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					2004- 2005
           SERVICE INC.

                 MISSION STATEMENT

To promote the basic human rights of women and children from N.E.S.B.

            so that they may live free of domestic violence,

  and offer them culturally responsive services within a social justice

            framework, which will enable them to achieve

their maximum potential as members of Australian multicultural society.

                            MWSAS’ Mission Statement



 ( Funding & Service Agreement’s extract )
         Extended until 31st October 2005

               M.W.S.A.S.’ Service Schedule

                               Funding                          Program

Department of Family and Community                                   Department for Families
               Services                                                 and Communities

Commonwealth Administration                                                State Administration


                                  MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE

                                             M ANAGER

          SERVICE                              DELIVERY                      ADMINISTRATION
   Client Services Provision          SAAP Accommodation Outlets

                                                                        30% of salary funds utilised on
    70% of salary funds spent on direct client service delivery           managerial / administrative
                                     MWSAS' Memberships:

                         Coalition of Women's Domestic Violence Services of SA
                         Migrant Women's Lobby Group
                         Women's Emergency Services National Network-WESNET
                         Multicultural Communities Council of SA
                         Homelessness SA
                         Australian Federation of Homelessness Organisations
                         Migrant Resource Centre

                                       MWSAS' Organisational Chart

 2004 – 2005

   MWSAS’ Demographics 2004-2005
                                         2004 - 2005

                    MWSAS’ ANNUAL OUTPUT LEVELS

OUTPUTS           OUTREACH                        ACCOMMODATION
 ANNUAL                                  MWSAS’ Cluster             Independent          TOTAL
                                           Housing                     SAAP
                                                 (3 units)          (MWSAS’ Transition

  Aimed         168 clients & children       24 clients &            48 clients &         240
                                               children               children

   Actual          184 clients &            20 Clients &             78 clients &         282
(July ’2004 -      168 children             30 Children             103 children
 June 2005)

                    + 16 clients             - 4 clients             + 30 clients         + 42
VARIABLE            & children               & children              & children

                                    MWSAS’ Demographics 2004-2005
2004 - 2005 PROFILE OF SERVICE USERS -Proportion of Ethnic Groups Serviced
                             Number of                         Number of
       Ethnic Group                         Percentage                      Total
 No.                          Women                             Children
  1    Vietnamese               43              16%               51        94
  2    fmr.Russian              38              13%               28         66
  3    Filipina                 26                9%              27         53
  4    fmr. Yugoslavia          24                8%              18         42
  5    Greek                    18                6%              16         34
  6    Sudanese                 15             5.82%              34         49
  7    Iranian                  14               5%               11         25
  8    Polish                   10             3.50%              5          15
  9    Salvadorian              8                3%               14         22
 10    Chinese                  8                3%               5         13
 11    Italian                  7              2.50%              0           7
 12    Iraqi                    6                2%               8         14
 13    Indian                   6                2%               5         11
 14    Turkish                  4              1.50%              8         12
 15    Lebanese                 4              1.50%              6         10
 16    Ethiopian                4              1.50%              5           9
 17    Colombian                4              1.50%              3           7
 18    Maori (NZ)               3                1%               13        16
 19    Thai                     3                1%               5          8
 20    Afghani                  3                1%               3          6
 21    Hungarian                3                1%               0          3
 22    Maroccan                 2              0.75%              4          6
 23    Cambodian                2              0.75%              3          5
 24    Portugese                2              0.75%              2          4
 25    Argentinian              2              0.75%              1          3
 26    Indonesian               2              0.75%              1          3
 27    Eritrean                 1              0.35%              3          4
 28    Laosian                  1              0.35%              3          4
 29    New Guinean              1              0.35%              3          4
 30    Vanuatuan                1              0.35%              3          4
 31    Chilean                  1              0.35%              2          3
 32    Japanese                 1              0.35%              2          3
 33    Peruvian                 1              0.35%              2          3
 34    Rumanian                 1              0.35%              2          3
 35    Uygur                    1              0.35%              2          3
 36    Zimbabwean               1              0.35%              1          2
 37    Taiwanese                1              0.35%              1          2
 38    Malaysian                1              0.35%              1          2
 39    Austrian                 1              0.35%              0          1
 40    Egyptian                 1              0.35%              0          1
 41    Fijian                   1              0.35%              0          1
 42    German                   1              0.35%              0          1
 43    Kenyan                   1              0.35%              0          1
 44    Somali                   1              0.35%              0          1
 45    South African            1              0.35%              0          1
 46    Timorese                 1              0.35%              0          1
 47    Spanish                  1              0.35%              0          1

