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                                                                                            Engineering Client Success
                                                                                            Engineering Client Success
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                                                                                               Engineering Client Success
                                                                                               Engineering Client Success
ARESOURCES radar (GPR) investigation is one of a
   ground penetrating
  INTRODUCTION                                                           COMMITMENT
                                                                          The signal is simultaneously displayed on a color monitor
A ground penetrating radar (GPR) used to obtain one of a
number of geophysical techniques investigation is
 TEC provides lead inspection and non-destructive                          The signal is simultaneously displayed on a color monitor
                                                                           where variations in amplitude
subsurfaceEngineers &library Its X-raythe current
number servicesand information.contains of field
  The TEC corporate the latest ease Fluorescence                         Dust Wipe Analysis
 testing of geophysical techniques used to obtain
  Testing data utilizingConsultants, Inc. (TEC)                            where committed to provide
                                                                           of is variations be color
                                                                         TECthe signal can in amplitude the same quality and
                                                                         TEC headquarters and principal laboratories occupy
subsurfacetechnology for to residential, ofareas quickly by
  editions data it possible specifications published
operation makesand information. Its ease commercial,
  provides of standards and survey larger areas quickly                    enhanced. in data color
                                                                           of the signal can be can also
 (XRF)        engineering consultation and testing                       excellence Thefeet in on which it was Branch
                                                                         50,000 squareservice Troy, Michigan. founded.
                                                                         On-site Clearance Testing
operation makes it possible to MDOT and AWS. In
and more efficiently ASTM, educa t larger
  AASHTO, ACI, than other standard geotechnical                            enhanced. The data can also dust and Detroit,
  services municipal, and educational properties
                                           properties and
 industrial, in the environmental, geotechnicallocated
and more efficiently than other standard geotechnical
                                                                               recorded for in-house
                                                                           beStop cleaning only when
                                                                         offices are located in Ann Arborwipe readings
                         CERCLA and SARA regulations,
  addition, RCRA,southeastPersonnel are experienced
techniques such as gravity surveys, seismic testing,
 throughout southeast Michigan.
 located throughout
techniques such disciplines.
  construction as                   Michigan
electrical resistivity,gravity surveys, seismicThe survey
                                                                         Michigan. for in-houseus to
                                                                           beindicate permissible lead levels in TEC's
                                                                         All personnel actively participatehave been Quality
                                                                           processing. This allows
  EPA protocols and magnetic studies. testing,
                        and            state and national
  in a wide variety of pertinent studies. The survey                       processing. This allows a Total Quality Management
                                                                         Improvement Process; us to
                            magnetic sampling and
electrical resistivity, andinspection,maintained. testing
results and interpretations are especially useful when
  environmentalin the field and laboratory. Results
                      regulations are
                                                                           further enhance subtle
                                                                           further enhance subtle improve service to our
                                                                              Troy designed to
                                                                         approach facility consists allowing accredited clients
                                                                         The Non-destructive testing of several laboratories,
 The XRF allows certified                    to perform
results andwith drilling and technicians applicable on-
  methods used
combined interpretations are especially useful when
                files containwell log information.typically
                                 literature projects to
  Reference testing and laboratory analysis on time
                                                                           differences in subsurface
combinedtesting and analysis keeping
 site lead with drilling and well log information.
  from field                                                                    specializing re-analyze samples TEC has The
                                                                         and laboratories to in asdifferent technical field. results
                                                                         eachthe overall work environment. to confirmbeen
                                                                           differences in subsurface
                                                                           electrical properties, a
  industrial compliance of include:
  determine hygiene, materials testing, as well as civil,
 and within budget. Services materials, conditions and
The GPR instrument functions under the principle of
                                                                         recognized by Chrysler and the Construction
                                                                         Geotechnical amplitude ofCorporation as one of their
                                                                           electrical properties, as
                                                                           indicated by Laboratory
  environmental and geotechnical engineering
The GPR instrument functions underspecifications,
  workmanship with appropriate the principle of
electromagnetic impulse and reflection variations similar to
                                                                         preferred Laboratoriesof fully equipped to
                                                                         Materials engineering consultants and was honored
                                                                           signal, and can Testing
                                                                         Risk Assessment highlight
                                                                           indicated by amplitude are
  disciplines                                                              signal, physical dust levels on floors achieving
                                                                              Determine highlight                   and
                                                                         with a Qualityleadproperties of soils and asills
 Lead Paint Detection
  standards echo sounders reflection certified Woman
conventionaland regulations. marinevariations similar to
electromagnetic impulse andand TEC, adepth instruments.                    subsurface can Excellence Award for
                                                                         evaluateand interfaces.                         wide
  Based Enterprise (WBE)
 HUD Mandated sounders and Detroit Based
conventional echoServices and marine depth instruments.
