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									                                   Virtual Gateway
                              Common Intake Newsletter
March 2010

In This Issue       Common Intake 4.7 is now LIVE…
                    We are excited to announce a new “look and feel” to parts of Common Intake,
• Common            making the application even easier to use for both providers and applicants! This
  Intake 4.7 is     release includes some significant screen changes in Common Intake health insurance/health
  now live          assistance screens and questions. Many of the changes revolve around access to health
• Common            insurance. Read on for an overview of what’s new…
  Intake 4.7 –
  Summary of
• Heads of          Common Intake 4.7 – Summary of Changes
                    Here’s a summary of changes you will see in Release 4.7. The 4.7 Announcement Notice for
  that get SNAP,    Common Intake includes detailed information about these changes, including sample screen
  Cash, or Health   shots.
  Benefits can
  now use the           The General Instruction (Application Instructions) page has been improved with:
  Virtual               o Updated text and colorful graphics
  Gateway to
                        o A reminder of who should not proceed with the online application (i.e., current
  see, and in
                          MassHealth member, applied for MassHealth or SNAP recently, currently receive or
  some cases
                          are part of a household that currently receives SNAP (Food Stamps) benefits, etc.)
  update, their
  case                  o Questions regarding expedited SNAP benefits have been removed from the
  information             application. Instead, the new text on the General Instruction page explains that case
  online!                 managers will ask questions to determine eligibility for expedited issuance during the
                          initial interview. This change encourages applicants to complete as much of the
• FAQs from               application as possible before speaking with their case manager.
  Gateway              Several of the questions throughout the application have changed…
  Customer              o Some questions have new/updated wording
                        o Follow-up questions may now be mandatory (must be answered)
• Contact Us            o Questions may be asked at the individual level rather than the household level
                        o Details about the changes can be found in the 4.7 Announcement Notice for Common

                       The “Confirmation of Submittal and Next Steps” page has also been reformatted for
                       clarity and ease of understanding. This printable page will now be of even more use to
                       applicants, as it clearly outlines what they must do to complete their application.
Heads of Households that get SNAP, Cash, or Health
Insurance/Health Assistance Benefits can now use the
Virtual Gateway to see, and in some cases update,
their case information online!
The Virtual Gateway Self Service page is a new page where consumers are now directed
from, SNAP Benefits Page, and the MassHealth website. Consumers have
the choice on this page of screening for potential program eligibility, applying for SNAP, or
registering for or logging into the new, public-facing My Account Page. Want to learn more?
Please visit the self service web page: An announcement
about this new service was mailed to MassHealth provider organizations in early March.

        We urge you to spread the word about this significant new opportunity that
        will greatly assist your clients and patients who currently get food, cash,
        and/or health assistance benefits.
        Many members receiving Health Assistance Benefits can now update
        information online (if Head of Household) …eliminating the need for a phone
        call or completing a form!

To use My Account Page, individuals must live in Massachusetts and be the head of
household (the person who signed the application for benefits). They must also be receiving
health assistance benefits or food or cash assistance benefits. Members who are the head
of household but who are not receiving health insurance/health assistance benefits (i.e., only
a child in the household is receiving benefits) will not be able to access health assistance
benefit information for household members using My Account Page.

FAQs from Virtual Gateway Customer Service:
I forgot my Virtual Gateway password…do I need to call Virtual Gateway Customer
Service? No. In most cases, you can reset your own password using the following steps,
also found in the Login Assistance job aid. If you try these steps and still cannot log in,
please call Virtual Gateway Customer Service.
    •    Go online to the Virtual Gateway login page and click the Forgot Password link
    •    Enter your Username and click Submit
    •    Answer your Secret Questions and click Submit
    •    Check your email for a message from Virtual Gateway with your Temporary Password
    •    Go online to the Virtual Gateway login page and login with your Username and
         Temporary Password
    •    Type your Temporary Password in the Existing Password field on the Change
         Password page
    •    Enter and confirm your new password
    •    Click Submit
What should I do if I forget my Virtual Gateway Username?
  • If you are a new user, you can check your email for the message you received from
       Virtual Gateway with your original login information. This message includes your
       Virtual Gateway Username.
  • If you are not a new user, you will need to call Virtual Gateway Customer Service.
       Please be prepared to provide your PIN number and/or to answer questions to
       identify you to our customer service representatives.

What is a PIN? Along with the new look and feel introduced in January, Virtual Gateway
users are also no longer asked for Social Security numbers. This field is now the PIN field
(Personal Identification Number). You do not need to make changes to the field, but you
should be aware of the name change in case you need to call Virtual Gateway Customer
Service. More information about changes made to the Virtual Gateway in January can be
found in the ‘Virtual Gateway’s New Look’ document at
(be sure to select the Login help for Providers and State Agency staff link).

Contact Us
                 Virtual Gateway Customer Service is here to assist you!

                                   617-988-3301 (TTY)
                             8:30 AM to 5 PM, Monday – Friday

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