 47    TOTAL                   282            100%               301       583
                               MWSAS' Demographics 2004-2005
       MWSAS' Demographics 2004 - 2005
                                                   ETHNIC COMMUNITIES MOST FREQUENTLY ACCESSING MWSAS



Level of Demand







                       Vietnamese   fmr. Russian    Middle-   Filipina     African-      fmr.         Greek       Spanish-   Polish   Chinese   Italian   Others
                                                    eastern              background   Yugoslavia                  speaking

                                                                                        Ethnic Groups

                                                                         2004/05                                      2003/04

                                                                                      MWSAS' Demographics 2004-2005

Ability to communicate in                    No. of          Percentage
English - language                        Service Users

*     None                                       38              13%

*     Little                                   119               43%

*     Good                                       94              33%

*     Very Good                                  31              11%

      Total                                    282              100%


Age Groups                               No. of             Percentage
in Years                              Service Users

*     Not known                                 18               6%

*     18 - 24                                   25                9%

*     25 - 34                                   81               28%

*     35 - 44                                   84               29%

*     45 - 54                                   46               17%

*     55 - 64                                   18                6%

*     65<                                       10                5%

    Total                                      282              100%

                            MWSAS’ Demographics 2004-2005
                    Service Users' English Skills Comparison
                          between 2004/05 and 2003/04




60                                                                                   03-04



           None              Little                Good             Very good

                        Service Users' Age Group Comparison
                            between 2004/05 and 2003/04







           Not    18 to 24   25 to 34   35 to 44     45 to 54    55 to 64   65 and
          Known                                                             above

                                 MWSAS’ Demographics 2004-2005

Period in Years                             No. of            Percentage
                                         Service Users

*     Not known                                 28              10%
*     > 1 year                                  39              13%
*     > 2 years                                 41              15%
*     > 5 years                                 40              15%
*     6 > 10 years                              58              20%
*     11 > 20 years                             43              16%
*     21 > 30 years                             16               5%
*     31 >                                      17               6%
     Total                                     282             100%

                                            No. of           Percentage
                                         Service Users

 *    With dependent children                  236              83%

*     Without accompanying                      46              17%

     Total                                     282             100%


                                           No. of            Percentage
                                        Service Users

*     High / Average needs                     232              82%

*     Casual Clients                            50              18%

     Total                                     282             100%

                             MWSAS’ Demographics 2004-2005

No.   Referred by                                                   No. of Referrals   Percentage

 1    SELF /RELATIVE/FRIEND                                               124             44%

 2    DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CRISIS                                             36             12%

 7    S.A. POLICE                                                          27             10%
      FYI Units /Police Stations: Adelaide
      Pt. Adelaide, Elizabeth, Holden Hill, Murr. Br.

14    ETHNO-SPECIFIC SERVICES                                              21              8%
      Migrant Resource Centre
      Vietnamese Community Assoc. of SA
      Migrant Health Service
      Catholic Migrant Service
      Polish Assoc. S.A.
      Muslim Association S.A.
      Chinese Overseas Students Assoc.

20    CENTRELINK - Torrensville, Noarlunga                                  9            3.5%
      Adelaide, Kilkenny Salisbury, Modbury

21    TAFE - LM /Special ESL                                                8              3%

25    COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRES                                              8              3%
      Parks, Salisbury, Southern Wom.'s Health
      Women's Health Statewide

20    CRACAS / CRISIS CARE                                                  4             1.5%

      Q.E.H., R.A.H., FMl, L. McEwen                                        4             1.5%

32    CYFS / FAYS                                                           4             1.5%
      Pt. Augusta, Woodville

                                    MWSAS' Demographics 2004-2005

No. Referred by                                                       No. of Referrals   Percentage

