HRCMS Key Contact Liaisons and Super User Network by lyk18840


									HR/CMS V9 Upgrade Project Liaison (Key Contacts) & Super User Network
   Updated 03/10/10

     Agency                            Agency Representative For:                     Project Liaison                 Super User                 Telephone #
     ADD              Massachusetts Developmental Disabilities Council          Jackson, Cathy (ADD)         Jackson, Cathy (ADD)        617-770-7676 xt 112
     AGO              Attorney General's Office                                 Puleo, Darlene (AGO)         Puleo, Darlene (AGO)        (617) 727-2200 x2039
     AGR              Dept. of Food and Agriculture & State Reclamation Board   Burnand, Mary Beth (AGR)     Burnand, Mary Beth (AGR)    617-626-1710
     ALA              Division of Administrative Law and Appeals                Taylor, Shelly (ALA)
     ANF              Administration and Finance                                Scalley, Regina (ANF)
     APC              Appeals Court                                             Zysk, Karen(APC)             Zysk, Karen(APC)            617-725-8101
     ART              Mass Cultural Council                                     Nagel, Michael
     ATB              Appellate Tax Board                                       Pagonis, Joyce (ATB)
     BBE              Board of Bar Examiners                                    Neff, Katherine
     BCC              Berkshire State College                                   Kennedy, Ellen
     BER              Berkshire District Attorney                               Crippa, Shelly
     BHC              Bunkerhill State College                                  Thompson, Jesse
     BLC              Boston Landmarks Commission                               Glazerman, Barbara (BLC)
     BRC              Bristol Community College                                 Kenyon, Stephen
     BRI              Bristol District Attorney                                 Butler, Lucia
     BSB              Bureau of State Office Buildings                          Ciarlante, Dolores (DCP)     Ciarlante, Dolores (DCP)
     BSB              Bureau of State Office Buildings                          DoCanto, Gaylene (DCP)       DoCanto, Gaylene (DCP)
     BSC              Bridgewater State College                                 Gomes, Miguel
     BSD              Bristol Sherriff's Department                             Lowrey, Lori
     CAD              Commission Against Discrimination                         Kelly, Theresa
     CCC              Cape Cod Community College                                Norris, Dixie
     CDA              MEMA                                                      Nocivelli, Diane (CDA)       Nocivelli, Diane (CDA)      (508) 820-2065
     CHS              Criminal History Systems Board                            Sarro, Denise (POL)          Sarro, Denise (POL)
     CJC              Commission on Judicial Conduct                            Torres, Evanice
     CJT              Municipal Police Training Committee                       Sarro, Denise (POL)          Sarro, Denise (POL)
     CME              Chief Medical Examiner                                    Finley, Joseph
     CPC              Committee for Public Counsel                              Knoppers, Elizabeth (CPC)    Knoppers, Elizabeth (CPC)   617-988-8313
     CPF              Campaign and Political Finance                            Muise, Margaret
     CPI              The Cape & Islands District Attorneys Office              McCabe, Kelli-Ann (CPI)      McCabe, Kelli-Ann (CPI)     (508) 362-8113
     CSC              Civil Service Commission                                  Bowman, Christopher (CSC)
     CSW              Commission on the Status of Women                         Swiston, Greer
     DAA              District Attorney Association                             Grace, Mary Jane
     DAC              Disabled Persons Protection Commission                    Brown, John W. (DAC)         Brown, John W. (DAC)        (617) 727-6465 x220
     DCP              Division of Capital Asset Management                      Ciarlante, Dolores (DCP)     Ciarlante, Dolores (DCP)    617-727-4006 x339
     DCP              Division of Capital Asset Management                      DoCanto, Gaylene (DCP)       DoCanto, Gaylene (DCP)      727-4006 x333
     DCR              Department of Conservation and Recreation                 Miguel, Daniel (DCR)         Miguel, Daniel
     DCR              Department of Conservation and Recreation (HR)            Miguel, Daniel (DCR)         Bourque, Maria
     DCR              Department of Conservation and Recreation (Payroll)       Miguel, Daniel (DCR)         Peduto, Lisa
     DEP              Department of Environmental Protection                    Viola, John (DEP-HR)
     FWE              Department of Fish and Game                               Kelter, Brian (FWE)
     DFS              Department of Fire Services                               Remondi, Sheila (DFS)        Rosario, Yolanda (DFS)
     DIA              Department of Industrial Accidents (EOLWD)                Defina, Jack (DIA)
     DLR              Division of Labor Relations (EOLWD)                       Srednicki, Ed (DLR)
     DOB              Division of Banks (Consumer Affairs)                      Cotney, David (DOB)
     DOC              Department of Corrections                                 Hetherson, Karen             Silvia, Diana
     DOE              Department of Elementary and Secondary Education          Delorenzo, Anthony P (DOE)
     DOI              Department of Insurance (Consumer Affairs)                Carroll, Mary (DOI)
     DOL              Department of Labor (EOLWD)                               Rowe, Heather (DOL)
     DOR              Department of Revenue - HR                                Monahan, Janet (DOR)         Monahan, Janet (DOR)
HR/CMS V9 Upgrade Project Liaison (Key Contacts) & Super User Network
   Updated 03/10/10

