Forms Webpage Post Implementation Review

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					                           Forms Webpage Post Implementation Review

Attendees: Lucia Anderson, Linda Ford, Mike Kremer, Mike Szczepanski, Tanya Irwin, Kelly
Newton, Sue Provo, Cheri Rawles, Nancy Rodibaugh, Neil Smith, Chris Tompkins, Mary Jo

The Forms Webpage project was initiated in September 2003 with the purpose of inserting the form
links into a database and extracting the information onto one web page. With this in place, the web
publisher will only have to update the database and all views will update automatically. Also, re-
designing the layout of the page will allow users to find forms easier.

What Worked Well?

Project Definition/Scope

      Reasonable scope, clear, well defined and stayed within.
      Redesigned the central forms Webpage with the list having links to the official forms
       located on the departmental owners Websites.
      Well-defined charter, communication plan and process.
      Developed a document identifying the expectations for the roles (project team, web
       publishers, etc.).

Design /Development/Testing

      Appropriate number of resources.
      Website tested with co-sponsors, project team, and web publishers. Plenty of time given
       to test.
      Receiving a sample of new webpage format to react to as a starting point for committee
      Coldfusion training for project manager allowed for more functionality and will allow
       added value on future web projects.
      Multiple designs (variations) presented to allow for reviewers to provide feedback, which
       was obtained through many sources, was well received and implemented in a positive
      Ample opportunity given to suggest changes or improvements prior to going live.
      Project team gathered requirements for the web site. What columns should stay and
       what should be added to help the site be more functional.
      The design process followed a logical order where a small group determined the
      Suggestions were made to eliminate other locations for forms that were not necessary.
      Design sessions with project manager were very helpful in refining the webpage.
      The group that met regarding the design of the page got a lot of ideas out on the table,
       which was positive.

      Good communication to sponsors. Asked questions when needed. Good communication to
       committee at critical points in process.
      Admin training done with web publisher before site was implemented.
      Monthly status reports were made available on the project web page.
      Good communication in web publishers meetings.
      Demonstrating in the WAI showcase.
      Notice on old forms page that change was coming.
      Email went out to Business Managers and everyone in Business Services.
      Asking for feedback on the site from those involved helped to bring up remaining issues.
      FAQs on website make it helpful for users to know how to get info about posting a new
       form or to get changes made on a form.
      Linking each department’s forms page to this one forms page and linking from the new
       forms page to each department’s home page.
      Project was implemented quickly and readily made available.

Application Features (Product)

      Form creation/revision date was added as the last column on the forms Web page.
      Forms available to all of Purdue.
      Provides various ways to search, ex. alpha, numeric, department. Allows users to use the
       one that works best for them.
      Search feature is easy to use.
      Database that allows for more effective maintenance of the site.
      Less cluttered and useful site; more pleasing appearance.
      Simple, easy to navigate, and user friendly.
      Various forms and formats easier to use and identify.
      Links to form instructions are very useful.

                                 Top 5 Things to Communicate

               Manage scope
               Hold structured meetings
               Define role expectations
               Provide good communication
               Keep it simple
  What Would We Do Differently Next Time?

                  Issue                        Solution (General Project Management Suggestions)           Who               Category
Other related areas could have been            Perform an early stakeholder analysis and utilize the       Project Manager   Project Definition/Scope
further considered. Did not include            primary stakeholders to build your requirements list.
numbering of forms.                            Include all agreed upon “features’’ in your scope. (This
                                               was decided to be out of scope for this project).
Develop expectations for all roles on the      Include role definitions and expectations in your project   Project Manager   Project Definition/Scope
project (Possibly, have a standard set of      charter. Using a developed set of Purdue University
expectations document to assist project        project role standards would be helpful in providing
managers in clarifying the roles for their     consistency across projects.
project.) and document at the beginning of
Training on Coldfusion tool was not done       Determine role requirements and skill set needs early in    Project Manager   Project Definition/Scope
until October, which caused a delay from       the project. Ensure that training and knowledge building
the original target implementation date.       are in place when needed.
Give more consideration of other               Document the role assignments and communicate time          Project           Project Definition/Scope
assignments and scheduling demands             commitment expectations and estimates of effort early       Manager/Project
committee members are dealing with. (This      in the project planning. Ensure that departments lending    Sponsors
crosses all projects).                         or committing resources understand and agree to the
Would be helpful if all PDF files were         Again, utilize your primary stakeholders to build your      Project Manager   Design /Development/Testing
interactive where possible.                    requirements list – include agreed upon efforts in your
                                               scope and project plan. (This was decided to be out of
                                               scope for this project).
Involve the initial design group involved in   Maintain effective use of and keep ongoing communication    Project Manager   Design /Development/Testing
the review and feedback of the test            with your primary stakeholders. Utilize testing process
product.                                       to ensure customer-defined requirements.
Communicate to departments the need to         Include post-implementation expectations in the project     Project           Implementation/Communication
keep forms current.                            communication plan and ensure the right level of            Manager/Project
                                               management is involved in the communication process.        Sponsors
Search feature could be easier to use;         Ensure business rules are correct and consistently          Project Manager   Application Features (Product)
especially the name field.                     applied.