36   OTHER WOMEN'S SERVICES                                                   4             1.5%

37   LEGAL SERVICES COMMISSION                                                4             1.5%

38   WESLEY UNITING MISSION                                                   3              1%

57   OTHER SERVICES                                                          26              8%
     S.A. Housing Trust
     UNI S.A.
     High School
     Relationships Australia
     Electorate Office
     Shine SA
     General Practitioner/s
     Family Day Care
     Thebarton Senior College
     Telephone Interpreting Service
     Women's Information Service
     Mental Health Service
     Primary School - Brompton
     Vacational College
     Down Syndrome Association

57   TOTAL                                                                  282            100%

                                      MWSAS' Demographics 2004-2005

 SERVICE                                                                       NON - SAAP              GRAND
                                 SAAP HOUSING                                   HOUSING
  USERS                                                                                                TOTAL

                                 MWSAS                  Other Private     Other
                                                        SAAP    Rental (Hotel, Motel,
                    Transition Houses      Cluster                          etc)
                     (Independent SAAP) Housing (SAAP) Services

   Women                   78                   20                 -           -            2            100
Carried over from
   prev. year

  Children                103                   30                 -           -            3            136

     Total                181                   50                 -           -            5            236


              1.      Vietnamese                     14      Women             18       Children
              2.      Fmrl. Russian                   8      Women             10       Children
              3.      Fmrl. Yugoslav                  7      Women              3       Children
              4.      Polish                          6      Women              1       Children
              5.      Filipina                        5      Women              5       Children
              6.      Sudanese                        5      Women             12       Children
              7.      Chinese                         3      Women              2       Children
              8.      Iranian                         3      Women              5       Children
              9.      Iraqi                           3      Women              4       Children
             10.      Lebanese                        3      Women             10       Children
             11.      Other                          44      Women             63       Children
             33       Ethnic Backgrounds             54      Women             70       Children

Length of Stay in Crisis Housing

          Time                                   2004 - 2005                2003 - 2004           2002 - 2003
Average length of stay                              44 days                   47 days               46 days
Maximum length of stay                             153 days                  231 days              200 days
Minimum length of stay                               1 day                     1 day                 1 day

The Duration of Tenancies Completed During 2004-2005 and 2002-2003

                                                                               2004-       2003-        2002 -
   FINANCIAL YEARS                                                             2005        2004          2003

   Number of tenancies less than 3 months                                          77       69           81

   Number of tenancies between 3 months and less than 6 months                     20       32           19

   Number of tenancies between 6 months and less than 12 months                    1         1           1

   Number of tenancies between 12 months and less than 18 months                   -         -            -

                                  Total                                            98       102         101

                                          MWSAS’ Demographics 2004 - 2005

     Marta Lohyn

     Milenka Vasekova

     Lan Nguyen

     Steve McEwen

        Reports 2004 - 2005

I am pleased as always to welcome you to this, our General Annual Meeting in 2005. As usual, the
previous year has been full and busy and I would like at the outset to acknowledge and thank our hard
working Treasurer, Lan Nguyen and our Secretary, Jacky Dakin, both of whom took over from the
long serving Judith Blake and Jan Dolman respectively. Needless to say, they have performed their
duties excellently.

Probably one of the more significant events of the last year was MWSAS’ 20 th Anniversary
celebration. This occurred on the 23rd February 2005 and was held at Parliament House. It was a very
successful event and we were fortunate to have in attendance not only state politicians like the
Honourable Stephanie Key, our host for the event and Minister for the Status of Women and the
Honourable Vini Ciccarello, Member for Norwood, but also the Federal Minister, Senator the
Honourable Kay Patterson, Minister for Family and Community Services and the Minister assisting
the Prime Minister for Women’s Issues. Minister Patterson, Minister Key and the Honourable Vini
Ciccarello all spoke about the important issues for NESB women dealing with domestic violence and
affirmed the valuable and unique role of MWSAS in helping such women. We were also extremely
fortunate to have three very interesting women speak about the history of MWSAS: Tina Karanastasis
talked about the establishment of MWSAS, Nadia Zivkovic spoke about the early years of MWSAS
and Debra McCulloch reflected on the time of restructure in domestic violence services. All the talks
were entertaining, insightful and revealed the very strong commitment to and passion for this
wonderful service and its evolution. Singer songwriter and psychologist Ian Coats also wrote a
beautiful and moving song especially for MWSAS and performed it on the day; you will find the lyrics
of his song in this report on page 30.

