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                                           Juvenile Diversion Program
   District Court of Brockton
           215 Main Street
  Jurisdiction: Abington, Bridgewater,

       Brockton, East Bridgewater,
    West Bridgewater and Whitman

   District Court of Hingham
   28 George Washington Blvd.                                             Program
 Jurisdiction: Hanover, Hingham, Hull,
     Norwell, Rockland and Scituate
                                             Office of Plymouth County
                                                  District Attorney
   District Court of Plymouth
            52 Obery Street
             508-322-4500                     Timothy J. Cruz
Jurisdiction: Duxbury, Halifax, Hanson,
    Kingston, Marshfield, Pembroke,
         Plymouth and Plympton

                                            32 Belmont Street
   District Court of Wareham                P.O. Box 1665
                                                                         Timothy J. Cruz
           Rt. 28, Wareham                  Brockton, MA 02303
             508-295-8300                   Phone: 508-584-8120          District Attorney
Jurisdiction: Carver, Lakeville, Marion,    Fax: 508-586-3578            Plymouth County
Mattapoisett, Middleboro, Rochester and     www.mass.gov/da/plymouth
                                                                          Tel: 508-584-8120
                                                                          Fax: 508-586-3578
  A Message from District Attorney Tim Cruz

                                                   QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS
                                                   FOR PARTICIPANTS AND PARENTS:                           Q: Who is eligible to participate in this

                  I   n today’s society, our
                  juveniles face many              Q: What is the Juvenile Diversion Program?
                                                                                                           A: To be eligible for the program, the
                  difficulties and pressures                                                                  juvenile must meet the following
                  associated with growing up.
                                                   A: The District Attorney has the power to
                  Some juveniles find                                                                             1. The juvenile must have no prior
themselves in court due to minor errors in
                                                      prosecute or not prosecute offenses.                           record
judgment.                                             In appropriate circumstances this power is used
                                                                                                                  2. The crime must be a non-violent
                                                      to take eligible juveniles out of Court and divert             offense
    I feel that these juveniles deserve a chance      them to a program of community service and to
                                                                                                                  3. The juvenile must illustrate a
to learn a valuable lesson from their mistake.        make restitution to persons injured as a result                willingness to attempt a positive
They need to pay their fair debt to the victim        of the juvenile’s offense.                                     change
or the public, and earn a chance to be spared a
criminal record. That is why this program is so
important.                                                                                                 Q: What happens if the juvenile gets into
                                                   Q: How does the Juvenile Diversion Program work?           more court trouble while in the program?
   The Juvenile Diversion Program was created
and implemented by former District Attorney        A: The parent and juvenile meet with the juvenile       A: The program is terminated, and the
William C. O’Malley. It was designed to               diversion officer to design a diversion plan            juvenile would be arraigned on both the
provide a second chance to deserving juvenile                                                                 pending offense as well as the new
                                                      that will best address the juvenile’s needs, the
                                                      victim’s needs and the community’s needs.               offense.
   Since the program’s inception, it has been         This might involve counseling, community
shown that the overwhelming majority of the           service work, and/or restitution. The juvenile
juveniles that have successfully completed the                                                             Q: What does the program entail?
                                                      must sign a contract that specifically outlines
program have learned valuable lessons of              his or her obligations. Once the juvenile has
personal and community responsibility. They                                                                A: The diversion officer assigns an amount
                                                      satisfactorily completed the Diversion Plan, the
never again had any problems with the law.                                                                    of community service hours. The
                                                      case is dismissed prior to arraignment. Once            juvenile is still responsible to pay any
   My office shall continue our commitment to         this process is completed, the juvenile’s record        restitution owed to the victim of the
help these juveniles who have made mistakes,          remains clear and his/her obligation to the             offense. The purpose of the community
and to prosecute those who present a danger           court and this office is ended.                         service hours is to hold the juvenile
to society.                                                                                                   accountable for their offense outside the
                                                           Plymouth County District Attorney
                                                                 Timothy J. Cruz
DISTRICT ATTORNEY                                          Juvenile Diversion Program

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