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									                               Open                                                    November 2005
                                                                                       Vol. 19 No. 2

            Serving New York’s State/Local Government and Corporate IT Leadership

NY Observes National Cyber
Security Awareness Month
Webcast Draws Wide National Participation

           ongress approved the reso-    rity Awareness Conference which           titled Cyber Smart in Cyber Space
           lution introduced by New      focused on how to keep children safe      geared toward the 4th and 5th grade
           York Representative Sher-     while using the Internet. The event       age levels in which actors performed
wood Boehlert , Chairman of the          featured an opening keynote address       a cyber security-related skit and chil-
House Science Committee and de-          by Governor Pataki followed by            dren were allowed to interact. The
clared October as National Cyber         workshops for parents, educators, leg-    play used content from CyberSmart,
Security Awareness Month. With           islators and law enforcement officials.   an organization dedicated to teaching
that, the National Cyber Security Al-    Workshop content focused on:              secure, responsible and effective
liance (NCSA, a not-for-profit group     •   Increasing awareness about            Internet and computer use. The play
composed of government agencies              cyber security threats and risks      was a fun and interactive way for
and technology firms) stimulated a           to children;                          children to learn more about cyber
wide range of state and local events.                                              security and how to be careful in us-
Congressional action may have been       •   Educating the community about         ing computers and the Internet.
fostered by several recent studies           protecting information;                  Continued - back cover
(Gartner, Pew, et al) that have con-     •   Examining issues, problems,
cluded that e-commerce in particular,        threats, solutions, best practices
and Internet use in general, suffer          and lessons learned in the relevant
from the constant news of identity           cyber security fields; and
theft, security breaches, and
                                         •   Providing participants with prac-
criminalization of the Web. TechWeb
reported on October 7th that 30 states       tical information that can be ap-      CTG’s XML Testbed Project
signed similar proclamations.                plied directly to their specific       Part Two ............................. 3
                                             cyber security environment.
  In New York, Governor George                                                      National Webcast Planned
Pataki was instrumental in the plan-       In addition to the conference, a na-     for December ...................... 5
ning of several events conducted on      tional webcast entitled Protecting
October 19th and 20th. Central among     Our Children on the Internet was           Project Management
those was the all day Cyber Secu-        offered and consisted of a play en-        Upcoming Events ................ 5
  On behalf of all of those at
the state and local levels of                                                       Executive Committee
government involved in the
management of New York                                                                        Officers
State’s information, The NYS                                                     Chair, Celia Hamblin, Dept. of Labor
Forum wishes to express                                                     Vice-Chair, Leigh Favitta, Dormitory Authority
                                                                                   Sec./Treas., Diane Taylor, OSC
sincere gratitude for the
leadership provided by James                                                                  Members
Dillon over the last four years.                                                         James Bell, NYS Senate
                                    Jim Dillion, NYS CIO, accepting                       Walter Bikowitz, OGS
  Through the CIO Council          the 2003 Award for Excellence in                JoAnn P. Bomeisl, Insurance Dept.
created by Jim Dillon, New         Government Information Services.           Vivian Conboy, Dept. of Taxation & Finance
                                                                                              Terri Daly, OFT
York’s IT leadership and staff
                                                                                           Sharon Dawes, CTG
have been very much involved                                                            Michael Donovan, OCIO
in the forging of new                                                                    Thomas Duffy, OCSCIC
                                                                                    Stanley France, Schoharie County
initiatives aligned with the NYS IT Strategic Plan.                                  Robert Freeman, Dept. of State
  The NYS Forum, its committees and membership have enjoyed a                            Jeffrey S. Grunfeld, OSC
                                                                                    Christine Haile, SUNY at Albany
close working relationship with Jim and the CIO Council Committees                   Roman Hedges, NYS Assembly
as, together, we’ve pursued the realization of the state’s plan. That                       Karl Kelly, DMNA
                                                                                          Robert G. Kelly, DHCR
plan and the enterprise level initiatives launched under Jim’s leadership           Kim S. McKinney, NYSLGITDA
represent bold steps for New York State that will benefit all of us for                    Janice Morris, DOT
some time to come.                                                                      Nancy Mulholland, WCB
                                                                                            Gene Pezdek, DEC
  Every year The Forum recognizes an individual whose work has                     Joanne Riddett, Thruway Authority
                                                                                  Franklin Slade, Dept. of Civil Service
definitively contributed to the overall improvement of government
                                                                                         Timothy Spencer, DOB
information services in New York State. In recent years public sector                      Victor Stucchi, HESC
IT has become far more complex requiring integration across state-
level agencies and with the local level. Moreover, government IT
operations have become a likely target of external threats requiring a                          Staff
much higher degree of coordination and creative leadership. In                                  Editor
today’s fiscal environment, all of these challenges become even more            Gregory M. Benson, Executive Director

