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                                                                                                               April 2007
  D E PA R T M E N T O F F I R E S E R V I C E S • S T O W, M A S S A C H U S E T T S

                                                                             Department of Fire Services

                                                                   Building Project
                                                                           to Begin
                                                                                     in April, 2007

DFS Building Project                 Record Low                                      Turning Over in the Grave
T h e DFS building project is        Fire Deaths in ‘06                              by Ronnie J Coleman
f i n a l ly underway this spring…   Mas s a c h u s e t t s h a s e x p e r i -     Reprinted for Sprinkler Age
                                     enc e d r e c o r d l o w f i r e d e a t h s   Magazine, July 2006…
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                                     thre e y e a r s i n a r o w …                                     …Page 10
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Featured Articles
From the Fire Marshal ...................................................... 1                          About the
DFS Building Project to Begin April 2007 ......................... 1                                    All Hands
State Fire Marshal Announces 2006 Record                                                                Herald
Low Number of Civilian Fire Deaths ................................. 3

                                                                                                               he All Hands
                                                                                                               Herald is pub-
London Fire Commissioner, Sir Ken Knight                                                                       lished quarterly by
Discusses Terrorism with Public Safety Officials .............. 5                                        the Department of Fire
                                                                                                        Services in January,
Turning Over in the Grave .............................................. 13                             April, July and October.
                                                                                                        The newsletter is meant
Nicole’s Law Working ..................................................... 16                           to incorporate the tradi-
                                                                                                        tional fire service mean-
Federal Grants to Massachusetts Fire Departments ...... 17                                              ing- all hands working to
                                                                                                        extinguish the fire. In the
Fire Investigation Unit .................................................... 4                          case of our newsletter,
                                                                                                        all hands includes the
  Fire in Sprinklered Georgetown Apartments........................................... 4                DFS staff providing each
  Avon Fire Caused by Juvenile ................................................................ 4       of you with information,
                                                                                                        training and assistance
  Arrest Made in Plum Island Arson .......................................................... 4         in dealing with the fire
                                                                                                        service issues which
CPSC................................................................................ 6                  confront all levels of the
                                                                                                        fire service.
Massachusetts Firefighting Academy .......................... 8
  2007 Senior Fire Officer Forum Schedule .............................................. 8               We hope that you enjoy
                                                                                                        our new look and feel
  MFA Firefighters Graduate Call/Vol. Firefighter Training Program ......... 8                            and we encourage you to
  Recruit Firefighters Graduate State Firefighting Academy .... Back cover                                let us know how you like
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  New Fire Chiefs’ Orientation .................................................. Back cover            and what we can do to
                                                                                                        make it even more useful
Code Compliance & Enforcement................................. 9                                        to you – our dedicated
  Office of the State Fire Marshal Advisories ............................................ 9             fire service members
                                                                                                        and customers. If you
  Aware of a Potentially Dangerous Product? – Report it! ..................... 12                       have suggestions, ideas,
                                                                                                        questions or want to
MFIRS Corner................................................................ 15                         make a contribution to
  MFIRS Coding Tips .............................................................................. 15   the All Hands Herald,
                                                                                                        contact Jennifer Mieth at
Plans Review Desk ....................................................... 16                            978-567- 3381 or Donna
                                                                                                        Nelson at 978-567-3149.
  Pre-Fab Plans Not Always Complete ................................................... 16              Jennifer.Mieth@state.
                                                                                                        ma.us or Donna.
Public Education .......................................................... 20                          Nelson@dfs.state.ma.us
  S.A.F.E. Funding Restored ................................................................... 20
                                                                                                        Sue Peltier and Barry
  12th Year of the Student Awareness of Fire                                                            Hyvarinen are the tal-
  Education (S.A.F.E.) Program (2006-2007) .......................................... 20                ented contributing pho-
                                                                                                        tographers; Judy O’Brien
Licensing Exams .......................................................... 21                           is the keen-eyed copy
  Status Report of Compliance and Enforcement Actions....................... 21                         editor; and Jeff Harris
                                                                                                        is the graphic artist who
                                                                                                        pulls it all together. u
About the Cover: This is a drawing by DiMella Shaffer, the architects for the new                                            MASS.

  DFS facility, of the main entrance to the new DFS administration building and                                  DE
                                                                                                                       T M E NT

                                                                                                                             S E RV I C E S

  annex area. The annex area, which will connect the administration building to the
  current DFS main building, will include the cafeteria, the entrance to a new hear-

  ings room, expanded meeting space and a connecting hallway to the crib room                                       .    o



  and new fire house. A smaller drawing of the main entrance and the entire project,
  from both a ground level and overhead view, may be found on page 2 .
All                                                                                                             DFS Building
                                                                                                                Project to Begin
                                                                                                                April 2007

                                                                                                                      he long awaited Depart-
D E PA R T M E N T O F F I R E S E R V I C E S • S T O W, M A S S A C H U S E T T S
                                                                                                                      ment of Fire Services
                                                                                                                      (DFS) building project is
From the Fire Marshal                                                                                           scheduled to commence in April
                                                                                                                2007 with the installation of a
                                                                                                                new 10-inch water main from
                                                                      facility maintenance vehicles and         the Sudbury Water District. Site
                                                                      equipment. The new warehouse and          work and the start of the new
                                                                      storage building will replace the 22      DFS warehouse will shortly fol-
                                                                      Conex boxes now used for on-site          low in April and May 2007.
                                                                      storage. One of the features of the
                                                                      new complex is that it will be consid-    The facility expansion project
                                                                      ered a “green” building with several      will consist of the renovation
                                                                      environmentally friendly components       and expansion of inadequate
                                                                      especially its innovative use of water    and substandard space at
                                                                      and solar energy. Construction is ex-     the DFS headquarters, lo-
                                                                      pected to be completed in late 2009.      cated in Stow, MA. This work
                                          Photo by: Barry Hyvarinen

                                                                      There are more details in an article      is needed to meet the growing
                                                                      elsewhere in the All Hands Herald.        administrative and program-
                                                                                                                matic space needs of DFS, the
                                                                      2006 3rd Consecutive Year                 Commonwealth’s fire protection
                                                                      of Record Low Fire Deaths                 agency, and the training space
                                                                                                                needed by the Massachusetts
                                                                      2006 was the third consecutive year       Firefighting Academy (MFA),
                                                                      of record low fire deaths in the Com-      which DFS oversees.
New Administration                                                    monwealth. In 2006, preliminary fig-
Leadership                                                            ures of the Massachusetts Fire In-        The project includes a new,
                                                                      cident Reporting System (MFIRS)           two-story administration build-
I would like to welcome the new                                       show there were 42 civilian fire           ing, approximately 39,000 sq.
team at the Executive Office of                                        deaths shattering the previous re-        ft., for DFS administrative staff
Public Safety Secretary Kevin Burke,                                  cord low of 52 deaths in 2004 and         as well as for public hearings
Undersecretary of Law Enforcement                                     2005. There was only a single child       and meetings. Currently, the
and Fire Services Kurt Schwartz and                                   fire death in the entire year. The         majority of DFS administra-
Undersecretary of Homeland Se-                                        average number of child fire deaths        tive staff is now housed in nine
curity Juliette Kayyem. It has been                                   has dropped nearly two-thirds, 63%,       wooden, modular buildings.
a smooth transition and a pleasure                                    since the start of the S.A.F.E. Pro-      The expansion also includes a
working with them on the issues of                                    gram in the fall of 1995. Consistent,     fire station and vehicle main-
concern to the fire service and the                                    comprehensive classroom based fire         tenance facility, approximately
communities we protect.                                               education is certainly a contributing     18,921 sq. ft. that will house
                                                                      factor since it is the one thing we are   DFS emergency response
DFS Building Project                                                  doing for this age group that we are      vehicles as well training and
                                                                      not doing for all other age groups.       facility maintenance vehicles
The Department of Fire Services’                                                                                and equipment. The new ware-
building project will finally get under-                               S.A.F.E. Funding Restored                 house and storage building,
way this spring, resolving infrastruc-                                                                          approximately 11,600 sq. ft.,
ture problems such as water, and                                      Governor Patrick and Secretary            will replace the 22 Conex boxes
replacing decaying temporary build-                                   Burke have restored the FY ’07            now used for on-site storage.
ings that have outlived their useful                                  funds for the Student Awareness of
lives. The capital project includes                                   Fire Education or S.A.F.E. Program        The project will also renovate
a new, two-story administration                                       cut by former Governor Romney.            the existing 36,740 sq. ft. MFA
building for DFS administrative and                                   The Executive Office of Public             building in order to accommo-
program staff as well as for public                                   Safety is working on preparing a          date training needs, including
hearings and meetings. The renova-                                                                              the addition of adequate locker
tion also includes a fire station and                                                     Continued on Page 2    space for storing training gear
vehicle maintenance facility that will                                                                          and equipment. In addition, a
house DFS emergency response                                                                                    “link” building, approximately
vehicles as well as training and
                                                                                                                              Continued on Page 2
 Marshal                                 DFS Building Project
                                         Continued from Page 1
 Continued from Page 1
                                         8,173 sq. ft., will connect the current    construction. There are currently four
 grant application process and ap-
                                         MFA building, the new administra-          construction phases to the project
 plications should be in fire chiefs’
                                         tion building and the new firehouse.        after initial ground-breaking in April
 hands by the time this newsletter
                                         This “link” will include conference        2007. These phases are:
 reaches them.
                                         and meeting space, a cafeteria with
                                         a kitchen, and a gear area with            Phase 1
 Staff Changes                           instructor facilities to support on-site
                                         MFA training.                              April thru Sept. 2007
 At this time, the Mass. Fire Train-
                                                                                    Facility-wide site work and construc-
 ing Council and the Department of
                                         The final design will emphasize a           tion of the new storage and ware-
 Fire Services are in the middle of
                                         sustainable and environmentally            house building and parking areas.
 interviewing candidates for the po-
                                         sound approach, including innova-          Projected completion: September
 sition of Mass. Firefighting Acad-
                                         tive water use while meeting all lo-       2007.
 emy Director. Laurent McDonald
                                         cal, state and federal environmental
 resigned in December 2006. We
                                         regulations. A minimum LEED gold           Phase 2
 thank him for his service and wish
                                         rating is expected for the project.
 him well. In the interim, Kevin Par-
                                         (The Leadership in Energy and              Sept. 2007 thru May 2008
 tridge, our Director of Emergency
                                         Environmental Design, or LEED,             Site work, construction and comple-
 Response and Homeland Secu-
                                         Green Building Rating System™ is           tion of administration building by
 rity, is also serving as the Director
                                         the nationally accepted benchmark          May 2008.
 of the Mass. Firefighting Academy.
                                         for the design, construction, and
                                         operation of high performance green        Phase 3
 Juvenile Firesetting                    buildings.)
                                                                                    May 2008 thru Feb. 2009
                                         The project is being designed by           Site work, construction and comple-
 DFS is pleased to be partnering
                                         DiMella Shaffer Associates, a Bos-         tion of the new fire house and “Crib
 with the Brandon, an adolescent
                                         ton-based architectural firm selected       Room” by Feb. 2009.
 residential treatment center, and
                                         by the State Design Selection Board,
 the Mass. Association of Fire and
                                         and will be built in phases by Consi-      Phase 4
 Safety Educators (MA SAFE) to
                                         gli Construction of Milford, MA. The
 co-sponsor the May 11 Northeast
                                         design and construction are be-            Feb. thru Oct. 2009
 Juvenile Firesetting Conference:
                                         ing overseen by the Department of          Construction of the “link” building
 Pathways to Collaboration and
                                         Capital Asset Management (DCAM)            with completion by August 2009 and
 Intervention. Juvenile firesetting
                                         in accordance with state construc-         re-modeling of the MFA building for
 continues to be a serious problem
                                         tion regulations.                          completion by Oct. 2009. u
 in Massachusetts that requires a
 multi-disciplinary approach. While
                                         It is projected that the existing DFS
 this conference will have some-
                                         facility will remain in operation during
 thing for everyone who interacts
 with these children, it will have
 special emphasis on developing
 and training mental health provid-
 ers. u

