Interactive Media Design BA (Hons) by dcc48652


									Interactive Media
Design BA (Hons)
Based in Newcastle                                      UCAS Code: W280 BA/IMD
3 Years Full Time                                       Your course in brief
                                                        Year 1
Interactive Media is an exciting and
                                                        Learning Skills for Interactive Media Design
dynamic specialism within the Creative                  Introduction to Image Making
Industries. Good design graduates with                  Typography and Hypertextuality
excellent experience in this specialism                 Introduction to Animation
will have great job opportunities as they               Emotional and Immersive Media
are highly prized and consequently well                 Human Centred Design
                                                        Design Studies
rewarded. To succeed in this specialism
you will need to combine your interest in               Year 2
Graphic Design with a flair for product                 Sonic Design
                                                        Games Design
innovation and an insatiable appetite for
                                                        Usability and Mobile Applications
learning new skills.                                    Professional Practice
Interactive Media Design at Northumbria offers          Experiential Design
students the opportunity to study the latest digital,   Innovation and Collaboration
interactive and new media trends from a visual          Design Studies
communication perspective. This cutting edge            Year 3
course covers web design, games design,
                                                        A range of self-determined national competition,
interactive television, dotcom innovation, design
                                                        collaborative, professional and personal projects
for mobile technology and interactive exhibition
                                                        that allow students to specialise and follow
design – all built on a firm foundation of
                                                        subjects of personal interest.
Graphic Design skills, Product and Visual
Communication principles.

Who would this course suit?                             Where our graduates work
This innovative and highly regarded course is ideal     A key indicator for judging a School’s success
for individuals looking for a creative course that      is where its graduates find employment and,
gives breadth, depth and opportunity and leads to       thanks to the transferable skills they acquire with
excellent career opportunities in; web design and       us, our students successfully go on to work in
new media, interface design, graphic design,            a wide range of careers across the New Media
games design, advertising and promotion,                Industry – as a quick look at where some of
information architecture and                            our graduates are working now demonstrates;
project management.                                     Philips, Green Room Digital, Glue London,
Did you know?                                           BBC,, Nokia, Imagination
Our Interactive Media Design students recently          Business start-ups
completed a project looking at interaction and          Fuse Box Design, Preamptive, Orangepanda,
‘wayfinding systems’ on the QE2.                        Plump Digital
Field trips are an important part of our students       What our students say
experience and in previous years they have visited
                                                        “It’s challenging from day one – but worth it.
Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin and New York.
                                                        The first year is a steep learning curve, but it
In 2008, out of the hundreds of design students         definitely builds your confidence. By the second
that exhibit at New Designers, Jackie Wu Hing Ki’s      year it all comes together and in year 3 you
animation was chosen to be part of the New              can pick and choose what you focus on.”
Designers Selection ’08 and was subsequently            Craig Laidler
exhibited at London Design Week.                        “They’re really experienced and know what they’re
                                                        talking about, if you’re ever stuck or
In 2009, Steve Evenington received a
                                                        at a dead end they can help turn you around.”
commendation at D&AD for his BBC widget. The
                                                        Ross Brimstone
brief was to create a suite of widgets to delight and
inform users, and engage them with the BBC’s
content in new ways.

                                                                                              270671JE 09/09

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