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									                                                                                                 Student Reference Guide
Logging In                                     password. Confirm the password by entering        Finding Courses
 1. Launch the PACE website by entering        it again, click Submit.
    the URL (supplied by your agency) into     Next, you will be taken to the Email
    your Browser.                              Confirmation screen.

                                                                                                 Select Student Learning Center from the
                                                                                                 PACE LMS Home Page.

2. Login: Enter your Employee ID                                                                 Click Course Catalog link.
   number. If Login ID or password is          Verify your manager’s and your email
   unknown, select the appropriate link        addresses. When both email addresses are
   and follow instructions. An e-mail will     correct, select Submit. The Update User
   be sent to you confirming the correct       Profile screen will appear next.
3. Password: Enter your last name as it
   appears on your pay stub. (Note this is
   case sensitive.) Once the login ID and
   password are entered, select Submit.
First Time Logging In? After logging in
for the first time, you will be taken to the
Reset Password screen.                                                                           Choose courses by topic, or type in a keyword.

                                               Here you may modify existing email
                                               information only. Edit any field(s), then click
                                               Submit. NOTE: the other fields are
                                               populated from HR/CMS. You will receive a
                                               confirmation that your profile has been
                                               updated. Click on the Home Page link on
                                               the top navigation bar in the upper left
                                               corner of the screen. Your are now viewing
                                               the PACE LMS Home Page and can begin to
                                               use the PACE LMS.                                 Click on the Search button.
Each new account is set up with a
temporary password. Enter your new

                                                                                                                               Version date: 5/17/07
                                                                                               Student Reference Guide
View the search results.                                                                        9. Find your course and select the Section that
                                                                                                   meets your needs (location, date/time,

 Viewing Course Details
You’ll notice that online courses are
hyperlinks (underlined) and classroom
courses are not.
To see the course details, click the   Info
Button to the left of the course name.         6. If the course requires approval, click the
Details such as cost, provider, and location      Request Access button. Click OK to
will appear in the right pane.                    send the Approval Request.
                                               7. An email will be sent to your supervisor
                                                  to gain this approval. You will receive an
                                                  email with the results of course approval
                                                  or denial.                                    10. You will have two enrollment options: Enroll
                                               8. Once you have received the course                 or waitlist.
                                                  access approval email, go to the Course             Enroll – The class is available and you
                                                  Enrollment section below.                            are free to enroll by clicking on the
                                                                                                       enroll button.
                                               NOTE: Some courses do not require
                                               approval. If you see Enroll instead of                 Wait List – The class is full. Click Wait
                                               Request Access in the course details,                   List and you will be placed on the wait
                                               continue on to the Course Enrollment Section            list. If a space becomes available, you
                                               below.                                                  will be automatically enrolled and
Enrolling in a Classroom Course                                                                        contacted via email.
 Course Approval                                                                                11. If you successfully enrolled, the screen will
4. Follow the steps to find the course.         Course Enrollment                                   now display your enrollment.
5. Click the   Info Button to see the          Upon approval, select the Student Learning
   course details.                             Center Link from the Home Page and go to
                                               the Course Catalog.

                                                                                                                               Version date: 5/17/07
                                                                                               Student Reference Guide
                                              Enrolling in a Learning Track                     24. You may now follow the enrollment process
                                              A Learning Track is a collection of related           for each course.
                                              courses that make up a curriculum. Students
                                              may be instructed to take the courses in a
                                              specific (Linear) or non-specific order (Non-
                                              Linear). If the curriculum is linear, you must
                                              complete the courses in the order they
                                              appear. You will not be able to enroll in the
                                              next course, until the previous course is
                                              completed. If the curriculum is non-linear,
                                              you may enroll in the courses in any order.
NOTE: Once enrolled, you may click the
Outlook icon to add the learning event to     17. Click Student Learning Center link.
your Outlook calendar. Follow the screen      18. Click Learning Track link.
instructions to complete this process.
                                              19. Type a keyword to describe the subject.
Enrolling in an Online Course                 20. Click on the Search button.
 12. Click the Student Learning Center        21. Click the    Info Button to see the
     link from the Home Page.                     track’s details in the right pane.
13. Click Course Catalog link.
14. Follow steps in the Finding Courses
    section of this document.                                                                  Managing Courses
15. Click on the name of the Online Course.                                                    The Personal Knowledge Centre (Personal
16. Choose to Take, Browse, or Review                                                          KC) is located on the left navigation bar on the
    the course and follow the instructions.                                                    PACE Home Page. It’s a quick way to see a
                                                                                               summary of all your learning activities.

