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PRODUCT DATA SHEET                                                                         SP-1264 BUG HOLE FILLER

  DESCRIPTION: SP-1264 Bug Hole Filler is the same as SP-1264 Damp Concrete Sealer, except that it
               utilizes glass spheres incorporated into the epoxy matrix. SP-1264 Bug Hole Filler is
               used to fill in large cavities in concrete surfaces.

  ADVANTAGES: The use of glass spheres prevents the filler from falling out when used to fill cavities in
              overhead or roof areas. This is a common problem encountered when heavy silica sand
              is used as filler. The SP-1264 Bug Hole Filler can be offered with the glass spheres
              premixed in the Base, or the glass spheres can be introduced into the Base on-site prior to
              adding the Hardener component.

  USES: Filling holes or cavities in the concrete surface. The bug hole or cavity is normally filled after the
        concrete surface has been primed with SP-1264 Damp Concrete Sealer.

  PRODUCT COMPONENTS:                                 SP-1264 Bug Hole Filler Base
                                                      SP-1264 Bug Hole Filler Hardener

  MIXING RATIO:                               By Volume: 2 Parts Base to 1 Part Hardener
                                              By Weight: 100 Parts Base to 34 Parts Hardener

  SURFACE PREPARATION: Apply over SP-1264 Damp Concrete Sealer.

  APPLICATION: Trowel or Spatula.

  RECOMMENDED FILM THICKNESS: Can be applied up to a thickness of 19 mm (0.75 inches).

  PROPERTIES: With the exception of the high build characteristics, the chemical and physical properties
              are the same as SP-1264 Damp Concrete Sealer.

  SAFETY: Read the Material Safety Data Sheets before use.

  EFFECTIVE DATE: August 29, 2006

   SPC / PD SP-1264 Bug Hole Filler.doc

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