                               An official ground breaking
                         ceremony is anticipated in late spring 2007

2 • Department of Fire Services
State Fire Marshal Announces
2006 Record Low Number of Civilian Fire Deaths

       tate Fire Marshal Stephen D.          Boston, Worcester &                                        Commonwealth
       Coan said “Massachusetts              Springfield Together                                        Making Progress
       has experienced a record              Had Only 5 Deaths                                          Against Fire Deaths
low number of fire deaths for the
third year in a row.”                                                                                                                 State Fire Marshal
He added, “In 2006,                                                                                                                   Stephen Coan said,
preliminary figures of                           Civilian Fire Deaths by Year                                                          “Although one death or
the Massachusetts                                                                                                                     injury is one too many,
Fire Incident Reporting     90                                                                                                        we are making strides
System (MFIRS) show         80                                                                                                        in reducing the vulner-
there were 42 civilian      70                                                                                                        ability of Massachusetts
fire deaths shattering            65        59                             62       61
                                                                    59                                                                residents being killed or
the previous record low     60                                                           52                                           injured in a fire.” Marshal
                                                     53                                                52
of 52 deaths in 2004        50                                                                                                        Coan added, “Our relent-
and 2005.”                                                                                                           42               less goal is to reduce
                                                                                                                                      the deaths, injuries and
Smoking Once                                                                                                                          damage fires do in the
Again Remains               20                                                                                                        Commonwealth and to
the #1 Cause                10                                                                                                        send each and every
of Fire Deaths               0                                                                                                        firefighter home safely at
                                                                                                                                      the end of their shift.”
Coan said, “Preliminary


















analysis shows that                                                                                                                   Fire Deaths Well
smoking is once again                                                                                                                 Below 5- and 10-
the leading cause of                                                                                                                  Year Averages
fatal fires and fire deaths in Massa-          The three largest cities in the Com-
chusetts. We expect this will change         monwealth; Boston, Worcester and                           The forty-two (42) deaths are well
when the sale of only fire-safe               Springfield, had only five fire-related                       below both the 10-year average of
cigarettes are introduced into Mas-          deaths combined. Boston had two,                           58 fire deaths (1997 – 2006) and
sachusetts beginning in January of           Worcester had one and Springfield                           the 5-year average of 54 fire deaths
2008. We anticipate more record low          had two fire-related deaths in 2006.                        (2002 – 2006).
numbers of fire deaths in the years
to come.”                                    No Fire-Related
                                                                                                                     Civilian Fire Deaths by Year
                                             Firefighter Deaths
42 Fire Deaths -                                                                             90

Only One Child                               There were no fire-related fire-                  80

                                             fighter deaths in 2006.
Of the 42 fire deaths in Massachu-                                                            70    65
setts last year, 26 were men, 15             Smoke Detectors                                 60

were women and one was a child.              & Escape Plans                                                  59                            59                                                 54

Coan said, “We are not aware of              Save Lives                                      50                        53
                                                                                                                                                                         52        52
ever having such a low number of                                                             40

children die in fires in the Common-          Coan said, “Working smoke



















wealth.”                                     alarms save lives. “Early detec-                     5-yr Avg '97-'01          5-yr Avg '02-'06          10-yr Avg '97-'06        # of Fire Deaths

                                             tion of even the smallest fire
Thirty-three (33) people died in 28          gives occupants time to safely
structure fires. Six (6) people died          exit the building and notify the local                     Massachusetts Fire
in six motor vehicle fires. Three (3)         fire department while waiting for the                       Incident Reporting System
people died in three outside and             professionals who have the proper
other fires. In 2006, there were 6.6          tools and training to effectively man-                     Fire death statistics are based on
fire deaths per 1 million residents in        age the situation. He added, “Smoke                        available records going back to
Massachusetts, down from 8.2 fire             detectors are just the first step in                        World War II and data from the Mas-
deaths per 1 million population in           the process. It’s important to hold                        sachusetts Fire Incident Reporting
2005 and 2004.                               fire drills at home so once a detec-                        System (1982-2006). Fire depart-
                                             tor sounds, everyone will know how                         ments are required to report all fires
                                             to get safely outside to the meeting                       and explosions with a dollar loss or
                                             place.”                                                    human casualty to the Mass. Fire In-
                                                                                                        cident Reporting System (MFIRS). u

                                                                                                                             Department of Fire Services • 3
FIRE INVESTIGATION UNIT                                                           Children Playing With
                                                                                  Fire Caused 176 Fires,
 Fire in Sprinklered                                                              2 Civilian Deaths & $1.6
 Georgetown Apartments                                                            Million in 2005
                                                                                  In 2005, fire departments reported

        tate Fire Marshal Stephen D.     of the members of the Georgetown         to the Massachusetts Fire Incident
        Coan and Georgetown Fire         Fire Department and to thank the         Reporting System that children
        Chief Michael Anderson an-       many neighboring fire departments         playing with matches, lighters and
 nounced on January 5, 2007 that         who provided mutual aid.” He added,      other heat sources caused 176
 their investigative team has deter-     “I have been amazed by the great         reported fires, two civilian deaths,
 mined the January 3, 2007 fire at        community spirit shown by the out-       15 civilian injuries, eight fire
 the Longview Apartments in George-      pouring of help for the fire victims.”    service injuries and an estimated
 town started on a third floor balcony.                                            dollar loss of nearly $1.6 million.
 The investigators have concluded        State Fire Marshal Coan said, “Code      The average dollar loss per fire
 that the fire was unintentional and      compliance officers in the Office of       was $8,952.
 have ruled out most accidental          the State Fire Marshal are continu-
 ignition sources but are unable to      ing to work with the Georgetown          Parents and Caregivers
 eliminate the improper disposal of      Fire Department to see if there are      Must Protect Children
 smoking materials as a cause.           any lessons to be learned in order to    from Themselves
                                         prevent a similar occurrence either
 The fire at 7 Patriot Lane, George-      in this complex or elsewhere in the      Parents and caregivers must take
 town was jointly investigated by        Commonwealth.” He added, “It is im-      steps to protect their children from
 members of the Georgetown Fire          portant to understand why there was      the dangers of fire.
 Department, Georgetown Police           this much damage in a sprinklered
 Department and State Police as-         building.”                                • Make sure that all match-
 signed to the Office of the State Fire                                               es and lighters are stored
 Marshal’s North Team.                   The Code Compliance and Enforce-            out of children's reach.
                                         ment Unit and Fire Protection Engi-
 Chief Anderson said, “I am grateful     neers continue to investigate code-       • If you need a lighter, buy one that
 that no one was injured in this fire.    related issues.                             is child resistant. Since, 1994, all
 I would like acknowledge the efforts                                                disposable butane lighters and
                                                                                     most novelty-lighters must be
                                                                                     able to resist the efforts of 85%
 Avon Fire Caused by Juvenile                                                        of children under 5 who tried to
                                                                                     operate them in a specified test.
 State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan      this behavior.”                             Some are easier to use than oth-
 and Avon Fire Chief Robert Spurr                                                    ers. If one brand is cumbersome,
 announced that their joint investiga-   Chief Spurr said, “We will be working       switch to another. Do not dis-
 tion into the February 7, 2007 resi-    to enroll the juvenile into the Nor-        able the child-resistant feature.
 dential fire at 112 West Spring Street   folk Firewall Partnership, a juvenile     • Supervise young children at all
 was caused by juvenile firesetting.      firesetting intervention program             times. Teach children the safe
                                         managed by the Norfolk District             uses of fire, such as birthday
 State Fire Marshal Coan said, “Juve-    Attorney’s Office.” He added, “When          candles and barbecuing. When a
 nile firesetting is an all too common    children have an inappropriate rela-        child is old enough, let him or her
 problem in the state and the country.   tionship with fire, adults must listen       light the candles while you watch.
 We know that juveniles will continue    when children are telling us they           It is only safe for children to use
 to set fires until and unless they       need help.”                                 fire when adults are present.
 receive appropriate intervention with                                             • If your child seems overly curious
                                                                                     about fire or has set a fire, call
 Arrest Made in Plum Island Arson                                                    your local fire department and
                                                                                     ask if they have a juvenile fireset-
                                                                                     ters intervention program. Don’t
 State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan,     The fire was jointly investigated by         assume the child will ‘grow out of
 Newbury Fire Chief Wallace Ziehler      State Police fire investigators in the       it.’ Juvenile firesetting is danger-
 and Newbury Police Chief Michael        Office of the State Fire Marshal’s           ous and must be addressed.
 Reilly announced that Jackie Wayne      North Team and officials from the
                                                                                   • Smoking parents should
 Hutson, age 47, has been charged        Newbury Fire and Newbury Police
                                                                                     keep their lighter on their
 with setting fire to 10 and 12 Old       Departments. The investigation
                                                                                     person at all times, not on
 Point Road on Plum Island on Feb-       revealed that fire at 10 Old Point
                                                                                     the table or in a purse. u
 ruary 1, 2007.
                                                            Continued on Page 5

 4 • Department of Fire Services
London Fire Commissioner, Sir Ken Knight
Discusses Terrorism with Public Safety Officials

      ublic Safety Secretary                                                                      bombings, a series of coordi-
      Kevin M. Burke and                                                                          nated bomb blasts that struck
      State Fire Marshal                                                                          London’s system during the
Stephen D. Coan hosted a                                                                          morning rush hour. At 8:50
presentation by London Fire                                                                       a.m., three bombs exploded
Commissioner, Sir Ken Knight,                                                                     within 50 seconds of each
on Monday, February 26,                                                                           other on three London Under-
2007 at the Devens Common                                                                         ground trains. A fourth bomb
Center, 31 Andrews Parkway,                                                                       exploded on a bus nearly an
Devens, MA to members of                                                                          hour later at 9:47 a.m. in Ta-
the public safety community.                                                                      vistock Square. The bombings
                                                                                                  killed 52 commuters and the
Sir Ken Knight is head of the                                                                     four suicide bombers, as well
London Fire and Emergency                                                                         as causing a severe, day-long
Planning Authority, respon-                                                                       disruption of the city’s trans-
sible for the Capital’s Fire and                                                                  port and mobile telecommuni-
Rescue Service, the London                                                                        cations infrastructure. London
Fire Brigade. He discussed                                                                        fire, emergency medical
how the threat of terrorism af-                                                                   service, law enforcement and
fects the London Fire Brigade                                                                     many other agencies re-
and public safety agencies                                                                        sponded. The response of the
throughout the city of London,                                                                    many different agencies and
incident management prin-                                                                         the “lessons learned” were
ciples utilizing a multi-agency                                                                   discussed. u
response and how responders
deal with incident stress. Sir
Knight also briefed attendees
on the July 7, 2005 London         Sir Ken Knight                    Photo: London Fire Brigade

USFA Releases Clothes Dryer Fire Report                                                    Continued from Page 5

January 31, 2007                                                                           Road was intentionally set near a
                                                                                           wood stove on the first floor. Two