     Agency                            Agency Representative For:                           Project Liaison               Super User                 Telephone #
     DOR              Department of Revenue - Payroll                                  Cost, Denise M (DOR)       Costa, Denise M (DOR)      617.626.3513
     DOS              Department of Standards (Consumer Affairs)                       Carroll, Charles (DOS)
     DPL              Division of Professional Licensure (Consumer Affairs)            Dolabany, Susan (DPL)
     DPS              Department of Public Safety                                      Small, Michelle (DPS)
     DPS              Department of Public Safety                                      Smith, Lennie (DPS)
     DPU              Department of Public Utilities                                   Soares, Gail
     DPW              DPW District 1 Lenox                                             Christo, Nancy (EOT)       Anthony Morris
     DPW              DPW District 2 North Hampton                                     Christo, Nancy (EOT)       Lois Bazluke
     DPW              DPW District 3 Worcester                                         Christo, Nancy (EOT)       Linda Leighton
     DPW              DPW District 4 Arlington                                         Christo, Nancy (EOT)       Eugene Dailey
     DPW              DPW District 5 Taunton                                           Christo, Nancy (EOT)       Linda Rounseville
     DTC              Department of Telecommunications and Cable                       Foltz, Carol E (DTC)
     DWD              Department of Workforce Development                              Mcdonough, Barbara (DWD)
     EAS              Essex District Attorney's Office                                 Osgood, Josie (EAS)        Osgood, Josie (EAS)        978/745-6610 ext. 5038
     EDU              Executive Office of Education                                    Bunker Jr., David
     EEA              Executive Office of Environmental Affairs                        Grant, Kathy (EEA)         Grant, Kathy (EEA)         617-626-1143
     EEC              Department of Early Education and Care                           Killins, Sherri (EEC)
     EED              Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development             Perez, Enrique (EOHED)
     EHS              Overhead Lead                                                    Fullem Renee               Kingston Ruth
     ELW              Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development              Lenihan, Joan (EOLWD)
     ENE              Department of Energy Resources                                   Johnson, Alexandra
     EOE              Executive Office of Education                                    Bunker, David (EOE)
     EOT              EOT, MHD, RMV & MAC                                              Christo, Nancy (EOT)       Christo, Nancy (EOT)       617-973-7670
     EPS              Executive Office of Public Safety                                Irma Gutierrez (EPS)
     ETH              State Ethics Commission                                          Nober, Karen
     FRC              Framingham State College                                         Hamel, Dale
     FSC              Fitchburg State College                                          Sambito, Jayne (FSC)       Sambito, Jayne (FSC)       978.665.3175
     GCC              Greenfield Community College                                     Hillier, Richard
     GCN              Governor's Council                                               Cronin, George
     GIC              Group Insurance Commission                                       Foley, Marty (GIC)
     GOV              Governor's Office                                                Younger, Laura (GOV)
     HCC              Holyoke Community College                                        Leth-Steenson, Ted (RGT)   Leth-Steenson, Ted (RGT)   413 552-2056
     HCF              Healthcare Finance and Policy                                    Berolini, Michael
     HHS-CYF          Central Office - 600 Washington                                  Jackson, Pamela            Dowd, Nancy
     HHS-DCS          Carver                                                           Gallop, Lisa               Kelly-Buco, Dorene
     HHS-DCS          Central Office - 600 Washington                                  Gallop, Lisa               Chandler, Michele
     HHS-DCS          Danvers                                                          Gallop, Lisa               Nikas, Cynthia
     HHS-DCS          Palmer                                                           Gallop, Lisa               Saucier, Maryilyn
     HHS-DCS          Waltham                                                          Gallop, Lisa               Grandfield, Janet
     HHS-Health       Central MA                                                       James Montgomery-Hyde      Rogers, Carla
     HHS-Health       Central Office - 600 Washington                                  James Montgomery-Hyde      Hebert, Sue
     HHS-Health       Metro -Suburban Area                                             James Montgomery-Hyde      Gilber, Jen
     HHS-Health       Metro-Boston, Fuller                                             James Montgomery-Hyde      DaRosa, Nelson
     HHS-Health       Metro-Boston, Shattuck                                           James Montgomery-Hyde      O'Neal, Daniel
     HHS-Health       Metro-South (includes MA Hospital School and Hinton State Lab)   James Montgomery-Hyde      Cormier, Carol
     HHS-Health       Northeast Area                                                   James Montgomery-Hyde      Rego, Jim
     HHS-Health       Southeast Area                                                   James Montgomery-Hyde      Hazel, Maribeth
     HHS-Health       Western MA                                                       James Montgomery-Hyde      Pratt, Pam
     HOU              House of Representatives                                         Foley, Patricia (HOU)
HR/CMS V9 Upgrade Project Liaison (Key Contacts) & Super User Network
   Updated 03/10/10

     Agency                          Agency Representative For:          Project Liaison   Super User   Telephone #
     HRD              Human Resources Division                    Olson, Scott (HRD)

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