difficult. All that is to say that The Forum’s Annual Award for
                                                                                       Design & Production
Excellence in Government Information Services has taken on new                  Rebecca J. Buchner, Executive Assistant
meaning in this complex and dynamic environment we operate in.
Achieving “excellence in government information services,” as judged
                                                                                           Milena Ivanova,
by one’s peers, is no small accomplishment.                                             Technical Coordinator
  In 2003, Jim Dillon was presented with the Award for Excellence in
Government Information Services for his creation of the CIO Council
                                                                                         Editorial Office
and draft of the State’s first Strategic Plan.
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2                                                                                      The New York State Forum
 CTG’s XML Testbed Project
 Part Two
  This article is part two of a three-part series, in which CTG has committed to keep Forum members up to
date on the progress of its XML Testbed project. In last month’s issue, Derek Werthmuller, director of technol-
ogy services at CTG, provided Open Forum with an interview to give members a better understanding of
XML and its advantages, and how it became central to this new Testbed project at CTG.

Project Overview                             The first phase
                                           concludes on Janu-
                                           ary 25, 2006 with for-
  In partnership with the Governor’s
                                           mal presentations by
Office of Employee Relations
                                           the agency teams of
(GOER) and the Office of the Chief
                                           their XML-based
Information Officer (CIO), CTG is
                                           Web site prototypes
working with five New York state
                                           and business cases.
agencies to examine the benefits as
                                           The participating
well as the challenges of using XML
                                           agencies will detail
technology for Web site management.
                                           the organizational and
CTG developed a Testbed model to
                                           policy strategies de-
provide the agency teams with a
                                           veloped by their team
unique collaborative environment in
                                           for implementing a
which to learn and explore the impli-
                                           new Web site man-
cations of XML as a Web manage-
                                           agement approach. CTG will also dis-
ment framework. The Testbed struc-
                                           cuss the sharable library of XML tech-    Project Status
ture allows the agency teams to ob-
                                           nical resources that it is developing
tain technical training, work toward                                                   The Testbed project began with a
                                           as part of the project. More logistics
agency-defined practical goals, and                                                  kick-off meeting in July, 2005 for the
                                           about this presentation will be in the
experiment with new work processes                                                   five selected agencies to discuss their
                                           December Open Forum , along
in a safe setting. At the same time, it                                              proposed projects. The five agencies
                                           with on-line registration information.
gives CTG the research opportunity                                                   are NYS Department of Civil Service,
to examine the impact this new                In the second phase of the Testbed
                                                                                     NYS Division of Housing and Com-
framework may have on each orga-           project, CTG will work to produce a
                                                                                     munity Renewal, NYS Higher Edu-
nization.                                  set of practical guidelines and case
                                                                                     cation Services Corporation, NYS
                                           studies that draw on the experiences
   The Testbed is structured in two                                                  Office of Cultural Education, and
                                           of Testbed participants. These prod-
phases. In the first phase, the five                                                 NYS Office for the Prevention of
                                           ucts will provide lessons learned and
agencies participate in hands-on work-                                               Domestic Violence.
                                           best practices that will guide others
shops, training, organizational analy-                                                 Over the course of the summer,
                                           working to improve the management,
sis, and business development activi-                                                each agency team took part in three
                                           performance, and value of their Web
ties. In addition, during this phase CTG                                             types of training. The first was a two-
                                           sites using XML. It is anticipated that
is collecting data through multiple re-                                              day Building a Business Case: Mak-
                                           these guides will be available some-
search methods such as semi-struc-                                                   ing Smart IT Choices training, which
                                           time in late spring of 2006.
tured interviews, surveys, and analy-                                                furnished the groundwork for one of
sis of relevant documents.                                                           the Testbed deliverables – creating a

