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					                                        Meeting Minutes
                      S:\BBR\BBRS\AGENDA\2008 Agenda\03_March\BBRS Minutes March 11, 2007

A meeting of the Board of Building Regulations and Standards was held at 1:00 p.m., Tuesday, March
11, 2008 @ the National Guard Armory in Wellesley, MA.

Gary Moccia (GM), Chairman -Registered Professional Engineer (Structural)
Alexander (Sandy) MacLeod (SM), Vice-Chairman-Registered Architect
Rob Anderson (RA) -Chief of Inspections- Buildings
Keith Hoyle (KH) -Head of a Local Fire Department
Timothee Rodrique (TR) -Designee for the State Fire Marshal
Stanley Shuman (SS) -General Contractor of Commercial/Industrial Buildings
Brian Gale (BG) -Building Official from a Town
Harry Smith (HS) -One- and Two-Family Homebuilders
Vacant Position -Registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical)
Vacant Position -Building Official from a City
Vacant Position -Representative of Building Trades

Mike Guigli (MSG) of the Board staff was present as well as others as indicated on the attendance sheets,
which are on file at the Board. The official minutes are located on digital electronic file at J:\DPM_Files\BBRS -
Public Hearing\ BBRS_Minutes_03_11_08.DSS


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                        Subject                                                                 Action Item


                                               Old Business
1.Meeting Minutes: Minutes of Feb 08 BBRS meeting TR             KH         Make changes & MSG         1:11
approved with changes noted by TR on BBRS review of                         upload minutes
projects designed to the 6th edition vs. the 7th.                           to DPS Website
2. 1&2 Family Sprinkler Committee: The first meeting of the committee was held on February 14, 2008. 1:13
The next meeting is scheduled for April 10. There was some BBRS discussion on when and if a survey
will be distributed to municipalities seeking feedback on fire history. TR has some data that he feels
may make the survey unnecessary.
3. Action Items from Previous BBRS Meetings:                                Staff to work              1:16
GM noted that missing from the list was the action for                      action
Staff to modify the BO Certification Committee
language to allow municipalities to hire those persons
they appoint without prior approval by the Committee.
However, non appointed individuals would still
require Committee preapproval.

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                                            New Business
1. Approve new construction supervisor licenses: A       TR          KH           Yes                                   1:20
total of 138 have been issued between February 8, 2008
and March 6, 2008.
2. Reinstate CSL’s exceeding one year expiration         TR          SM           Yes       Forward        to MSG       1:22
period.                                                                                     paper work to
David Teagan CSL# 063902, Robert Raimondi                                                   Cindy Merchant
CSL# 063760, John B. Mayanja CSL# 063337, and                                               for
Victor L. Jones CSL# 085694 all with medical                                                reinstatement.
3. Status of 7th edition:                                                                   Issue    revised MSG        1:23
MSG noted that the recent update per TMR was a publication date of late                     FAQ
March and that the Sec of State had completed most of the labor intensive
chapters requiring table and figure work. MSG discussed the REScheck
issue and the proposed FAQ to address it. The FAQ will be modified
somewhat based on the BBRS discussion and uploaded to the DPS website.
4. Discussion of CSL experience: Kevin J. Gatlin SM             SS Yes                      MSG notified K.             1:30
submitted a letter requesting that the BBRS consider                                        Gatlin of the
that his work and construction experience satisfy the                                       decision and that
requirements for the restricted CSL for One- and Two-                                       he may use the
Family Dwellings. The BBRS gave its approval because                                        meeting minutes
he has done significant home renovation work, pulled                                        if required to
permits as a homeowner, and conducted many bank-                                            support       the
financed property inspections that per GM are detailed                                      application
and thorough and must be code compliant.                                                    process.
5. Staff requested that the BBRS Chair appoint Roger Fuller to the Certification Committee as 1:40
the MMA Representative. GM appointed Mr. Fuller.
6. EAC: The EEA had requested that an additional TR       KH Yes TR raised the Staff          1:42
voting member, Don Vigneau of Northeast Energy                       question as to
Efficiency Partnership (NEEP), be added to the                       what language
Technical Energy Advisory Committee (EAC).                           governs
                                                                     membership to
After discussion of the recommendations from
TMR and HS who were not present but exchanged
emails on the subject, the BBRS approved the                         BBRS Staff to
addition of Mr. Vigneau to the EAC. It is noted                      check if vote
that, had HS attended the meeting his vote would                     today          is
have been negative. Also see action on vote.                         acceptable.

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                       Subject                                                             Action Item

6. Manufactured Homes:                                                                      1:47
West Boylston: RA presented a summary of this issue. This home was delivered and installed and
soon after began to exhibit problems as a result of what appeared to be poor construction. Two
independent engineers deemed the structure unsafe and the Appeals Board ruled that it must be
removed from the foundation and returned to the manufacturer, Signature Building Systems (SDS).
SDS appealed the decision but not in the required timeframe. The building still is on its foundation so
SDS has not complied with the order. RA asked that the BBRS vote to not recertify SDS because they
have not complied with the order. SDS had been put on notice of this potential BBRS action. RA
thinks that they may not even apply to be recertified. A motion by TR was made to not recertify SDS,
seconded by KH and approved unanimously by the BBRS.
Acushnet: TR provided a synopsis of the fire that razed this building. His synopsis expanded on the
information which is contained in the attachment that was included with the meeting agenda. RA
added that more information and investigative work must be done before root cause can be
determined and an action plan put into place.
7. Upton MA Railing Incident:                                           RA action as RA                          2:14
RA provided a summary of an incident involving the injury and noted in the
subsequent death of an infant in Upton who was able to pass through the subject column.
balusters of a railing to fall approximately 9 feet to a hardwood floor
below. The incident was documented in a letter written by Jacob and
Charlotte Henderson to DPS dated March 2, 2008. RA noted that the code
was modified in about 2002 to the current requirement of 5”. RA will
research MA code history along with ICC recommendations and
language and make a recommendation to the BBRS.
Meeting Adjourned                                                                                                2:18
 Time stamp indicates EST. The meeting started at approximately 1:11 EST so about 1hr and 11 minutes need
    to be subtracted from this time to locate the discussion on the digital recording.
 Minutes taken by Mike Guigli.