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Essence oils Essence oils Essential oils Essential oils Asst

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                         Nahziryah Monastic Community
                                 Nazir Art Crafts


       Essence oils                                      Massage Oils
       Essential oils                                    Tealights
       Asst. Diffusers                                   Aromatherapy
       Amber resins                                      pendants

Updated 2/2010
  To order call : 1870 - 449 - 4381   True Scents                or on-line at

“Aromatherapy is the use of essence and essential oils to rebalance body, mind
and spirit. Essence and essential oils are extracted from various forms of plant
matter. The oils are very concentrated, and much more powerful than dried
herbs. They contain plant vitamins, minerals, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anal-
gestic, sedative qualities and much more. Aromatic medicine has been recorded
in Egypt and India more than six thousand years ago. In those times, herbs and
aromatic oils were the only medicine available to people when they were sick. As
more people become aware of the limitations of conventional medicine, there is a
return to natural therapy.” True Scents oils are uncut, undiluted, in the purest
form possible. Please In-joy.

         Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher and Director -
      Rev. Nazirmoreh (ABRD), Founder, Spiritual Head and Director of
                       Nahziryah Monastic Community,
Nazir Order of the Purple Veil, Nazir Art Crafts, Veil of Truth, Cloak of Wis-
dom, True Scents, True Sense Publications and Wholistic Living Supplies.

 INDEX                                       OIL BOTTLES * QUICK LIST
 AMBER BOX , DIFFUSERS 11                    S1– 1/3 dm tester $2, p.6      T1 – 1 oz. $40, p.4
 BOTTLES FOR ESSENCE OILS 4-7                S2– 1/2 dm $3.00, p.6          LGB – 1 oz. $40, p.4
                                             S3– 1 dram $6.00, p.6          R4 – 1 oz. $45, p.7
 BOTTLES FOR ESSENTIAL OILS 10               GLO– 1 dm $7.00, p.6           SB2– 1 oz. $50, p.7
 CARSCENTERS, ROOM SCENTERS 11               C1– 1 dm $7.00, p.6            DC5 – 2 oz. $65, p.4
 See website for pure Organic Oregano oil    R1– 1 dm $9.00, p.7            RGS – 2 oz. $66, p.4
                                             S4 – 2 dram $10, p.6           ESSENTIAL OIL BTLS
 DIFFUSER PENDANTS 12                        SP – -1/4 oz. $10, p.5         S1 – 1/3 tester $2, p. 10
 ESSENCE OILS 3-7                            FM – 1/4 oz. $12, p.5          GB – 5/8 dm $5, p. 10
 ESSENTIAL OILS 8-11                         R3– 2 dram $13, p.7            AM – 1 dm $6, p. 10
                                             S5– 1/3 oz $15, p.6            CB – 1/3 oz. $15, p. 10
 LIGHT BULB RINGS 11                         R2– 1/3 oz. $16, p.7           CB2 – 1.7 oz. $60, p. 10
 MASSAGE OILS, REPULSCENTS 15                SB1– 1/3 oz. $18, p.7          CB3 – 3.4 oz. $105, p10
 PREBOTTLED ESSENTIAL OILS 11                TG – 1/3 oz. $20, p.5          AE – empty 1/2 oz. & 1
                                             FB – 1/2 oz. $25, p6           oz. Bottles $2 ea. p.9,13
 SOAPSTONE DIFFUSERS 14                      TG – 1/2 oz. $25, p5           and clear glass dipstick bottle
 SPECIALTY EMPTY BOTTLES 13                  G1 – 1/2 oz. $25, p.5          for wearing convenience:
 WWW.NMCNEWS.ORG                             R5 – 1/2 oz. $26, p.7          S5 – 1/3 oz. $15, p.10
 1-800-615-3753, 1-870-449-4381

Please note: due to uncontrollable manufacturer inconsistencies, Nazir Art Crafts can not be
held responsible for bottle size differences and inconsistencies related to stated capacities of
bottles offered herein.

                             True Scents                1800-615-3753

CODE #     ESSENCE OILS                         CODE #         ESSENCE OILS
                                                18             BLACK MUSK
1R         ACACIA, SWEET

1P         ACACIA #2                            127NZ          BLACK ROSE

2          ADORATION                            19             BLISS

3          AFRIKAN MUSK, CLEAR                  20NZ           BLUE CHAMPA

4          AFRIKAN MUSK, GREEN                  20             BLUE NILE
4R         ALMOND
                                                21R            BLUE SONATA
5          AMBER, LIGHT
                                                23F            CARNATION ESSENCE
6P         AMBER, SOFT
                                                23M            CASMIR
7          AMBER, THICK With RESIN
                                                26R            CEDARWOOD
                                                27             CHANEL #5

9          ANAIS ANAIS                          28             CHANEL #19

10         ANGEL                                29F            CHERRY WONDER (a wonderful cherry)


10R        APPLE BLOSSOM                        TWICE AS NICE ** Essence Oils
1OMG       APPLE, GREEN (green or lite green)   4N AFRIKAN SAFARI **
                                                70N ATTAR HINA SUPREME**
11M        ARABIAN ‘WHITE’ MUSK (clear)
                                                63N FAJR**
11         ARAMIS                               63N2 GREEN CHAMPA** (clear)
                                                133N GOLDEN SANDALWOOD***
                                                76N JANNATUL MAAWA**
13R        BANANA                               93N LOTUS SUPREME**
14M        BABY POWDER                          96N ATTAR MAJMUA**
14         BEAUTIFUL
                                                97N MOGRA** (IND. JASMINE)
                                                102N NARCISSUS** (NARGIS)
16R        BERGAMOT
                                                 The oils herein are for external use only; not for
17         BIJAN (M/W)
                                                     ingestion purposes. Peace be with you.

