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					                                     National Center for Asphalt Technology
                                              Research in Progress
                                                December 2009

SPONSOR       TITLE                           PRINCIPAL              FUNDING      TARGET      OBJECTVE
                                              INVESTIGATOR                        DATE
TRB           Procedure for Determining       Randy West             $ 400,000    Completed   develop a simple and reliable method
              Mixing and Compaction                                               Oct 2009    to determine suitable laboratory
              Temperatures of Asphalt                                                         mixing and compaction temperatures
              Binders in Hot-Mix Asphalt                                                      for modified and unmodified binders
              (NCHRP 9-39)
Multiple      Construction and Performance    Randy West             $ 250,000    Sep 2009    document the construction and
sponsors      of High RAP Content Mixes at    Nam Tran                            Extended    performance of two 20% RAP
              the Test Track                                                      for added   sections and four 45% RAP sections
                                                                                  testing     to determine what grade of virgin
                                                                                              binder is needed for high RAP mixes
FHWA          RAP ETG Support (AU 7-A-1)      Randy West             $ 219,175    Oct 2010    Coordinate and provide summary
                                              Andrea Kvasnak                                  reports of RAP ETG meetings
Multiple      Accelerated Performance         R. Buzz Powell         $9,357,000   Aug 2009    identify pavement structures and
sponsors      Testing on the 2006 NCAT                                            Completed   materials with superior field
              Pavement Test Track                                                             performance and lower life cycle
                                                                                              costs; and provide information for the
                                                                                              calibration and validation of the
Multiple      Accelerated Performance         R. Buzz Powell         $9,501,000   Feb 2012    meeting sponsor research needs to
sponsors      Testing on the 2009 NCAT                                                        identify pavement structures and
              Pavement Test Track                                                             materials with superior field
                                                                                              performance and lower life cycle
                                                                                              costs; and provide information for the
                                                                                              calibration and validation of the
FHWA          Coordination of Four Regional   Michael Heitzman       240,000      Dec 2009    share M-E PDG implementation
              MEPDG User Groups                                                               efforts, identify implementation
              (AU 8-D-1)                                                                      components that could benefit from
                                                                                              regional collaboration, and consult
                                                                                              with national experts and lead states
                                                                                              on the design guide
Pooled fund   Refinement and Validation of    Randy West             240,000      July 2009   refine the mix design criteria (Phase
              Mix Design Criteria for 4.75    Michael Heitzman                                I) and multiple field validation projects
              mm Superpave Mixtures                                                           to assess the value of the
              (AL DOT 930-615P)                                                               constructibility of the mixtures.
FHWA          Refining A Laboratory           Alessandra Bianchini   194,000      Oct 2010    establish a correlation between
              Procedure To Characterize       Michael Heitzman                                laboratory TWPD conditioned surface
              Change In Hot Mix Asphalt                                                       friction and the actual change in field
              Surface Friction (AU 4-C-3)                                                     traffic friction
FHWA          Development of a HMA Plant      Michael Heitzman       $ 465,548    Oct 2010    Develop a production control program
              Production Process Control                                                      using measurement technologies and
              System (AU 8-D-3)                                                               control software.
SHRP 2        NDT to Identify Delaminations   Michael Heitzman       $800,000     Aug 2011    To identify and develop rapid NDT
              between HMA Layers                                                              techniques to identify and determine
              (SHRP R06(D))                                                                   the extent and depth of delamination
                                                                                              in HMA pavements
Mississippi   Development of Climate Input       Michael Heitzman   $46,900     Dec 2010     Coordinate and validate research by
DOT           Files for MEPDG                                                                ISU for building historical and future
                                                                                             virtual climate files
Cargill       Evaluation of Cargill SafeLane     Michael Heitzman   $25,000     Completed    examine the long-term friction
              Overlay – Phase I Laboratory                                      Dec 2009     characteristics of mix designs using
              Performance Evaluation                                                         the NCAT TWPD conditioning and
                                                                                             DFT and CTM testing
FHWA          Binzhou Expressway Perpetual       David Timm         $ 25,900    Oct 2010     Develop a perpetual pavement
              Pavement Investigation                                                         project report using data obtained
              (AU 8-A-5)                                                                     from the Binzhou project
Shell         Evaluation of Mixture              David Timm         $280,000    Sep 2009     Evaluate the performance of a SEAM
              Performance and Structural         Nam Tran                                    asphalt mixture and structural
              Capacity of Pavement Utilizing                                                 capacity of a pavement test section
              Sulphur Extended Asphalt                                                       constructed with SEAM mix layers.
              Modifier (SEAM) – Phase I
Georgia       Study of Anti-Strip Agents         Don Watson         198,000     Dec 2010     Examine improvements in materials
DOT           (GDOT Project 06-23)                                                           and technology in recent years and
                                                                                             re-evaluate GDOT’s position on use
                                                                                             of hydrated lime
TRB           Improved Mix Design,               Randy West         400,000     Apr 2010     Develop a mix design and analysis
              Evaluation, and Materials          Andrea Kvasnak                              procedure for HMA containing high-
              Management Practices for                                                       RAP contents that provide
              HMA with High RAP                                                              satisfactory performance, and (2)
              (NCHRP 9-46)                                                                   propose changes to existing
Alabama       Investigation of Recycled          Andrea Kvasnak     320,000     Dec 2009     Evaluating and identifying techniques
DOT           Asphalt Pavement and                                                           for characterizing RAP and RAS
              Recycled Shingle Pavement                                                      mixes without the use of solvents
              Characterization Procedure &
              Development of Specifications
FHWA          Performance Testing of Warm        Andrea Kvasnak     530,000     Oct 2010     Support large field projects and test
              Mix Asphalt From Field Trials                                                  material from projects
              (AU 7-A-2)
Alabama       Alabama DOT Warm Mix               Andrea Kvasnak     109,000     Dec 2008     Document the construction and test
DOT           Asphalt Field Study                                                            materials from the first WMA project
                                                                                             in Alabama.