On the business side of things, as noted above, this has been a busy year and demand for MWSAS’
services continues to be strong. Unfortunately however, although the federal government has
committed some $23 million to their “Violence Against Women, Australia Says No” campaign, little
of this resource was devoted to advertising in languages other than English, and thus the communities
which MWSAS services, predominantly will not benefit from or access this national campaign. I
seem to make this point every year and I will make it again now. The needs of non English speaking
women who are victims of domestic violence are often overlooked, minimised or simply just not
noticed. Perhaps one day, when the world is a better place and this no longer occurs, there will be no
need for an MWSAS. In the meantime, we continue with our efforts to make our voice heard so that
the women and children we assist are not overlooked.

In 2003 and 2004, I spoke about a group of NESB women and children slipping through the net of
government support. They are without income, because due to their immigration status they do not
meet the criteria, which would qualify them to access financial help from the government. Their state
of poverty is a direct result of the rules and regulations governing the visa category under which they
entered Australia. Unfortunately, I have nothing positive to report about progress with this issue.
There are still NESB women and children in our community, who have no income support and no
access to Medicare and who would not survive without the goodwill of non government community
services and church communities. MWSAS made a commitment a long time ago not to refuse crisis
accommodation, as well as emotional and practical support to homeless NESB women and children,
even if they are unable to pay. Although MWSAS' Treasurer will explain in her report, that this is
increasingly difficult as our funding levels have remained the same for a number of years.

In closing, I must as always, acknowledge the excellent leadership of our Manager, Milenka
Vasekova, the staff who continue to do such excellent work and my colleagues on the Management
Committee whose commitment to the service is reflected in their generous contribution of time and

                                        Chairperson's Report 2004-2005
NO LONGER STRANGERS         c 2005 Words & Music by Ian Coats

1. We’re blown on the winds
Tossed on the waves of fate
From far-flung glimpses of dirt
To the strangest country on earth
That refuses to yield to our cry
Or embrace our efforts to hide
From the tyrannies we’ve fled
And the broken lives we’ve led

Chorus 1: So we’re strangers in the strangest land
Lonely pilgrims in a band
Holding out for a gracious touch
Looking for a friend to lend a helping hand

2. Well we’re thrown up on beaches in storms
From the silent reaches of norms
That prevail where rivers of hurt
Run private and wild
Where the currents of trouble and pain
Are the violent refrain
To the images we play
On the screens that fill our days

Chorus 2: So we’re strangers in a stranger’s home
Lonely partners on the phone
Holding out for a gracious touch
Looking for a friend to lend a helping hand

Bridge: Oh woman! There’s a place to come
When the mind is numb, the heart is filled with grief
Where a soul can find some tender time
And refuge is relief
And the care goes on beyond the borders
Of our trials and tongues and ties
It’s a place of grace where love is found
And children can feel

Final Chorus: No longer strangers in a strangers’ land
Pockets of sanity, not alone
Stretching out with a gracious touch
With a joy that can care so much
Looking for a friend who needs a helping hand
Being a friend who takes a faithful stand
Showing we’re friends who lend a helping hand

In line with the requirements of the Association’s Incorporation Act, it is again the time to reflect
and report to the Migrant Women’s Support & Accommodation Service Inc.’ association members
on the agency’s activities, outcomes and achievements that have taken place during the period of
the financial year 2004 – 2005.

2005 has marked a very special event – the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Migrant
Women’s Support & Accommodation Service Inc.(MWSAS), formerly known as the Migrant
Women’s Emergency Support Service Inc. MWSAS’ current and former Management and Sta ff
with its supporters, celebrated this very special occasion in style, at the South Australian
Parliament House. Many sincere thanks once more go to Hon. Stephanie Key, Minister for the
Status of Women, for her generous support. She hosted the celebration that acknowledged the vital
role this agency has had within the welfare field and reflected on the changes that took place
throughout the past two decades.