PLEASE NOTE: When preparing your order, note that the oils with DOUBLE
STARS are twice the regular price they are double priced oils– you must dou-
ble the price of the oil bottle you select. Likewise with TRIPLE STAR scents
ETC.. Example; #102N; Narcissus** in a S5 bottle (standard 1/3 oz bottle with
applicator top) would be $30.00, as opposed to the regular price of $15.00. Es-
sential oil #130F; Sandalwood, Indian**** in the CB bottle (cobalt blue 1/3
ounce with dropper insert) would be $60.00 as opposed to the regular price of
                                                                                   PAGE THREE
                                  True Scents                        1870-449-4381
CODE #       ESSENCE OILS                                 CODE #        ESSENCE OILS
                                                          49            ETERNITY (M/W)
30           CHINA MUSK
                                                          50            EUCALYPTUS
30M          CHINA FLOWER
                                                          48            ESCAPE (M/W)
32           CHINA RAIN
                                                          63N           FAJR** a floral blend specialty
31           CINNABAR
                                                          53            FENDI
32R          CINNAMON
                                                          54            FERDOUS
35R          CLARY SAGE #2
                                                          54R           FIRST
37           COCO MANGO
                                                          55R           FRANGIPANI
38           COCONUT, BLACK
                                                          56            FRANKINCENSE, SUDAN sweet
                                                          57G           FRANKINCENSE, TUN. Tradition’l
40           COOL WATER (M/W)
                                                          59            FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH
41R          CYPRESS
                                                          59P           FRANKIN/MYRRH CLASSIC
42           CRYSTAL
                                                          60G           FREESIA (clean, light, floral)
42N          DARBAR, INDIAN
                                                          60F           FREESIA (very flowery)
44           DEVOTION                                     60            GARDENIA
45           DRAKKAR NOIR                                 61R           GERANIUM
47           EGYPTIAN MUSK                                61RF          GERANIUM, ROSE
47N2         EGYPTIAN MUSK #2                             62            GIORGIO (M/W)
47N          EGYPTIAN MUSK SUPREME                        63R           GRAPEFRUIT

62R          GINGER                                       63N2          GREENCHAMPA** clear ‘green’ scent

                                                          4N            GREEN INDIAN MUSK
                 DC5                           RGS          T1                         LGB

                                                                                       LGB: one ounce
 DC5: two ounce glass         RGS: two ounce glass       T1: one ounce glass tower   glass Gift Box bottle
 Diamond cut bottle $65     Round bottle w/glass stop-          bottle $40                   $40
Empty bottle price; $1.50      per $66. Empty; $7        Empty bottle price; $1.00   Empty bottle; $1.00
                            Clear glass or Cobalt Blue
                                True Scents                             1800-615-3753

CODE #   ESSENCE OILS                                        CODE #          ESSENCE OILS
67       HAYIM                                               88F             LAVENDER FLORA

68       See SCENT AL JANNAT                                 88M             LAVENDER UNIQUE

68f      HAWAIIAN GINGER                                     88R, 88P        LAVENDER SWEET, TRUE

69P      HELIOTROPE #2                                       89RF            LEMON

70R      HIBISCUS                                            148R            LEMON VERBENA

70       HINA                                                91              LILY OF THE VALLEY

                                                             93              LOTUS BLOSSOM
71       HONEY MUSK
                                                             92R             LOTUS ROYAL
                                                             93N             LOTUS SUPREME**
73F      HYACINTH (UK) floral scent
                                                             94R             MAGNOLIA
73R      HYACINTH (US)distinctly strong & unique
                                                             96N             MAJMUA, ATTAR **
                                                             95              MANGO, EXOTIC
74       INDIAN MUSK
                                                             95F             MANGO, TROPICAL
75       INFINITY
                                                             96P             MARJORAM
75M      INSIGHT
                                                             97              MAWAA
                                                             97M             MELKAH
76       JASMINE
                                                             97N             MOGRA** (Indian Jasmine)
77       JONTU
                                                             97R             MULBERRY
78       JOOP (M/W)
                                                             98M             MOROCCO MUSK
79       JOY, AFRIKAN
                                                             98              MYRRAH, TUNISIAN Sweet resinal
80       JOVAN MUSK (M/W)                              FM: one
                                                     quarter ounce      FM                        TG
81P      JUNIPER
                                                       glass Full
83       KNOWING                                     Moon design
84       KOURAS                                      Empty bottle
                                                      price; $1.00
85       KUSH                                                    ►

86       L’ AIR’ DU TEMP
                                                     SP: a little
87       LAUREN
                                                   less than one
                                                   quarter ounce                                       ▲
G1             G1: half                             Small Pond
                                SP                                                  TG: Temple of Gold design
             ounce glass                            design $10                            available in two sizes;
             bottle Globe                          Empty bottle                          One half ounce $25.00
             design. $25                            price; $1.00                        One third ounce $20.00
             Empty bottle                          ◄                               Empty bottle prices; $2.00 ea.
             price; $1.00
                                                                                              PAGE FIVE
                                          True Scents                           1870-449-4381

CODE #                                                             CODE #           ESSENCE OILS
                   ESSENCE OILS
99G                MYRRAH, MOROCCAN traditional
                                                                   116              PEACH DREAM
100G               NAG CHAMPA                                      115              PEACH sweet
100                NAIM                                            115F             PEACH, FUZZY #2 distinctly peachy
102N               NARCISSUS** (‘NARGIS‘)                          116F             PEACH, TROPICAL sweeter peach
102F               NEROLI slightly milder neroli                   118PR            PEPPERMINT
102R               NEROLI BLOSSOM true neroli                      121              PINE

103                NIGHT MUSK                                      121PG            PINEAPPLE

102                NIRVANA                                         122              QUORAM

104                NOREL                                           123              RAIN

105                NOUR , ORIENTAL                                 124N             RED MUSK (new & softly energizing)

106                OHAYBAH                                         127NZ            ROSE, BLACK

106M               OMBREROSE                                       124              ROSE, WHITE or RED Tunisian

107                OPIUM, DARK Tunis.Rich spicey                   126PR            ROSEMARY

                                                                   128              SAFARI (M/W)
108                OPIUM, WHITE (clear mild scent)
                                                                   134P             SANDALWOOD BREEZE 2
109F2              ORANGE , SWEET
                                                                   130              SANDALWOOD, ARABIAN soft,
110R               ORCHID #2                                                        tropical, sweet, coconut overtone

113                PATCHOULI NATURAL                               131G             SANDALWOOD, EASTERN soft,
113G               PATCHOULI, TUN. dark , rich & spicey

FLORAL SONG essence oil on SALE, 50% off any bottle .