Open Forum                                                                                                                3
           CTG’s XML Testbed Project Part Two

business case. As part of this train-      skills will be crucial in helping them to   ing us to improve our skills in analy-
ing, participants were given hands-on      measure the performance and suc-            sis, public speaking, project manage-
experience working with various ana-       cesses of their projects.                   ment and communication.”
lytical tools to assist them in collect-     In conjunction with the training, the       At this point in time, the Testbed
ing and examining data within their        agency teams have also actively en-         participants have started to transition
own agencies to craft their business       gaged in hands-on workshops where           from ‘learning’ to ‘doing.’ Each of the
cases.                                     they have the opportunity to discuss        project teams have successfully com-
  In the second training, each Testbed     their progress, receive feedback, and       pleted the ‘training’ portion of the
participant attended a one-day Intro-      advance their work in both large and        Testbed process and are now work-
duction to XML/XSL. This training          small group settings. At each work-         ing to apply these skills to their actual
provided the participants with a work-     shop, participants also hear from a         prototypes. Some teams have started
ing knowledge of XML, an under-            variety of expert presenters from dif-      to develop XML style sheets, while
standing of how to structure an XML        ferent state agencies and industry.         other teams have actively investigated
document for the prototype, and in-        The topic areas covered by speakers         various programming techniques and
struction on using XML style sheets        to date include organizational change,      domain specific XML schemas and
                                           project management techniques to            standards. In addition, the teams have
                                                                                       created and refined project goals,
Each of the project teams have successfully                                            Stakeholder Analyses, Work Break-
                                                                                       down Structures (WBS), and Task
completed the ‘training’ portion of the Testbed
                                                                                       Plans for their prototypes and busi-
process and are now working to apply these                                             ness cases. They are now using the
skills to their actual prototypes.                                                     WBS and task plans to guide them in
                                                                                       completing their work.
                                                                                         At this halfway point in the Testbed,
for presenting their XML content.          help mitigate risk and overcome bar-        the agencies are gaining a fuller un-
Participants also had the option to at-    riers, XML in a Microsoft environ-          derstanding of how XML will make a
tend an Advanced XML/XSL one-day           ment, Information Architecture, as          difference in their workload. At a re-
training class designed for the more       well as how individual agency and           cent workshop, one participant re-
experienced coder. Each training gave      private sector organizations have suc-      marked, “The thing about XML trans-
the participants the chance to work
directly on their own content and pro-
totype within a lab environment.             In addition, the teams have created and refined
   The third training focused on the              project goals, Stakeholder Analyses, Work
complex skills needed to manage a               Breakdown Structures (WBS), and Task Plans
Web development project. This train-                 for their prototypes and business cases.
ing went through the fundamental
steps for breaking down their indi-
vidual prototype projects into manage-     cessfully implemented XML architec-         formation – if you do it once, and you
able phases with goals, milestones, and    ture for content management.                get it right, you are done, and that’s
objectives. In addition, the agency           Ongoing external support is also         exciting!”
teams participated in a panel discus-      provided by CTG staff through meet-            In the December Open Forum,
sion with Brenda Breslin, PMP (NYS         ings or phone conversations with in-        we will talk about how the teams are
Office for Technology), Mike               dividual teams or sub-teams to ad-          progressing toward their final goals,
Donovan (NYS Office of the CIO),           dress specific questions or issues en-      and some of the preliminary lessons
Nancy Mulholland, PMP (NYS                 countered while working on their pro-       CTG staff are beginning to draw from
Workers’ Compensation Board), and          totypes or business cases. Comment-         the experiences of the Testbed par-
Diana Pinto, PMP (NYS Thruway              ing on the breadth of the Testbed ac-       ticipants. For additional details on the
Authority) on how project manage-          tivities, one participant said, “CTG is     project, please visit CTG’s Web site
ment practices can help mitigate the       not just working with us to investigate     at: http://www.ctg.albany.edu/
risk associated with IT innovations.       the use of XML as a Web manage-             projects/xmltb.
As each team moves forward, these          ment framework, they are also help-

