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									Screen dumps
Main list

                                        PENPUSHER PRO
                                        In addition to the basic functionality in PenPusher Classic, PenPusher Pro offers
                                        extended functionality combining two-way transfer of messages, photos and files with
                                        the pen documents. PenPusher Pro fulfills and supports all the requirements of
                                        mobile messaging and enables full work-flow support by the simple use of digital pen,
Other message types in addition
to pen documents can be used.           paper and a mobile device.
Icons and label denote status.

PenPusher forms                         Key features in addition to all PenPusher Classic features:
                                        • Receive server messages, such as service tickets, notifications etc
                                        • Receive miniature forms for review and editing of handwritten data
                                        • Support for workflows
                                        • Combine photographs or other types of files from device
                                        • Improved overview. Today, yesterday and earlier tabs
                                        • Visual control when GPRS/3G/WiFi is online/offline

PenPusher forms can be sent out
with individual layouts. Enables
workflows, editing and attachments.


Several onfiguration possibilities

Platforms supported
- Symbian 60 2nd & 3rd edition
- J2ME
- Blackberry
                                        Extended mobility                                       PenPusher Pro and the XMS DPP
For list of devices, please refer to:   Messaging - Text messages can be sent using             PenPusher Pro is closely integrated with the
                                        GPRS/3G/WiFi to users or groups of users making         XMS Digital Pen Platform thereby allowing
                                        optimum use of mobile work force management.            rapid exchange of handwritten forms, messages,
                                        These messages can be combined with pen                 forms and photos for further transfer to external
For more information                    documents to support and rationalise existing form      backend systems.
XMS Penvision                           processes.
Phone: +46 11 400 13 00                                                                         User experience
                                        PenPusher forms - Forms received from the XMS           PenPusher is a professional tool. Feedback, user                        DPP allow for all types of user interaction, such as,   information and comments gained from live
                                        review and edit of handwritten data. In addition,       trials are the basis for the design and graphical
                                        XMS DPP can generate additional forms if User           interface of the PenPusher Pro. The result is a
                                        has omitted to fill in certain fields.                  user-friendly, adaptable, efficient and reliable
                                                                                                platform providing an excellent overview and
                                        Photographs - Digital photographs or other file         history and equipped with auto-start and auto-
                                        types can be enclosed together with pen messages.       upgrade. A simple and easy to use registration
                                        Using the megapixel cameras, all types of               procedure is available in PenPusher Pro.
                                        inspections and other situations requiring
                                        photographic imaging can be documented and
                                        transferred simply and quickly.

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