Boston College PeopleSoft Financials Rollout

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					Boston College                                            PeopleSoft Financials Rollout

Boston College
PeopleSoft Financials Rollout

Phased approach

The rollout of BC’s new PeopleSoft financial system will follow a phased approach beginning on
Wednesday, June 4th. As of that date, core financial functionality and data access will be made
available to trained users throughout the Boston College community. Over the course of the next
several months, additional PeopleSoft processes, reports, training and system access will be

In connection with the first phase of the system roll out, the following applications and
functionality will be activated.

General Ledger – The PeopleSoft General Ledger (GL) serves as the final repository of all BC
financial transactions. Transactions are fed from various PeopleSoft subsystems, such as
accounts payable and accounts receivable. In addition, transactions generated in existing BC
legacy systems such as Student Accounts Receivable will interface to the GL. Two key
components of the General Ledger are the new Chart of Accounts and Commitment Control.

   •   Chart of Accounts – Use of BC’s new chart of accounts will become effective with the
       implementation of the General Ledger. All transactions entered to the PeopleSoft
       Financials Applications will use the PeopleSoft chartfields. Certain legacy systems have
       been converted to the new chart of accounts. Other legacy systems temporarily continue
       to use values in the FAS format. These transactions go through a translation program and
       are converted to the new chart of accounts format before interfacing to the General
   •   Commitment Control – The commitment control functionality will commence along with
       the General Ledger and other PeopleSoft Financials applications. Budgets associated
       with all funds will be activated for the processing of transactions, and budget checking is
       operational. For a brief period of time, consistent with the phased rollout, only the
       Budget Office will enter Budget Transfers to the system (See Processing Transactions
       – Phase 1, below).

Projects/Grants – The projects and grants suite of applications supports the financial
administration of BC’s externally sponsored projects and capital projects. The applications
included in this suite are Project Costing, Grants Management, Contracts, Billing and Accounts
Receivable. Functionality established in this phase is focused on project accounting (pre-award
functionality associated with sponsored projects is not included as part of this phase). The
applications provide a subsystem within which budgets and transactions are accumulated for the
entire life of a project, not constrained by fiscal year, supporting management and sponsor
reporting. In addition, the system provides functionality for invoicing BC’s project sponsors and
monitoring receivables. Existing projects and their budgets are established in the new system
and transactions entered through the subsystems will be budget checked and recorded against
these projects for reporting. Project expense balances to date will be converted to the new
system providing an inception to life view of each project’s financial status. The conversion of

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Boston College                                             PeopleSoft Financials Rollout

expense history will be completed by June 13. It is important to note that caution should be
taken in processing transactions against sponsored projects during the initial phase of the
roll out (until expenses are converted), as budget checking will process against the total
approved budget not the actual budget available. (See Processing Transactions – Phase 1,

eProcurement – the eProcurement application is the initiation point for the creation of a
purchase order. Beginning June 2nd, users of the application create purchase requisitions in
eProcurement. These requisitions are reviewed and converted to purchase orders by the
Purchasing Office. The functionality for entering requisitions is available as has been
demonstrated through user training and online practice tools. As described previously, the phase
1 rollout is focused on core functionality. A temporary approval process will be in place until
automated workflow is activated. Also, certain purchasing activities will be handled centrally for
a period of time. (See Processing Transactions – Phase 1, below)

Accounts Payable – Vendor invoices are paid through payment vouchers entered to the
Accounts Payable application. Beginning June 2nd, the application is available for user entry of
vouchers and processing of vendor payments consistent with the training, and online practice
tools. Like Expenses and eProcurement, a temporary approval process will be in place. (See
Processing Transactions – Phase 1, below)

Expense Reporting – The Expense application is available for the entry of requests for
reimbursement of allowable travel and business expenses incurred by Boston College employees
(including student employees). As part of the phased roll out, expense reporting for costs
incurred will follow the procedures outlined in training and in the “getting started” guides.
However, cash advances will be entered to the system and processed centrally by the Accounts
Payable office. Like eProcurement and Accounts Payable, a temporary approval process will be
in place. (See Processing Transactions – Phase 1, below)

Reports and Queries – Key reports and queries are available with the initial roll out of the
system, allowing users to monitor budgets and balances available.
A separate communication has been distributed directing users to web training on accessing and
running available reports and queries.

