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SIG Plastics filler

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SIG Plastics filler

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SIG Pack and SIG Beveragers at Interpack
Liquids, piece goods and free-flow -
Pack it with SIG

SIG Pack, SIG Beverages and the related companies of           Please note:
both divisions of the swiss based SIG Group will present
themselves with a Multimedia Hightech Performance              International
                                                               Press Conference at
Center at the INTERPACK 2002 in Düsseldorf (Hall 6,            INTERPACK
booths D57 and D31).
                                                               Thursday April 25, 2002
                                                               CCD East, 2 Floor
Under the common roof of a joint exhibition stand the          Room “R”
different business units of SIG will present their expertise
on the sector filling equipment for liquids and packaging
equipment for piece goods. Machines for the production of
3-piece metal cans (SIG Cantec) will be presented at the
same time at MetPack in Essen and can be seen in
operation on the booth (or in nearby assembly facilities
respectively). SIG Corpoplast will also present their
expertise at PETpoint, a special trade fair for the PET
business in Essen at the same time as Interpack.

SIG Beverages

Blow molding-filling monoblock

The SIG Beverages Division will present a blow molding-
filling monoblock for the high speed production of still
beverages in PET bottles (24,000 bph). The block
includes the new blow-molding machine BLOMAX 16 -
Series III by SIG Corpoplast and the Simonazzi Stilljet
filling machine by SIG Simonazzi.

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SIG Corpoplast BLOMAX 16 – Series III

Fig bv3a: BLOMAX 16 Stretch blow molding machine

With guaranteed 1,500 bottles per hour per cavity up to
1,5 litres, SIG Corpoplast presents BLOMAX 16 from their
new generation “Series III” in combination with a SIG
Simonazzi Stilljet filler as a monoblock.
In addition SIG Corpoplast will present their latest model
BLOMAX 8 of the new generation in combination with a
filling machine by SIG HAMBA Filltec

Simonazzi Stilljet

Fig bv3b: SIG Simonazzi Stilljet filler – Detail of filling valves

                                                                     page 2
This new mechanical filler is dedicated to filling non-
carbonated beverages in PET bottles. Among the
numerous innovations is the motorization of the rotating
parts (filling carousel, transfer starwheel, capping
machine) with electronically synchronized brushless

SIG Alfa Labelling Machines

Alfa Rollquattro
Using     a    single   labelling   station,     the     ALFA
ROLLQUATTRO is the only roll-fed labeller capable of
speeds up to 60,000 bph (1,000 bpm).
Advanced       and    high-precision     mechanics         and
sophisticated electronics are the main features. For the
user, this means: simple use, total reliability and efficiency
and low maintenance costs.

Fig bv3c: Alfa Rollquattro Labelling Machine

Alfa Easy Roll

This is a completely new concept in labelling machinery,
for its flexibility and extremely simple changeover.
Having a modular construction, the machine is formed of
two independent units which are connected: the bottle
transporting unit, and the labelling unit for roll-fed wrap-
around plastic labels application.

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Fig bv3d: Alfa Easyroll Labelling Machine


Fully aseptic bottle filling and closing machine

This complete new line for PET, PP or HDPE bottles has
its main field of application in the dairy and beverage
industry. It is suitable for the filling of milk, enriched milk,
ESL-milk, UHT-milk, Joghurtdrinks, water, tea, fruit juices,
sports-drinks, all non-carbonated beverages as well as
low carbonated beverages.

Fig bv3e: HAMBA - fully aseptic bottle filling and closing

                                                                   page 4
HAMBA BK 6006/6 A filling and closing machine for cups

With the aseptic filling and closing machine for cups
HAMBA BK 6006/6 A SIG HAMBA Filltec show their latest
development in the well-proven field of in-line cup-fillers.

SIG Pack

The Real Seamless Packaging System
For the first time SIG Pack Systems is presenting a New
Generation System consisting of feeding from Store,
Primary Packaging and latest in Secondary Packaging
using one control platform.

