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 VOLUME 54, NUMBER 2                                                          JULY 2002


  “Protecting children from Internet porn is a
 worthy cause [but] it shouldn’t be attempted
 with a technology that doesn’t work and jeo p-
   ardizes legitimate speech.” (The Mercury
  News—posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2002 at
Read all about it in Julie Brewer’s Report “Highlights from ALA
Council Meetings at the 2002 ALA Annual Conference in Atlanta
Georgia! ”

                  “They that can give up
                  essential liberty to pur-
                  chase a little tempo-
                  rary safety, deserve
                  neither liberty nor
                  safety .” Benjamin
                  Franklin, to the Penn
                  State Legislature


Be Out Guest……………………………………………………..2

2002 Summer Library Reading Program.…………..3

Highlights of 2002 ALA Annual Conference……...4

Library Thoughts………………………………………………...5

        If All the Delaware Library Community                                         If All the Delaware Library Co m-
                                                                                        munity Read the Same Book…
                   Read the Same Book…
                                                                                  Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer
        This program for the library community features the                       Service by the Disney Institute
    book, Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Ser-                       Name:
    vice by the Disney Institute. Be Our Guest explains the                       Library:
    concepts of performance improvement with a customer                           Email:
    focus in a brief, easily readable format, and provides us
    with a shared base of concepts and terminology on which                       ⇒ Tell us if you read the book!
    to build improvements. All library staff, volunteers,
                                                                                  ⇒ Tell us how you are applying concepts
    Friends, Trustees, and advisory board members are invited
    to participate.                                                                 from the book in your library.
                                                                                  ⇒ What ideas do you have for applying
    Opportunities to participate inc lude:                                          ideas from this book across the Dela-
    •    Read the book! Sign up your library, and hold a book                       ware library community?
         discussion event for your library staff, volunteers,                     ⇒ Was this program successful?
         Trustees, Friends, and advisory board.                                   ⇒ How could we improve the program to
                                                                                    make it more effective?
    •    Inquire about workshops scheduled at the Delaware                        ⇒ What book and/or topic would you
         Division of Libraries. The workshops, designed for                         recommend for future programs?
         public library directors along with the Council On Li-
         braries and the Task Force on School Libraries, also                               Thank you for your participation!
         welcome others throughout the library community.
                                                                                  To return the completed form, or for more in-
    •    Mark your calendar! Book discussion events for the                       formation contact:
         Delaware library community will be held on Thursday,
         August 15, 2002 p.m. and Friday, August 16, 2002 a.m.                                     Annie Norman
                                                                                           Delaware Division of Libraries
    •    To receive updates about the program, and registra-                                     43 S. DuPont Hwy
                                                                                                  Dover, DE 19901
         tion information for the events, please complete and
                                                                                                 Fax: 302-739-6787
         send in the form on the adjoining page.                                             Email:
                                                                                            Phone: 1-800-282-8696 x126
                                                                                  Participating Agencies & Organizations

                   Funded in part by the First State Quality Improvement Fund,
                                                                                  ∗      Delaware Division of Libraries
                   the Library Services & Technology Act as administered by the
                   Institute of Museum & Library Services, and the Delaware
                                                                                  ∗      Delaware Library Association
                   Division of Libraries.                                         ∗      DLA College & Research Library Division
                                                                                  ∗      DLA Public Library Division
                                                                                  ∗      Dover Public Library & Friends
                                                                                  ∗      Friends of Delaware Libraries
                                                                                  ∗      Governor’s Task Force on School Libraries
                                                                                  ∗      Kent County Department of Libraries
                                                                                  ∗      Kirkwood Highway Library
                                                                                  ∗      Milford Public Library
                                                                                  ∗      Milton Public Library
                                                                                  ∗      Newark Free Library
                                                                                  ∗      Seaford District Library
                                                                                  ∗      Sussex County Department of Libraries

                                                                                      Sign up your library agency or organization today!