   FB                                                                    S1    S2      S3         S4

                                                                     S1; ⅓ dram Tester vial $2.00            S5; -⅓ oz. (9
                                                                    S2; ½ dram Standard glass $3.00          ml) Standard
                                                          GLO       S3; one dm Standard glass $6.00          Special glass
                                                      GLO; one      S4; two dram Standard glass $10           bottle with
                                     C1                                                                      glass applica-
                                                      eighth oz.   Empty bottle price per each above;
                                                     (1dm) glass                 $1.00                        tor wand in
                                    C1; one           Gold Leaf                                              screw on top.
                                  eighth ounce                                                                 Empty; $1
                                  (1 dm) glass
                                                     Octagon w/          Find Essential oils and
  FB; one half ounce glass
                                   Cube (Mini        & gold leaf     their bottles on pages 8
                                  Tower –like)        printed on
  Flower Bud design. $25                                                      through 11.
                                  design $7.00         glass $7
   Empty bottle price $1
                                   Empty; $1          Empty; $1
                                      True Scents                                                   1800-615-3753

CODE #   ESSENCE OILS                                                               CODE #               ESSENCE OILS
132      SANDALWOOD, EGYPTIAN strong,                                               146                  VANILLA
         Unique and spicey

                                                                                    147F                 VANILLA, CREAMY
         Rich and traditional
                                                                                    148R                 VERBENA, LEMON
         Citrusy, sweet                                                             149PR                VETIVERT LIGHT

134F     SANDALWOOD, WOODY                               strong, sweet              150RM                VIOLET, AFRIKAN

68       SCENT AL JANNAT a heaven sent aroma                                        153                  WHITE LINEN

135      SERENITY                                                                   155                  WHITE NILE

136      SHALIMAR                                                                   157P                 WISTERIA

137      SHUSHAN                                                                    157R                 WISTERIA LILAC
                                                                                    158R                 YLANG YLANG
138R     SODALAH
                                                                                    160                  YOUTH DEW
139NZ    SPIKENARD, ANCIENT pleasantly
         ancient, intense                                                           161                  ZANZIBAR
139M     SUNFLOWER                                                                  162                  ZOHAR

                                                                                             OVER 190 ESSENCE OILS TO

141R     SWEET PEA                                                              R2; ⅓
                                                                                oz. Tall
143      SWEET RAIN                                                             roll-on         R2                    R4
                                                                                 glass          ◄
144      KILIMANZARABU                  a Tabu - to venture w/out it             bottle                               R4; 1 oz.
                                                                                $16.00.                               Roll-on
145      TATIANA                                                                Empty;                                $45.
                                                                                 $1.00                                Empty; $1
147PR    THYME

                   1 oz.                                                 empty $2
                   tower                                                  SB1
                    de-                                                                   R5; ½ oz. Roll-on
                    sign                                                                  flat tapered des. $26
                   bottle                                                                                ▲

                    $50                                                                                  R5                              R3
                      y         SB1; ⅓ oz Spray
                   price;       bottle. Black plas-
  SB2              $2.50        tic outer cover.$18                                                                                 R3; 2 dm appli-
                                Empty; $2.00                                                                                        cator top $13.
                                                                                                                  R1; 1 dm roll-on Empty $1.50
                                                                                            Empty $1 ▲             $9. Smooth or
                                                                                                                  decorative glass. PAGE SEVEN
                                                                                                                   Empty; $1.00
             True Scents                   -   ESSENTIAL OILS

5F       ANISEED essential                     35F      CLARY SAGE essential
         Pimpinella anisum (Spain)                      Salvia sclarea (China)

13F      BASIL essential                       36F      CLOVE BUD essential
         Ocinum basilicum (India)                       Eugenia caryophlatta (Indonesia)

14F      BAY essential                         36F2     CLOVE LEAF essential
         Laurus nobilis (Morocco)                       Eugenia caryophlatta (Madagascar)

15F      BERGAMOT essential                    40F      CORIANDER essential
         Citrus bergamia (Ivory Coast)                  Coriandum sativum (Russia)

16N      BENZOIN RESINOID LIQUID               41F      CYPRESS essential
         Essential Styrax benzoin (Siam)                Cupressus semperivirens (Austria)