       MMITSBURG, MD. – The U.S.            Residential Buildings, was devel-              firefighters were injured when they
       Fire Administration (USFA)           oped by the USFA’s National Fire               fell through the floor near the area
       announced the release of a           Data Center as part of its Topical             of origin. The building was under-
report today regarding residential          Fire Research Series and is based              going renovations at the time and
building clothes dryer fires. Between        on data from the National Fire Inci-           was not occupied. Investigators
the years 2002-2004, an annual              dent Reporting System (NFIRS) for              also determined that the fire at 12
average of 12,700 clothes dryer fires        2002-2004. The report examines the             Old Point Road was intentionally
occurred in residential buildings.          characteristics of clothes dryer fires          set in a corner of the basement.
These fires were responsible for an          and provides recommendations for               The fire displaced three people,
estimated 15 civilian fire deaths, 300       clothes dryer fire safety.                      including Mr. Hutson. Damage to
civilian fire injuries, and $88 million                                                     the two buildings is estimated at
in property loss each year.                 A copy of the topical report can be            $600,000.
                                            downloaded from: http://www.usfa.
In residential buildings, operational       dhs.gov/statistics/reports/                    Shortly after the fire Hutson was
deficiency, including “failure to                                                           arrested for disorderly conduct,
clean”, is the leading factor contrib-      The Department of Fire Services has            assault and battery on a police of-
uting to clothes dryer fires, followed       a FireFactors on Dryer Fire Safety. It         ficer and injuring a firefighter. After
by mechanical malfunction and               is a one-page, two-sided educational           the conclusion of the cause and
electrical failure. Approximately 62%       flyer that can be downloaded from               origin investigation, Hutson was
of clothes dryer fires are confined to        www. Mass.gov/dfs click on Fire                charged with one count of burning
the object of fire origin while about        Prevention, Public Education, Fire             a dwelling, one count of burning a
27% are confined to the room of              Safety Topics. Master paper copies             building and two counts of causing
origin.                                     can be obtained by calling the Public          injury to a firefighter. u
                                            Education Unit at (978) 567-3380.u
The report, Clothes Dryer Fires in

                                                                                                   Department of Fire Services • 5
CPSC                                                       1/25/07 ........................................ 07-089   CHRISTMAS LIGHTS

                                                           “Erie Boiler Boss” Operating                              12/14/06 ...................................... 07-055
       he following are excerpts from
                                                           & Reset Controls
       press releases issued by the                                                                                  Hobby Lobby Christmas Light Sets
       U.S. Consumer Products Safety                        TAC LLC
                                                                                                                      Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.
 Commission (CPSC) regarding products                        These boiler controls can fail, causing
                                                             water temperatures to rise to the high limit              The lights have undersized wires which
 recalled for fire or burn hazards.
                                                             causing scalds from unexpectedly hot                      can separate from the plugs &/or light
 Consumers should immediately stop
                                                             water during use.                                         sockets, posing a shock & fire hazard.
 using any of these products and contact
 the U.S. Consumer Products Safety                         http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/                       http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/
 Commission or the manufacturer for                        prhtml07/07089.html                                       prhtml07/07055.html
 instructions on how to proceed. The
 web address is: www.cpsc.gov
                                                           11/21/06 ....................................... 07-038
                                                           Gourd Candles
                                                            Pottery Barn
                                                             The candles can have excessive flame
                                                             height & could fail to self-extinguish when
                                                             burn down posing a fire & burn hazard.

                                                                                                                     CIRCUIT BREAKERS
                                                                                                                     11/16/06 ....................................... 07-036
 BATTERIES                                                                                                           Counterfeit “Square D” Circuit Breakers
 12/14/06 ...................................... 07-056                                                               Scott Electric Co., Inc.
 Batteries in Clarion N.I.C.E. P200                                                                                    The circuit breakers are counterfeit and
 Navigation & Entertainment Systems                                                                                    may not trip when they are overloaded,
                                                                                                                       posing a fire hazard.
  Clarion Corporation of America
   The lithium-ion batteries in these units
   can melt or overheat posing burn & fire                                                                            prhtml07/07036.html
 http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/                                                                                 CURLING IRONS
                                                           1/25/07 ........................................ 07-090   2/7/07 .......................................... 07-097
                                                           Tea Lights Sold with Votive
                                                                                                                     Curling Irons
                                                           Candle Holders
 2/13/07 ........................................ 07-101                                                              Conair Corp.
                                                            Sally Foster, Inc
                                                                                                                       The handle of the curling iron can come
 Battery Packs for Toy Vehicles                              The tea light candles have a clear, plastic
                                                                                                                       apart, exposing its line cord, posing a
  JAKKS Pacific Inc.                                          shell that can melt or ignite posing a fire or
                                                                                                                       shock or electrocution hazard.
                                                             burn hazard.
   The lithium-ion batteries used to charge                                                                          http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/
   the toy vehicles can ignite posing a fire                http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/
   hazard.                                                 prhtml07/07090.html
 prhtml07/07101.html                                       1/30/07 ........................................ 07-092   CUT-OUT TOOLS
                                                           Old Williamsburg Mason Jar
                                                           Candles (sizes 3.5-5 oz.)                                 12/21/06 ...................................... 07-067
 BOILERS                                                    Old Williamsburg Candle Corp.
                                                                                                                     DEWALT Model DW660 Cut-Out Tools

 12/19/06 ...................................... 07-063      The wick can move from the center of                     DEWALT Industrial Tool Co.
                                                             the jar to the side causing the glass to                  The cord wire in these units could be
 Bermuda BSI & Cayman CWI Series
                                                             overheat and possibly crack or shatter.                   damaged internally, posing a shock hazard.
 Gas Boilers Crown Boiler Co.
                                                             Exposure to broken glass & molten wax
   The boilers can generate excessive levels                                                                         http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/
                                                             poses laceration & burn hazards.
   of carbon monoxide in the flue gases,                                                                              prhtml07/07067.html
   posing a risk of CO poisoning.                          http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/
                                                                                                                                                 Continued on Page 7

 6 • Department of Fire Services
CPSC Recalls & Releases
Continued from Page 6

                                                             with an immersion protection plug to                     RECIPROCATING SAW
                                                             prevent electrocution if the hair dryer
                                                             falls into water, posing a shock &/or an                 12/21/06 ...................................... 07-068
                                                             electrocution hazard.
                                                                                                                      DEWALT DS305 Model
                                                           http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/                        Reciprocating Saws
                                                           prhtml07/07087.html                                         DEWALT Industrial Tool Co.
                                                                                                                        The switch on these saws can short circuit
                                                           LAMPS                                                        posing a fire hazard.
                                                           11/16/06 ....................................... 07-037    prhtml07/07068.html
                                                           Taylor Desk Lamp
                                                            Environmental Lighting Concepts Inc.
                                                                                                                      SAFETY SWITCHES
                                                             The fiberglass sheath intended to protect
                                                             the electrical cord can become misaligned                12/1/06 ........................................ 07-062
                                                             and poses a shock hazard.
DISHWASHERS                                                                                                           General Duty Safety Switches
                                                                                                                       Square D Co.
2/1/07 .......................................... 07-094   prhtml07/07037.html
                                                                                                                        The safety switch can continue to supply
Maytag & Jenn-Air Brand Dishwashers
                                                                                                                        electricity even after being placed in
 Maytag Corp.                                                                                                           the “OFF” position, posing the risk of an
  Liquid rinse-aid can leak from its dispenser                                                                          electric shock or electrocution hazard.
  & come into contact with the internal wiring                                                                        http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/
  which can short-circuit & ignite posing a
  fire hazard.
prhtml07/07094.html                                                                                                   SEPTIC PUMPS
                                                                                                                      2/14/07 ........................................ 07-104
FANS                                                                                                                  Zoeller Brand Septic Pumps
                                                                                                                       Zoeller Pump Co.
1/24/07 ........................................ 07-086
                                                                                                                        The plug on the pumps could have a
Oscillating Tower Fans
                                                                                                                        grounding problem that could pose an
 The Holmes Group                                                                                                       electrical shock hazard.
  Electrical arcing in the fan’s wiring can                                                                           http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/
                                                           1/31/07 ........................................ 07-093
  cause a fire hazard.
                                                           Electric Oil Lamps
prhtml07/07086.html                                         Hong Teng Trading (USA) Inc.
                                                             The power cord is not polarized & is                     SPACE HEATERS
                                                             undersized & is not correctly secured
GENERATORS                                                   & there is no strain relief on the switch                1/5/07 .......................................... 07-076
                                                             housing. The switch housing in not flame-                 Oscillating Ceramic Heaters
1/4/07 .......................................... 07-072     retardant. All these pose shock & fire
                                                             hazards.                                                  Family Dollar Stores
DEWALT DG2900 Portable Generators
                                                                                                                        The heaters can overheat & smoke, posing
 DEWALT Industrial Tool Co.
                                                           http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/                          a fire hazard.
  A ground fault circuit interruptor (GFCI)
  installed on the generator could fail to
  operate properly, posing a risk of electric
  shock.                                                   POOL HEATERS
http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/                        1/4/07 .......................................... 07-073   TOYS
prhtml07/07072.html                                        MiniMaz NT STD Gas Pool Heaters
                                                                                                                      2/6/07 .......................................... 07-096
                                                            Water Pool & Spa Inc.
                                                                                                                      Easy-Bake Ovens
HAIR DRYERS                                                  These pool heaters can emit excessive
                                                                                                                       Hasbro, Inc.
                                                             carbon monoxide posing a risk of CO
1/24/07 ........................................ 07-087      poisoning in the event of a vent leak in an                Young children can insert their hands into
                                                             indoor installation.                                       the oven’s opening & get their hands or
Travel ‘N Baby Mini Hair Dryers
                                                                                                                        fingers caught, posing a burn hazard.
 Detour Corp. d/b/a Version-X
                                                           prhtml07/07073.html                                        http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/
  These electric hair dryers are not equipped
                                                                                                                      prhtml07/07096.html u

                                                                                                                                  Department of Fire Services • 7
                                      MFA Firefighters Graduate Call/
   2007 Senior                        Volunteer Firefighter Training Program
   Fire Officer
   Forum Schedule
                                             tate Fire Marshal Stephen            enced firefighters. Students learn all
                                             D. Coan and Massachusetts            the basic skills they need to respond
                                             Firefighting Academy Deputy           to fires and to contain and control

         his year the Department      Director Richard Farrar presented           them. They are also given training in
         of Fire Services is proud    certificates of completion to mem-           public fire education, incident com-
         to again present the         bers of the Call/Volunteer Firefighter       mand, hazardous material incident
   Senior Fire Office Forum, an        Training class #14 in a graduation          mitigation, flammable liquids, self-
   educational series to develop      ceremony at 7:30 p.m. on March 1,           contained breathing apparatus,
   leadership and command skills      2007. The recruit graduation took           stress management, water rescue
   in the fire service. The Senior     place at the Mahaiwe Theatre, 14            procedures, confined space rescue
   Fire Offices Forum includes six     Castle Street, Great Barrington, MA.        techniques, and rappelling. The in-
   seminars for senior fire officials                                               tensive program includes classroom
   presented by nationally known      The Call/Volunteer Firefighter Train-        instruction, physical fitness train-
   experts starting November          ing program is unique in that it deliv-     ing, firefighter skills training and live
   2006 and running through May       ers a standard recruit training cur-        firefighting practice. Graduates have
   2007.                              riculum, meeting national standards,        completed over 180 hours of training
                                      on nights and weekends to accom-            on nights and weekends.
   Time: All of the forums will be    modate the schedule of firefighters in
   held from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m ex-      suburban and rural areas. Bringing          Basic Firefighter Skills
   cept March 31, 2007, which will    the training closer to the firefighters
   be held from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.       often means more firefighters can             Students receive classroom train-
                                      participate. This program was held          ing in all basic firefighter skills. They
   Fee: All of the seminars require   at the Great Barrington Fire Depart-        practice first under non-fire condi-
   pre-registration and for some, a   ment. The Fire Chiefs’ Association          tions and then during controlled fire
   fee will be charged for lunch.     of Massachusetts persuaded the              conditions. To graduate, students
                                      Legislature to financially support this      must demonstrate proficiency in life
   Locations and Directions:          innovative delivery of off-site training.   safety, search and rescue, ladder
   Most of the seminars will be                                                   operations, water supply, pump
   held at the Devens Common          The twenty-two graduates; twenty            operation, and fire attack. Fire at-
   Center, 31 Andrews Parkway,        men and two women, repre-                   tack operations range from mailbox
   Devens, Massachusetts. Direc-      sent the ten fire departments                fires to multiple-floor or multiple
   tions, may be found at www.        of: Alford, Cheshire, Egremont,             room structural fires. Upon success-
   DevensCommonCenter.com             Great Barrington, Monterey, New             ful completion of the Call/Volunteer
                                      Marlborough, Richmond, Sheffield,            Firefighter Training program these
   Registration Required:             Tyringham, and Wilbraham.                   firefighters are now be eligible to
   Register online at www.mass.                                                   take an examination for certification
   gov/dfs/mfa or fax a MFA regis-    In this Massachusetts Firefighting           to the level of Firefighter I or II by the
   tration form to (978) 567- 3229    Academy program, they learn all             Massachusetts Fire Training Council.
                                      these skills and more from certified         u
   There is one more exciting pre-    fire instructors who are also experi-
   sentation as part of this year’s

