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					   Register your tattoo in the 2008 Army Ink Tattoo Competition. The event will be held at Alternate Escapes on
                            3 May 2008 from 4 p.m. - 9 p.m. Call 576-7540 with questions.

To register your tattoo, you must complete this registration form and submit a high resolution photo of your tattoo
    as an attachment. You will attach your photo after you select the submit button on the bottom of this form.
                                                                                               Be sure to attach a photo of your
Rank                                                                                          tattoo to the email after you hit the
                                                                                                submit button. Make sure your
Position                                            Unit                                       digital camera is set to its highest
                                                                                             picture quality setting and the photo
Phone:                                   Email:                                                      you send is printable.

Please complete the following. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

           Where is your tattoo located on your body?

    Who did your artwork - include artist name and shop

In which category will you be entering your tattoo? Select all categories you wish to enter.

       Most Patriotic              Best use of tribal             Best Black & Gray               Best use of color

All participants must be DoD card holders to enter. All tattoos must be in accordance with the Army Tattoo Policy (AR-670-1). Any tattoo
that is not in accordance will be removed from the competition. *Rules are subject to modification as the event coordinators see fit.

                                                           Submit by Email

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