The technique is most effectively used for determining
                                                                         superior construction materials. A fully equipped
                                                                         variety oflevels of measurable performance in the
                                                                           subsurface interfaces.
  QUALITYis most effectively
The techniqueapproximatefounded and incorporated in
  Business (DBB), was depths used for determining
locations andpaint inspection
        Lead                           of subsurface structures,         areas of: laboratory customer satisfaction,
                                                                         materials quality andisall other geophysicalthe Ann
                                                                           Unfortunately, as with also available at subsurface
locations andin 1966.
  Michigan approximate depths of structures, buried
including older basement or concretesubsurface structures,                                                               and
                                                                         delivery/project completion, technologysubsurface
                                                                           investigations, as with all other geophysical
                                                                         Arbor location.GPR studies do have some limitations.
  TEC's risk to quality assurance emphasizes the
includingpledge assessmentconcrete structures, buried and
pipes and older basement orsystems (concrete or brick)
            cables, old sewer                                            engineering servicestudies do have some limitations.
                                                                           investigations, GPR structures can be shown to exist
                                                                           Although subsurface
                                                                                                 and price (based on professional
  competence of storage systems (concrete or brick)
tunnels, and buriedfield and laboratory personnel,
pipes and cables, old sewer tanks and drums. Other and                   services provided for the billion-dollar Chrysler
                                                                           using the subsurface structures identify the structure.
                                                                           Although GPR, one still cannot can be shown to exist For
tunnels, andof Related Servicespavementmaintenance of
 Construction test storage tanks and drums. Other
  integrity buried results and
successful applications include proper thickness
  STAFF Report forms for documenting field and
                                                                                                 (CTC) in Auburn Hills,
                                                                         Technology Center still cannot identify the structure. For
                                                                           using the sewer pipes,
                                                                           example, GPR,
                                                                         EQUIPMENT one large underground cables, and some
successful applications include bar locations as well as
determinations and reinforcing pavement thickness
        Conduct lead inspections before                                  Michigan).
                                                                           example, sewer pipes, large underground cables, and some
                                                                           void spaces can display similar and undifferentiable
determinationsstudies and subsurface are designed as
  laboratory tests reinforcing bar locations aschanges in
bedrock depth and and inspections material well to
        undertaking renovation or construction                              void spaces testing and inspection
                                                                                                      similar and undifferentiable
                                                                         Much of our can displayaddition, some is performed on-
  TEC's staff
bedrock depth of approximately 115 includes civil in
unconsolidatedstudies anddata and observations. A
  clearly represent test subsurface material changes                     Inimpulse reflections. In addition, some structures or in
                                                                             addition, our firm was honored with awards
        work. sediments.
  registered environmental
  engineers, Professional engineers, environmental                          impulse reflections. In
                                                                            subsurface strata can sufficiently engineering or
                                                                         site. Portable test equipment ismask structuresmostat
                                                                                                                available in
unconsolidated sediments. Engineer or Certified                          both statewide and nationwide mask features lying at
  Industrial Hygienistairborne exposure to lead and
        Monitor worker geotechnical engineers
  scientists, geologists,oversees projects to provide                    disciplines for field testing and analysis of data,
                                                                            subsurface strata can sufficiently       features lying
                                                                            greater depths. However, the advantages of GPR far
                                                                         competitions sponsored by the American
  frequent hygienists. Trained inspectors, certified
  industrialreview of work quality and proper                               outweigh the possible Council These of industrial
                                                                         including construction materials testing, GPR far
                                                                            greater depths. However, the advantagesvaluable analyses
                                                                         Consulting Engineerslimitations.and the Michigan
  technicians and an experienced and staff.
  communication between client administrative team                          outweigh the possible studies, building condition
                                                                         hygiene and asbestos limitations. These valuable analyses
                                                                            can also provide a much Engineers.