Fig bv3f: Flow-wrapper SIGHSM and toplaoder SIGTTL-i
with latest design

Suitable for all piece goods for the food and non-food area
which are packed individually or in groups. Perfect, airtight
packages. Automatic secondary packaging and cartoning
using robots.

XXX Times Faster Than The Human Hand

SIG Pack Systems presents a fully integrated Pick-and-
Place robotics line using the latest SIG Delta Robots

                                                                page 5
Fig bv3g: Modular Pick-and-Place packaging line    Fig bv3h: SIG Delta

Based on the modular and flexible product platform SIG is
able to supply customer specific Pick-and-Place
applications for a wide range of products in the area of
food, health and personal care as well as other fast
moving goods.

The Excellent Pack For Your Convenience

SIG Pack Systems is presenting a horizontal flow
wrapping machine to produce a new type of resealable

Fig bv3i: SIG HSF Flow wrapping machine

                                                                         page 6
The resealable packaging is ideal for foods and non-food
items that need to be kept fresh after the initial opening.

SIG Elettric 80 - FREEWAY™ System

Elettric 80, recently part of SIG Group, introduces
Freeway, the solution for end-of-line palletising and
material    handling    applications, including  pallet
stretchwrapping, labelling, warehousing and real-time
product tracking.

Integrated robotic palletiser and laser guided vehicle

Freeway consists of palletising or depalletising robots and
laser guided vehicles (LGV’s), and various integrated
software configurations.

Robot Fanuc - depalettiser
Robot Eagle - palletiser
Equipment forming the depalletising island
Pallet labeller
Laser Guided Vehicles (LGV)

Fig bv3k: Laser Guided Vehicle

                                                              page 7
Flexible High-Speed Die-Fold Wrapper

SIG Sapal will be showing their most flexible high-speed
die-fold wrapper type DPN7.

This new machine, shown for the first time, is specially
designed for highest flexibility in respect to size range,
product shape and packaging materials for all sorts of
moulded or enrobed chocolate Miniatures.

A second packaging group will individually press, wrap
and carton soup tablets..

Fig bv3l: High-speed die-fold wrapper type DPN7

SIG Transver AG

SIG Transver will present the new designed TRANSVER
„Wash-Down“ belt system for handling and packaging of
fresh and frozen food. This modular designed belt system,
which consists presently of transport belts and curve belts
is entirely produced of stainless material and is therefore
suitable for wet cleaning with water jet and foam.

                                                              page 8
SIG Demaurex

SIG Demaurex will present the Delfi Feed Placer with
vision guided high speed Delta robots feeding product
directly into the infeed chain of a wrapper at up to
400ppm. A vision system detects the position and
orientation of each individual product on the production
line so the robots can place the randomly oriented
products into the wrapper with precise position and

Fig bv3m: Delfi-Feed Placer

Also presented, the Presto Top Loader is an impressively
compact and flexible solution for the top loading of cartons
and trays in a precise, ordered, and layered fashion at a
speed of 400 ppm. The advanced tracking software,
unique geometry and optimized design of the Delta Robot,
allows this to be done within an incredibly small footprint
and very few mechanical parts, saving space on the
factory floor and reducing maintenance to a new

                                                               page 9
SIG Doboy

The Linium 301 Horizontal Wrapper is compact in size,
requiring less floor space and is more ergonomic for
operators. It is capable of over-wrapping both food and
non-food products in flexible packaging material for
protection. Servo technology provides consistent package
quality and simplifies operation and changeover. Machine
inertia has been reduced and isolated to provide durability
and efficiency. It is a versatile machine that can be
modified for hand fed operations or can be supplied with
automated feeding.

SIG Pack Services AG- Your partner for the complete life-

Our service offerings include genuine spare parts, field
service from a quick fix of a problem to more proactive
service    level   agreements    ,  customer   specific
modernizations as well as standardized upgrade kits and
training programs.