17F      BIRCH, SWEET essential                51F      EUCALYPTUS essential
         Betula lenta (US)                              Eucalyptus radiata (Australia)
                                               53F      FENNEL, SWEET essential
18F      BLACK PEPPER essential                         Foeniculum vulgare (Hungary)
         Piper nigrum (India)
                                               54F      FIR NEEDLE, SIBERIAN essential
21N      CALAMUS essential (very                        Abies siberica (Austria)
         Acorus calamus                        56N/F    FRANKINCENSE** essential
                                                        Boswellia carterii
22F      CAMPHOR essential
         Cinnamonum camphora (China)           56N2     FRANKINCENSE RESINOID
                                                        Boswellia carterii
23F      CARAWAY SEED essential
         Carum carvi (France)                  61L/F2   GERANIUM, ROSE** essential
                                                        Pelargonium graveolens (Egypt)
23F2     CARDAMON** essential
         Elettaria cardamonum (India)          61F      GERANIUM essntl. Pelargonium
                                                        graveolens (China)
23N      CARROT SEED** essential
         Daucus carota                         62F      GINGER essential
                                                        Zingiber officinalis (India)
24F      CASSIA essential
         Cinnamonum cassia (China)             63F      GRAPEFRUIT essential
                                                        Citrus paradisi (US)
25L      CEDARWOOD essential
         Juniperus mexicana (Texas)            73F      HYSSOP** essential
                                                        Hyssopus officinalis (France)
25F      CEDARWOOD essential
         Cedrus deodorata (Himalayas)          81F      JUNIPER BERRY** essential
                                                        Juniperus communis (Croatia)
27F      CHAMOMILE, MAROC** esstl.
         Ormensis multicaulis (Morocco)        87F      LAVENDER essential (Bulgaria)
                                                        Lavandula angustifolium
33F      CINNAMON LEAF essential
         Cinnamon. zeylanicum (SriLanka)       87L      LAVENDER essential (Bulgaria)
                                                        Lavandula officinalis
34F      CITRONELLA essential
         Cymbopogon nardus (Indonesia)     SEE PAGE 10 FOR ESSENTIAL OIL BOTTLES.
                                           Pg. 9 for ORGANIC ESSENTIALS. THANK YOU.
                   True Scents                         -   ESSENTIAL OILS
89F          LEMON essential                       113N              PATCHOULY RICH slightly richer Po-
             Citrus limonum (Argentina)                              gostemon patchouly (Indones)

90F/N        LEMONGRASS essential                  116L              PENNYROYAL** essential
             Cymbopogon citratus (India)                             Mentha pulegium (Spain)

91F          LIME essential                        117F              PEPPERMINT essential
             Citrus aurantifolia (Mexico)                            Mentha piperita (India)

92F          MANDARIN, RED essential               121F              PINE essntl. Pinus sylvestris       Austria

             Citrus reticulata (Italy)
                                                   123F              RAVENSARA** essential
96F          MARJORAM essential                                      Ravensara aromatica, Madagascar
             Thymus masticina (spain)
                                                   125F              ROSEMARY essential
99N          MYRRAH RESINOID thick, rich                             Rosemarinus officinalis (Spain)
             Commiphora myrrha
                                                   126F              ROSEWOOD essential
99F          MYRRAH ** essential                                     Aniba rosaedora (Brazil)
             Commiphora myrrha (France)
                                                   129F              SAGE essential
100F         MYRTLE essential                                        Salvia lavandifolia (Spain)
             Myrtus communis (Tunisia)
                                                   129L              SAGE, DALMATIAN essential
101N         NEEM essential (India)                                  Salvia officinalis (Austria)

105F         NUTMEG essential                      140N              SPIKENARD*** essential (intensely
             Myristica fragrans (Indonesia)                          Jatamanshi nardostachys ancient, NEPAL)

106F         OAKMOSS ABSOLUTE** esstl.             140F              SPIKENARD** essential (Nepal)
             Evernia prunastri (France)                              Jatamanshi grandiflora intensely ancient

109F         ORANGE, SWEET essential               139F              SPEARMINT essential
             Citrus sinensis (Brazil)                                Mentha spicata (China)

111F         PALMAROSA essential                   109F              SWEET ORANGE essential
             Cymbopogon martinii (India)                             Citrus sinensis (Brazil)

113F         PATCHOULY essentl., traditional       143N              TAGETES** essential (calendula)
             Pogostemon cablin (Indonesia)                           Tagets minuta
                                                   143 F             TANGERINE essential
AE; ½ and One oz. Empty Amber colored glass                          Citrus reticulata (Mexico)
       bottles w/ dropper caps. $2.00 each

                          CERTIFIED ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS avail. on special request
                        Chamomile, Roman(Anthemis nobilis) U.K. Patchouli (Pogostemum cablin) Nepal
                        Eucaluptus (Eucalyptus globuluds) Portugal Peppermint (Mentha piperita) U.K.
                        Lavender (Lavandula angustifolium) France  Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) Italy
                        Lemon (Citrus limonum) Italy               Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) S. Afr.
                        Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) Sri Lanka Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) Australia

                                                                                                         PAGE 9
                           True Scents                         -   ESSENTIAL OILS

 144F           TEA TREE essential                       THERAPEUTIC GRADE
                Melaleuca alternifolia (Australia)

 145F           THYME, WHITE essential                  Oils found on pages 6 to 8 (to
                Thymus vulgaris (Spain)                 the left) are available in the
 149N/F         VETIVER** essential
                                                        bottles shown at the bottom of
                Vetiveria zizanoides                    this page. When preparing your
 156F/L         WINTERGREEN essential
                                                        order please note that oils with
                Gaultheria procumbens (US)              double stars are twice the cost
 158F           WORMWOOD** essential                    of the non star oils, three star
                Artemisia absinthium (Morocco)          oils are thrice the amount, and
 159F           YLANG YLANG RICH essential              so on. Please call 870-449-
                Canango odorata (Comores)               4381 for further assistance.
  True Scents Essentials are Therapeutic Grade Oils.
                                                        76F           JASMINE ABSOLUTE
                                                                      Jasminum officinale (India)

 More ESSENTIAL OILS ►                                  102F          NEROLI NATURAL
                                                                      Citrus aurantium (Tunisia)
 THERAPEUTIC GRADE ►                                    122F          ROSE ABSOLUTE
 Oils to the right are available                                      Rosa centifolia (Morocco)
 only in 1.7 ounce and 3.4                              130F          SANDALWOOD
 ounce sizes. (50ml & 100ml)                                          Santalum album (India)

 76F $454.00/ $716.00                                                 Bottles▼
                                                        Essential Oil Bottles
 102F2 $440.00/ $654.00
                                                        CB2; 50 ml (1.7 ounces) cobalt blue glass bottle
 122F $508.00/ $800.00                                        with dropper top $60. Empty; $2.50
 130F $372.00/ $624.00                                  CB3; 100 ml (3.4 ounces) cobalt blue glass bottle
                                                           with dropper top $105.00. Empty; $3.00