   Thurs., May 10, 2007
   10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m

   Empowering Your People:
   Leadership For
                                                                                                                              Photo by Barry Hyvarinen

   Today’s Fire Service
   Speaker: Chief Cecil V. “Buddy”
   Martinette, Lynchburg, VA
   Location: Devens Common
   Center Buffet Lunch Cost:
   $16.00 (pre-registration re-
   quired) u
                                      CALL/VOL FF Class #14 Graduates

 8 • Department of Fire Services
 Office of the State Fire Marshal Advisories

        ffice of the State Fire Marshal     violation, be sure to provide a writ-    527 CMR 31.04(1) (d)
        Advisories are sent by mail        ten document indicating such viola-
        and email to fire chiefs. They      tion (a 148A non-criminal citation or    Alternative compliance deadline for
 are also posted on the DFS web-           notice of violation).                    certain installations:
 site www.mass.gov/dfs and look for
 OSFM Advisories under Fire Preven-        The Code Compliance and Enforce-         Any owner who intends to meet the
 tion and News.                            ment Unit is available to assist the     requirements of 527 CMR 31.04 by
                                           heads of fire departments on a 24         installing either: (1) ac (alternating
 If you have any questions please          hour/7 day a week basis by contact-      current) primary power source with
 contact our Technical Services Unit       ing the State Operations Center at       battery back up or wired, low volt-
 at 978-567-3375 or in Western MA          MEMA at 508-820-2000.                    age, carbon monoxide alarm protec-
 413-587-3181.                                                                      tion or (2) an Alternative Compliance
                                           January 5, 2007                          Option of 527 CMR 31.04 (1)(c),
 January 5, 2007                           527 CMR 31 – Carbon                      shall not be required to complete
 Places of Assembly                        Monoxide (CO) Alarms                     such installation until 1-1-07 if said
                                                                                    owner provides written notification
 As we approach another anniver-           There appears to be some confusion       of such intent to the head of the fire
 sary of The Station nightclub fire,        on the deadlines regarding compli-       department by 5-15-06. The sub-
 a recent overcrowding situation in        ance with 527 CMR 31. I am, there-       mission of such notification shall
 Massachusetts at a nightclub called       fore, sending out this short piece of    be deemed to be the consent by
 Emi Safari (as detailed in a recent All   information to assist you.               the owner to the future inspection
 Hands Herald), once again rein-                                                    of the subject building by the head
 forces the importance of effective        527 CMR 31 Reminder to All Fire          of the fire department to determine
 code enforcement in places of public      Departments:                             compliance. Installation of carbon
 assembly and the new enhanced             Please share this with your fire pre-     monoxide alarm protection pursu-
 penalties for violations as a result of   vention officers who are working to       ant to 527 CMR 31.04(1)(d) may
 dangerous conditions within places        implement the CO regulations.            be allowed notwithstanding the late
 of assembly.                                                                       filing of the written notification, only
                                           The Legislature has extended the         upon the approval of the head of
 Three new sections of state law           deadline for Commonwealth and            the fire department who may require
 passed as part of the comprehen-          public housing authority owned oc-       temporary carbon monoxide alarm
 sive Fire Safety Act after The Station    cupancies and those occupancies          protection pending the completion of
 nightclub fire, that provide significant    where the Board of Fire Prevention       installation.
 criminal penalties for individuals who    Regulations has mandated hard-
 violate the state’s fire laws. Please      wired installations, (at its September   All other residential properties
 consider taking a few minutes dur-        2006 meeting) to January 1, 2008.        should already have installed CO
 ing your next assembly inspection                                                  alarm as of March 31, 2006.
 to discuss and review these new           Many building owners and some fire
 enhanced penalties with the ap-           prevention officials may be confused      January 5, 2007
 propriate owner and manager. Also,        and think that this legislative exten-   Special Effects in
 consider leaving a copy with the          sion also applies to those residential   School Productions
 owner/manager. These new laws are         occupancies that were mandated to
 applicable to all places of assembly,     meet the March 31, 2006 deadline         It has come to our attention that
 as identified in 780 CMR, the State        but chose to take advantage of the       some schools are using special
 Building Code (A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4         alternative compliance hardwire op-      effects as part of school theatre pro-
 and A-5).                                 tion.                                    ductions. We suggest that you meet
                                                                                    with your public and private school
 For your assistance in completing         Those residential occupancies that       officials to review the state laws re-
 inspections of these establishments,      requested an extension pursuant          garding the use of special effects in
 we are also attaching a sample            to CMR 31.04 (1)(d) to install hard-     school plays and at special events.
 checklist. While this checklist does      wired CO detectors (or other alter-      We have recently received inquiries
 not cover every possible scenario, it     native compliance option) and who        about the use of flash paper and
 can also be used as a tool to guide       have applied to local fire department     flash powder. This is a reminder
 the local inspector as the checklist      prior to 5-15-06, must still have the    that the use of flash paper and flash
 has identified fire code sections for       detectors installed by January 1,        powder is prohibited by law, unless
 each suggested area of inspection.        2007 as required by law.
 As a reminder, if you find a code                                                                     Continued on Page 10

                                                                                            Department of Fire Services • 9
OSFM Advisories
Continued from Page 9

under the direct supervision of a         storage tanks that have not been        later than August 2007. Thereafter,
person holding a current Certificate       inspected since December 1998 be        states must inspect these facilities
of Competency for Special Effects.        inspected by August 2007. In many       at least once every three years. The
                                          cases, compliance officers will need     Environmental Protection Agency
After the West Warwick, RI fire,           assistance with tank documentation      (EPA) may grant an additional
Chapter 304 of the Acts of 2004 cre-      from fire departments.                   year to complete the first three-
ated an enhanced criminal penalty                                                 year inspection cycle. A number of
now in effect as M.G.L. 148 Section       Underground Storage Tank                states, including Massachusetts are
34A, prohibiting the use of pyrotech-     Provisions of the Federal               considering requiring tank owners
nics without a properly issued per-       Energy Act of 2005                      and operators to hire third party
mit. This statute, in part states: that                                           inspectors to complete the tri-annual
any owner, occupant, lessee or other      On August 8, 2005, President Bush       inspections.
person having control or supervision      signed into law the Energy Policy Act
of any assembly use building, and         of 2005. Title XV, Subtitle B of this   Operator Training
who causes or permits a dangerous         Act is entitled Underground Storage     States receiving EPA funding must
condition to exist on the premise         Tank Compliance Act of 2005. This       develop state specific requirements
at anytime shall be punished by           law significantly impacts federal and    for the training of three separate
a fine of not more than $5,000 or          state underground storage tank pro-     classes of operator IE: owner,
by imprisonment in the house of           grams and will require major chang-     manager, and employee. All of
correction for not more than 2-1/2        es to the programs. These changes       these employees will be required to
years or both. Specifically, item 4                                                have job specific training related to
of the statute states: the use of any                                             underground storage tanks. Massa-
firework or pyrotechnic devices, as                                                chusetts as well as other states are
defined by the Board of Fire Preven-                                               looking to industry and third parties
tion Regulations without a properly                                               to develop the actual training.
issued permit.
                                                                                  Public Records
Due to the obvious hazards in work-
ing with special effects devices by                                               States receiving EPA funding must
unlicensed individuals, the Office of                                              maintain and update at least annu-
the State Fire Marshal is asking that                                             ally, and make available to the public
you reach out to the schools in your                                              records of regulated underground
community to alert them to the fact                                               storage tanks. EPA will determine
that any type of special effects in                                               the manner and form for the in-
their productions must be conducted                                               formation. The information must
by properly licensed and permitted        will impact both public and private     contain the number, source, and
individuals. School officials should       owners of underground storage tank      causes of underground storage tank
closely review the plans for each         facilities.                             release(s), the record of compli-
production, and notify the fire de-                                                ance and information on equipment
partment to determine permitting          The focus of the Energy Act provi-      failures. Much of this information is
requirements, regardless of quantity      sions is on preventing releases from    already available on the Department
of materials involved.                    underground storage tank systems.       of Fire Services website www.mass.
                                          The public records provisions will      gov/dfs.
February 1, 2007                          require implementation by August
Federal Energy Act of                     2006; others will require implemen-     Fuel Delivery Prohibition
2005 Affects USTs                         tation in subsequent years.             States receiving EPA funding must
                                                                                  develop guidelines to implement
On August 8, 2005, President Bush         The following are some of the most      delivery prohibition to underground
signed into law the Federal Energy        significant provisions.                  storage tanks. The authority to pro-
Act of 2005. This act contains a                                                  hibit delivery already exists in Mas-
number of provisions related to un-       Inspecting Underground Storage          sachusetts General Law Chapter
derground storage tanks.                  Tanks                                   148 § 38G. Additional procedures
                                          States receiving EPA funding (Mas-      for identifying prohibition criteria, and
The attached document provides                                                    owner notification will need to be
                                          sachusetts receives such funding)
highlights of the underground stor-                                               developed. The procedures must be
                                          must conduct on-site inspections of
age tank provisions. Fire depart-                                                 in place no later than August 2007.
                                          all underground storage tank facili-
ments can expect to see increased
                                          ties that have not been inspected
inspection by compliance officers                                                                     Continued on Page 11
                                          since December 22, 1998. These
from this office. The Energy Act
                                          inspections must be conducted no
mandates that all underground