In selected project SIG Pack Services has installed
customized Internet Portals to allow a streamlined order
process and accompanies our customer in line

SIG Beverage Services AG: An all-round Service Partner
When speaking about investing in new machines or new
lines the costs that are created during the total life cycle
as opposed to the initial price of the machine are getting
more and more important.
The constructer nowadays is measured concerning the
quality and range of Service products that he can offer his

And this is where SIG Beverage Services comes in: For
this new company (it was founded on January 1st, 2002)

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Service is no longer simply an addition to sales but an
important necessity that focuses on customer satisfaction
in all phases after machine commissioning.

Alongside excellent field service, modernization kits of the
very latest technology and multimedia training
programmes, SIG Beverage Services offers Internet
Solutions that allow the customer to check prices and
availability of spare parts 24h/7 days the week and to
place orders directly over the internet. We are looking
forward to discussing these and other important issues
with our customers on the Interpack.

SIG Beverages is an internationally leading manufacturer of plants and
systems for the production of plastic packagings as well as complete
solutions for the beverage industry. Since January 01, 2002, the newly
created division of the SIG group comprises of the former SIG Plastics
(previously Krupp Kunststofftechnik) and the former SIG Simonazzi
(previously the wet area business of Sasib SpA).

SIG Pack packages individual food items and health and body care
products. In the systems business unit, specialists integrate individual
components into complete packaging lines. For the standard machines
business unit, medium and relatively small production volumes
predominate. SIG Pack is known for its flexible packaging solutions
designed    to   handle   several   different   products.   Engineering
consultancy and well-developed customer service are further strengths

With its more than 7000 employees, the SIG group, which focuses its
activities on packaging technology, achieved a turnover of approx.
2,000 million Swiss Francs in the financial year 2000.

Reprint free, two voucher copies requested

Contact (to be printed)

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SIG Corpoplast / SIG HAMBA
Dr. Michael Thielen
SIG Plastics International GmbH
Helenenstr. 149, 45143 Essen, Germany
Tel.: ++49 (0)201 633 1345
Fax.: ++49 (0)201 633 1358

SIG Pack Systems AG
Bernard C. Fenner
General Manager Marketing & Communications
P.O. Box, CH-8222 Beringen, Switzerland
Tel +41 (0)52 674 74 19
Fax +41 (0)52 674 65 24

SIG Transver AG
Hans Hostettler
Director Marketing & Sales
Zuercherstrasse 42, CHF-8852 Altendorf, Switzerland
Tel +41 (0)55 451 88 21
Fax +41 (0)55 451 88 89

SIG Elettric 80
Bianca Maria Bonazzi
Marketing & Communication
via Marconi, 23, I-42030 Viano, Italy
Phone +39 +522 76 238
Fax +39 +522 988 481

SIG Sapal S.A.
August Heinzer
Sales & Marketing
44 Avenue du Tir-Fédéral, CH-1024 Ecublens,Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)21 633 5224
Fax +41 (0)21 633 5211
SIG Pack Services AG
Edwin Teufel
Product Management
Industriestrasse, CH-8212 Neuhausen, Switzerland
Tel +41 (0)52 674 7473
Fax +41 (0)52 674 6407
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SIG Doboy / SIG Demaurex
Jane Burbach
SIG Doboy Inc.
Marketing Coordinator
869 South Knowles Avenue
New Richmond, WI 54017, USA
Tel.: +1 715 243 2559
Fax: +1 715 243 3291
(Europe) SIG Demaurex
Tel.:+41 (21) 644 25 00,
Or via

SIG Simonazzi and SIG Alfa
Laura Briozzo
Communications & Image
Via La Spezia, 241/A
43040 Parma, Italy
Tel. +39 0521 999350
Fax +39 0521 999765

Editorial contact
SIG Plastics International GmbH
Helenenstr. 149, 45143 Essen, Germany
Dr. Michael Thielen
Tel.: ++49 (0)201 633 1345
Fax.: ++49 (0)201 633 1358

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