                     S1; ⅓ dram tester $2 AM; 3.7ml (1dm) S5; ⅓ oz. Screw CB; ⅓ ounce Cobalt Blue glass
                                                          top w/ glass wand with dropper top $15. Empty;
                      Empty; $1.00 each.   amber glass $6  applicator $15.
                     GB; ⅝ dm Green or Empty; $1.00 ea. Empty; $1.00 each   $2.00 ea. See above for CB2,3
                      Blue glass $5.00.
                       Empty; $2.00 each.
                              GB                   AM
                                                                                               CB, CB2,
                                                                                               & CB3


                              True Scents                  1870-449-4381

                                                    LIGHT BULB RINGS                128LO; CARSCENTER W/
More PRE-BOTTLED ESSENTIALS -                                                       10 PADS $16.00
                                                   (as shown above in bot-
THERAPEUTIC GRADE OILS                                                              128L; 10 Replacement pads
                                                       tom left corner)
Assorted Brands/High Quality Essentials                                             for Carscenter $3.00
                                                     #G62FR; SMOOTH
Available in 1/3 ounce or 1/2 ounce                      BRASS $4.00

 13N BASIL 1/2 oz. $20.00
     Ocimum sanctum
15W BERGAMOT 1/3 oz. $15.00                                                               CARSCENTER
50W EUCALYPTUS 1/3 oz. $15.00
53W FENNEL 1/3 oz. $15.00
                                                                   800PD;  ;
56N FRANKINCENSE** 1/2 oz. $40.00                                  SCENTBALL
     Boswellia carterii                                            ROOM DIF- DIF-
56N2 FRANKINCENSE RESINOID 1/2 oz. $20                             FUSER w/
     Boswellia carterii                                            5 cotton
56W FRANKINCENSE** 1/3 oz. $30.00                                  pads $14.50
61N GERANIUM, BOURBON** 1/2 oz.$40                                       ; Re-
                                                                   800L; Re-                  125WR
     Pelargonium odorantissimum                                    placement
81N JUNIPERBERRY** 1/2 oz. $40.00                                  pads (5)          125WR; AMBER BOX $9
     Juniperus communis                                            $3.00                                Am-
                                                                                     Box contains 5 gms Am-
87W LAVENDER 1/3 oz. $15.00                                                                 ber Resin.
95W MANDARIN 1/3 oz. $15.00
99W MYRRH** 1/3 oz. $30.00                                                              The wonders of
111N PALMAROSA 1/2 oz. $20.00                                                              Oil of
116L PENNYROYAL*** 1/3 oz. $45.00
117W PEPPERMINT 1/3 oz. $15.00                                                            Oregano
126W ROSEWOOD 1/3 oz. $15.00                                                         be prepared for the
130W SANDALWOOD***** 1/3 oz. $75.00                                                  possibilities…
140N SPIKENARD *** 1/2 oz. $80.00
                                                                                          1 ounce size:
     Jatamansi nardostachys
                                                                                      Extra Strength $31.00
145W TEA TREE 1/3 oz. $15.00                                                          Super Strength $58.00
149N VETIVER** 1/2 oz. $40.00
     Vetiveria zizanoides                           The Super Strength is the most potent Oregano Oil
159W YLANG YLANG 1/3 oz. $15.00                     you can find and it is also 100% Organic Food
123F RAVENSARA** 1/3 oz. $30.00                     Grade Eco Certified product. It is recommend for
                                                    experienced oregano oil users. The super strength
                                                    has less olive oil content and it is very powerful.
The Extra Strength Oregano Oil is one of the best This is used by people that have been using oregano
in the market. It is far stronger than other brands oil and want more concentration of carvacrol.
and is loved by people that want to use a 100%      The Oregano oil offered herein is prepared in a
Organic Food Grade Eco Certified product. The       plant in Turkey which holds organic and quality
extra strength oregano oil is blended with pure ol- control certifications.
ive oil for ease of consumption.

                                                                                          PAGE ELEVEN
                 1800 - 615 – 3753    True Scents                 1870-449-4381

                 Assorted Diffusers Page
DIFFUSER Neckpieces $23.00 Pewter, 24” Chain                                      Neckpieces
                                                                                   See all designs
                                                                                  available to left.

                                     Celtic Knot
        Celtic Cross


                                          Oriental Dome               Heart

Made of Pewter, these silver colored neckpieces with 24” rhodium plated chain are a creative way
 to utilize the benefits of Aromatherapy. Apply a few drops of essential oil to one of the cotton
  pads that comes with the pendant, place inside the pendant, and take the therapeutic values of
the oil with you subtly all day. $23.00 each. Ten unscented replacement pads available at $2.00
♦   DRAGONFLY                         ♦ CELTIC                ♦ ORIENTAL DOME
♦   FAIRY                             ♦ CELTIC CROSS          ♦ HEART
                                      ♦ CELTIC KNOT

                    1800 - 615 – 3753     True Scents                       1870-449-4381

                          SPECIALTY EMPTY BOTTLE PRICES

L1         *Amber Glass 1/2 ounce $2.00 w/eyedropper top
L2         *Amber Glass 1 ounce $2.00 w/eyedropper top
F1         *Cobalt Blue 1/3 oz. (10ml) $1.50 w/dropper insert, top & seal
F2         *Cobalt Blue 1.7 oz. (50ml) $2.50 w/dropper insert, top & seal
F3         *Cobalt Blue 3.4 oz. (100ml) $3.00 w/dropper insert, top & seal
N1         *Crystal Clear Square 1/3 oz. $5.00 w/glass stopper
N2         *Emerald Green Sq. 1/3 oz. $5.50 w/glass stopper
N3         *Cobalt Blue Square 1/3 oz.$5.50 w/glass stopper
N4         *Blue Bottle w/ridges 1/3 oz. $5.00 top with tassel/funnel incl.
N5         *Green Bottle w/ridges 1/3 oz. $5.00 top with tassel/funnel incl.
N6         *Clear Glass Sunflower 1/4 ounce $5.00 gold cap with tassel

                                        F1-F3                     N6                           L1-L2

TEMPERED GLASS BOWLS             (not shown)    For more empty bottles
            ANY SIZE $5.00                      please see bottles listed
#H406R– MEDIUM, 3 INCH DIAMETER                 for Essence oils and Es-
#H407R– LARGE, 4.25 INCH DIAMETER                 sential oils offerings.