10 • Department of Fire Services
OSFM Advisories
Continued from Page 10

Secondary Containment or Finan-               a minimum list of items that we rec-          Acceptable system operating volt-
cial Responsibility                           ommend be verified prior to issuing            age and amperage ranges shall
All new or replacement tanks, pip-            Permits (FP-290).                             be affixed to the rectifier. System
ing and dispenser systems located                                                           voltage and amperage readings
within 1000 feet of a community               Underground Storage Tank Re-                  shall be recorded every 60 days. If
water supply or drinking water well           quirements:                                   system voltage or amperage read-
must have secondary containment                                                             ings are outside the range deter-
                                              Verify that all leak detection equip-
with interstitial monitoring OR the                                                         mined to be acceptable, a corrosion
                                              ment has been operated and
manufacturer and/or installer of the                                                        expert should evaluate the system.
                                              maintained in accordance with the
tanks, piping, and dispenser sys-                                                           [9.05(H)(5)]
                                              manufacturer’s instructions; includ-
tems must maintain evidence of                ing routine maintenance and service
financial responsibility … “in order                                                         Owners and operators of UST’s
                                              checks for operability. Assure that
to provide for the costs of corrective                                                      must demonstrate financial respon-
                                              the equipment is operational and
action directly related to releases                                                         sibility for taking corrective action
                                              running. [9.05(D)(3)]
caused by improper manufacturer                                                             arising from an accidental release of
or installation.” Many states includ-                                                       petroleum product. [9.07(N)].
                                              If a product line leak detector is used
ing Massachusetts are considering                                                           Note: minimum coverage of
                                              on pressurized piping and includes
the secondary containment option.                                                           $1,000,000 per occurrence is re-
                                              an automatic flow restrictor, auto-
Requirements must be in place no                                                            quired. A valid Certificate of Compli-
                                              matic shutoff device or a continuous
later than February 8, 2007.                                                                ance from the Department of Rev-
                                              alarm system; an annual test of the
                                                                                            enue will be considered as meeting
[Note: Proposed regulations waiting for EPA   operation of the leak detector must
Guidance.]                                                                                  this requirement.
                                              be conducted in accordance with the
Certification of Tank Installers/              manufacturer’s requirements. In ad-
                                                                                            This office recommends Permits
Tank Installations                            dition, one of the following must be
                                                                                            issued under 527 CMR 9.00 expire
All underground storage tank sys-                                                           to coincide with any testing due as
tems will be required to be installed           • an annual test on the piping;             outlined above.
by certified or licensed /certified               • monthly monitoring for va-
people, or be certified by certified/li-            pors in the soil; or                      Also, as a reminder: for self-service
censed individuals. Private certifica-                                                       motor fuel stations, fire suppression
tion services currently exist for tank          • monthly statistical inventory reconcil-   systems must be in compliance and
installers. Massachusetts along with              iation (SIR) analysis. [9.05(G)(8)(b)]    inspected semi-annually in accor-
other states is considering adopting          Steel UST’s, utilizing a sacrificial or        dance with 527 CMR 23.00. If the
this private certification system. Re-         galvanic anode cathodic protection            fire suppression system has not
quirements must be in place no later          system, shall be tested in accor-             been serviced, the station should
than February 8, 2007.                        dance with the following:                     only operate with an attendant
[Note: Proposed regulations waiting for EPA                                                 pumping fuel. This is also an oppor-
                                                • If test results indicate a nega-
Guidance.]                                                                                  tunity to review all the facilities within
                                                  tive voltage of at least –0.90
The Department of Fire Service is                                                           your city/town for compliance with
                                                  volts, the system shall be test-
currently working with the EPA and                                                          MGL 148 section 13 and the require-
                                                  ed at three-year intervals;
stakeholders (UST trade organiza-                                                           ment for land licenses on premises
tions, fire services, Board of Fire              • If test results indicate a nega-          that utilize flammable/combustible
Prevention Regulations) to define                  tive voltage between –0.85                liquids, gases, solids or explosive
the issues, and propose solutions.                to –0.90, the system shall be             materials.
For further information you may con-              tested annually thereafter;
tact Code Compliance & Enforce-                 • If test results indicate a nega-           FIREGROUND
ment Supervisor Dave Beaudin at                   tive voltage of less than –0.85,           REHABI-LITATION
978-567-3711.                                     the system is inadequate and               GUIDELINES
                                                  should be evaluated by a cor-
January 30, 2007                                  rosion expert. [9.05(H)(4)]
M.G.L. c. 148, §13                                                                           COLD WEATHER
                                              Steel UST’s protected by an im-
Annual Filing                                                                                INCIDENTS LASTING
                                              pressed current cathodic protection
                                                                                             30-60 MINUTES:
                                              system, should have the system
Certificate of Registration and                                                                 • Fluid replacement with wa-
                                              tested upon installation and annu-
Underground Storage Tanks                                                                        ter at cool to room tem-
                                              ally thereafter. In addition to annual
                                                                                                 perature (56- 72 Deg. F)
We have received questions regard-            testing, impressed current systems
ing underground storage tank (UST)            shall be inspected every 60 days to              • During air bottle changes,
inspections and permit requirements           ensure the equipment is operating                  have water available for re-
pursuant to 527 CMR 9.00. Below is            as designed.                                       fills - 8 oz./bottle change.
                                                                                                              Continued on Page 12

                                                                                                   Department of Fire Services • 11
 OSFM Advisories                         Aware of a Potentially
 Continued from Page 11                  Dangerous Product? – Report it!

 > 60 MINUTES:                                  ave you seen a consumer              • Issuing and enforcing mandatory
   • During air bottle changes                  product that is potentially            standards; banning consumer prod-
     have water available for re-               dangerous? As emergency                ucts if no feasible standard would
     fills - 8 oz./bottle change.         responders, fire personnel come in             adequately protect the public;
 For companies arriving at rehab         contact with many consumer prod-            • Obtaining the recall of products
 provide the following:                  ucts that might be potentially danger-        or arranging for their repair;
                                         ous. By collecting some information
   • Fluid replacement with water                                                    • Conducting research on po-
                                         and reporting the product, the result-
     and sports drink 50/50 mixture at                                                 tential product hazards;
                                         ing action might include: modification
     cool to room temperature. If us-    of the product at the manufacturing         • Informing and educating con-
     ing powdered drink mix - double     level or a possible recall of the prod-       sumers through the media, state
     the water amount directed.          uct. Through the years, the Depart-           and local governments, private
   • Warm, decaffeinated fluids that      ment of Fire Services (DFS) has               organizations, and by respond-
     are easily digested such as         been assisting in the compilation of          ing to consumer inquiries.
     hot chocolate or soup/broth.        information and then conveying it to        •
                                         the United States Consumer Product        To Report Through DFS
   • Easily digested foods such as
                                         Safety Commission (CPSC) for pos-
     plain sandwiches, stew, fruits,
                                         sible action. On average, DFS pro-        If you would like to report a potential-
     snack bars, plain pizza.
                                         vides local CPSC investigators with       ly dangerous consumer product to
   • Do not include fried foods          approximately 30 incident samples
     or high fat foods. (i.e. do-                                                  the CPSC through the DFS, please
                                         each year. The vast majority of these     compile following information:
     nuts, pastries, burgers)            incident products are initiated by the
   • Do not provide carbonated or        local fire departments.                    Information needed from
     caffeinated drink options.                                                    the local fire department:
   • Fluids should be consumed at        The CPSC is an independent fed-             • Fire Department name.
     a rate of 7-10 oz. for every 20     eral regulatory agency created in
                                         1972 by Congress as a result of the         • Fire Department contact person
     min. of firefighting activity.                                                      name and their contact number.
                                         Consumer Product Safety Act. In the
 REHAB SITE GUIDELINES:                  law, Congress directed the CPSC             • A copy of the fire incident report
   • Rehab area should be warm.          to “protect the public against unrea-         (MFIRS Report), if applicable.
   • Encourage firefighters to re-         sonable risks of injuries and deaths        • Maintain the product as evidence
     move wet clothing and replace       associated with consumer products.”           for possible CPSC collection
     with dry clothing as possible.                                                    and laboratory examination.
 NOTES:                                  The CPSC has jurisdiction over
                                         about 15,000 types of consumer            Information needed from
   • Caffeine ingestion causes de-                                                 the product owner;
     hydration, increases heart rate     products, from automatic-drip cof-
                                         fee makers to toys to lawn mowers.          • Name of the owner of the product
     and blood pressure and may                                                        and their contact information.
     cause irregular heart rate.         Some types of products, however,
                                         are covered by other federal agen-          • Product name, model num-
   • Including sodium in re-hydration    cies; for example, Department of              ber and manufacturer.
     fluids helps prevent hyponatre-
                                         Transportation (DOT) covers motor           • When and where the prod-
     mia from excessive perspiration     vehicles, while the Federal Drug              uct was purchased.
     and repletion with water only.      Administration (FDA) covers foods,
   • Cool to room temperature flu-                                                    • A description of the prob-
                                         drugs and cosmetics.
     ids are more readily absorbed                                                     lem with the product.
     by the body and are easier          The CPSC works to reduce the risk           • Any previous problems that the
     to consume when working.            of injuries and deaths from consum-           consumer had with the product.
   • Concentrated drinks and             er products by:                           Once the previous information has
     foods high in fat are not eas-                                                been collected, please contact Fire
     ily digested. They can result in     • Developing voluntary stan-             Protection Engineer Jacob Nunnem-
     nausea and further dehydra-            dards with industry;                   acher at (978) 567-3377 or Jacob.
     tion as they pull from the body’s                                             Nunnemacher@state.ma.us. u
     fluid stores to process. u

12 • Department of Fire Services
Turning Over in the Grave
By Ronny J. Coleman
Reprinted with permission from Sprinkler Age Magazine, July 2006 and Ronny Coleman.

         ho amongst you has not            a memo. In that memo, the fire mar-          In his book, he makes the following
         heard of the one paragraph        shal was asking for help to solve a         quote:
         statement made by Fire            problem for his local firefighters who
Chief Ed Croker about what it is like      were doing everything they could to         “What very few people know is that
to be a fireman? I have heard it read       stop the development of a sprinkler         Chief Croker almost lost his job when
at graduation ceremonies for rookie        ordinance because some how or               he started taking on the politicians in
firefighters. I have seen it printed         other they felt that it was destroying      the great City of New York, demand-
on the inner pages of programs for         job security.                               ing that some of the more critical
fire chief appointments, and I myself                                                   buildings in town be given sprinkler
have used it as a direct quote in my       Chief Croker must have turned               protection in order for his courageous
book Going for Gold. Ed Croker was         over in his grave when he heard             firefighters to be able to even have
a tough guy. He was a tough fire-           that statement. It had to have been         a fighting chance of doing their job.
fighter. He was among the best of his       disturbing to him for the very simple       In many ways he was successful. In
generation. Here is his quote:             reason that when he was alive, he           many ways he was a failure.
                                           was one of the best firefighters in this
“I have no ambition in this world but                                                  He was successful in that the City
one, and that is to be a fireman. The                                                   of New York for many years did pay
position may, in the eyes of some,                                                     very close attention to fire codes in
appear to be a lowly one; but we                                                       buildings and there were changes
who know the work which a fireman                                                       that resulted in built-in technology be-
has to do believe that his is a noble                                                  ing used more in New York because
calling. There is an adage which                                                       of his efforts. He was a failure in that
says that, ‘Nothing can be destroyed                                                   he wasn’t able to do everything. But
except by fire.’ We strive to preserve                                                  then again who is.”
from destruction the wealth of the
world, which is the product of the                                                     Going back to my comments to the
industry of men, necessary for the                                                     very frustrated fire marshal, I told him
comfort of both the rich and the poor.                                                 that there is nothing he is going to
We are defenders from fires of the                                                      be able to do to change the mind of
art which has beautified the world,                                                     people who do not understand what
the product of the genius of men and                                                   fire protection is all about in the first
the means, of refinement of mankind.                                                    place. You see protecting our com-
                                               Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
But, above all, our proudest endeav-                                                   munity is not about our jobs and us;
or is to save lives of men – the work      country and also one of the strongest       it is about lives and property. When I
of God himself. Under the impulse          advocates of built-in fire protection        entered this business 40 years ago,
of such thoughts, the nobility of the      technology. You see he was spurred          there were fewer firefighters than
occupation thrills us and stimulates       on by the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in       there are on the face of the earth
us to deeds of daring, even at the su-     which hundreds of young women               today. I had actively been involved
preme sacrifice. Such considerations        perished due to a lack of adequate          in the sprinklering of large numbers
may not strike the average mind, but       fire protection devices in place to          of single-family dwellings, apartment
they are sufficient to fill to the limit     prevent them from burning or being          houses, and commercial buildings
our ambition in life and to make use       forced to jump to their deaths. While       and yet, at the same time, I hired
serve the general purpose of human         he was equally capable of pounding          literally hundreds of firefighters and
society.” – Edward Croker, fire chief,      his fist on his desk to obtain resourc-      gave them assignments that dealt
City of New York.                          es to do the job of a fire department,       with responding to the emergency
                                           he was equally fervent in his desire        needs of my communities.
As well we all know, somebody who          to make his community as safe as
had been an active fire chief around        possible.                                   I cannot believe that anybody who
the turn of the century is very unlikely                                               calls themselves a professional in the
to be part of the dialogue today. Yet, I   Croker is not alive today, but his spirit   field of fire protection believes that
have used the very words spoken by         still is in the FDNY. I recently had        eliminating sprinkler systems some-
Chief Croker recently in response to       an opportunity to read a book called        how or another results in job security.
a statement that was given to me by        First In, Last Out by John Salka.           It is actually almost the opposite.
a beleaguered fire marshal.                 Chief Salka is another one of those         Any community that doesn’t see the
                                           born in the USA-type fire chiefs who         wisdom of putting sprinkler systems
In actuality, the fire marshal did not      is not the least bit afraid to take on      in place probably doesn’t understand
contact me directly, but through an        a controversy or conflagration with
intermediary who sent me a copy of         equal enthusiasm.                                              Continued on page 14

