to God‟s counter
  perspective to this underworld of darkness and death.

  We have experienced a great success in the area of rescuing a
  young girl from pimps and the vulnerability of the streets. One
  night around 11:30 P.M it was while we were feeding the street
  children. We talked with a woman whose job (Picture 5) was to           5. What a wonderful woman of God. A woman of courage while
  clean the streets at night. She is a born-again Christian and she       under fear. She speaks, while many remain silent. Proverbs 31:8-9
  explained to us the situation of these young girls that are suffering
  abuses in the brothel/lodge. She explained to us their strategy for
  getting young girls. She observes this from working on the streets
  at night. Although she was afraid, she is a woman of courage and
  loves the Lord deeply.

  The young girl named Lannie a 16 yr old girl whom I shared in our
  last newsletter; she was abused in the brothel. After that
  experience, she really struggled to come off the streets. It was
  mostly due to fear and shame; God greatly used Bob, a good friend
  of the ministry and now of mine, he is from Chicago and is a
  family man with 4 children of his own. The Lord penetrated
  (Picture 6-7-8) Lannie‟s heart, as Bob shared with her words of a
  father‟s patient love and concern for her life. Lannie‟s heart melted   6. The children leave home and live on the streets for various
  and opened up. She is now with us full-time. Please keep her in         reasons. They inhale glue to quiet hunger. Glue bottle- upper right
  Prayer as it was discovered that she is pregnant. She was
  devastated, but with the initiating and unconditional love in Christ
  she is doing well and receiving good care in the Lord! She is very
  bright and will be going to school in the near future!

  We are working with law enforcement and the district attorney to
  bring justice for the children and young woman being trafficked
  and forced into prostitution. It is a great Victory in the Lord!!!

               A Needed Perspective in Missions:
                                                                          7. Lannie is in the valley of Decision and struggles with coming
  "Send us people with initiative, who can carry themselves and           off the streets. The tender words of a father entreat her to tears…
  others too; such as need to be carried hamper the work and weaken
  those who should be spending their strength for the heathen.
  Weaklings should be nursed at home! If any have jealousy, pride,
  or tale bearing traits lurking about them, do not send them, nor any
  who are prone to criticize. Send only Paul‟s and Timothy‟s; men
  who are full of zeal, holiness and power. All others are
  hindrances. If you send us ten such men the work will be done.
  Quantity is nothing; quality is what matters.

         – C.T. Studd (Missionary to China, India, and Africa)

                                                                          8. It is a great victory through the Lord! She is a prized treasure
                                                                          being restored in Christ Jesus.
Page 2
  In the Garbage area ministry, we are working towards creating a
  culture of family. We are soon planning a small fire camp out
  with them; to develop a strong bond of genuine love. We will
  have worship, sharing stories, and the word of God. The children
  in our orphanage/refuge are involved in several ministries. It is
  an Effective way to offer them an out-let to express their
  thankfulness to God! You see Lannie sharing (Picture 9) her
  testimony to others at the garbage area ministry! She is sharing
  with others the goodness of God through her once tragic
  situation. The people were really touched. God is healing the
  children by expressing to others His goodness and faithfulness to       9. The children are growing through the experience of sharing their
  them!                                                                   life and testimony in Jesus!

  We are going to help the (Picture 10) people living at the garbage
  site to develop the land. The soil is incredibly rich and fertile and
  mostly undeveloped. You can tell by the flourishing green
  acreage. This will help them to eat and profit financially in the
  market. They will plant fruit and vegetables for a harvest. It will
  be a good source of income and food!

  In a leaders (Picture 12) training group, a family man named
  Chaffy came to me after and said, “I feel a real burden for
  people and to teach them!!” I tell you, the sincerity (Picture 11)
  and commitment of Chaffy demands our full commitment to him             10. The people work very hard but lack opportunity. They are a
  and to others that follow. I felt such a responsibility at that         tender people, with a sincere love for their family.
  moment. How do we respond when God starts a small flame in
  those around us? God placed a burden within Chaffy that could
  not be separated from him! It is a built-in part of a called person
  that cannot be separated from who we are. “I asked Chaffy,
  Where do you feel called?” He replied, “To people who don‟t
  understand God‟s word.” I don‟t know of any greater
  responsibility than to develop and ensure that these teachable
  men and women fulfill their fullest potential in Christ! They
  have begun leading and facilitating small groups. Thank you for
  your continued prayer for them.

                        The Story of Mark:                                11. Please Lift Chaffy in prayer as a growing leader and trainer of
  I have known Mark for a long time; he is an 18 yr old young             others in Christ! He is a good brother with much potential in Christ!
  man with a loving mom. She loves him very much. I haven‟t
  seen it very often where a mom will come out and look for her
  child like she has. I spoke to her one day and she just cried in
  regard to his choices in life. As far as I can tell, he didn‟t have a
  hard life at home. He did have a temper and always lived on the
  edge. We would regularly find him sleeping on sidewalks.

