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MSDS Igora Oxigenta Lotion Rev


MSDS Igora Oxigenta Lotion Rev

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									                                MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET

MSDS # : MSDS-0002              MSDS Revision: 01         MSDS Revision Date: September 01, 2007                 page 1/4
1.      Chemical Product and Company Identification
Product Name                    IGORA DEVELOPER LOTION, 10/20/30/40 VOLUME

Chemical Family                 Mixture
Product Number                  33820 00 4000, 33830 00 4000, 33840 00 4000, 33880 00 4000
Product Use                     Hair Colour Developer
Manufacturer Name               Professional Hair Care Products Incorporated
Manufacturer's Address          6250 Kestrel Road
                                Mississauga, Ontario
                                Canada L5T 1Y9
Business Phone                  905.565.9212
Business Fax                    905.565.8202
2.      Composition & Ingredient Information

                                                                                                  Exposure Limit in Air
           Ingredient Name(s)                 CAS No.         EINECS No.            %
                                                                                                  PEL           STEL
                                                                                            ppm         mg/m³
AQUA                                        7732-18-5     231-791-2        >30%, to 100%    NA          NA      NA
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE                           7722-84-1     231-765-0        >2%, to 12%       1          1.4     NA
CETEARYL ALCOHOL                            67762-27-0    267-008-6        >3%, to 10%      NA          NA      NA
PROPYLENE GLYCOL                            57-55-6       200-338-0        >0.3%, to 1%     NA          NA      NA
CETEARETH-20                                68439-49-6    NA               >2%, to 3%       NA          NA      NA
STEARTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE                     112-03-8      203-929-1        >0.1%, to 0.2%   NA          NA      NA
PARAFFINUM LIQUIDUM                         8012-95-1     232-384-2        >0.3%, to 1%     NA          NA      NA
ETIDRONIC ACID                              2809-21-4     220-552-8        >0.1%, to 0.3%   NA          NA      NA
2,6-DICARBOXYPYRIDINE                       499-83-2      207-894-3        ≤ 0.1%           NA          NA      NA
DISODIUM PYROPHOSPHATE                      7758-16-9     231-835-0        ≤ 0.1%           NA          NA      NA
POTASSIUM HYDROXIDE                         1310-58-3     215-181-3        ≤ 0.1%           NA          NA      NA
PARFUM                                      NA            NA               ≤ 0.1%           NA          NA      NA
SODIUM BENZOATE                             532-32-1      208-534-8        ≤ 0.1%           NA          NA      NA

3.      Hazards Identification
Primary routes of entry and effects of short-term exposure.

Potential Health Effects

        Skin       May cause irritatrion under normal conditions; will cause stinging / burining sensation
                   and temporary whiteness to open cuts or abraded skin
        Eye        May cause irritation with redness, burning and stinging.
        Ingestions May cause irritation in mouth and throat. Swallowing may cause evolution of oxygen which
                   may cause injury by distention of the esophagus or stomach. May cause nausea, vomiting
                   and diarrhea.
        Inhalation Prolonged exposure may cause irritation in nose and throat with chest discomfort, coughing
                   and difficulty breathing.
                               MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET
Product Name:      IGORA DEVELOPER LOTION                Product Number: 33820 00 4000                         page 2/4
                                                         33830 00 4000, 33840 00 4000, 33880 00 4000
4.     First Aid Measures

       Skin       If irritation does occur, remove contaminated clothing and flush skin with lukewarm, gently
                  flowing water for 15 minutes or until contaminant is removed.
       Eyes       Immediately flush eyes with lukewarm, gently flowing water while holding eyelids apart for
                  15 minutes, or until the contaminant is removed. Obtain medical advice immediately.
       Ingestion Never give anything by mouth if victim is rapidly loosing consciousness, or is unconscious
                  or convulsing. Have victim rinse mouth thoroughly with water. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING.
                  Have victim drink water (240-300 ml) to dilute material in stomach. If vomiting occurs naturally,
                  have victim lean forward to reduce risk of aspiration. Repeat administration of water. If large
                  quantities swallowed, obtain medical attention immediately.
       Inhalation If symptoms are experienced, move victim to fresh air and obtain advice if symptoms persist.

       Additional Contact local Poison Control Center.