Unfortunately today, as twenty years ago, domestic violence remains a significant issue in
Australia and South Australia and the role of the Migrant Women’s Support & Accommodation
Service Inc in this area continues to be essential. Many cultures have beliefs, norms and social
institutions that legitimise and therefore perpetuate violence against women. As pointed out on
many occasions, the migrant clients our agency services, due to their immigration circumstances,
do present themselves with unique and complex needs, which require additional knowledge and
understanding of cultural factors involved. MWSAS, with its core business as the migrant
specialist services’ provider, explores and at times challenges values and beliefs that undermine
women’s and children’s rights to live in safe conditions, without threats of violence. While
domestic violence is widespread, it is not universal. Anthropologists have documented small-scale
societies, such as the Wape of Papua New Guinea , where domestic violence is virtually absent
(Population Reports, Vol XXVII, No 4, Dec. 1999), demonstrating the fact that social relations
can be organised in a way that minimises domestic violence.

There has been an increasing consensus amongst policy-makers, organisations and service
providers that violence against women and girls has serious and adverse consequences for not only
individual victims but for society at large and that they have a key role to play in reducing
violence against women. A number of responses have taken place on both State and Federal
levels, during the 2004-05 period.

At the State level, Minister Key’s “Towards a Women’s Safety Strategy for South Australia”
reflects the South Australian government’s policy direction of not tolerating violence against
women, which aims to be consistent and collaborative across the government in partnership with
non-government services and community networks. The direction is based on the shared
foundation that domestic violence has no place in the life of any South Australian and that such
violence takes a huge toll on our whole community.

On the Federal level, the Australian government in an attempt to combat violence at home
launched the campaign “Violence Against Women, Australia Says No” in 2004, with a budget
around $ 23 million. It included a helpline, TV, Cinema, radio advertisements and a national mail-
out that aimed at providing information for young people, parents and the community on
identifying and avoiding abusive and violent relationships and where to find help.
Disappointingly, the campaign has placed very little emphasis on linguistically and culturally
diverse forms of advertising to cater for non-English speaking communities in Australia, which
could have benefited from a better targeted advertising.

                                        Manager's Report 2004-2005
At the same time as re-running the campaign, the Commonwealth Government has refused
essential viability funding to the Supported Accommodation Assistance Program (SAAP) V
agreement, a national program for homeless that includes funding for crisis accommodation and
support for women and children escaping domestic violence. Of major concern is the fact that the
Commonwealth’s current funding offer of $932 million over 5 years provides for absolutely no
new funding above indexation, despite the findings of the Australian Institute for Health and
Welfare report “Demand for SAAP Assistance by Homeless People 2002-03”, which clearly
indicated that SAAP needed a desperate funding injection of 15 per cent just to keep doors open.
There has been a widespread criticism by various sectors that it is irresponsible of any government
to run a campaign without committing additional funding for SAAP V, in order for services to be
able to respond to the current demand as well as to be able to meet the anticipated increase
generated by the campaign.

On a service level, MWSAS’s existing Service Agreement that has expired on 30 th June 2005, was
extended until 31 st October 2005. And although the trend of a very high level of demand for
MWSAS’s services has continued during the past twelve months with existing resources stretched
to their maximum, sadly, according to indicators derived from the negotiation process of the
SAAP V Agreement, our agency’s future funding allocation will most likely remain aloof to the
pressures that inadequate funding levels generate not only for disadvantaged individuals but for
the whole sector of the Government and non Government services, as well as community and
family networks.

In an environment of ongoing client pressures and funding uncertainties, support is of crucial
importance and I must acknowledge the contribution made by MWSAS’ management and staff.
Their input and participation in the management and operations of MWSAS not only ensured the
achievement of successful outcomes, but also provided the very needed continuum and stability.
My special thanks to our hardworking office bearers; the chairperson Marta Lohyn, treasurer Lan
Ngyuen and secretary Jacky Dakin, and to our committed and efficient staff team. Their
commitment, professional endeavour and support played a major role in the successful outcomes
MWSAS’s achieved during the 2004-2005 period.