         (not shown)
                                                                N4                    N5
    ANY SIZE $5.00              N1-N3
#H418R– SMALL, 2 1/2
#H085R– MED., 3 INCH
#H419R– LARGE, 3.5”
These soapstone bowls may
also be used for candles, in-
cense, etc.

                                                                                        PAGE THIRTEEN
                1800 - 615 – 3753     True Scents                           1870-449-4381

                                  Soapstone Diffusers
                             Twin Dolphins

                                                   Twin Dolphins
                                                                            Twin Dolphins



                                        J846A        H608R                                          H561R
     H605R                                                                 H555R

From top, left to right: (for replacement diffuser bowls see page 13)
J867A          TWO TONE TRIANGLES DIFFUSER 5”h x 3.5”w                                              $16.00
J896H320646 TWIN DOLPHINS DIFFUSER, varied designs, basic 5”h x 6”w                                 $19.00
               (generally, Nazir Art Crafts will choose)
H554R          EASTERN TWILIGHT , Two Tone 5”h                                                      $18.00
H459R          COLLECTIVE EFFORT 3.5”h x 3.5” Top deep                                              $15.00
J899A          THE THRESHOLD, WITH SLIDING DOOR 4”h X 3”w                                           $16.00
J889A          SIAMESE ELEPHANTS 1 , THREE PIECE, 4”h x 2.75”w                                      $15.00
H609R N/A SIAMESE ELEPHANTS 2, THREE PIECE, 3.75”h x 4.5”h                                          $17.00
H605R          GANESHA 4.5”h                                                                        $18.00
J846A          TRIPLE BUDDHA 5”h x 5.75”d                                                           $21.00
H608R          FLOWERS AND VINES, THREE PIECE, 4”H                                                  $12.00
H555R          FROGS IN THE GARDEN 4.5”h X 3.5”d                                                    $17.00
H561R          OM DIFFUSER 3.25”h x 2.5”w                                                           $9.00
Approximate dimensions shown. Diffusers have a door for easy placement of tealight. Three piece diffusers lift
up for easy placement of tealight. Stone colors may vary from photos shown. For diffusers on SALE see next pg

               1800 - 615 – 3753      True Scents                                   1870-449-4381

                         H614R                TEALIGHTS 10 candles in metal cups                             $2.50
                         FOR USE IN DIFFUSERS SHOWN ON PAGES 14 AND 15.

                                            Insect “Repulscent“
                          Truly All Natural essential oil blend with Neem. An offering by
                          Nahziryah Monastic Community. Oil based formulas. No alco-
                          hol. Simply shake before spraying. Contains Essential oils,
                          neem oil from India, sweet almond oil and pure water.
                          Two oz. Glass Spray bottle$15.00
                          One oz. Glass Spray bottle $9.00
                                                                          True Scents Hair Replenisher Oil
126MV SANDAL AMBER PASTE                                                     Rosemary Essential Oil Blend
     4 grams , tiny jar $9.00                                    A Special Botanical Blend To Nourish the Scalp & Hair
     10 grams , small jar $18.00                               Available in clear glass spray bottle: ◊ one ounce $18.00
Also known as “Amber Pitna” this is a natural                                   and ◊ two ounce $36.00
                                                         Simply massage oil on scalp & into hair once a day. Results will be
product for use on skin made in India                        even more astounding when used with an improved diet!

                           ALL NATURAL MASSAGE OILS
 Hand Blended at Nahziryah Monastic Community by Nazir Art Crafts (where
          you’ll find some of the original and true “Purple People”)
                                  Massage Oils in over 200 fragrances
                                healing, soothing, heavenly…
                        high quality massage oils - new stronger scent!
                       in pure vegetable base of sweet almond oil, or
                    grapeseed oil. Any Essence oil of your choice (pg 3-7)
                        Essential oils available for this offering are;

                    CAMPHOR 22F                              PATCHOULY 113F/N
                    CEDARWOOD 22L/F                          PEPPERMINT 117F/L
                    EUCALYPTUS 51F                           PINE 121F
                    GERANIUM 61F                             RED MANDARIN 92F
                    LAVENDER 87F                             YLANG YLANG 159F

                        PUMP CAP              MASSAGE OILS ARE OF-                     SQUEEZE CAP
                         BOTTLE                                                          BOTTLE
                                              FERED IN TWO DIFFER-
                        $18.00                ENT 8 OUNCE BOTTLES                        $16.00
                                                                                                           PAGE FIFTEEN
               1800 - 615 – 3753    True Scents                          1870-449-4381