FHWA          The Development of High            Andrea Kvasnak     500,000     Oct 2010     Support large field projects and test
              Content Reclaimed Asphalt                                                      material from projects
              Pavement Mix Guidelines and
              Informational Documents
              (AU 7-A-4)
Iowa DOT      Investigation of Warm-Mix          Andrea Kvasnak     $ 180,000   June 2010    Evaluate the feasibility of using WMA
              Asphalt Using Iowa Aggregate                                                   technologies in Iowa
              (sub for ISU)
TRB           Properties and Performance of      Andrea Kvasnak     $ 850,000   Oct 2011     Evaluate techniques for
              Warm Mix Asphalt                                                               characterizing RAP and RAS mixes
              Technologies (NCHRP 09-47A)                                                    without the use of solvents, evaluate
                                                                                             the performance of WMA and
                                                                                             emissions benefits, and monitor
Gencor        Evaluation of Gencor Green         Andrea Kvasnak     $63,000     Dec 2009     Evaluate the mix produced with the
              Machine                                                                        Green Machine and compare to HMA
Alabama       Refinement of the Bond             Nam Tran           310,000     April 2010   development of a preliminary
DOT           Strength Procedure and                                                         specification and test procedure for
              Investigation of a Specification                                               bond strength
APA          Design for Constructing           Nam Tran               70,000      Completed   identify and validate high-reflectance
             Reflective Asphalt Surface Lot                                       2009        asphalt materials and pavement
             Pavements                                                                        design methods
FHWA         Evaluation of Laboratory          Nam Tran               411,500     Oct 2010    evaluate the potential application of
             Performance-Related Tests for                                                    performance-related tests and/or
             Hot Mix Asphalt                                                                  models for evaluating HMA
             (AU 7-A-3)                                                                       permanent deformation, fatigue
                                                                                              cracking, and low temperature
TRB          Improved Test Methods for         Randy West             350,000     Apr 2010    develop improved test methods for
             Specific Gravity and Absorption   Nam Tran                                       determining the specific gravity and
             of Coarse and Fine Aggregate                                                     absorption of coarse and fine
             (NCHRP 4-35)                                                                     aggregates
FAA          Development of Hot Mix            Nam Tran               300,000     Jul 2008    develop technical guidance and a
             Asphalt Airport Construction                                         Completed   comprehensive manual on best
             Best Practice Manual                                                             construction practices for HMA airport
             (AAPTP)                                                                          pavements
Georgia      Micro-milling Study               Alessandra Bianchini   44,000      Feb 2010    investigating the use of micro-milling
DOT          (sub for GATech)                                         sub                     as part of mill and inlay of an OGFC
Alabama      Evaluation of Thermal             Don Watson             $ 230,700   Dec 2012    investigate the causes of the
DOT          Segregation                       Alessandra Bianchini                           temperature differential over the
                                                                                              pavement surface during construction
                                                                                              and the effects on physical properties
                                                                                              of the asphalt mixture
USAF         Development of Asphalt Pellets    Randy West             $ 74,700    Apr 2009    develop HMA mix design
             and Mix Design for Stone          Alessandra Bianchini   Completed               characterized by satisfactory level of
             Matrix Asphalt for Rapid                                                         workability during construction and
             Runway repair                                                                    good performance when subjected to
                                                                                              air traffic
Alabama      Pavement Condition Model          Alessandra Bianchini   $ 60,000    Mar 2010    produce a tool for evaluating
DOT          Based On Automated                                                               pavement condition based on the
             Pavement Distress Surveys                                                        information retrieved from automated
                                                                                              pavement distress surveys
ZycoSoil     Laboratory Evaluation of          Jaeseung Kim           $23,000     Aug 2009    evaluate the effectiveness of
             ZycoSoil as an Anti-Stripping                                        Completed   ZycoSoild as an anti-stripping agent
             Agent on Superpave Mixtures                                                      on hot mix asphalt mixtures
KICT         Development and Evaluation of     Jaeseung Kim           $15,000     Dec 2009    Identify a rational design guideline to
             OGFC Mix Design for a                                                            evaluate and optimize the fracture
             Multifunctional Composite                                                        resistance and durability of OGFC
             Pavement System                                                                  and evaluate the contribution to
                                                                                              cracking resistance
Old Castle   Development of Relationships      Richard Willis         $300,000    Aug 2012    Develop or refine relationships
             between Laboratory                                                               between field performance data and
             Performance Test Results and                                                     laboratory performance tests
             Field Performance at the 2009
             NCAT Test Track
AL DOT       Field Control and Performance     Randy West             $304,500    Jun 2014    Identify an alternative method and
             of Asphalt Mixtures Containing    Richard Willis                                 criteria for evaluating the stiffness of
                 Greater Than 25 Percent                                                      the effective binder from plant
              Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement                                                      produced high RAP-WMA mixtures
                                                                                              and monitor the field performance of
                                                                                              selected high RAP-WMA mixtures