                                                                                              Department of Fire Services • 13
Turning Over in the Grave
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the wisdom of why they need a fire           those multiple fatal fires and if you       indication of their ability to be a hero
station in a specific location, nor do       have ever had to remove a person           than the mere act of doing something
they clearly understand what an ef-         who is badly burned but still alive        physical in a spontaneous fashion. I
fective response force is, nor do they      because you couldn’t get there fast        had a conversation once with a friend
have any sense of perspective on the        enough to save them, then you have         of mine who was a bona fide war
training and education needs of their       to understand the balance that this        hero. His comment to me was that
firefighters. In short, any community         is all about. In another column and        heroes in combat are people who got
that would ignore the use of built-in       in several speeches I have told the        very angry and got very lucky at the
fire protection logic is probably going      story of how I got involved in sprin-      same time.
to be immune to dealing with any            kler protection because of the death
logic whatsoever.                           of a 13 year-old girl in a multi-story     So, it is possible for a group of fire-
                                            apartment house at three o’clock one       fighters to show up at a hearing in
I have heard all of these same argu-        morning. I don’t want to repeat the        which you are contemplating sprinkler
ments myself. One of the reasons I          whole story because it is too lengthy,     ordinances. It is also possible that
think these arguments are even made         but it actually boiled down to the fact    they will do things that will distract
is that there is no single philosophy       that as a battalion chief that previous    from the sprinkler ordinance by claim-
or doctrine of loyalty in the fire com-      week I had gone on a huge fire in a         ing that it has some impact on them
munity with respect to our mission.         fiberglass factory that was confined         personally. That argument is intellec-
Whenever decisions in fire protec-           basically to a drum as a result of a       tually bankrupt.
tion boil down to personal preference       major discharge of sprinkler heads.
or worse yet, self-interest, then it is     It was then followed up by this three      If you ask me what I want on the fire
very difficult to argue them. It is just     o’clock in the morning structure fire in    ground, it is the best trained, most
too emotional. In my response to the        which a 13 year-old girl died leaving      highly competent, capable, caring in-
fire marshal, I questioned in my mind        claw marks on the inside of a wall         dividuals who I can get my hands on.
whether anybody who would make              because she could not escape a fire         I believe that they have all the right in
a statement of that nature has never        that came out of her living room.          the world to ask for and seek the ben-
been to a serious fatal fire. Moreover,                                                 efits and the rewards for putting their
I wonder if they have ever been to          Further, in my response to the fire         lives on the line every single solitary
a multi-fatality fire. No one who has        marshal I was reminded that this           day. However, I do not believe that it
ever had that experience is going to        sort of discussion reminds me of the       is appropriate for any person who has
walk away by saying, “Gee, we would         old cliché, “Yes, Virginia, there is a     made that commitment to community
only save more people if we would           Santa Claus.” If someone believes          life and property to denigrate and
have just had ten more guys on duty         in Santa Claus then they understand        disgrace a proven tool in the arsenal
tonight.” It is not that simple. Take a     the spirit and intent of what Christmas    of fire protection.
look at the fires in Rhode Island. Take      is all about. But, if they don’t believe
a look at what happened at the Bev-         in Santa Claus nothing will ever get       Chief Croker, if you are watching this
erly Hills Supper Club. Take a look at      them to understand the impact of           from afar, please understand that the
what happened at the Ponet Square           the concept. I would like to replace       utterances do not drown out the mes-
Fire in Los Angeles.                        it with, “Yes, fire marshal, there is a     sage that you sent 100 years ago. u
                                            fire service after sprinklers.” I believe
I will be the first among you to argue       that and I believe that there is ample
that fact that we need an effective re-     evidence that others believe it.
                                                                                          ABOUT THE AUTHOR:
sponse force on-duty in order to cope
with a wide array of emergencies            In preparing my response to this, I did       Ronny J. Coleman is president
and risk levels that exist in our com-      have a conversation with a couple of          of the Fire and Emergency Tele-
munities. I am not now, not have ever       folks about their perceptions about           vision Network (FETN). He is
been, in favor of reducing staffing          why anybody would feel that way.              the former California State Fire
levels based upon the existence of          It was pointed out to me that some-           Marshal, past president of the
built-in fire protection devices. I have     times people just don’t know what             International Association of Fire
made statements and will continue to        they don’t know. That beleaguered             Chiefs, and currently serves as
make statements that when you are           fire marshal should know that the              chairman of the Board of Trust-
balancing out a fire protection deliv-       statements being made by the uni-             ees for the Commission on Fire
ery system, you need to control your        formed is not necessarily a justifica-         Accreditation, International and
hazards as much as you possibly can         tion for changing his personal phi-           the NFPA Committee on Fire
so that your use of taxpayers money         losophy.                                      Protection in the Motion Picture
is as cost effective as possible. I think                                                 and Television Industry. Cole-
that that is a doctrine that the fire        Those who believe in sprinklers               man was honored by AFSA as
service benefits from.                       should continue to fight the good              1989 recipient of the Henry S.
                                            fight. The courage of a person’s               Parmalee Award.
But if you have even been to one of         conviction is often much more an

14 • Department of Fire Services
 MFIRS Coding Tips
 Springtime Means                          Outside Rubbish Fires                      • 2006 Error Validation Report,
 Brush Fires                               If you have an outside rubbish fire, it       2006 Fires Under Investigation,
                                           should be coded as an Incident Type        • 2006 Structure Fires With In-
 Wildland Fires                            = 150-155. Do not use Incident Type          correct or No Property Use,
 Please remember that even if you          = 118: Confined trash or rubbish fire        • Electrical Fires with No
 are using 3rd party software you have     in a structure.                              Equipment Involved,
 the option of using the Fire Module                                                  • 2006 Civilian Fire Casualty Modules
 instead of the Wildland Module.           Carbon Monoxide                              with Missing Data for Any Fields,
 The Wildland Module is an optional        Although you are not mandated to
 module that may be used for any of                                                   • 2006 Fire Service Casualty Modules
                                           report these incidents to MFIRS, we          with Missing Data for Any Fields.
 the following Incident Types: 140-        strongly encourage you to submit
 143, 160, 170-173, 561, 631 and           these incidents. Many fire depart-          • 2006 Response Time Report. u
 632. If your software program does        ments are already reporting these
 not allow this option please contact      serious incidents and we thank            Response Times
 your vendor and remind them. If you       them for their diligence in helping
 have any problems, have them con-         track this potentially life-threatening   There has been an increase in
 tact me at the number below.              problem. When finishing the Basic          interest in fire department response
                                           Module be sure to complete the De-        times lately. Beginning with the
 In MA we strongly recommend that          tector field to record whether the CO      2006 Year End & Quality Control
 you use the Fire Module for these         detector alerted the occupants. u         Feedback Reports, we are includ-
 types of fires.                                                                      ing a Response Time Report that
                                                                                     will list any of your incidents with a
 Permit Fires and Unauthorized             2006 MFIRS Year End &                     reported response time of 20 min-
 Burning                                   Quality Control Reports                   utes or greater. Most of these errors
                                                                                     are caused by typos, transposing
 If you respond to a permit fire that       We are planning on closing the 2006       numbers, or by not paying attention
 you have to extinguish, code as an        MFIRS reporting cycle by April 30th.      to the date portion of the Arrival Date
 Incident Type = 631: Authorized con-      To accomplish this we need your           & Last Unit Cleared Date. We sug-
 trolled fire or 632: Prescribed fire. If    help in performing quality control on     gest that each fire department also
 the fire expands beyond the focus          your reports as soon as possible.         perform their own quality control on
 of the permit, then use an Incident       During March 2007, we sent out            response times on a locally decided
 Type = 140-143.                           2006 MFIRS Year End and Quality           upon schedule, as these are public
                                           Control Reports to each fire depart-       documents and can be requested by
  • Do not use Cause of Igni-              ment that submitted 2006 data.            anyone.
    tion = 1: Intentional. This            Please check our reports with your
    is reserved for arsons.                in-house statistics and notify us of      Upon researching this issue further,
  • Use either Cause of Ignition =         any changes as soon as possible. If       we have also discovered that some
    2: Unintentional or 4: Act of Na-      you have not submitted any or all of      departments are classifying fire &
    ture depending on the reason           your 2006 incidents, please do so as      blasting details, inspections and
    the fire got out of control.            soon as possible. If you did not have     school visits as MFIRS incidents.
                                           any reportable fires, please have          This practice is incorrect and should
 If you respond to an illegal burning      your chief, sign and date the Certifi-
 use Incident Type = 561: Unauthor-                                                  not be continued. All of these ser-
                                           cate of No Reportable Fires that was      vices, although warranted and highly
 ized burning.                             sent to him or her in January and         valuable to fire departments and the
                                           February.                                 public alike, are usually scheduled
 Mulch Fires
                                                                                     appointments and part of Fire Pre-
 Mulch fires should be coded as Inci-       The statistical feedback reports          vention, not operations. These types
 dent Type = 140: Natural vegetation       include 2006 Incident Submission by       of services should not be tracked on
 fire, other.                               Month and 2006 Fires & Arson Fires        MFIRS as they are not ‘emergency’
                                           by Incident Type.                         type calls that someone has called
 Do not code any fires as Incident                                                    the fire department for immediate
 Type = 100: Fire, other, unless it        The quality control reports include:      assistance. u
 does not fit into any of the other inci-
 dent types between 111 and 173.            • 2006 Incidents Returned to
                                              Department Corrected Forms             Electronic Reporting
                                              Not Received by DFS,                   The email address to send your
                                            • 2006 Incidents Missing the Ar-
                                              son/Juvenile Firesetters Module.                         Continued on Page 16

                                                                                            Department of Fire Services • 15
PLANS REVIEW DESK                                                                   Nicole’s Law
 Pre-Fab Plans Not Always Complete

