The beach by kaitao05


									                          Convince me
When we go to the beach we should only take pictures and leave nothing but footprints.
Why might I say this you ask? Because leaving a single plastic bag or container on the
marvellous pristine beach could lead to killings of the sea animals and it could pollute
ocean which would be pretty disgusting if you thought about it.

I reckon people who decide to dump there rubbish and plastic on the beach should not be
allowed back. Do you reckon? They just think they can throw there rubbish on the golden
superb beach sand and think they can get away with it. I don’t think so. They ruin it for
other people who like to enjoy there holidays on the beach, the others think they can just
vandalise the beach and take it for granted, Would you like to swim in polluted water?!

What about sustainability? Fisherman from all over the world are over fishing and think
they can take as much as they want, do you think that is fair? I don’t. Because if you over
fish then there will be less and less for other countries and this will affect the population
of the fish. From my point of view I think people in the fishing business and in the
industry should not be able to use fish nets to catch there fish and should only be able to
take a certain amount of fish that they can take back for there country. Would this be fair?

What about the other creatures why are they being hunted and used for meat in there
country? How can they hunt these creatures? Why would they? I would like to know the
answers for these. I also think that countries all over the world should only get a certain
amount of fish a year and should only be allowed to go out on certain dates of the year to
be able to catch the fish for there country. This is foul play they shouldn’t be hunted just
because countries think they can. That is not fair!

So next time you go to the beach tell your parents what you have learnt about saving the
beach and tell them how they can help
sustain the beach. So for now I am
gone and help spread the word about
saving the ocean.

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