ECA Membership There are several forms of the ECA

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					                                      ECA Membership

                                      There are several forms of the ECA membership.

       Association                    Full member
          for the                     Full members are professional involved in the circus business such as circuses,
       Promotion of                   independent animal trainers, agents, circus festivals, etc. They must be
        Circus Arts                   headquartered in Europe.
       and Culture
2008 Board of Directors               Associated Member
Festival International                Circuses and other business or associations concerning circus related interests that
du Cirque de Monte Carlo              are not seated in Europe may become Associated Members. This includes
                                      organisations like the Federation of Professional Circus Schools (FEDEC).
Cirque Arlette Gruss - France
                                      The yearly costs for Members and Associated Members are € 400,- per organisation
Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione
     France                           or individual. Associated Members may participate in ECA meetings and receive
                                      information sent to the Members but do not have the right to vote.
Cirque Medrano – France

Circus Pinder – Jean Richard          ECA Board Member
     France                           Organisations qualified to be Members in the ECA also may join the ECA as a Board
Sirkus Finlandia/ Oy Fincirk ab
                                      Member. ECA Board Members provide direction for the ECA and have the same
     Finland                          rights but not the same obligations as Executive Board Members. The yearly costs
                                      are € 3000,-
Circus Krone – Germany

Circus Roncalli - Germany             ECA Donors
                                      Finally, it is possible to become a Donor by making a minimum contribution of € 250
Magyar Cirkusz és Varieté KHT,
Fövárosi Nagycircusz – Hungary        a year to the ECA. Donors may participate in ECA meetings and receive the same
                                      information as Members, but do not have the right to vote.
Koninklijk Theater Carré
                                      Joining ECA
Stardust Circus International BV      Registration forms are available on the ECA website at

Circo Victor Hugo Cardinali           Upon receipt of registration, ECA will send an invoice for membership fees. Once
     Portugal                         paid, the new members will receive a certificate of membership for that year. The
Circ & Variete Globus - Romania       member will also begin receiving the ECA newsletter and other information as well
                                      as an ECA username and password for the members part of the ECA website.
Nikulin Moscow Circus
     Russian Republic
                                     Membership Conditions
The Great Moscow State Circus        All ECA Members and ECA Board Members must:
    Russian Republic
                                     • Be registered with a Chamber of Commerce or equivalent.
Gran Circo Mundial -Spain            • Be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations including those
Gebrüder Knie –
                                         concerning, inter alia, taxation, social security and insurance contributions
Schweizer National Circus            • Be in possession of all required permits such as Visas and Work Permits for all
                                         employees in accordance with applicable
Executive Officers
Mr. Urs Pilz, President              • Be in possession of the required permits and certificates for all animals travelling
Mr. Tom Dieck                            with the circus
Mr. Egidio Palmiri
Mrs. Zsuzsanna Herman Mata           • For those working with animals, be able to demonstrate compliance with the ECA
Mr. Calle Jernström                      Code of Conduct for Animals.
Mr. Tony Rennings
Mr. Frank Keller
Mr. Martin Hanson                     For further information, please contact the ECA Headquarters.
Managing Director
Mr. Arie Oudenes

                                          Headquarters: De Lagune 24 - 3823 TS Amersfoort - The Netherlands
                              Phone/Fax: + 31.33.455.3569 Mobile: + 31.625.01.3436 Email:
                                       ING BANK 66 65 76 629 IBAN: NL28 INGB 0666 5766 29 BIC: INGBNL2A

                                  Help us to make a difference for the conservation of endangered species in the wild
                                       by contributing to our recommended wildlife organisations and projects.
                                                                For further information: