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   Errors/Typos in Laidler, Meiser and Sanctuary, Physical Chemistry, 4th ed. (Chapters 1 – 9)

p. 30    5 lines from bottom              The equation should begin: x = rsinθ cosϕ
p. 39    Equation 1.110                                                                       3Vc2
                                          The second part of the first term should be:          2
p. 55    1st integral on page                                              U2
                                          The limits should be switched:   ∫
p. 56    Sentence before Equation 2.7     Should read: “…we must apply a force F to the piston,…”
p. 85    Equation 2.125                                                    2
                                                                       V2 n a
                                          The integral should read: ∫
                                                                       V1 V 2

p. 144   Problem 3.17                     The units for the ∆vapH° values in parts a. and b. should be
                                          kJ mol–1.
p. 161   3 lines below Equation 4.47      The sentence should begin: “The symbol γ (gamma) is used
                                          for an activity coefficient…”
p. 166   Last three equations in          In the first equation for the 20 L calculation, replace 3.473 ×
         Example 4.5                      10–3 with 3.43 × 10–3. This error is carried through the rest
                                          of the example. The next equation should be: 0.04α2 + 6.86
                                          × 10–3α – 6.86 × 10–3 = 0, giving the final answer α = 0.337.
p. 169   4th line above Equation 4.74     The line should begin with –∆H/R.
p. 189   Example 5.3, 4 lines below 1st The volumes are for liquid and solid: Vm(l) – Vm(s)
p. 202   5 lines from bottom            The sentence should read: “All the other thermodynamic
                                        relations for systems of…”
p. 212   3 line above Equation 5.119 The equation at the end of the line should read n1 = W1/M1.
p. 232   3rd equation in Example 6.3    The numerator should read: 114.5 Torr × 0.500 × 153.823 g
p. 296   Last sentence before “Born’s The sentence should read: “…ions bring about
         Model”                         electrostriction of the solvent played an important…”
p. 298   4th line of 3rd paragraph      The figure referred to is Figure 7.14
p. 302   Equation 7.108                 The second version should read: v+ z + = v− z −
                                                                             2 2    2 2

p. 303   6th line                       The text should read: “…fall linearly with I ,…”
p. 304   6 line                         The page reference is p. 314.
p. 306   Equation 7.126                 The term after the = sign should be: log10 K s°
p. 323   3rd line of last paragraph     The text should state that the calomel electrode is: “either in
                                        a 0.1 m solution of hydrochloric acid or in a saturated
                                        solution of potassium chloride.”
p. 371   2 line below Equation 9.40     The sentence should read: “In the general case of a
p. 374   Figure 9.4                     The label on the y-axis of the first graph should be:
                                         xe     x
                                            ln e
                                         a0 xe − x
p. 383   Example 9.2                    In the third and fourth lines of the Solution, it should refer to
                                        “…the reciprocals of the temperatures.”
p. 395   5 lines above last reaction    The sentence should read: “…logarithm of the rate constant
                                        against the reciprocal…, will show curvature, the rate
                                        constants at the lower temperatures being abnormally
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p. 403   Last 4 lines of Example 9.5   The slope is –∆‡V°/RT. This sign error is carried through the
                                       rest of the calculation, so all the rest of the answers should
                                       be negative.
p. 407   Figure 9.25                   The bold heading between parts a. and b. is referring to the
                                       text. The figure below it (9.25b) is for an attractive

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