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                                                                           Understand the concept of wellness
                                                                           and its benefits to your life
                                                                           Understand the connection between
  Wellness and You:                                                        wellness and a balanced life
       Living a Balanced Life                                              Evaluate the balance in your life
                                                                           Learn ways in which to increase the
                                                                           balance in your life
                               Insert Company
                                                                           Create a wellness action plan

Wellness - Definition                                                   Wellness Definition – cont.

                                                                           Process – throughout our lives,
                                                                           improvement is always possible
 An active, lifelong process of becoming
      aware of choices and making                                          Awareness – seeking more information
                                                                           about how we can improve
    decisions toward a more balanced
                                                                           Choice – selecting options that are in our
               and fulfilling life.
                                                                           best interests
                           -Arizona State University Board of Regents
                                                                           Balanced life (Interaction of body, mind,
                                                                           spirit) – everything we do, think, feel, and
                                                                           believe impacts our state of health

Wellness Principles                                                     Benefits of Wellness
  Holistic – Health and well-being are the outcome of the
  interaction between the dimensions of wellness
  Balanced – Giving attention to each dimension leads to                   People with healthy lifestyles live an
  greater happiness and fullness of life
                                                                           average of 6 to 9 years longer,
  Self-Responsibility – The assumption of responsibility
  for your own health and happiness; the increase of                       postpone disability by 9 years and
  awareness of the causes and consequences of your                         compress disability into fewer years
  Positive and Proactive – Maintenance of a strong sense                   at the end of life.
  of purpose, a positive perspective, and positive values                                     -Journal of the American Medical Association,
  by which to live                                                                            New England Journal of Medicine

Dimensions of Wellness                           Social Wellness

                                                    Interdependence with others and
                Social         Occupational         nature; the degree of connectedness
                                                    you have with individuals, your
                                                    community and nature
          Physical                   Spiritual

                Intellectual   Emotional

                                                 Occupational Wellness
Tips - Social Wellness                           (Financial/Career)

   Connect with a friend/loved one every            Work in which you gain personal
   day.                                             satisfaction and find enrichment in
   Make time for one social activity each           life; the contribution of your unique
   week.                                            gifts, skills and talents to work in
   Practice active listening and assertive          ways that are personally meaningful
   communication.                                   and rewarding.
   Join a volunteer group, church group or
   community organization.
   Choose to socialize with positive people.

Tips – Occupational                              Tips – Occupational
(Financial/Career) Wellness                      (Financial/Career) Wellness

   Choose a career that is consistent with          Set, and write down, financial goals.
   your values, interests, and beliefs
                                                    Do an honest, written, inventory of
   Work all the time you work – improve time        income, expenses, and debt.
   management, organizational skills
   Do the hard things first each morning and
                                                    Reduce spending and reduce debt.
   after lunch.                                     Pay yourself first – save 10% of
   Take five minute mini-breaks and time for        income.
   lunch. Take vacation time.                       Donate 10% of income.
   Set boundaries between work and home.

Spiritual Wellness                          Tips – Spiritual Wellness

  The search for meaning and purpose           Know what you believe – identify
  in the human existence; a process            your beliefs, values, commitments
  whereby your actions become more             Walk your talk – work toward living
  consistent with your beliefs and             according to your belief system
  values – resulting in a world view or        Meditate, pray, or practice quiet
  “big picture” of life                        reflection every day
                                               Grow in your beliefs through reading,
                                               participation in religious/community
                                               service groups

Physical Wellness                           Tips – Physical Wellness

  Regular physical activity combined           Exercise – 20-30 minutes a day
  with healthy eating habits and               Eat a balanced diet and drink water.
  avoidance of harmful substances;             Cut down on junk food.
  taking responsibility for medical self-      Practice prevention – get regular
  care and preventative tests/exams            medical checkups, do self exams
                                               Avoid risky behavior – stop smoking,
                                               drinking to excess; wear seatbelts,
                                               reduce speeding

Intellectual Wellness                       Tips – Intellectual Wellness

  Ongoing expansion of knowledge               Cut your television viewing in half; watch
                                               learning programs.
  and skills through creative,
                                               Take a seminar or class on a regular
  stimulating mental activities;               basis.
  continual development of intellectual        Learn a new hobby.
  curiosity through reading, problem           Read more.
  solving, and learning new skills             Do word or math puzzles, or play
                                               stimulating games,e.g. bridge.
                                               Play, or learn to play, a musical

Emotional Wellness                                          Tips – Emotional Wellness

   The ability to feel and express the                         Practice unconditional acceptance for
   entire range of human emotions and                          yourself and others.
   to control them; the capacity to                            Laugh or smile 25 times a day.
   manage your feelings and related                            Identify the stressors in your life and learn
   behaviors, to assess your limitations,                      new strategies to cope with them.
   develop autonomy, and to cope                               Take 15 minutes every day to renew,
   effectively with stress                                     recharge and de-stress.
                                                               Learn to see problems as opportunities for

Wheel of Life Exercise                                      Wellness Action Plan

                                                               Make goals SMART:
                                         Example: A “2”
                                         score for social

                                                               S – Specific
  Physical                   Spiritual                         M – Measurable
                                                               A – Attainable
                                                               R – Realistic
                                                               T – Tangible with a target date

SMART Goals Exercise                                        Wellness Action Plan

   I will reduce unnecessary expenses.                         Referencing your wheel of life, list five
                                                               goals and rank them according to their
   I will reduce my personal monthly
   long distance telephone costs to $45
                                                               Select one goal and make sure that it is
   by June 30, 2005.                                           SMART.
                                                               List the benefits of attaining this goal.
   I will spend more time with friends.                        List the action steps you need to take to
   I will learn Spanish.                                       get from where you are now to the goal
                                                               you have set.
   I will lose weight and get in shape.
                                                               Schedule those steps in your daily

Wellness Action Plan – cont.                         Wellness Action Plan – cont.

   List enjoyable activities you can                    Repeat this process every month
   reward yourself with upon reaching                   with a new goal.
   your goal.                                           Check your progress with your Wheel
   Implement your action steps and                      of Life.
   record your progress.                                Annually review your Wheel of Life to
                                                        check for balance and to make new
                                                        goals as needed.

Additional Resources                                 EAP Services
   “The Wellness Workbook: How To Achieve                           •Confidential
   Enduring Health and Vitality”, John W. Travis,
   Regina Sara Ryan.                                                •No cost to employees
   “Simply Well: Choices for a Healthy Life”, John
   W. Travis.                                                       •Professional
   ‘What Color is Your Parachute?”, Richard
   Nelson Bolles.
   “The Courage to Be Rich”, Suze Orman.                 Available 24-hours a day,
   The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”,               7 days a week
   Stephen R. Covey.                                                ***
   “Feeling Good: the New Mood Therapy”, David             Call First Advantage
   D. Burns, MD.
   “The Road Less Traveled,” M. Scott Peck, MD.


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