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                                  Associate Status

                                INDIGO Dyslexia Centre, Charing Cross Centre,
                                        17-19, St John Maddermarket
                                             Norwich NR2 1DN

                                                 Telephone: 08453 479 322

Indigo Associate Application Pack 2006 ver 1
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What is INDIGO?
INDIGO is a „not for profit‟ company, limited by guarantee. It is a high quality,
holistic centre, providing active services to dyslexics and those that support them.
INDIGO Dyslexia Services began in 2003 when its current Chief Executive
Martin Parsonage, then recently graduated from the University of East Anglia
saw the need through his own struggle as a severe dyslexic to provide
support, counselling, specialist tuition and practical help for dyslexics in
respect of further educational and employment opportunities. INDIGO then
rapidly progressed in 2004 to become a Social Enterprise not-for-profit
Company operating from its location in the Charing Cross Centre and now
expanded in profile to include a Board of Directors, a Chairman who was a
former NHS Chief Executive, 18 volunteers, a Head of Education, a highly
qualified Educational Consultant, a Website and a Fund Raiser.
INDIGO currently offers the following services to the local community:
      Dyslexia Screening
      Dyslexia Tutors English and Maths - all ages
      Support to Higher Education students
      Resource Centre – Books, I/T equipment, visual aids etc
      Training- Level 3 Certificate in Dyslexia
      Visual Stress Screening
      Advice & Guidance to individuals and employers, including provisions
       of Disability Discrimination Act under which dyslexia is now recognised
    Beginner‟s Course - Parental Guide to Supporting the Dyslexic Child
As part of an expanding remit, INDIGO - a full organisational member of the
British Dyslexia Association, is a consultant partner with the Research
Centre at Norwich City College, and is also a recipient of a European Social
Fund grant for an educational project aimed at improving employment skills
for dyslexics. INDIGO also has sub-contractor status for dyslexic
employment placement issues with Nextstep (Norfolk County Council Adult
Careers Guidance), is an accredited course provider for the Open College
Network and also a registered local partner/provider under the BBC‟s
national RAW (Reading and Writing) campaign and has attained the
MATRIX standard for the provision of information and guidance.
We are always looking to improve the services for our clients, as well as
developing new ones - this is where we need your help, as we have a
continuous and increasing workload.

Indigo Associate Application Pack 2006 ver 1
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What is an Associate?

An Associate is any professional worker who can provide their services to
INDIGO. Associates may include tutors, educational psychologists, child
care specialists, speech and language therapists or any other relevant
occupation or service.

Associates are pre-approved individuals by INDIGO and are the only
people we will use to provide the services to our clients.

Associates work in INDIGO‟s name and receive work from INDIGO.

Benefits of being an INDIGO Associate:

         Associateship is the only way to receive work from
          INDIGO Dyslexia Centre

         When working as an Associate of INDIGO, you will receive the full
          support of the personnel and resources of the organisation.

         Advice and guidance on increasing your employability by INDIGO

         In your application you can negotiate the times / terms & conditions
          under which you are prepared to work for us – this provides you with
          a high degree of flexibility

         Reliable and consistent payment for work carried out for INDIGO

INDIGO Associates are a community of professionals who are working not
only to benefit themselves, but also all dyslexics in our society.
Consequently, we ask Associates to inform INDIGO if they become aware
of any possible work that would be too much for an individual to do on their
own. The individual concerned would then be free to take on as much of
this new work as they wish, allowing other Associates to deal with any
additional commitment. Every Associate acting in this way benefits us all.

Indigo Associate Application Pack 2006 ver 1
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Policies and Procedures

All Associates must agree to abide by the procedures and policies of
INDIGO Dyslexia Services Ltd - these will cover matters such as:

                Child protection
                Confidentiality
                Complaints Procedures
                Data protection
                Ethical Framework
                Equal Opportunities

    At interview you will be asked to sign to state that you understand and
    agree to abide by the policies and procedures of INDIGO Dyslexia
    Services Ltd; these are subject to change by the Board at any time –
    should changes occur you will be notified.

    If you would like a copy of these policies and procedures before any
    interview, please contact us.

Indigo Associate Application Pack 2006 ver 1
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What happens if I become an Approved Associate?
After a successful application process, which will include INDIGO receiving
your application form and an initial interview, details from your application
form will be logged into the INDIGO Associate database. As and when
INDIGO receives offers of work, we will identify via our database suitable
Associates to deliver the appropriate service. INDIGO from this will then
produce an „offer of work‟, which you are completely within your rights to
accept or reject – the final details of which will be settled by mutual

What happens if I receive an Offer of Work?
You will be contacted and asked if you wish to proceed with the offer of
work. A contract will be negotiated and drawn up at a meeting prior to
commencement of the work. All offers of work are created on an individual
basis to meet the needs of the clients and yourself.
Please note that Associates will be responsible for any insurance cover that
they require, such as Public Liability Insurance.

What happens if I become an Active Associate?
As an Active Associate, you will be undertaking work in INDIGO‟s name as
stated in your agreed contract. You will be assigned a line manager /
mentor and will be given full access to the resources at the INDIGO Centre.
You may also be required to adopt some of INDIGO‟s administration
processes, dependent upon the service you are conducting, all such
matters will be negotiated at the “offer of work” stage. As an Active
Associate, you may also have to undergo training and all Active Associates
must have an enhanced CRB check and be familiar with the Data
Protection Act and client confidentiality issues. Active Associates are
expected to convey a professional standard of dress and behaviour.
If you feel that you have the skills, experience and motivation to become an
INDIGO Associate, please complete the application form that follows and
return it to us, (marked “Associateship Application”) at:

                                       The INDIGO Dyslexia Centre
                                          Charing Cross Centre
                                       17-19 St John Maddermarket
                                                 NR2 1DN
Indigo Associate Application Pack 2006 ver 1

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