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									Kettering City School District — Fairmont High School                                     September—October 2009

Interactive Media Wins School
Tube’s Community Service Contest
   Facebook, My Space, Blogs, You Tube are all ways that stu-
dents communicate with each other in the digital generation. But
what about SchoolTube? Interactive Media students are using this
site to showcase their work to students in Kettering and across the
country. SchoolTube is a leader in internet media sharing for
teachers and students. It is different than other media sharing
sites in that all media must be approved by the teacher/moderator. Students in Interactive media have already placed
three student produced videos on the site and were just notified that they were winners in the SchoolTube Community
Service Contest. The winning video explains the Good-To-Go Backpack program sponsored by the Kettering City
Schools, the Kettering Education Foundation, Fairmont's United Student Body, and Christ United Methodist Church.
The Kettering Good-To-Go Backpack program feeds needy children in Kettering elementary schools a healthy meal
every weekend. Last year 125 children were fed through the program and this year the goal is to feed 260 children.
The video was featured on the SchoolTube Wire and Newsletter the week of September 14. Recent graduate CJ Saun-
ders produced the video last year. To see the video and others that the students have produced go to, click on Find A School, type in Kettering-Fairmont and click on the high school link. You will
be taken to a site that will give you a list of all the videos posted so far. You can also link to other Fairmont Media pro-
ductions through the new Fairmont Flyer online website.

Alumni Corner—Jamie Fallen
                                                      Recently, Jamie visited the Career Tech Center and we asked her
                                                    to give us her take on life after Fairmont. Since graduation, Jamie
                                                    has been working a lot and getting prepared for college life at Sin-
                                                    clair Community College. She is very happy about choosing Sin-
                                                    clair because working and attending an affordable school has helped
                                                    her start the process of moving out on her own. She says, “Getting
                                                    ready for Sinclair has been fun because I have gotten a little taste of
                                                    college and I'm very excited for it to start on the ninth!” Her experi-
                                                    ence in the Marketing program has helped her many times because
                                                    she has applied her classroom learning to her job as a sales associ-
                                                    ate. She is sure she will use her marketing knowledge in her Busi-
                                                    ness Management major at Sinclair. Her most memorable experi-
                                                    ence in Marketing was working in the Bookstore. “I loved going in
                                                    everyday knowing that I was in charge and responsible for some-
                                                    thing, with two other great people. It also helped me in my job now,
                                                    with inventory, and selling.” She thinks students should definitely
                                                    consider a Career Tech program. She says that if you don't have a
                                                    specific interest like Allied Health, or Construction, take Marketing.
                                                    It's the best program that will give you information you will use in
                                                    any field, for the rest of your life. We hope that Jamie has lots of
                                                    luck at Sinclair and in the future!
 Interactive Media Students Kick Off
 the Football Season with MVCC
   High school football season is officially underway and Interac-     Announcer Mike Haverland, Charles Cooper, Ashley 
 tive Media students will be covering all the action in partnership    Ward, Savannah Gibson, Christina Sherwood, Logan 
 with the Miami Valley Cable Council Game of the Week show.            DeBorde, Sam Staley, Carl Suchomel. Not pictured: Rich‐
 The show will highlight 11 games from August 28 through Octo-         ard Diaz, Zack Brosten, Liberty Lord, and  John Courtney
 ber 30, 2009, on MVCC Channel 21.
   The MVCC Game of the Week has been a collaborative project
 for two years between the Miami Valley Communications Coun-
 cil and the Interactive Media Class of Kettering Fairmont High
 School. The football game is produced using the MVCC mobile
 production truck, which allows for a high-quality recording with
 four cameras and continuous on-screen graphics. Students from
 the Interactive Media Class operate the cameras, graphics, audio,
 and direct the game. This collaborative process allows for hands-
 on training in a professional environment for students and allows
 for more cameras to be used.
   “With the professional capabilities of the MVCC mobile pro-
 duction truck, viewers will get a high-quality sports experience
 they can’t find anywhere else,” said MVCC Government Produc-
 tion Supervisor Carl Suchomel. “We’re bringing the full game,
 plus complete halftime band performances, for residents to enjoy      8:00pm; Thursdays at noon. All of the games can
 throughout the fall season.” The playback schedule for football       also be viewed online or downloaded for free at
 games are: Saturdays at noon; Sundays at 2:00pm; Mondays at 

Career Tech Programs—Great Options!
                                                  In today’s world, an adult with a high school diploma can expect to earn
                                                around $27,500. Even in a strong economy, a person in this salary range
                                                can only be expected to eek out a living rather than truly thriving. Accord-
                                                ing to studies on the correlation of education and salaries, individuals in
                                                jobs that demand more education also earn higher salaries. People with at
                                                least a bachelor’s degree earn twice as much as people with only a high
                                                school diploma. This underscores the importance of graduation, education
                                                and career preparation.
                                                  There is no one academic plan perfect for every student but Career Tech
                                                classes can enrich any students’ schedule. Fairmont has a variety of Career
                                                Tech classes encompassing several disciplines including many with a
                                                STEM focus. Students who desire a competitive academic environment
                                                can take a more competitive Career Program and take Advanced Placement
                                                or International Baccalaureate classes for their core classes. Students that
                                                are less academically inclined can take the regular college prep track along
Students at work in the Biotechnology STEM
                                               with their Career program. Both students have the opportunity to earn col-
class at Fairmont’s Career Tech Center.
                                               lege credit at Sinclair Community College which can be transferred to any
Ohio 4-year school. In fact Career Tech students earned over 400 college credits last year!! Because of skyrocketing
college costs, Career Tech classes offer a great way to defray college costs. Students who graduate from a College Tech
Prep Program are rewarded for their career focus and responsibility with a $3000 scholarship to attend Sinclair Commu-
nity College. The Engineering Tech Prep program carries that one step further by linking Sinclair graduates to the Uni-
versity of Dayton with a substantial tuition discount. Career Tech programs can be a great addition to an academic
schedule and a great way for a student to explore a potential career path. If a student is unsure about their career direc-
tion, career classes will either cement their decision or encourage them to choose an alternative course. Either way the
student is the winner. Fairmont offers ten Career Tech Programs. Contact the Career Tech office at 937-499-1632 for

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