                                                                    LET’S GET TOGETHER
                                                                        RIGHT AWAY
                                                              “A second general meeting may be held in the fall.”
    2002 Summer Library Reading Program                     DLA By-Laws (Article II, Part D, Section 2). DLA has
                                                            been meeting once a year for a long time. I don’t
                                                            know why we stopped meeting twice a year, but we
                                       Is the theme for     need to reconsider.
  “Join the Winner’s Circle—Read!” the 2002 Summer
                                       Library Reading         I am proposing that we have a short business meeting
                                       Program sponsored    every October. There would be an hour for an Associa-
by the Delaware Division of Libraries (DDL), Delaware       tion business meeting, an hour for division or division
Library Association (DLA), and Delaware Public Libraries.   executive board meetings, and an hour for committee
This year marks Delaware’s introduc tion into a twelve-     meetings.
state consortium that develops quality summer reading
materials at discounted prices for participating states.      Why do we need this? Reason One is that DLA by-law
The CSLP (Cooperative Summer Library Program) in-           amendments must be passed at two consecutive gen-
cludes: Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Montana,     eral meetings before they can take effect (Article VI,
Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Utah and Wisconsin,         Part C, Section 1). This is a wise rule, but it means
and now, Delaware!                                          that important and sensible amendments take a long
                                                            time to pass. Having two general meetings a year
Patty Langley, DDL, attended the annual meeting of the      would expedite the amending process.
consortium in Kansas City. News from that meeting in-
cludes:                                                      Reason Two is that it is difficult to get a committee
                                                           or executive board together in a statewide association
•    Highsmith/Upstate has been contracted again to pro- of busy professionals. If there is always a fall meeting,
     duce the promotional materials and the manual for     the executive boards and committees would always
     the next two years. Additionally, Highsmith will of-  know that they will be meeting face-to-face at least
     fer an incentive program to public libraries in par-  twice a year.
     ticipating states beginning August 1, 2002 through
     July 31, 2003. For each $100 a library spends with      The date of the fall meeting could be decided at the
     Highsmith, they will rebate $10 in Upstart Bucks that spring meeting. Let me propose a schedule:
     may be spent on Summer Library Reading Program
                                                                               1pm-2pm Social

•    The 2003 theme will be “Laugh It Up @ Your Li-                 2pm-3pm Association business meeting
                                                             3:10pm-4:10pm Division or division executive board
•    The consortium                   will expand the                            meetings
     Young Adult                      program from a
     chapter in the                   existing manual to             4:20pm-5:20pm Committee meetings
     a separate read-                 ing program begin-
                                                                          5:20pm We’re out of there!
     ning in 2003.                    The 2003 YA theme
     will be “HA!” Delaware public libraries will receive    There would be no keynote speakers, meals, or
     a separate YA manual and YA promotional materials      workshops, so the cost could be kept low.
     and incentives.
                                                              I invite you to put your comments in writing for the
For additional information about the Delaware Summer
                                                            next edition of the Bulletin.
Library Reading Program and the Cooperative Summer
Library Program, contact Patty Langley, DDL, (302) 739-     S. Mark Jarrell
4748 x113 or                  

     Highlights from ALA Council Meetings at the 2002 ALA Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia

          As usual, ALA Council had a busy agenda at the      with the FCC CIPA rules by July 1, 2002.
    recent Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The
    Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the         ALA Allied Professional Association (APA)
    ALA Allied Professional Association (APA) received
                                                               Last year, Council approved the establishment of a new
    the most discussion. Council took several actions in
                                                              501(c)6 organization, named the ALA Allied Professional
    response to diminishing access to government info r-
                                                              Association, to address certification, salaries, and pay
    mation and increasing government intrusions on the
                                                              equity concerns of library employees. One of the first
    privacy of library users. Council also expressed sup-
                                                              services expected to be provided by the APA is a Certi-
    port for state library agencies and made changes in
                                                              fied Public Library Administrator program, developed by
    the ALA membership quorum. These Council high-
                                                              the Association of Specialized and Cooperative Library
    lights are summarized below. A more detailed sum-
                                                              Agencies (ASCLA), the Library Administration and Man-
    mary of reports to and actions taken by Council is
                                                              agement Association (LAMA), and the Public Library As-
    available on the DLA website at:
                                                              sociation (PLA).
                                                              Access and Privacy
    Children’s Internet Protection Act                         Council took a number of actions to advocate the pub-
    (CIPA)                                                    lic’s access to government information, including resolu-
     On May 31, 2002 a three-judge panel in the U.S.          tions asking ALA to urge Congress to fully fund the Su-
    District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsyl-       perintendent of Documents Office, to support the Fe d-
    vania permanently enjoined the FCC and IMLS from          eral Depository Library Program and to pass H.R. 4187,
    withholding funds from public libraries that choose       the Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2002.
    not to install filters on all computers. As a result,     Members are also asked to contact their legislators in
    public libraries are not required to install filters on   support of these measures. Related to privacy and con-
    their computers in order to receive either E-rate         fidentiality concerns, Council approved a new document
    discounts or grants under the Library Services and        entitled Privacy: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of
    Technology Act. The CIPA decision does not address        Rights available at:
    the constitutionality of filtering in schools and
    school libraries. The decision has been appealed to
    the U.S. Supreme Court.                                                           html

     The ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom and the          A companion document entitled Questions and Answers
    Freedom to Read Foundation praise the decision and        on Privacy and Confidentiality available at:
    urge librarians to read the text of the court opinion
    (approximately 17 pages) and the supporting doc u- 
    ment (approximately 200 pages). The extensive
                                                              Provides practical information on how to handle privacy
    factual findings explain how filters block substantial
                                                              questions in day-to-day library operations.
    amount of constitutionally protected speech for
    adults and minors and under-block targeted materi-
    als. The discussion of Internet access vs. Collection     Support of State Library Agencies
    development is well written. The text is available         Responding to recent budget cuts, staff layoffs and
    at:                                                       elimination of essential services in several state library
                                                              agencies, particularly in the state of Minnesota, Council
                            approved a resolution which states, in part, “that the
                                                              American Library Association reaffirms the leadership
     Public libraries which currently have filters on all
                                                              and service roles of state library agencies as essential in
    computers are encouraged to contact their local
                                                              the provision of quality library, media and information
    council to avoid liability under the new ruling. The
                                                              services to people in all of the states.”
    ALA website has informa-
    tion for public libraries on how to comply                                                       ALA Highlights Continued on Page 5

ALA Highlights Continued From Page 4
                                                                 Library Thoughts—
Membership Quorum
 ALA members will be asked to ratify a proposed change in
the quorum required to conduct business at the Annual and
Midwinter membership meetings. Council voted to reduce
the quorum which is currently set at one percent of the
number of personal members to one half of one percent
(approximately 295) and to remove the power of the mem-
bership to set aside any Council action. The number of                    Taken from Helen Williams’ column
members required to conduct official business has been de-                          “Library Notes”
bated for years. Reducing the quorum has serious implica-        “Our guest writer this week is Beth Hochholzer.
tions for the nature of business conducted, as well as how       Beth has been teaching English at Sussex Central
representative those actions may be of the entire member-        High School since 1980 and will retire this month.
ship.                                                            She is on the board of the Rehoboth Beach Film Fes-
 If you have any questions about the ALA Council meetings,       tival and is the Executive Director of the Southern
or would like more details, please email        Delaware Film Society.
or telephone at 302-831-1594.
                                                                 “ ‘A modern, complete and technologically up-to-
Julie Brewer
                                                                 date public library is essential to the vital interests
Delaware Chapter Councilor
June 24, 2002                                                    of a community. I cannot think of a single entity
                                                                 that contributes so directly to the intellectual, cul-
                                                                 tural and leisure life of American towns and cities.
                                                                 Moreover, a well-endowed lending library insures
    Weekend Fundraiser Yields Almost $500 for DLA                that all residents, regardless of economic opportu-
                                                                 nity, have access to the materials that will help
 The Delaware Library Association and the ALA Washington
                                                                 them help themselves. Young children must be in-
Office sponsored an ALA Legislative Day Pre-Conference
                                                                 troduced early to the joys of reading, students need
weekend for librarians to visit Winterthur, Hagley, and Long-
                                                                 access to research facilities outside of the school
wood Gardens. On Saturday, May 4th, fifteen librarians,
                                                                 day, and seniors, par-
some from as far away as Nebraska and Nevada, visited Win-
                                                                 ticularly those on a
terthur for the day. The morning program included a class
                                                                 fixed income, have
on library preservation presented by Lois Olcott Price, Sen-
                                                                 earned the opportunity
ior Conservator for Library Collections and a tour of part of
                                                                 to expand their hori-
the museum. After lunch in the garden, the group gathered
                                                                 zons through books and
for a special tour of the current exhibit “Life at Winterthur:
Henry Francis duPont’s American Country Estate, 1901-1951”
conducted by Maggie Lidz, the researcher for this exhibit.       “ ‘Contrary to the pre-
Maggie told us how she used oral and family histories at Win-    vailing view that our
terthur and Hagley to prepare the story.                         Nation’s greatest threat is terrorism, I would suggest
 On Sunday, participants enjoyed Hagley and Longwood, and        that our democratic way of life is at even greater
on Monday morning the group traveled via train to Washing-       risk from an uninformed and unenlightened elector-
ton to learn about important legislation in Congress that        ate. I can think of no better institution to counter-
would impact library services.                                   act this danger than a well-equipped and compre-
 The participants judged the weekend a resounding success        hensive public library.’ ”
and urge DLA to repeat this program next year. With only
twelve out-of-state participants, the profit for the weekend       Permission to quote from Sussex Countian, 6/12/2002,
for DLA was $490. Any volunteers for coordinating this            Page 13 “Retiring Sussex Central Teacher Gives Her Li-
program next year? It’s a fun project that two people can                             brary Thoughts”
easily handle together.                                                                                  Delaware
Catherine Wojewodzki                                                                                     Library
                                       Keep your member-                                                Association
                                       ship current with DLA

Executive Board Contact List
                                                        President, School Library Media Association
2002-2003                                               Allison Kaplan, Coordinator, SLMA Program
                                                        University of Delaware
President                                               Newark, DE 19716-2940
Win Rosenberg, Rehoboth Beach Public Library            831-1584/831-8404 fax
226 Rehoboth Avenue                           
Rehoboth Beac h, DE 19971
227-8044/227-0597 fax                                   President, Paraprofessional and Library Support Divi-                                 sion
Vice-President/President Elect
Suzanne Smith, Dickinson High School Library            President, Public Library Division
1801 Milltown Road                                      Susan Menson, Bear Library
Wilmington, DE 19808-4099                               101 Governor’s Place
992-5500/992-5506 fax                                   Bear, DE 19701                               838-3303/838-3307 fax
Nick Chiarkas, University of Delaware, Morris Library
Newark, DE 19717-5267                                   President, Trustees Division
831-0234/831-1046 fax                                   Vacant

                                                            Standing and Special Committees
Sheila Anderson, Dover Public Library
                                                        Continuing Education Committee (Standing)
45 S. State Street
                                                        Annie Norman
Dover, DE 19901
736-7030/736-5087 fax
                                                        Intellectual Freedom & Open Access Committee
                                                        Susan Menson, Chair
ALA Councilor
Julie Brewer, University of Delaware, Morris Library
                                                        Legislative Action Committee (Standing)
Newark, DE 19717-5267
                                                        Elizabeth C. Baxter, Chair P.O. Box 1319
831-1594/831-1046 fax
                                                        537-1432/537-9106 fax Bethany Beach, DE
                                                        Membership Committee (Standing)
Immediate Past President
                                                        Joan Stover Dover Public Library
Paula Davino
                                                        736-7030/736-5087 fax 45 S. State Street
                                               Dover, DE 19901
President, Children’s Services Division
                                                        Public Relations Committee (Standing)
Barbara Keesey, Bear Public Library
                                                        Annie Norman, Co-Chair
101 Governor’s Place
Bear, DE 19701
                                                        Publications Committee (Standing)
838-3303/838-3307 fax
                                                        Pamella A. Russell, Sussex County Dept. of Libraries
                                                        P.O. Box 589
                                                        Georgetown, DE 19947
President, College & Research Libraries Division
                                                        855-7890/855-7895 fax
Peggy Prouse, Del Tech Terry Campus
1832 Dupont Highway
Dover, DE 19901
                                                        Scholarships, Awards & Citations (Standing)
857-1106/857-1099 fax
                                                        Janet Chin Hockessin Library
                                                        239-0706/239-1519 fax 1023 Valley Road
                                               Hockessin, DE 19707

                                  DLA—Meeting Your Need to Know & Grow

    (Continued from page 6)

    Directory Committee (Special)                         Special Points of Interest
    James Cayz, Delaware Div. of Libraries
    43 S. Dupont Hwy. Dover, DE 19901
    800-282-8696/739-6787 fax                                    •   DLA Bulletin now on DLA Website
                                                      •   Bimonthly Publication: May, July,
    Handbook and Bylaws Committee (Special)
    Susan Pettit, Technical Services, Bear Library        September, November, January,
    838-3314/838-3319 fax 101 Governor’s Place            March Bear, DE 19701
                                                      •   Publication Deadlines: 15th of
    Job Placement Committee (Special)                     the month prior to publication
    Casey O’Connor, Delaware Div. of Libraries        •   Calling for articles of interest to
    43 S. Dupont Hwy. Dover, DE 19901
    800-282-8696/739-6787 fax                             the Delaware Library community,                                     pictures, program notices, staff
                                                          recognition, new services, etc.
    Long-Range Planning Committee (Special)
    Pat Birchenall, Appoquinimink Community Library       Articles may be
    118 Silver Lake Rd                                    edited for spacing
    Middletown, DE 19709
    376-4190/378-5293 fax

    State Friends (Special)
    Carol Harrington (liaison)
    834-1735 phone & fax
                                                       Delaware Library Association Bulletin
    Webpage Committee
    Jane Tupin, Delaware Div. of Libraries                       ISSN 0011-7773
    43 S. Dupont Hwy. Dover, DE 19901
    800-828-8696/739-6787 fax                         The Delaware Library Association
                                                      Bulletin is published six times a year
    State Librarian                                   by the Delaware Library Association.
    Annie Norman, Acting State Librarian
    Delaware Division of Libraries
    43 S. Dupont Hwy.                                 Please send information for the Bul-
    Dover, DE 19901                                   letin to:
    800-282-8696/739-6787 fax
                                                      Pamella A. Russell
                                                      Sussex County Dept. of Libraries
                                                      P.O. Box 589
                                                      Georgetown, DE 19947
                                                      302-855-7890/302-855-7895 Fax

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