  One night we were having a meeting in town regarding the
  orphanage/street children‟s ministry. Mark came to the glass and
  began to wave and ask for food. I waved to him, signaling in
  just a moment. It seemed like a flash of time and I looked up to
  see Mark wrestling with the guard. They both had there arms
  clutched together and toward the sky, with a gun in the guard‟s         12. We are examining and making observations in 1st Timothy
                                                                          regarding the development of a Christian leader with solid Biblical
  hand and a knife in marks hand.--CONTINUED                              doctrine. They are “living epistles” in Christ Jesus…
Page 3
    I ran out and grabbed Mark and the knife. We sat him down and
    the police were on their way. He said “please help me Jeff.‟ I
    would tell him. “Mark, I am sorry but there is nothing I can do!
    You can‟t have a knife like this! This will destroy you!” He just
    repeated, “Help me help me! Mark there is nothing I can do
    buddy!” The police arrived and took him and as he walked to the
    car he just stared. I thought at that moment, That God was helping
    him, but he doesn‟t realize it! We have shared with him the clear
    gospel and provided many opportunities for him to gain freedom.
    The police let him out two days later and he was back on the           13. The worship service is a very strong part of the jail ministry.
    streets. It was a week or so later that Mark stabbed someone and I     Please pray for these men and women and the development of
    was told that he died. Mark is (Picture 14) now part of our jail       Christian leaders.
    ministry and he asked me for a Bible and a bar of soap. So it is
    our commitment to provide them. We have defined roles of
    responsibility in the jail cells, they are literally cell groups! We
    have a worship coordinator, scribe, and group leaders. In all of the
    ministries, we have taken a long-sighted approach of developing
    leaders. That when the baton is handed to them they may run with
    perseverance the race set before them by the Lord.

                 Jesus‟ Counter Perspective:

          1. It‟s not in Living but in Dying
          2. It‟s not in being pardoned but in pardoning
          3. It‟s not in receiving but in giving

                                                                           14. Mark is in the black tank top; please continue to pray for Mark
    It is completely unnatural to us and impossible for us in and of       and His salvation in Christ!
    ourselves. Regardless of how long we have been saved and how
    gifted we are. We need Jesus deeply and if we deeply need Him!
    How much more the world and those who dwell in emotional,
    mental and spiritual prisons? He waits for (Jeremiah 23:18) us to
    dwell in (Jeremiah 23:22) His council and gain His heart for people.
    “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the
    nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

                                       I thank God for you and your
To stand with Jeff Rice in the         perspective on the world and
Philippines:                           also for your friendship, mail,
                                       and participation through prayer
Mail Support to:                                                           15. Please continue to pray for the asst. Warden and his growth
                                       and finances. God is working
CCWC, Missions Department, Attn                                            and development in Jesus. We have met for over a month now.
Rev. David Covic, Sr                   and you and I are privileged to
6825 Trouble Creek Rd                  serve in His harvest field!
New Port Richey, FL 34653
Memo: Jeff Rice
                                              Most Sincerely,
Correspondence: Jeff Rice
PFMI P.O Box 37, San Pablo                     Jeff Rice
City, Laguna 4000, Philippines                 Psalm 91:2


Page 4
        “Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty
                  things, which you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3
                          Opportunity’s to participate
   Ministry Prayer Needs:

   Jail Ministry-for continued favor in the area of unlimited access to the prisoners and
   PLEASE pray for the women prisoners as they are not allowed to come to our services.
   Due to a new warden for the women; PLEASE Pray her heart would be softened and
   impacted in the Lord! Pray for the ass t. warden as we meet for discipleship and that he
   would influence those around him and below him.

   Hospital Ministry-Please pray for our continued favor with the director as we
   move forward in our follow up with patients. Please as we begin to distribute
   devotional material to doctors, guards, and staff members. Pray for our
   visitation and prayer ministry would

   Local Police-We have a credible relationship with the Police dept. They are very open to the
   Gospel through the investment of friendship. God has given us an opportunity to go deep with
   them in Christ. Please pray for right time and also our discipleship with them. Please also pray
   for provision for Bibles them! Pray also for God‟s wisdom and strategy. We have a good
   relationship and I am assured that God will work deeply in them and use them greatly!

   Anti Human Trafficking-Please pray for the young women and children brought into this
   forced prostitution through deception! Pray for precious opportunities and effective strategy‟s to
   reach them. Pray for their rescue and restoration of such traumatic experiences. Please pray that
   the perpetrators would be brought to justice, repentance and to Christ!

   Personal Prayer Needs:
   1. God‟s wisdom, God‟s understanding, and spiritual knowledge in Christ in a cross-cultural
   2. Good Health and vitality
   3. Language assimilation
   4. I commit to developing a small booklet to handout that contains my story/testimony and the
      gospel message-plan of salvation. Please pray for God‟s favor and creativity to develop it.
   5. Unspoken request.
   Ministry Needs:
   1. Jail Ministry- 360 Bibles = $195 for Prisoners, Guards, and Staff
   2. Hospital Ministry- 250 Bibles = $135 for Staff and Doctors
   Local Police Force- 200 Bibles = $105 for Police and Staff Workers
   3. Anti Human Trafficking/ Child Prostitution-$425 Hidden Camera, Microphone---This has
   been approved by the police dept.
   4. Garbage Area Outreach-= $200 Seeds for crops including tools

   Personal Needs:
   1. Means of transportation-= $3500 A fitted truck/Jeep to travel and carry supplies and
Page 5