Backup Servers-- Improving Their Performance and Efficiency

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					                                                                     Alacritech Brief

               Improve Your Backup Server Performance with TOE Acceleration

               Brief Summary
               In recent backup server tests with Alacritech® Accelerators versus conventional NICs,
               Alacritech provided overall backup efficiencies including:
                        • backup throughput performance improvements of 30%
                        • substantial reduction of backup times
                        • release of CPU resources for other tasks

               Backup Servers - Improving Their Performance and Efficiency
               Customers are increasingly constrained by large transfers of data backup, long backup times to storage devices, and less
               efficient use of server resources as a result. System and database availability is heavily impacted during backup periods,
               and with the rapid growth of storage and the need to archive customer data, IT managers are actively seeking solutions
               for their backup problems.

               Alacritech Accelerator Solution
               Alacritech Accelerators in backup servers today provide an
               increase in throughput to storage devices processing large                                                         Figure 1
               amounts of data. In addition, server resources are returned for

               additional backup application processing.                                1250

               Medium to large IT departments have used Alacritech
   backup      Accelerators in their backup servers for both multi-streaming

 throughput    tape devices as well as virtual and physical tape libraries. In           750
improvements   configurations where multiple systems are archiving their data
               simultaneously on a backup server with multiple tape drives,              500
   of 30%      Alacritech offers immense benefits over conventional NICs in              The Alacritech Accelerator increases
               backup and restore performance.                                           throughput by 30% over the Intel NIC.

               Head-to-Head Backup Server Performance Tests
               In recent backup server tests with Alacritech versus conven-
               tional NICs, Alacritech increased backup performance sub-                                                          Figure 2
                                                                                         CPU Usage
               stantially in megabytes per minute (MB/min). The test also                (lower is better)

               showed a reduction in system CPU resources needed to run the
               backup application, leaving resources to add even more tape
               drives to the backup server to further reduce backup time or
               manage storage growth.                                                     75%
 CPU cycles

  reduced      Test Results                                                               50%
               The chart in Figure 1 shows throughput results when running
  by 34%       Veritas Backup Exec 9.0 using Intel PRO/1000T and Alacritech
               1000x1 Server and Storage Accelerator against IBM LTO tape
                                                                                         CPU cycles are substantially reduced by
               Figure 2 shows the CPU savings for each backup run.                       34% with the Alacritech Accelerator.

                                 Accelerating Data Delivery™
                Alacritech Backup Server Brief Continued
                A comparison of the data shows Alacritech with a 30% increase in overall backup efficiency with industry standard soft-
                ware and high performance tape devices. Server environments with more efficient data sets can increase their over-
                all backup performance even more. Results from Computer Associates BrightStor Enterprise Backup, VERITAS
                NetBackup, CommVault Galaxy and Legato NetWorker also show similar increases in backup performance. With addi-
                tional system performance tuning and configuration changes, even greater throughput and efficiencies could be

                TOE Solutions From Alacritech
                Today’s growing IT departments are constantly bombarded with new challenges in server growth, storage manage-
                ment and data migration. Data center resources are focused on the challenge of moving data to users that need it
                now. This increased emphasis in data management has led CIOs, CTOs and other IT executives to look for network
                technologies for their servers that help them solve this increasingly difficult problem.

                Alacritech is the pioneer in providing reliable and efficient data movement technologies for network acceleration
   TCP/IP       today. Servers starved for network processing power and a need for better application performance should look no further
   Offload      than the TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) capabilities provided by Alacritech Server and Storage Accelerators. This break-
                through technology has provided thousands of customers with efficient, high performance network interfaces that
Engine (TOE)    focus on an IT department’s need for better flow of data from the network to servers to storage and back.
                The power behind Alacritech’s design is SLIC Technology®, a revolutionary way of taking network data and
                accelerating it through servers. This solution gives servers the freedom to focus less resources on net-
                work data transfers and more on doing the job the server was really designed to do. Customers can
                replace their current server NICs with Alacritech Accelerators and see an immediate benefit in both server
                efficiency and response time. SLIC Technology provides higher levels of network throughput, better appli-
                cation performance and a maximum return on investment (ROI) with servers in production today.

                Customer Success Stories
                Many customers have found dramatic increases of backup server performance with Alacritech Accelerators. Please visit
                the Alacritech web site at for full details:

                                       Affymax, a biotechnology company bringing new drugs to market, reduced backup times of mission
                                       critical data by 75% from 4 days to 8 hours after installing Alacritech Accelerators.
   backup                              Madison National, a life insurance company, reduced backup time of their Veritas Backup Exec by
                                       80% following their installation of Alacritech Accelerators.
times reduced
   by 75%                              The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), a leading health care provider, is now backing
                                       up at least 5 terabytes of data in 12 hours rather than in 4 days with Alacritech Accelerators.
   to 88%
                Further Information
                Fast, reliable and efficient data backup is just one of the many challenges faced every day in the data center.
                Alacritech solves the backup obstacles that face IT managers while offering faster network throughput and lower system
                overhead. For more information on how to obtain Alacritech Accelerators to help solve your IT data movement problems,

                 Backup server is an Asus A7M266-D with two (2) AMD Athlon MP 2000+ CPUs and 1GB SDRAM running Windows 2000 Advanced Server with
                SP3. Adaptec 29160 SCSI controller was used for attachment of tape drives installed in a 64-bit/66MHz PCI slot. All network adapters tested were
                installed in a 64-bit/66MHz PCI slot. An Intel 470T Gigabit Ethernet switch was used as a switch when needed for testing. File server is an Asus
                A7M266-D with one (1) AMD Athlon XP 1700+ CPU and 512MB SDRAM running Windows 2000 Advanced Server with SP3. Qlogic QLA-2200 Fibre
                Channel adapter for attachment of external storage comprised of Seagate ST318452FC disk drives. Primary backup tape drive was an IBM Ultrium
                LTO tape drive. Data set was large compressible files, compressing on average of 1.65:1 ratio (compressed:full). For more backup specifics and help
                configuring your backup servers to produce similar results, contact Alacritech sales.

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                                                      Accelerating Data Delivery™

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