Processing Transactions – Phase 1
As stated above, the PeopleSoft Financials are being rolled out using a phased approach.
Training provided to date and the “Getting Started Guide” issued to users, reflect system
functionality that will be in place at the completion of the system roll out. As a result of the
Phased rollout, certain activities will temporarily be handled centrally. The table below provides
an overview of financial business processes impacted by the phased roll out, and serves as a
guide for performing these activities during the initial weeks of PeopleSoft Financials use.

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Boston College                                                              PeopleSoft Financials Rollout

Workflow functionality, automating the flow of transactions and approvals, will not be
implemented until June 16th. As a result, for the first two weeks of system use, transactions
entered will not follow the ‘normal’ approval flow. See “Temporary Approval Process”
comments in the table below.

       Function                             “How to”                                 Transaction Approval
  Budget Inquiry and     PeopleSoft Budget Inquiry – as                          N/A
  Query                  demonstrated in training and “Getting
                         Started Guide”

                         Query – as demonstrated through web
                         training and “Getting Started Guide”.
                         Note: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher is
                         required to download query results to Excel.
  Budget Transfers       Entered to PeopleSoft centrally by Budget               Until workflow is established, the
                         Office for temporary period. Access                     Budget Office will review and enter
                         “Budget Transfer” form at                               all budget transfer transactions.
  Creating a Purchase    Enter to eProcurement as demonstrated in                Until workflow is established,
  Requisition            training and “Getting Started Guide”.                   purchase requisitions will not follow
                                                                                 the normal approval flow. Initially,
                                                                                 requisitions entered by users will be
                                                                                 reviewed by Purchasing. It is
                                                                                 important that users exercise care in
                                                                                 selecting the account information
                                                                                 (chartfields) to which the
                                                                                 transaction will be charged. Based
                                                                                 on its screening, Purchasing may
                                                                                 require review by departmental or
                                                                                 fund administrators (e.g. sponsored
                                                                                 projects) prior to processing the
  Creating a Blanket     Enter to eProcurement as demonstrated in                See note above related to Purchase
  Requisition            training and “Getting Started Guide”.                   Requisition
  Processing Changes     Entered to PeopleSoft centrally by the                  Change Request form can be
  to a Purchase Order    Purchasing Office. Departmental users                   submitted via email. The form
                         should complete the “Purchase Order                     includes a “signature” block for
                         Change Request Form”, accessible at                     departmental, fund and buyer
                       approval. A typed name in the
                                                                                 approver block, and forwarding
                                                                                 email by each approver constitutes
                                                                                 change request approval.
  Receiving on a         Enter to eProcurement as demonstrated in                N/A
  Requisition/Purchase   training and “Getting Started Guide”.

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   Boston College                                                           PeopleSoft Financials Rollout

Creating a Payment Voucher   Enter to Accounts Payable as demonstrated             The Accounts Payable Office will
                             in training and “Getting Started Guide”.              have final approval of payment
                                                                                   vouchers entered by system users.
                                                                                   Upon completing entry of the
                                                                                   payment voucher to the system,
                                                                                   users should submit the vendor
                                                                                   invoice to Accounts Payable with
                                                                                   approving signature(s). (Invoices
                                                                                   against certain funds e.g. sponsored
                                                                                   projects require the signature of the
                                                                                   fund administrator). Once the
                                                                                   approved vendor invoice is received
                                                                                   by AP, the voucher will be released
                                                                                   for payment. When workflow is
                                                                                   activated, approvers will have
                                                                                   capacity to access and approve
                                                                                   vouchers online.
Expense Reports              Enter to PeopleSoft Expenses as                       Until workflow is activated,
                             demonstrated in training and “Getting                 Expense reports will not be
                             Started Guide”.                                       accessible for approval by fund
                             An expense report form is available for use           administrators. Forms developed
                             by individuals who, as a result of the phased         for use by individuals who do not
                             roll out, do not have online access to                have direct system access include
                             PeopleSoft Expenses. The form is                      approval signature blocks. As in the
                             accessible at                                         past, Accounts Payable will review
                      expense reports prior to approving
                             completed form should be submitted to the             for payment.
                             individual’s department PeopleSoft user for
                             entry to the system
Cash Advances                For a temporary period of time, cash                  The cash advance form requires
                             advances will be entered to the system and            employee and approval signatures.
                             processed centrally by the Accounts Payable
                             Office. A Cash Advance form is accessible

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