Peace be with all,
The Reverend had this information comprised for those who have inquiries concerning the difference
between the essential/essence oils that Nazir Art Crafts/TRUE SCENTS offers.
The bulk of the essential oils that the TRUE SCENTS line carries are obtained from associate families
and/ or communities that have been involved with the ancient art, science and tradition of fragrances
for many centuries now. According to these sources: There are two kinds of scents; ones which occur
in nature, such as Sandalwood, Patchouli and then there are others which are blended from a variety
of natural ingredients. Due to the prohibitive costs of supplying nature's oils, sometimes a perfumer
blends the naturally occurring oils with other aromatic compounds. The art and science of a perfumer
is evident in the fragrances he creates
The difference in the oils offered through the TRUE SCENTS line is chiefly in the method of extrac-
tion. Technically speaking, an essential oil is extracted from plant material by two main methods; sim-
ple expression (or pressure) or by steam, water or dry distillation. Distinguishing the difference be-
tween essential and concretes or absolutes (fragrances obtained by methods other than steam distilla-
tion or pressure) is sometimes very difficult. However, the essentials are very loose - much like water,
have no oily feel to them, evaporate quickly (volatile) and the cost of a fragrance is sometimes a lot
more expensive than its' counterpart; concretes, absolutes and oil blends. Essential oils should be
stored in tightly sealed, dark colored glass bottles - for light rays, air and excessive heat will quickly de-
teriorate the essence of the oils. However, when obtaining essential oils in small quantities, clear glass
is permissible providing the bottles are kept in the dark (ex. - drawer, purse, pouch, etc.) until ready
for use. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, therefore having very potent therapeutic
values. Each drop is equal to at least one ounce of plant matter.
Many aromatic oils from plants contain a few major constituents, several minors and a larger number
of trace elements. It is virtually impossible to totally reconstruct such a complex combination of com-
ponents which includes all of the trace elements. Most "nature identical" oils are said to be 96% accu-
rate - with the remaining 4% of trace elements being non-duplicated. It is the synergistics of the spe-
cific combination of hundreds of constituents naturally provided to each plant (including trace ele-
ments) that give the essential oils therefrom their valuable therapeutic/healing properties.
For clarity purposes; essential oils not extracted via steam or pressure shall henceforth be referred to
as essence oils. Essence oils are derived in a variety of ways from flowers, barks, leaves, roots or resins.
Concretes - The aromatic plant matter is extracted by organic solvents such as hydro-carbon. Con-
cretes are more stable and concentrated than unmodified essential oils.
Resinoids - Oils from natural resins such as frankincense, myrrh, amber, benzoin, etc.
extracted by hydro-carbon solvents. Occasionally the ethanol soluble fraction of a resinoid is
called an absolute.
Absolutes - Obtained by taking the concretes through a second process of ethanol extraction or liquid
carbon dioxide. With the latter process, the oils produced are of excellent aroma
quality and entirely free of unwanted solvent residues or non-volatile matter.
All the above methods go through a final process of solvent removal. These techniques are used
worldwide for higher yield or to obtain products that cannot be obtained by any other process.

                  1800 - 615 – 3753        True Scents                                 1870-449-4381

An example of this is when an essential oil would be adversely affected by hot water and steam, as is
the case with Jasmine - concretes or absolutes would be used; they also produce a more true-to-
nature- fragrance.
The fragrance industry requires continuity in its' products - as well as a means of obtaining a scent
without it's prohibitive costs - considering one pound of essential oil requires 50 lbs. of eucalyptus, 150
lbs. of lavender, 500 lbs. of sage, thyme or rosemary and 2000 - 3000 lbs. of rose. Thus, perhaps is the
main reason and practicality of formulating oil blends and creating scents from various aromatic com-
pounds also found in nature. However not all synthesized aromas are of the same quality. Some oils on
the market are clearly artificial imitations of natural fragrances. Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD) sees to
it that Nazir Art Crafts carries some of the best and finest natural oil blends available today. Nazir Art
Crafts' TRUE SCENTS oils are free of alcohol and derived from natural, all-vegetable sources - includ-
ing the musks. Use TRUE SCENTS oils in aromatherapy, as a non-alcoholic perfume, as an incense, as
an ingredient in natural soaps, body care products and candles. Try Tangerine oil to bring cheer and
light into you life…, Sandalwood to promote a deeper connection to Spirit…, Patchouli for a sense of
strength, groundedness and as an insect repellant…, Rose to enhance creativity and a union of physical
and spiritual love, and to relieve postnatal depression…, Frankincense and/or Myrrh; two of the most
highly treasured and costly substance of ancient civilization - evoking a sense of inspiration, faith, inner
strength and stability. Try any of the TRUE SCENTS line of oils and experience for yourself. Those us-
ing TRUE SCENTS oils often remark on the peace and tranquility that the oils carry with them and
compliments abound concerning the superior strength and quality that the TRUE SCENTS line of es-
sence oils have, unlike some oils and commercial scents; TRUE SCENTS essence oils ARE alcohol free
and HIGHLY concentrated, so they last for hours and some for days and TRUE SCENTS essential oils
are of the finest quality available as well.
Whether you are selecting an essential oil or essence oil through Nahziryah Monastic Community /
Nazir Art Crafts TRUE SCENTS - rest assured that you are selecting some of the best, purest, uncut,
unreduced oils available. Thank you very much.

In Truth, In Light, In Love
Peace be with you all
Nahziryah Monastic Community and 1870-449-4381 anytime.

   Aromatic compound - any of a class of organic compounds containing an unsaturated ring of carbon atoms, as benzene, nap-
thalene, anthracene and their derivatives, and usually having an agreeable odor. Hydro -carbon - any of a class of compounds con-
          taining only hydrogen and carbon, as an alkane, methane, CH4 etc., or an aromatic compound; benzene, C6H6.
 Perfume - 1. A substance, extract or preparation for diffusing or imparting an agreeable or attractive smell. 2. The scent, odor or
        volatile particle emitted by substances that smell agreeably. -Syn.: essence, attar, scent, incense, aroma, fragrance.
  Therapeutic - of or related to the treatment of mental / physical disease or disorders by remedial agents or methods; medicinal.