                                       Manager's Report 2004 - 2005
Organizational report

MWSAS plays a vital role within the domestic violence services sector of SA as the only migrant
specialist service provider. There is no doubt that a substantial number of migrant women and
children, experiencing crisis due to domestic violence, would have missed out on a crucial
assistance without the culturally and linguistically appropriate support that is delivered in a
meaningful, respectful and at the same time efficient way by MWSAS. Many positive outcomes
were achieved by MWSAS’ staff and management as documented in our Annual report that
outlines the Service Delivery profile and accurately reflects and summarises some of the
achievements for the year.

Service Delivery

In line with the requirements of MWSAS’ funding agreement, our service continued to maintain
these two main functions in its core business:

 provision of Support, including Outreach assistance, and
 provision of emergency Accommodation.

I would like to report that once more the demand for assistance has remained very high through
the year and as a result, MWSAS again exceeded the required Annual Output Levels during the
past twelve month period;

   In the area of Outreach support, MWSAS exceeded its targeted number of 168 clients by an
    additional 16 clients, totalling the figure to 184 outreach clients with 168 children;

   MWSAS was also successful in the area of emergency Accommodation;

    It exceeded its targeted figure of 48 clients to be housed in 9 Transition Houses by 30 clients,
    totalling the figure to 78 clients and 103 children;

    In the cluster of 3 units 20 clients and 30 children were housed, which was 4 adults less than
    the targeted number of 24 clients.

During the 2004 - 2005 financial year the MWSAS’ staff team responded to 583 women and
children of 47 different cultural / non-English speaking backgrounds.

The highest level of demand for services was recorded by Vietnamese women and women from
former Russia, followed by women and children from various middle Eastern and African
countries, from Philippines, from former Yugoslavia, Greece and Spanish - speaking
communities. This will be reflected accordingly in the appointment of 2004 - 2005 contract part-
time positions (see Staffing Structure section).

The casual staff of MWSAS’ service delivery team attended to the needs of Farsi and Mandarin
speaking communities. MWSAS’ staffing structure is annually reviewed and the allocation of
part-time and casual staffing positions occurs according to recorded levels of demand. This
process facilitates MWSAS’ flexibility in responding to migration trends as well as to changing
needs of culturally diverse non English speaking communities.

                                       Manager's Report 2004 - 2005
Community Education

   Workshops / Presentations

   Consultations

MWSAS is frequently invited to facilitate or participate in various workshops, information
seminars and consultations to various organisations, professional interest groups and students.

These are in relation to Domestic Violence and

   Perspective of the migrant-specialist service provider;
   Access and Equity with emphasis on cross-cultural issues;
   Identification of NESB women and children’s specific needs; and
   General issues

Examples of the various workshops and consultations involving the service during 2004-2005
period are listed below.

Workshops / Presentations

Domestic Violence Workshops with cross-cultural emphasis for:

   TAFE Port Adelaide’s students of “Certificate IV in Community Services”

Domestic Violence – cross-cultural issues, and the role of the Migrant Women’s Support &
Accommodation Service Inc., within the domestic violence services sector, were presented for
staff teams of the following agencies/groups:
   "Keep Safe and Stay Cool Project" for the Noarlunga Community Health Centre
   University of South Australia – tertiary and overseas students

Consultations / Surveys

   The Department of Health’s Subcommittee of the National Public Health Partnership Plan for
    Children - “Redevelopment of a National Public Health Action”
   The Department of Health – “Women’s Health Policy”
   Legal Services Commission – “Cultural Diversity Project”
   South Australian Housing Trust – “Transitional Accommodation Management Models”
   Justice Strategy Unit of the Attorney General Department – “Mapping the DVRO Process”

MWSAS also participated at the following event/s:

   Uniting Care Wesley’s Multicultural Festival with Information Display about MWSAS’ role
    and service provisions
   Family Court of Australia’s Open Day with Information Display about its core business and
    main functions

                                      Manager's Report 2004 - 2005
Advocacy Activities

MWSAS’ staff are members on a number of committees, and their involvement enables MWSAS
to advocate for improved access and enhancement of service provision standards for NESB
service users:

   African Women's Forum’s Working Group
   Centrelink’s Multicultural Advisory Committee
   Coalition of Women’s Domestic Violence Services of SA
   Communities for Children Project’s Steering Committee
   Family Court of Australia’ Cultural Diversity Consultative Panel
   Greek Workers Forum
   Homelessness SA’ Board
   Migrant Women’s Lobby Group
   Multicultural SA's Women's Advisory Committee
   NESB Domestic Violence Action Group
   SAHT’s Domestic Violence Transitional Management Steering Committee
   West-North Information Network
   Women’s Services Network

