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									Service_Offering                         Components                            Cost
Backup and Recovery          Salaries/Fringe, Travel, Consutants                        $167,251
Backup and Recovery          HW/SW, Other - Direct Costs                                $906,879
Backup and Recovery          Security                                                    $31,152
Backup and Recovery          Common Help                                                  $2,912
Backup and Recovery          Additional Overhead                                        $408,059
Backup and Recovery          Technology Services                                              $0
Backup and Recovery          Adjustments                                                      $0

Rate(s) under this Service Offering include:

Rate Code                    Title                                 Unit
SG100                          Data Backup and Recovery            Giga Byte
  Planned                   FY2010
FY2010 Units     Cost        Rate
   29,930,000 $1,516,254   $ 0.0507
FY2010 Rate Data for Service Catalog

Service_Offering-Backup & Recovery                    Components                  Sub_Components       Cost
Salaries/Fringe, Travel, Consutants        Salaries/Fringe, Travel, Consutants FTE                       $167,251

HW/SW, Other - Direct Costs                HW/SW, Other - Direct Costs         Maintenance               $771,986
                                           HW/SW, Other - Direct Costs         Other                     $134,893

Security                                   Security                            Security                   $31,152

Common Help                                Common Help                         All Helpdesk                   $2,912

Additional Overhead                        Additional Overhead                 All Admin                 $408,059

Technology Services                        Technology Services                 None                              $0

Adjustments                                Adjustments                         Management Adjustment             $0

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