                                                                                                         PAGE SEVENTEEN
                                      Nahziryah Monastic Community
                                        Path of Mystic Enlightenment
                                      The Nazir Order of the Purple Veil

Many paths - One goal. Many names - ONE DIVINE CREATOR, Source of All That Is. Uni-
versal Consciousness. Highest Spiritual Evolution. Our Order is the Nazir Order of the Purple
Veil. Purple is a color of the highest spiritual vibratory rate. This is the color of the age of en-
lightenment, the age of universal consciousness, the age which the world is now embarking
on. Our beliefs, our way of life are founded in Truth. Truth which is beyond any one religion.
Truth which is found in all religions. We align ourselves with That which Is.
What is our religion? - all of them. Where are we from? - everywhere. We strive to transcend
all limitations. We offer you a glimpse of this truth... We are all from the same place, we are
all from the same source. The Creator is our father and mother, the universe - cosmos is our
home. We limit our consciousness and understanding when we do not take our birthright, as
Beings of the Divine Essence of All That Is, Was and Ever Shall Be. Our consciousness nar-
rows when we crystallize ourselves in the consciousness of being from a country, a state, a
city, a street, a house, a spot and so on. We are not these bodies. We expand our consciousness
and our understanding when we align with the higher Truths of Being.
In our quest for spiritual attainment, we harmonize the physical, mental and spiritual aspects
of our being - to bring it into "at-one-ment". We live a simple, monastic, community life. We
reside at our monastery; Nahziryah Monastic Community, Retreat for Meditation and Holistic
Living, where we do organic gardening to help sustain the Community's dietary needs. We
work hard, study, meditate and our diet is vegetarian-vegan (non-diary). To support the Com-
munity and the effort toward consciousness expansion and further spiritual development
throughout all existence, - in truth, in light, in love, wisdom, knowledge and understanding,
(may peace prevail on earth as in heaven), we make and sell art crafts, as well as metaphysical/
esoteric, spiritual literature of all faiths, recordings and meditation supplies. An initiate of the
Nazir Order of the Purple Veil wears all purple monastic garments at all times, and all live-in
members of Nahziryah Monastic Community; brothers and sisters, dress uniformly - according
to like gender. You will find live-in members of Nahziryah Monastic Community and our Or-
der very seldom travel alone, never engaging in frivolous talk. We are reclusive.
A true member of Nahziryah Monastic Community and the Nazir Order of the Purple Veil,
will first, foremost and always proclaim Nazirmoreh (All Blessings and Respect Due) as his or
her Spiritual Teacher and Guide. Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.) nurtures us in a spiritual and univer-
sal love for all beings; for all are fellow travelers on the spiritual journey. With an open heart
and far reaching vision, Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.) guides the Nazir children of light onward and
upward - to embrace the All in All. Who are these children of light? Those who would choose,
those who hear the call and have come to give their All...BEHOLD THE ONE IN ALL.
                                       In Truth, In Light, In Love
                                           Peace be with you
                                                All In All
                                   Nahziryah Monastic Community
                                    Nazir Order of the Purple Veil
                             ...MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH...
                    Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher and Director -
                               the Reverend Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.) ...
                  Founder and Spiritual Head of Nahziryah Monastic Community
                                and the Nazir Order of the Purple Veil
                             Ordering Form                                      SHIPPING and HANDLING SCHEDULE:
           To place your order, call the Monastery or mail in this              via USPS - You should receive package
            completed form. MAILING FEES SCHEDULE TO                            within 2-4 business days... (domestic) Please
          RIGHT. (Mailing address on reverse side ). 1-870-449-4381             note: the following prices are estimates - the
                                                                                final total will be adjusted with exact shipping
                                                                                and handling costs prior to actual shipment
                                                                                (essential and essence oils orders will generally
                              *required fields
                                                                                be less than stated amount). Thank you.
SHIP TO:                                                                        (international orders, add $5.00)
*First, Last Name: _________________________________________________            $00.01 - $16.................. $5.00
                                                                                $16.01 - $35.................. $6.00
*Address: ________________________________________________________              $35.01 - $50...................$7.00
          ________________________________________________________              $50.01 - $65...................$8.00
*Telephone: __________________e-mail: ______________________________            $65.01 - $80...................$9.00
BILL TO: (if different from ship to)                                            $80.01 - $100.................$10.00
*Full Name shown on card: __________________________________________            $100.01 - $200...............$11.50
                                                                                $200.01 - $300...............$12.50
                                                                                $300.01 - $400...............$13.50
*Address: ________________________________________________________              $400.01 - $500...............$14.50
           _______________________________________________________              $500.01 - $600...............$16.00
*Telephone: __________________ e-mail: _____________________________            $600.01 - $700...............$17.50
Check form of payment:                                                          $700.01 - $800...............$19.00
□ AMEX □ DISCOVER □ MASTERCARD □ VISA □ CHECK □MONEYOR.                         $800.01 - $900...............$20.50
Card Number:_____________________________________Exp. Date:_______              OPTIONAL INSURANCE: (domestic)
Please make check or money order payable to “KEDEM”.                            $00.01 - $50.................. $1.35 cents
                                                                                $50.01 - $100................ $2.30
Thank you very much                                                             $100.01 - $5000.............. $2.30 plus $1.05 per
                                                                                $100 or fraction thereof over $100.

QTY       ITEM #                                  DESCRIPTION                                       AMOUNT            TOTAL

EMBRACE THE LOVE FROM ABOVE...       Thank you very much for                   SHIPPING & HANDLING: ____________
MAY LOVE TRANSCEND ON EARTH...           your contribution
                                                                                            FINAL TOTAL: ____________

                               Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher and Director -
                            Rev. Nazirmoreh (ABRD), Founder, Spiritual Head and Director of
                                             Nahziryah Monastic Community,
  Nazir Order of the Purple Veil, Nazir Art Crafts, Veil of Truth, Cloak of Wisdom, True Scents, True Sense Publications
                                             and Wholistic Living Supplies.
       1800 - 615 – 3753   True Scents   ™   1870-449-4381

Rev. Baba Nazirmoreh Kedem
Nahziryah Monastic Community
Nazir Path 970 MC 5029
St Joe AR 72675, US


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