                                                                         Society of Professional more useful map or cross
  support these professionals. Corporate                                    sectional view of and noise useful than
                                                                            can also provide a much more analysis, can be
                                                                         surveys, vibrationstrata and structuresmap or cross
  TEC participates professional testing through
  encouragement ofin proficiencydevelopment hasthe                          determined by the supports drilling others. TEC’s
                                                                         hydrogeological investigations andlogs. can be
                                                                            sectional view of strata and structures than
                                                                         TEC managementsole use of dedication and
  motivated many individuals to achieve additional
  AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory, MDOT                               determined rigs is used for drilling logs.
                                                                         fleet of drillDesign/Projectof geotechnical and
                                                                          Abatement by the sole use Management
                                                                          commitment to the engineering practice. TEC
  education, professionalInstitute of Occupational
  and NIOSH (National registration or certification                         A selection of soil borings, site exploration and
                                                                         environmental different impulse frequency ranges is the
                                                                          regularly participates in “career night” at various
  in their and Health). We are also involved in an inter-
  Safety chosen technical disciplines.                                      A Remediation GPR,waterproviding different
                                                                         installation of thespecificationsin the Detroit depth
                                                                            possible with ground each frequency and
                                                                          school districts and collegesmonitoringranges is
                                                                               selection of different impulse
  laboratory proficiency testing program in accordance                    Metropolitan qualities. If available for a variety
                                                                         recovery walls. Rigs areshallow (lessCommunity of
                                                                            possible with area, including Utica differentfeet)
                                                                            analyses and the GPR, each providing than 20 depth
                                                                              Contractor procurement
  Employees are certified through applicable
  with the NIOSH 582 quality control requirements for                     Schools, L’anse Creuse shallow Schools, locations
                                                                         site conditions, including limited access 20 feet)
                                                                            analyses and qualities. If Public (less than Lawrence
                                                                            investigations are required, a frequency range can be
  programsfiber counting by organizations such as
  asbestos administered by phase contrast microscopy
                                                                              difficult terrain. project and precise can
                                                                            investigations a more completeoversight during be and
                                                                         and Air monitoringrequired, a University of survey for the
                                                                            chosen to give University, frequency rangeDetroit
                                                                     abatement activities
  (PCM).                                                           specific depth a more complete and precise survey be
                                                                   chosen to give that is desired. GPR surveys may notto
                                                                 Wayne State University to encourage students for the
  MDPH and consists Environmental field
The instrumentOSHA. of a transportable field personnel,
The instrument consists of a transportable field which               Final depth that testing
                                                                   specific engineering as a career choice. may not be
                                                                   ideally clearance is desired. GPR surveys In
                                                                 considersuited for all subsurface investigations; each project
  drillers, andsamplingtransmitter and protocolwhich
electromagneticenvironmental andand receiver,
                                      geotechnical                 ideally suited for all subsurface investigations; each project
  Inspection,              and analysis             for          addition, TEC regularly participates in the NAWIC
                                                                   necessitates an individualized feasibility assessment.
electromagnetic impulse transmitter
emits impulses that are reflected back to receiver,
                                          the receiver. The
  engineers, have completed OSHA-approved 40-
  asbestos activities are established by NVLAP, The
emits impulses that are reflected back to the receiver. EPA,       necessitates an individualized feasibility assessment.
                                                                 Block Kids program that incorporates engineering
returned impulse-variations are presented as hyperbolic
  hour hazardous materials handling training and                 practices in an interactive, approach to challenging
returned impulse-variations are presented asof are
  NIOSH and by the reflection changes, and construction
patterns, causedOSHA. Standardization hyperbolic
           annualmethodsstrip chart. Thisand are paper
  receivecaused byre-certification via refresher courses.
displayed test the reflection changes, TEC's
patterns, graphically on a is provided in provides
  materials                                                      building projects.
displayed graphically on a stripan internal provides paper
  Technicians Guide Book, chart. record of the
documentation and gives a continuous This document
documentation and gives a of the antenna.
subsurface under the track continuous record of the
  which summarizes appropriate procedures by
  AASHTO, ACI, trackEngineers & Consultants, Inc. 1343 Rochester Road PO Box 249 Troy, Michigan 48099-0249
                            of ASTM and
subsurface under the MDOT,the antenna. CRD.
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