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Inclement Weather Forms by Prettyclear


									October 28, 2008

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As winter approaches, it is time to make you aware of our inclement
weather procedures.

Regarding the cancellation of school buses in the morning, please refer to the
“Transportation Information Procedures” booklet, which was sent home in September.
As the booklet indicates, please listen to the local radio stations for school closures and
cancelled buses. We ask that you do not call the school. Telephones lines must be kept
open for school board officials to contact us and for any emergency situations.

Non-bus students will only be dismissed at the normal dismissal times at lunch or the
end of the school day. Parents/guardians of walkers are also requested to complete the
attached form.

NOTE: If “early dismissal” occurs and we must send the buses out immediately, each
family must have a „plan‟ in place so your child(ren) arrive(s) at their destination safely.
So we can reinforce your „plan‟ at school, please complete the attached form and return it
to the teacher of the youngest child attending Lourdes by Tuesday, November 4th.

The safety of our students is important and we appreciate your assistance and


Lynn Vivian-Woodbeck

                           OUR LADY OF LOURDES SCHOOL
                                  Waterloo – Ontario


(Please return this form to the youngest child‟s teacher.)

If students are dismissed early because of inclement weather, I wish them to do the

A. BUS STUDENTS Please check one box.

    The following procedure has been arranged, and my child(ren) is aware:

           Return home on the school bus and enter our house.
           Return home on the school bus and go to a neighbour’s house*.

         Neighbour‟s Name: _____________________ Phone: _______________

B. WALKERS           Please check one box.

    The following procedure has been arranged, and my child(ren) is aware:

       My child(ren) should walk home and enter our house.
       My child(ren) should walk to our neighbour’s house*.

         Neighbour‟s Name: _____________________ Phone: _______________
*Please note: The school will not be contacting your neighbour unless absolutely necessary. It is our
expectation that you make the necessary arrangements.

                FAMILY NAME: __________________________
                                                 (please print)

                           Children                        Teachers’ Names

PLEASE NOTE: If school buses are cancelled and the school remains open, parents are responsible
for transporting students to / from school. If parents feel that conditions are not appropriate for
their child(ren) to go to school, you have the right to keep your child(ren) at home.

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