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TYM Gate System filler


TYM Gate System filler

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									     Specification Section 02825
          TYM 1300/1700

    1.01     SECTION INCLUDES:
             The work in this section shall include furnishing all labor, materials, equipment and
             appliances necessary to complete all Fortress Heavy Duty / Structural Gate System(s)
             required for this project in strict accordance with this specification section and drawings.
             The gate and operator shall be specifically designed to complement each other as a system
             and be provided by a single manufacturer. Components (operator from one source and gate
             panel from another) assembled at the job site to form a system will not be approved.
    1.02     REFERENCES:
            A.    UL 325 Gate Operator Requirements.
            B.    ASTM F 1184 Standard Specification for Industrial and Commercial Horizontal
                  Slide Gates, Type II, Class 2.
            C.    American Welding Society AWS D1.2 Structural Welding Code.
            D.    ASTM F 1043 Standard Specification for Strength and Protective Coatings on Steel
                  Industrial Chain Like Fence Framework.
            E.    ASTM 123 Standard Specification for Zinc (Hot-Dip Galvanized) Coatings on Iron
                  and Steel.
    1.03     SUBMITTAL:
            A.    Product Data:
                  1. Provide manufacturer’s catalog cuts with printed specifications and installation
                  2. Furnish detailed sequence of operation (description of system).
                  3. Deliver two copies of operation and maintenance data covering the installed
            B.    Shop Drawings:
                  1. Supply shop drawings showing the relationship of operating systems with other
                     work. Include details of all major components. Include parts list showing
                     manufacturer’s names and part numbers for the complete installation.
                  2. Include complete details of gate construction, gate height, post spacing
                     dimensions and unit weights of structural components.
            C.    Certifications:
                  1. The aluminum welders and welding process must be certified per section 2.04.B.1.
            A.    The cantilever sliding gate system shall be manufactured by Tymetal Corp.,
                  2549 State Route 40, Greenwich, NY 12834 - (800) 328 - 4283.
Tymetal 5309fa2a-eea0-43bc-8fd8-1553ef2e37dc.doc      Page 1 of 6                                  10/7/05
            B.    Approved substitution – All other systems must be submitted to the design team in
                  accordance with substitution requirements as set forth in the general provisions of the
                  specification manual for approval prior to the bid date. Products submitted after the
                  bid date will not be approved.
            C.    Gate manufacturer shall provide independent certification as to the use of a
                  documented Welding Procedure Specification and Procedure Qualification Record to
                  insure conformance to the AWS D1.2 welding code. Upon request, Individual
                  Certificates of Welder Qualification documenting successful completion of the
                  requirements of the AWS D1.2 code shall also be provided.
    2.02     SYSTEM FUNCTION:
            A.    Operation:
                  1. The gate operator shall be UL 325 listed for Class I, II, III, and IV.
            B.    Rate of Travel:
                  1. For Class I and II installations, UL regulations require that the gate operational
                     speed does not exceed one ft (12”) per second as provided for by model 1300 or
                     1700. For Class III or IV installations, operator speed up to 1.5 ft (18”) per
                     second may be provided by model 1300 HS or 1700 HS.
    2.03     MOTOR (TYM-1300 or TYM-1700):
            A.    Motor Size:
                  1. TYM-1300 - the electrical motor shall be a ½ HP, 115 VAC, Single Phase
                     permanent split capacitor motor featuring instant reverse, rated for 800 cycles per
                     day. Powered by [115 VAC] or [208 / 230 VAC] Single Phase.
                  2. TYM-1700 - the electrical motor shall be 1 HP, [208 / 230 VAC Single Phase] or
                     [208 / 230 VAC Three Phase] or [460 VAC Three Phase], rated for 800 cycles per
            B.    Capacity (TYM-1300 or TYM-1700):
                  1. TYM-1300 - the operator capacity rating (expressed as gate panel weight) shall be
                     a minimum of 1300 lb.
                  2. TYM-1700 - the operator capacity rating (expressed as gate panel weight) shall be
                     a minimum of 1700 lb.
            C.    Overload Protection:
                  1. A built-in, motor current detector shall protect against overloads.
            D.    Motor Control System:
                  1. Operator shall incorporate a heavy-duty solid-state motor control system and
                     pre-wired class II control circuit. Operator control system shall include:
                      a. Adjustable auto close timer, adjustable from 2 – 60 seconds.
                      b. Independently adjustable open and close inherent anti-entrapment system.
                      c. Selectable control of additional operator.
                      d. Right-hand or left-hand operation.
                      e. Self-adjusting maximum run timer.
                      f. Detected entrapment alarm.