5.     Fire Fighting Measures

       Flash Point (ºC) Method                           Will not burn.
       Auto Ignition Temp (ºC)                           NAP
       Upper Flammable Limit                             Will not burn, but decomposition, which may caused by heat,
                                                         will release oxygen which will increase the explosive limit
                                                         range and burning rate of flammable vapors.
       Lower Flammable Limit                             Same as above.
       Extinguishing Media                               Use only large quantities of water. Flood with water
                                                         and use water spray to cool fire-exposed containers
                                                         and structures.
       Hazardous Combustion Product                      Release of oxygen gas.
       Sensitivity to Mechanical Impact                  NAV
       Sensitivity to Static Discharge                   NAV

6.     Accidental Release Measures

       Spill/Leak Procedure                Review fire and explosion hazards and safety precautions before
                                           proceeeding with clean up. Flush area with plenty of water. May be
                                           Neutralized with sodium metabisulfite or sodium sulfite.

7.     Handling and Storage

       Handling Procedures                 Wash thoroughly after handling. Avoid contact with flammable or
                                           combustible materials. Avoid contamination from any source, including
                                           metals, dust and organic materials. Keep bulk covered.

       Storage Requirements                Store in approved bulk storage container in cool area. Avoid excessive
                                           heat or flame. Do not store where contact with incompatible materials
                                           could occur. Never return unused product to container. Dilute with
                                       plenty of water before discarding.

                                  MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET
Product Name:      IGORA DEVELOPER LOTION             Product Number: 33820 00 4000                           page 3/4
                                                      33830 00 4000, 33840 00 4000, 33880 00 4000
8.     Exposure Controls/Personal Protection

       Personal Protective Equipment

       Eye/Type                        Approved safety glasses with side shields or face shield.
       Respiratory/Type                Not normally necessary.
       Gloves/Type                     Rubber/latex.
       Clothing/Type                   Not required.
       Footwear/Type                   Approved Safety Shoe Protection.
       Ventillation Requirements       General mechanical sufficient.

9.     Physical Properties

       Physical State                  Slightly viscous liquid
       Appearance and Colour           Opaque, white.
       Specific Gravity @ 20 ºC        0.995 - 1.050
       Odour Threshold (ppm)           NAV
       Vapour Pressure (mm Hg)         NAV
       Viscosity @ 20 ºC               2,500 - 4,500
       Evaporation Rate                NAV
       Boiling Rate (ºC)               NAV
       pH @ 20ºC                       3.3 - 3.7
       Solubility in Water             Soluble
       Freezing Point                  Approximately 0ºC
       Melting Point                   NAV

10.    Stability and Reactivity

       Incompatibility                 Oxidizing & reducing agents, organics, some acids, flammable materials.
       Stability                       Stable under normal conditions; unstable with heat or contamination.
                                       Liberation of oxygen gas may result in dangerous pressures.
       Reactivity Conditions           Contamination or heat.
       Hazardous Products of
         Decomposition                 Release of oxygen gas.
       Hazardous Polymerization        Will not occur.

11.    Toxicological Information

       Sensitization to Product        If skin or eye irritation occurs, stop using and obtain medical attention.
       Carcinogenicity                 Ingredients are not listed as a carcinogen.
       Teratogenicity                  NAV
       Mutagenicity                    NAV
       Reproductive Effects            NAV
       Synergistic Products            NAV
                                 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET
Product Name:       IGORA DEVELOPER LOTION                 Product Number: 33820 00 4000                           page 4/4
                                                           33830 00 4000, 33840 00 4000, 33880 00 4000
12.     Ecological Information


13.     Disposal Information

        Waste Disposal                       Dispose of according to Federal, Provincial, and local regulations.

14.     Transport Information

        TGA Classification                   10 & 20 vol. not classified
                                             30 & 40 vol. : Hydrogen Peroxide Aqueous Solution, Class 5.1, UN2984

15.     Regulatory Information

        WHMIS Classification                 D.2B, C (Materials causing other toxic effects, oxidizing material)

16.     Other Information

        Prepared by                          Quality Assurance / Quality Control Department -
                                             Professional Hair Care Products Incorporated (PHCP Inc)

        NAV = Not Available
        NA = Not Applicable

This information herein is given in good faith and is based on technical information which we believe to be reliable
and accurate. No warranty, either expressed or implied, is made.

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