 P                                                                                  T
        re-fab buildings seem like the     was erected, that the building would          his has been the first winter
        best way to go for a property      require a fire sprinkler system and            heating season since Ni-
        owner looking for open space       fire alarm system based on the use             cole’s Law took effect requir-
 commercial structures. The building       of the building. The owner made an       ing most homes to install carbon
 is cheap and can be put up quickly.       assumption based on the fact that        monoxide alarms by March 31,
 In addition to selling and deliver-       the original building being replaced     2006. Here are some of the stories
 ing pre-assembled major building          had no fire sprinkler system and that     about how effective the law has
 components, the pre-fab company           drawings stamped by a Professional       been in saving lives this year.
 typically supplies the builder with       Engineer, showing just the building,
 stamped plans that can be submit-         were supplied. To complicate mat-        On December 5, 2006, at ap-
 ted to the building department for a      ters, the building was constructed       proximately 9:30 p.m., the Boston
 building permit.                          too close to the property line given     Fire Department responded to
                                           the use of the building and the fact     an emergency carbon monoxide
 So what is wrong? Typically, the          that the metal clad building had no      call in an apartment building. CO
 engineer stamp on pre-fab building        exterior fire-resistance rating.          detectors in multiple apartments
 plans is from a structural engineer                                                were activated. It was determined
 and is intended to be an indication       There are other considerations that      that the CO was coming from
 that a structural engineering analysis    have been overlooked for pre-fab         the residents’ heating units. Five
 has been performed on the building.       buildings: whether or not the build-     residents were transported to the
 The analysis ensures that the build-      ing has compliant means of egress,       hospital for evaluation.
 ing can resist applicable wind, snow,     especially if the pre-fab construction
 and seismic loads. If the town/city       is an addition to an existing build-     On December 5, 2006, the
 assumes that the engineer stamp is        ing; and whether or not the building     Hardwick Fire Department was
 indicating that a Construction Con-       needs special fire safety features        called to a single-family home
 trol review of all building code provi-   associated with High Hazard Use          for a carbon monoxide detector
 sions has been performed, then the        Groups, such as increased ventila-       going off. Someone had pulled a
 town/city could let pass necessary        tion, explosion venting, and flam-        vehicle out of the garage and left
 fire and life safety features.             mable gas detection.                     it running to ‘warm up’ next to the
                                                                                    house. Detectors sounded and the
 In one project that was forwarded to      How to contact an OSFM Fire              occupants called 911. Fire depart-
 the Fire Protection Engineers in the      Protection Engineer: if your juris-      ment personnel metered the home
 Office of the State Fire Marshal for       diction contains, or is south of, the    and their monitoring equipment
 review, a property owner’s builder        Mass Pike - contact Jake Nunnem-         had readings of over 300 ppm.
 obtained a building permit from the       acher at 978-567-3377 or jacob.          All three adult occupants were
 local building department based           nunnemacher@dfs.state.ma.us. For         transported to the hospital for CO
 on the submission of pre-fab build-       jurisdictions north of the Mass Pike     poisoning.
 ing plans stamped by a structural         - contact Dana Haagensen at 978-
 engineer. The property owner did          567-3376 or dana.haagensen@dfs.          On December 26, 2006, at ap-
 not realize, until after the building     state.ma.us. u                           proximately 4:00 p.m., the Holden
                                                                                    Fire Department was called to a
                                                                                    single-family home for multiple
  MFIRS                                                                             carbon monoxide detectors going
  Continued from Page 15                                                            off. The store bought detectors
  electronic MFIRS reports to is: MFIRS.Report@state.ma.us. One or two              were registering approximately
  days after your first submission via email please call Derryl Dion at (978)        30+ ppm. Firefighters evacuated
  567-3382 to confirm its receipt. If you are reporting electronically you           the building, sampled the air inside
  should be sending us your reports on a monthly basis during the first two          with their own detectors and then
  weeks of the following month. Your submission file should be an attached           vented the building with positive
  file to the email, not a part of the email’s text and you should have your         pressure ventilation. All four oc-
  department’s name and the date range of your submission in the subject            cupants of the home, two children
  line. u                                                                           and two adults, were transported
                                                                                    to a local hospital for observation
                                                                                    and treatment.
  Assistance & Getting Information Back
  Please contact Derryl Dion, Research Analyst at (978) 567-3382 or Derryl.         On January 19, 2007, the Brook-
  Dion@state.ma.us with any questions regarding MFIRS or to conduct fire
                                                                                                   Continued on page 18
  data or histories research. u

 16 • Department of Fire Services
Federal Grants to Massachusetts Fire Departments
Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program - FY 2006 Award Recipients
Last Updated: 02/16/2007 -              Department            Grant Category              Award             Round
                                        Ashland FD            Ops & FF Safety             $30,048                 1

      he primary goal of the Assis-     Berlin FD             Ops & FF Safety             $122,925                1
      tance to Firefighters Grants
                                        Dennis FD             Ops & FF Safety             $168,498                1
      (AFG) is to meet the firefighting
and emergency response needs            Hancock FD            Ops & FF Safety             $37,734                 1
of fire departments and nonaffili-
                                        Lexington FD          Ops & FF Safety             $452,576                1
ated emergency medical services
organizations. Since 2001, AFG          North Reading FD      Ops & FF Safety             $128,679                1
has helped firefighters and other
                                        Byfield FD             Ops & FF Safety             $39,407                 1
first responders to obtain critically
needed equipment, protective gear,      Russell FD            Ops & FF Safety             $63,954                 1
emergency vehicles, training, and
                                        Westborough FD        Ops & FF Safety             $141,212                1
other resources needed to protect
the public and emergency personnel      Winchester FD         Ops & FF Safety             $44,712                 1
from fire and related hazards. The
                                        Ashby FD              Ops & FF Safety             $76,056                 3
Office of Grants and Training in the
Department of Homeland Security         Cummington FD         Ops & FF Safety             $14,250                 3
administers the grants in coopera-
                                        Hopedale FD           Ops & FF Safety             $28,842                 3
tion with the U.S. Fire Administra-
tion. For fiscal year 2005, Congress     Southborough FD       Ops & FF Safety             $88,350                 3
reauthorized the Assistance to
                                        Stoneham FD           Ops & FF Safety             $33,120                 3
Firefighters Grants for an additional
5 years through 2010.                   Billerica FD          Ops & FF Safety             $87,115                 4
                                        Hubbardston FD        Ops & FF Safety             $109,107                4
                                        Oxford FD             Ops & FF Safety             $51,490                 4
                                        Norwood FD            Ops & FF Safety             $192,598                5
                                        Onset FD              Ops & FF Safety             $34,474                 5
                                        Lanesborough FD       Ops & FF Safety             $85,595                 6
                                        Canton FD             Ops & FF Safety             $26,406                 7
                                        Medfield FD            Ops & FF Safety             $114,589                7
                                        Rowley FD             Ops & FF Safety             $137,009                7
                                        Turners Falls FD      Ops & FF Safety             $54,378                 8
                                        Easton FD             Ops & FF Safety             $90,990                 9
                                        Halifax FD            Vehicle Acquisition         $285,000                9
                                        Rutland FD            Vehicle Acquisition         $227,050                9
                                        Florida FD            Vehicle Acquisition         $95,000                 9
                                        Bolton FD             Vehicle Acquisition         $186,200               10
                                        West Stockbridge FD   Vehicle Acquisition         $171,000               10
                                        Holliston FD          Ops & FF Safety             $225,096               12
                                        Pelham FD             Ops & FF Safety             $40,850                12
                                        Walpole FD            Ops & FF Safety             $171,245               12
                                        Dover FD              Ops & FF Safety             $42,849                13
                                        Leyden FD             Vehicle Acquisition         $261,250               13
                                        Medway FD             Ops & FF Safety             $72,533                15

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                                                                                    Department of Fire Services • 17
Grants                                                                              Nicole’s Law Working
Continued from Page 17
                                                                                    Continued from page 16
Pittsfield FD               Ops & FF Safety              $313,023               15   line Fire Department was called
                                                                                    to a public housing complex for
Littleton FD               Ops & FF Safety              $65,265                15
                                                                                    a carbon monoxide call. The CO
Northfield FD               Ops & FF Safety              $36,615                15   detector in the unit had activated.
                                                                                    The fire department’s CO meter
Huntington FD              Vehicle Acquisition          $190,000               15
                                                                                    discovered levels up to 24 ppm in
Belmont FD                 Ops & FF Safety              $40,320                16   the apartment. The occupant was
                                                                                    evaluated outside by EMS per-
Boylston FD                Ops & FF Safety              $107,244               16
                                                                                    sonnel. The origin of the CO was
Chicopee FD                Ops & FF Safety              $166,600               16   determined to be the gas stove in
                                                                                    the kitchen. It was subsequently
Millbury FD                Ops & FF Safety              $81,415                16
                                                                                    shut off and the apartment was
Monson FD                  Ops & FF Safety              $86,806                16   ventilated. CO levels dropped to 0
Sunderland FD              Ops & FF Safety              $102,243               16
Wenham FD                  Ops & FF Safety              $89,205                16   At 10:05 a.m. on January 27,
                                                                                    2007, the Merrimac Fire Depart-
Westport FD                Ops & FF Safety              $180,356               17
                                                                                    ment was dispatched to a single-
Hanover FD                 Ops & FF Safety              $48,450                17   family home for a carbon monox-
                                                                                    ide alarm activation. CO levels of
Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response                                    34 ppm were found throughout
Last Updated: 01/26/2007 - www.firegrantsupport.com                                  the home with a high reading of
                                                                                    134 ppm adjacent to the fireplace.
The purpose of the Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response                 Upon arrival an elderly male occu-
(SAFER) grants is to help fire departments increase the number of frontline          pant was complaining of dizziness
firefighters. The goal is for fire departments to increase their staffing and           and light-headedness. He was
deployment capabilities and ultimately attain 24-hour staffing, thus assuring        transported to a local hospital as a
that their communities have adequate protection from fire and fire-related            precautionary measure. The origin
hazards. The SAFER grants support two specific activities: (1) the hiring of         of the CO was hot embers buried
firefighters, and (2) recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters. The          in the ashes of the fireplace. It is
hiring of firefighters activity provides grants to pay for part of the salaries of    believed that these embers were
newly hired firefighters over the 5-year program. SAFER is part of the Assis-         not producing enough heat to
tance to Firefighters Grants and is under the purview of the Office of Grants         carry gases of combustion up the
and Training of the Department of Homeland Security.                                chimney, therefore filling the rest
                                                                                    of the home with CO.
Massachusetts FY ‘06 SAFER Grant Awards
                                                                                    On February 1, 2007, the Waltham
Department                  Award                SAFER Round           Category     Fire Department responded to a
                                                                                    carbon monoxide call in an apart-
Fall River FD              $621,000                     1                  Hiring   ment building with a restaurant on
Littleton FD               $207,000                     2                  Hiring   the first floor. A CO detector in one
                                                                                    of the upstairs apartments activat-
Cheshire FD                $665,962                    13           Recruitment     ed and the occupants called 911.
                                                                                    The fire department forced entry
                                                                                    into a first floor restaurant. The
                                                                                    department’s CO meter had read-
                                                                                    ings of 1,900 ppm. The source
                                                                                    of the CO was a charcoal cooker
                                                                                    that was left burning without any

                                                                                    On February 6, 2007, at 1:07 a.m.,
                                                                                    the Merrimac Fire Department
                                                                                    was dispatched to a two-family
                                                                                    home for a carbon monoxide call.
                                                                                    Upon arrival, firefighters found
                                                                                    that the occupants were still in
                                                                                    the building but had opened up
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18 • Department of Fire Services
          D E P A R T M E N T                                 O F       F I R E         S E R V I C E S

                                                         The Department of Fire Services Special Operations team
                                                     can be activated to Support the Fire Service in the Commonwealth
                                                                    24 hours a day seven days a week.