Tymetal 5309fa2a-eea0-43bc-8fd8-1553ef2e37dc.doc        Page 2 of 6                                10/7/05
                  2. The operator has provisions for connecting to external obstruction sensing
                     systems (contact and non-contact devices) and access control systems (exit loops,
                     push-button stations, card readers, etc.). Specification and installation of a
                     secondary entrapment sensing system (contact or non-contact) is required.
            E.    Drive Chain and Mounting Hardware:
                  1. Sufficient length of #40 roller chain shall be supplied for specified opening size.
                  2. Chain mounting brackets with adjustment bolts and optional support brackets
                     shall be supplied.
            F.    Transformer:
                  1. Operator shall have a 40 VA transformer to provide Class II power. An additional
                     transformer shall be available (minimum 40VA) to provide power for accessory
            G.    Limits:
                  1. The operator shall be equipped with an integral limit system that provides
                     accurate settings to control the open and close positions of the gate and shall not
                     be affected by manual operation or motor removal.
            H.    Control wiring:
                  1. The electrical contractor shall supply all exterior control wiring.
             I.   Motor Box:
                  1. Operator shall be protected from the environment by a rust-free LLPE cover and
                     finished to UL standards.
             J.   Operator Mounting:
                  1. Operator shall be pad mounted. Pad to be provided by others per installation
    2.04     Cantilever Slide Gate:
            A.    Gate Width:
                  1. Heavy Duty Gate may be used for clear openings up to 30’ wide.
                  2. Structural Gate may be used for clear openings up to 40’ wide. For clear openings
                     greater than 40’ – contact Tymetal Corp. for specific project requirements.
            B.    Heavy Duty / Structural Gate Frame:
                  1. All welds on the gate frame shall conform to Welding Procedure Specification
                     and Procedure Qualification Record to insure conformance to the
                     AWS D1.2 Structural Welding Code. All individual welders shall be certified to
                     AWS D1.2 welding code.
                  2. The gate frame shall be fabricated from 6063-T6 aluminum alloy extrusions. The
                     top member shall be a 3" x 5" aluminum structural channel/tube extrusion
                     weighing not less than 3.0 lb/lf. This member shall be "keyed" to interlock with
                     the "keyed" track member. If fabricated as a single horizontal piece, the bottom
                     member shall be a 2" x 5" aluminum structural tube weighing not less than
                     2.0 lb/lf. If fabricated in two horizontal pieces, the bottom member shall be a
                     5" aluminum structural channel weighing not less than 2.65 lb/lf, and the two
                     horizontal pieces or sections shall be spliced in the field.

Tymetal 5309fa2a-eea0-43bc-8fd8-1553ef2e37dc.doc        Page 3 of 6                                 10/7/05
                  3. The gate frame shall be fabricated in one or multiple sections depending on size
            C.    Splicing - Heavy Duty or Structural Gate:
                  1. A ¼" x 5" x 24" galvanized steel splice plate shall be used to secure the two
                     bottom channel members together utilizing eight (8) plated carriage bolts with
                     lock nuts. The top members will be spliced together using a ¼" x 2" x 24"
                     aluminum splice plate secured with six (6) drive rivets on one side and welded to
                     the top member on the other side. The track is overlapped 24” or 36” respectively
                     onto the opposing section in an alternating fashion, interlocking with the top
                     primary member.
            D.    Gate Track:
                  1. The gate shall have a separate semi-enclosed “keyed” track, extruded from
                     6105-T5 aluminum alloy, weighing not less than 2.9 lb/lf. Track members are to
                     be located on one side of the top member (for heavy-duty gates) on each side of
                     the top member (for structural gates). When interlocked and welded to the
                     “keyed” top member, it forms a composite structure with the top of the gate
                     frame. Welds are to be placed alternately along the top and side of the track at
                     9" centers with welds being a minimum of 2" long.
            E.    Gate Mounting:
                  1. The gate frame is to be supported from the tracks by two (2) (Heavy Duty gates)
                     or four (4) (Structural gates) swivel-type, self-aligning, 4-wheeled, sealed
                     lubricant, ball-bearing truck assemblies. Each truck is to be attached to a hot
                     dipped, galvanized steel hanger bracket, which in turn is attached to a 4” O.D.
                     support post. The bottom of each inside support post is to be equipped with a pair
                     of 3” UHMW guide wheels.
            F.    Diagonal Bracing:
                  1. Diagonal “X” bracing of 3/16" minimum diameter stainless steel aircraft cable
                     shall be installed to brace the gate panels and to provide a ready means of vertical
            G.    Posts:
                  1. A single set (Heavy Duty Gate) or Double sets (Structural Gates) of support posts
                     shall be minimum 4" O.D. round or 4” square galvanized steel in accordance with
                     ASTM F 1043. All posts shall be supported in concrete footings as specified by
                     the design team.
            H.    Gate Filler:
                  1. Chain Link: The material to be used will be specified by the design team as shown
                     on the detail drawings. Gate filler shall extend the entire length of the gate
                     (including the clear opening and counterbalance) and shall be secured at each end
                     of the gate frame by standard fence industry tension bars and tied at each vertical
                     member with standard fence industry ties. The gate filler shall extend to a
                     minimum height of 48” above grade and shall be sized to prevent a 2¼” diameter
                     sphere from passing through openings anywhere along the length of the gate