                                              22. Click Enroll in Curriculum link. A dialog
                                                  box will open and ask you to confirm your

 NOTE: Click the     Info Button to see
 the course details, just like classroom

                                              23. Click OK to confirm.

                                                                                                                              Version date: 5/17/07
                                                                                                Student Reference Guide
 Canceling a Course                                navigation buttons listed on the left side
                                                   or bottom of the screen.
25. Click Personal KC.
                                               6. Click Student Records link.
26. Under the Personal Learning Plan
    Tab, click the Cancel link next to the     7. Click Change Login link.
    class you want to cancel.                                or
                                               8. Click Change Password link.
                                               9. Follow instructions as noted on the
                                                  screens for each transaction.

                                                Adding non-PACE Learning Events
                                               You can add learning events such as
                                               seminars, workshops, information sessions
27. Click OK if you are sure you want to       that are sponsored by external providers to
    cancel your registration. An e-mail will   the PACE LMS. This information will be
    be sent to you. A copy will be sent to     captured on your transcript. From the Home
                                               page:                                             15. Click on the Add button.
    your supervisor/manager. If the course
    enrollment was saved to Outlook, you
                                               10. Click on the Administration link from         NOTE: You can view, edit, or delete learning
    must remove it.
                                                   the PACE Home Page or from the                events by clicking the appropriate icon.
 Checking Course Approval Status                   navigation buttons listed on the left side
                                                   or bottom of the screen.
1. Click on the Personal KC link.
                                               11. Click Student Records link.
2. Click the My Portfolio tab.
                                               12. Click Learning Events link.
3. Click on the Transcript link.
                                               13. Click Add new learning event link.
4. Approval Requests appear at the
   bottom of the transcript.                   14. Complete the form.

                                                                                                 Updating Your Personal Profile
                                                                                                 16. Click on the Administration link from the
Administrative Changes                                                                               PACE Home Page or from the navigation
 Changing Your Login ID or Password                                                                  buttons listed on the left side or bottom of
                                                                                                     the screen.
5. Click on the Administration link from                                                         17. Click Student Records button.
   the PACE Home Page or from the
                                                                                                 18. Click Update Profile link.
                                                                                                                                  Version date: 5/17/07
                                                                                          Student Reference Guide
19. Change or add necessary information               Department of Public Health
                                                       (DPH) Site Administrator at
20. Click Submit
                                                       (617) 994-9824 or (617) 624-5714
NOTE: Information generated from your                 Department of Social Services
employment record in the HR system                     (DSS) Site Administrator at
cannot be changed in PACE.                             (617) 748-2319

HELP!!                                                Department of Transitional
                                                       Assistance (DTA) Site
 Online Help                                           Administrator at (617) 248-5561
Click the Help tab located on the top                 Department of Youth Services
navigation bar on the PACE screen for help             (DYS) Site Administrator at
on specific functions and topics:                      (978) 514-6745
                                                      Massachusetts Rehabilitation
                                                       Commission (MRC) Site
                                                       Administrator at (617) 204-3753
                                                       or (617) 204-3619
Browse the list of topics:
                                                      Virtual Gateway Site (VSG)
                                                       Administrator at (617) 988-3195
                                                      All other EHS agencies call the
                                                       Center for Staff Development
                                                       (CSD) Site Administrator at
                                                       (617) 348-5142 or (617) 348-5751
                                                Operational Services Division Site
                                                 Administrator (OSD) at (617) 720-3117
                                                 or (617) 720-3116
                                                All other agencies (except agencies
                                                 within the Health and Human Services
 Need More Help? Who to Contact                  Secretariat) call the HRD Site
     Department of Conservation and             Administrator at (617) 878-9827
      Recreation (DCR) Site
      Administrator at (617) 626-4968
     Department of Revenue (DOR) Site
      Administrator at (617) 887-5686
     Health and Human Services (HHS)
            Department of Mental Health
             (DMH) Site Administrator at
             (508) 977-3126
            Department of Mental
             Retardation (DMR) Site
             Administrator at (617) 624-
                                                                                                        Version date: 5/17/07

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