                                                                 For an immediate response
                          � ����� ��
                                                                   of any of the resources
                        ��   ����
                     ��                                          �   Incident Support Unit


                                                                 �   Rehab Unit

                                                                 �   Incident Support Trailer


                           � � � �� �
                   �� �
                          � �� �����

                                                                 Massachusetts Emergency
                                                                   Management Agency
For further information
           or                                                         (508) 820-2000
for a scheduled event

  Please call the
 Specal Operations                                                    You will be asked for:
     Office at
                                                                 �   The vehicle(s) needed
  (978) 567-3171                                                 �   City or town of the incident
                                                                 �   Contact name and number
                or                                               �   Nature of the incident
             visit the
                                                                 �   Street address
           DFS web site
                                                                     (where the vehicle[s] should respond to)

                                                      Once a response has been activated the requesting agency will
                                                      be contacted with an ETA of the vehicle(s) and directions for the
                                                                    incoming vehicles to the incident.

                                                                                                    Department of Fire Services • 19
PUBLIC EDUCATION                                                                    13th Annual
 S.A.F.E. Funding Restored                                                          Massachusetts Public
                                                                                    Fire and Life Safety

          overnor Patrick and Secre-      DFS to help coordinate the program
          tary Burke have restored the    statewide as there as been every          Education Conference-
          FY ’07 funds for the Student    year since 1995 except last year.         Save the Date!
 Awareness of Fire Education or
                                                                                    The 13th Annual Massachusetts
 S.A.F.E. Program cut by former Gov-      In addition, the S.A.F.E. staff will
                                                                                    Public Fire and Life Safety Edu-
 ernor Romney. The Executive Office        be helping to get the DFS Sprinkler
                                                                                    cation Conference will be held
 of Public Safety is working on pre-      Demonstration Trailer/Fire Safety
                                                                                    September 26-27, 2007 at the
 paring a grant application process       House out and around the state this
                                                                                    Mansfield Holiday Inn. The theme
 and applications should be in fire        spring. If you have a good idea for
                                                                                    of this conference is Building
 chiefs’ hands by the time this news-     an community or public education
                                                                                    Safer Communities. Please save
 letter reaches them. This year there     event it should come to, contact the
                                                                                    the date and ask schools, seniors
 will be a small amount of funds for      Public Education Unit. u
                                                                                    and other community partners to
 Northeast Juvenile Firesetting Conference –                                        do so as well. More information
                                                                                    will be coming this spring. u
 Pathways to Collaboration and Intervention
 The Northeast Juvenile Firesetting       MA. For more information log onto                                    L   ife Safety
 Conference – Pathways to Col-            www.brandonschool.org. This con-                                 and                  Ed

 laboration and Intervention is be-       ference will have workshops for all

                                                                                          achusetts F
 ing sponsored by the Brandon             of the multi-disciplinary partners who
 Residential Treatment Program and        interact with juvenile firesetters but

                                                                                                                                      on Conferen
 co-sponsored by the Department of        will have a special focus on training
 Fire Services(DFS) and the Mas-          for mental health providers. Mental
 sachusetts Association of Fire and       health providers need specialized
 Safety Educators (MA SAFE). It will      training to properly evaluate and

                                                                                      a ss
 be held on Friday, May 11, 2007 at       treat these children and to success-


 The Beechwood Hotel in Worcester,        fully intervene in their behavior. u

 12th Year of the Student
 Awareness of Fire Education
 (S.A.F.E.) Program (2006-2007)
 3 Heroes in FY ‘07                       home. Firefighters credit the girls’      family dog. As he exited his bedroom,
 215 heroes and counting!!!               actions with allowing them to quickly    the smoke alarms had just begun to
 Here are the stories of Young Heroes     confine and contain the fire reduc-        sound and he noticed flames on the
 we know about from the S.A.F.E.          ing the damage to the home and           rear porch outside the kitchen with
 Program this fiscal year.                 for saving the dog. Both girls credit    smoke in the house. He immediately
                                          the Mansfield S.A.F.E. Program for        woke his 2-year old brother Alexan-
 Mansfield                                 teaching them what to do in a fire        der and his 1-year old sister Amber,
 H Lauren Melton and Kelsey Attaya        emergency.                               wrapped them in blankets and led
                                                                                   them safely out of the house. He
 On October 10, 2006 9-year old Lau-      Marlborough                              then woke his parents and advised
 ren Melton and 10-year old Kelsey        H 6-year old Boy                         them that the house was on fire and
 Attaya got off the bus together and                                               insured their exit from the house. As
 heard a strange noise. They quickly      On December 21, 2006 at 10:30            they were leaving, Jared ran upstairs
 realized it was a smoke alarm com-       a.m. a 6-year old boy called 9-1-1 to    to waken his Uncle Jon Barto, his
 ing from a neighbor’s house and          report a medical emergency saving        wife Beth and their two children, 3-
 saw smoke coming from a second           an adult family member’s life. He        year Megan and 8-month old Abigail.
 floor window and noticed there were       had received fire and life safety edu-    Jared’s father was able to extinguish
 no cars in the driveway. They con-       cation from his parents and through      the porch fire with a garden hose
 sciously split up and each called 9-     the S.A.F.E. Program the year before     prior to the fire department’s arrival.
 1-1 from her own house to report the     in Kindergarten.                         Jared received his S.A.F.E. Educa-
 fire. They waited in front of the house                                            tion in the first grade and credits it
 to guide responding firefighters and       Fitchburg                                with teaching him to respond correct-
 alert them that the family dog was       H Jared B. Mc Closkey                    ly to the fire emergency that saved
 possibly trapped inside. The firefight-                                             nine people including himself. u
                                          On November 1, 2006 at 3 a.m. 12-
 ers rescued the dog that stayed with
                                          year old Jared was awakened by the
 the girls until the neighbors came

 20 • Department of Fire Services
 Licenses                                    2007 Exam Schedule

        he Office of the State Fire Mar-      Examination               Deadline Date                   Examination Date
        shal issues licenses to people
        and companies engaged in             Fireworks                 April 30                        May 10
 fireworks, blasting, explosives,             Special Effects           August 6                        August 15
 cannon and mortar firing, special            Blasting                  November 5                      November 15
 effects, special hazard systems and
 portable fire extinguishers. Informa-        Fire Extinguishers        April 9                         April 19
 tion on applications and exam dates                                   July 16                         July 25
 to obtain new licenses or to renew                                    October 22                      October 31
 existing licenses may be obtained
 by calling (978) 567-3700. Examina-
 tions for licenses are held quarterly.
 Filing deadlines, exam locations,         Status Report of Compliance
 dates and times can be found online       and Enforcement Actions
 at: http://www.mass.gov/dfs/osfm/li-
 cense_exams.htm. u                        The following is a status report of        cisions rendered will be documented
                                           recent compliance and enforcement          in this space.
 All licensing exams will be given at      actions taken by the Office of the
 the Department of Fire Services,          State Fire Marshal against individu-       Should there be any question re-
 Stow campus, starting at 9 a.m. Ar-       als or companies for violations of         garding the status of any license or
 rangements may be made to take            MGL Chap. 148 and 527 CMR. The             certificate, please call the Office of
 the scheduled exams on the same           status of the action is provided and       the State Fire Marshal at any time
 dates, at the same times at the           notation is made regarding the effec-      for verification. The Code Compli-
 western Massachusetts office of the        tive date of the action. While other       ance and Enforcement Unit or Tech-
 Department of Fire Services, One          actions may be pending, only those         nical Services can be reached at
 Prince Street, Northampton.               individuals or companies who have          either (978) 567-3300 or in western
                                           had administrative hearings with de-       Mass. (413) 587-3181. u

  Compliance and Enforcement Actions By The Department of Fire Services
    Name                         Action Taken                        Terms                                              Ends

  Explosives User’s Certificate
    National Technical Systems   2 yr. Suspension                    1 yr. to serve, 1 yr. probation                 2/7/2009

  Blasting Certificate of Competency
    Mark F. Siders               Written warning 1/5/2007
    Christopher R. Decot         Written warning 1/6/2007

  Fire Equipment Certificate of Competency
    James Tecce                  Permanent Revocation                Prohibited from ever again holding
                                                                     a business reg. of any kind from DFS

 Nicole’s Law Working
 Continued from Page 18

 several windows for ventilation. Upon entering the home, the department’s
 gas meter immediately registered 70 ppm just inside the front door. All of the
 occupants were evacuated and firefighters donned their SCBA before inves-
 tigating the remainder of the house. Readings of greater than 200 ppm were
 found throughout the structure. The gas company was called to the scene and
 their technicians determined that the source of CO was a blocked furnace vent
 pipe. All fuel-burning appliances were turned off and the occupants were told
 to seek other accommodations until someone could come and fix the problem.
 None of the occupants complained of any signs or symptoms of CO poisoning
 and all declined further medical treatment. u
Recruit Firefighters Graduate State Firefighting Academy

      tate Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan and Massachusetts Firefighting Academy Acting Director Kevin Partridge
      are pleased to announce the graduation of the 175th Class of the Massachusetts Firefighting Academy’s sixty
      day Recruit Firefighting Program on March 30, 2007. Coan said, “This rigorous professional training provides
our newest firefighters with the basic skills to perform their jobs effectively and safely.” The Massachusetts Firefighting
Academy, a division of the Department of Fire Services, offers this program, tuition-free.

Recruit Class #175                                                                                      Photo by Jack Gelinas

70 Graduates From 38 Fire Departments                                              Basic Firefighter Skills

The seventy graduates, four women and 66 men, represent the thirty-eight           Students receive classroom train-
fire departments of: Agawam, Bourne, Bridgewater, Canton, Chelsea,                  ing in all basic firefighter skills. They
Dracut, Everett, Framingham, Franklin, Gardner, Gloucester, Halifax, Holden,       practice first under non-fire condi-
Lancaster, Lynn, Malden, Marblehead, Marlborough, Marshfield, Melrose,              tions and then during controlled fire
Methuen, Middleborough, Natick, Newburyport, Norfolk, Northampton,                 conditions. To graduate, students
Norwell, Plainville, Plymouth, Salem, Shrewsbury, Sudbury, Wakefield, Ware,         must demonstrate proficiency in life
Westfield, Weston, and Yarmouth.                                                    safety, search and rescue, ladder
                                                                                   operations, water supply, pump
                                                                                   operation, and fire attack. Fire attack
                                                                                   operations range from mailbox fires
   New Fire Chiefs’ Orientation                                                    to multiple-floor or multiple room
                                                                                   structural fires. Upon successful
                                                                                   completion of the Recruit Program
   This seminar will be held on:                                                   all students have met national stan-
                                                                                   dards of National Fire Protection
                              April 10, 2007                                       Association 1001 and are certified to
                           from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.                                   the level of Firefighter I and II, and
                                  at the                                           Hazardous Materials First Respond-
                         Devens Conference Center                                  er Operational Level by the Massa-
                               Devens, MA                                          chusetts Fire Training Council. u
   The purpose of this one-day presentation is to provide fire chiefs, who
   are new to their position, an opportunity to learn of the assistance avail-
   able from a number of public and private sector agencies and entities
   with which they will interact. As a participant in this orientation, the fire
   chief will have the opportunity to ask questions of, and receive critical
   contact information from a number of key organizations that serve the
   Massachusetts fire service. In addition, there will be experienced fire
   chiefs present to assist the newer chiefs in making the most of the day
   while expanding their contact network. u

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