4                                                                                            The New York State Forum
National Webcast Planned for December
    What cyber security concerns           a huge success! For those who have             The National Webcast Initiative is
    should we be aware of around the       not viewed it, the session consisted        a collaborative effort between gov-
    holiday season?                        of a play entitled, Cyber Smart in          ernment and the private sector to help
    How can we protect our private         Cyber Space, geared toward 4th and          strengthen our Nation’s cyber readi-
    information while doing online         5th grade age levels. The archived          ness and resilience. Vendor sponsors
    shopping?                              webcast will be available soon at:          offer their services at no cost to gov-
                                           www.cscic.state.ny.us/msisac/               ernment, to help develop and deliver
    How can I prepare a new com-           index.html. Prior webcasts have had         the webcasts. The National Webcast
    puter that I receive as a gift?        international audiences totaling in the     Initiative was launched in June, 2004,
    How can I ensure my kids don’t         thousands and the number of view-           with the first session – Cyber Secu-
    create online mischief while they      ers continues to grow.                      rity: The Three Things You Should
    are home for the holidays?               The US Department of Homeland             Have Done Yesterday and The
    What were the biggest lessons          Security, through its Computer Emer-        Three Things You Should Do Today,
    learned in 2005 with regard to         gency Readiness Team (US-CERT)              conducted on June 22. The webcasts
    cyber security?                        and the Multi-State Information Shar-       are designed to provide participants
                                           ing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC)           with quality information in an interac-
  Those are just some of the topics                                                    tive format so that the attendees re-
that will be addressed at the Decem-       have launched a joint partnership to
                                           develop a series of national webcasts       ceive timely and practical advice that
ber 15th Cyber Security Webcast.                                                       can be applied immediately.
                                           which will examine critical and timely
  As mentioned in the lead article of
                                           cyber security issues. Embracing the          This initiative is coordinated by the
this issue of Open Forum, the Oc-
                                           concept that security is everyone’s         NYS Office of Cyber Security and
tober 20th National Webcast initiative
                                           responsibility, these webcasts are          Critical Infrastructure Coordination
session, held in conjunction with New
                                           available to a broad audience to help       and the New York State Forum’s Se-
York’s First Annual Cyber Security
                                           raise awareness and knowledge lev-          curity Committee. Registration in-
Awareness Conference, Protecting
                                           els.                                        formation will be coming soon.
Our Children On The Internet, was

Project Management Upcoming Events
  November 16 – The State of                 December 7 – Project Portfolio               January, 2006 – The New Busi-
Project Management – Highlights            Management (PPM): Supporting                ness Case Template – This session
will include: Introduction of Project      the PPM from the Staff (PMO)                will focus on developing an effective
Management into Organizations;             Level – Following up on the CIO             Business Case for a project and how
Growth of the Importance of Project        Council event, a panel of PMO rep-          it relates to the Annual Technology
Management; The Acceptance of              resentatives from various agencies          Plan process as well as how a Busi-
Project Management in Information          will discuss supporting the PPM pro-        ness Case should be used to ensure
Technology; The Escalating Demand          cess, facilitating the organizational de-   early identification of intergovernmen-
for Project Management PMP’s; Re-          cision-making for project selection,        tal impact on projects.
sults of PMI’s Thought Leadership          publishing project metrics used in
Research; The Relevance of Project         managing the portfolio, using the ap-
Management Certification; and The          propriate tools and identifying syner-        Bookmark The Forum’s online
Future Acceptance of Project Man-          gies with the Annual Technology Plan          Calendar at: www.nysforum.org
                                                                                         and visit us often for a complete
agement.                                   process.
                                                                                         listing of committee meetings and
  Pre-registration for this event is re-                                                 special events.
quired at www.nysforum.org.

Open Forum                                                                                                                   5
                   411 State Street
                   Albany, NY 12203

          NY Observes National Cyber Security Awareness Month - from page 1
  The CyberSmart curriculum (avail-           D & D Consulting                           NYS Police
able at: www.cybersmartcurriculum.      the Jenna Foundation for Non-              NYS Division of Criminal
org/curr_over/) covers: how cyber-             Violence, Inc.                        Justice Services
space works; not sharing private in-
formation; keeping passwords safe;           University at Albany                        NYS Lottery
feeling comfortable communicating in     NYS Education Department               South Colonie School District.
cyberspace; what junk mail and vi-
ruses are; and cyber manners/eti-
  Over 80 New York school districts
were active participants in this
webcast and children from over 38
states also participated. In all, the
webcast reached 5,437 participants.
  The NYS Forum was involved with
these Cyber Security Month events
and worked in conjunction with the
NYS Office of Cyber Security and
Critical Infrastructure Coordination.
   None of the events could have been
held without the generous contribu-
tions of time and resources by:         Learning how to be Cyber Smart in Cyber Space.

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