Tymetal 5309fa2a-eea0-43bc-8fd8-1553ef2e37dc.doc       Page 4 of 6                                 10/7/05
                  2. Ornamental Picket: Picket sizes shall be (1” or ¾”) square. Pickets may extend
                     through only the clear opening portion or through the entire length of the gate as
                     required. If the specified picket spacing allows for openings in the gate frame that
                     exceed 2¼”, a secondary gate filler shall be secured at each end of the gate frame
                     and tied at each vertical member. The secondary filler for the gate and adjoining
                     fence shall extend to a minimum height of 48” above grade and shall be sized to
                     prevent a 2¼” diameter sphere from passing through openings anywhere along the
                     length of the gate frame. Gate system shall be powder coated black (custom
                     colors are available – see shop drawings for color requested).
             I.   Locking:
                  1. The operator lock shall be an Internal AC Solenoid lock that engages when the
                     operator is stopped.
                      a. The lock will be Power Out Locked.
                      b. The lock will be Power Out Unlocked.
                  2. (Optional) Gate system shall be furnished with an electro-mechanical lock. Lock
                     shall be supplied with status indication and with a five tumbler mechanical lock.
                     All gates shall be keyed alike.
             J.   Obstruction Sensing Systems:
                  1. The inherent motor current sensors are part of the gate operator system and may
                     not be removed or bypassed.
                  2. The installing contractor shall be responsible to ensure that appropriate external
                     secondary entrapment protection devices be installed for the specific site
                     conditions to protect against all potential entrapment zones. Proper operation of
                     these safety devices shall be verified and training as to the operation and
                     maintenance of these devices for the users and owners shall be documented.
            K.    Access Controls
                  1. Select and specify access control devices for this specification section.

    3.01     SITE INSPECTION:
            A.    Examine final grades and installation conditions.
            B.    Do not begin work until all unsatisfactory conditions are corrected.
    3.02     INSTALLATION:
            A.    Install equipment of this section in strict accordance with the company’s printed
                  instructions unless otherwise shown on the contract drawings.
            B.    The gate and installation shall conform to ASTM F 1184 standards for aluminum
                  cantilever slide gates, Type II, Class 2.
            A.    Acceptance Test:
                  1. Test each system function.
                  2. Supply all equipment necessary for system adjustment and testing.

Tymetal 5309fa2a-eea0-43bc-8fd8-1553ef2e37dc.doc       Page 5 of 6                                 10/7/05
            B.    Test and Explain Safety Features:
                  1. Each system feature and device is a separate component of the gate system.
                  2. Read and follow all instructions for each component.
                  3. Ensure that all instructions for mechanical components, safety devices and the
                     gate operator are available for everyone who will be using the gate system.
                  4. The warning signs shipped with the gate operator must be installed in prominent
                     position on both sides of the gate.
            C.    System Validation:
                  1. The complete system shall be adjusted to assure it is performing properly.
                  2. The system shall be operated for a sufficient period of time to determine that the
                     system is in proper working order.
                  3. Ensure the owner is clear with regard to the safety points concerning the basic
                     operational guidelines of the safety features of the gate operator system. These
                     safety points are listed in the operator manual and must be read prior to system
    NOTE: Tymetal Corp. reserves the right to modify and/or make changes as deemed
          necessary without prior notice.

Tymetal 5309fa2a-eea0-43bc-8fd8-1553ef2e37dc.doc      Page 6 of 6                                 10/7/05

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