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Program Reporting and Forms by Prettyclear


									               Program Reporting Instructions
                                (Reference   Memo #1)

Program Reporting:
Monthly Work Processes Reporting (Registered Apprentices Only)
     Apprentices may use either the Work Process Monthly Report or the Monthly Work
      Process Reporting Worksheet to document and report your work processes each
      month. You will report from the first day to the last day of each month. Work
      processes must be reported to your unit manager/coordinator by the 10th of the
      following month. Note: Forms may differ dependant on indenture date.
     Work Process reports must be forwarded to the Agency National Apprenticeship
      Coordinator quarterly (By the 30th of January, March, June and September).
     Once an Apprentice is registered with the Department of Labor, they will be
      allowed to report all hours worked that fall within one of their available work
      process categories.
     You many not count an hour in more than one category. Your work processes
      must be supported by hours submitted on the time and attendance reports.
     Formal training (including basic and advanced academies) does not count towards
      your work process hours. Labor related activities only can be reported as a work
     All apprentices must complete all hours in each category and will only receive
      credit up to the maximum number allowed.

Required Supplemental Technical Training (Registered Apprentices
     Identifies and documents apprentice training hours and course completions to be
      provided by the home unit outside of the formal academies.
     Unit Manager must identify a minimum of 100 hours from the elective category for
      each apprentice. Check with you Regional/State Coordinator as some areas have
      pre-identified these.
     Submit to your unit manager/coordinator as directed.
     Unit Manager/Coordinator will submit this form to the Agency National Coordinator
      quarterly with Monthly Work Processes.
     Apprentices may receive credit for previous training towards this category when
      completions has been within the previous three years from date of indenture.
      Documents must be provided to the National Coordinator within 120 days of
      indenture with the first Required Supplemental Technical Training Report.

Reporting Lost Time Injuries and Deaths
Section VI of the National Apprenticeship Standards requires sponsoring agencies to
annually report information for the previous calendar year lost time injuries and deaths of
any apprentices who were employed under the conditions of standards.

            This documentation is to be forwarded to the National Coordinator by the 15th of
             January each year for the previous year.

Status Reporting
            Unit Managers and Regional Coordinators must report changes in status
             (resignation, termination, leave of absence, death, acceptance of a position outside
             of apprenticeship, etc.) of registered apprentices to the National Coordinator within
             30 days of status change.
            A copy of the SF-52 will be forwarded to the National Coordinator as
             documentation of the action.


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