Staff Development

MWSAS has long been committed to the provision of staff development opportunities so staff can
acquire, expand and update skills and knowledge. The targeted staff training areas during the
2004-2005 financial year were as follows:

   Crisis Management Workshop                                               all staff
   Desktop Publishing with Word -Computer Training Course                    1 staff
   Domestic Violence Action Groups Conference                                2 staff
   Domestic Violence Training Workshop                                       4 staff
   Homelessness & Exclusion Forum "Threat by Feds to Keep Homeless
    Out in the Cold"                                                         all staff
   Insurance for Community Organisations                                     2 staff
   Intermediate Excell -Computer Training Course                             1 staff
   "Know your Disabilities and Clerks Award" Information Seminar             2 staff
   National SAAP Data Collection Workshop                                    2 staff
   Partnership Against Domestic Violence Seminar                             1 staff
   Public Forum re International Day Against Torture & Trauma                1 staff
   “Unravelling the Tapestry of Domestic Violence for Children"             all staff


                                     Manager's Report 2004 - 2005

It’s my honour to present to you the financial report for the year 2004 – 2005. This is my very
first report to you, as Treasurer of MWSAS. Although there have been no major changes in our
finances this year, I would like to draw your attention to some issues, which occurred during the

     1. Thanks to a SAAP One-Off grant of $4,358.00, we were able to upgrade some of the
        furniture in the Transition Houses, as well as some of the office computers. All money
        granted was utilised during the financial year 2004 – 2005. It is of major concern that the
        One-Off funding is going to be discontinued. This will present substantial problems in
        the future in financing replacement and maintenance costs.
     2. It was exciting news for MWSAS in October 2004, when the service was allocated an
        additional Transition House, situated in a suitable location and with close proximity to the
        office, which increased the total number of Transition Houses to 12. I understand that
        both staff and clients were pleased to welcome this additional house, as it helped reduce
        MWSAS’ waiting list for crisis accommodation. Although we were pleased to acquire
        the additional house, as Management Committee we cannot ignore the fact that the new
        property attracts higher rental costs than the other Transition Houses.
     3. Another issue of concern is the fact that the income from the Transition Houses’ resident
        fees was approximately $10,000 lower than the one received last financial year. This is
        attributed to the following:
                    MWSAS assisted an increased number of women and children with no
                    Internal Administration within Centrelink, caused delays in processing
                       Centrepay deductions of clients’ rental payments.
                    SAHT’ reductions in Rent in Advance payments.
     4. Another issue I would like to clarify is that in the Auditors’ Report, depreciation is
        included in the total amount of Expenditure. The actual figure of Expenditure in real
        terms is lower.

Overall the financial year 2004 - 2005 has run smoothly, which is a credit to the Manager,
Milenka Vasekova, who has been responsible for overseeing the budget on everyday basis. I
would particularly like to acknowledge the competent work of Laura Hormazabal the Finance
Officer and also Jarmila Almassy, the Clerical Officer who worked well as a team.
I would also like to thank MWSAS’ Auditor Mr. Steven McEwen from Moore Stephens, for his
financial advice and guidance throughout the year.
Last, but not least, I would like to acknowledge and ask us to spend some time to remember our
former Treasurer Judith Blake, who suddenly departed last year for a better world. Judith's strong
commitment to social justice and women's issues has always been an example to myself and many
other people and should become an example to members of the younger generation. I am sure that
we will continue to treasure our memories of her. And let us not forget that the past is still the
foundation for the present, and the present gives us the chance to build up what is ahead of us. So,
today, let us continue building together a financially viable service that is provided with adequate
levels of funding to ensure the provision of appropriate support to migrant women and children
experiencing Domestic Violence.

Lan Mong Nguyen

                                           Treasurer's Report


      2005 - 2006

        MWSAS' Projected Budget -2005/2006

                            PROJECTED BUDGET 2005 / 2006


Salaries / Salaries On - Cost / Call Outs                        $358 410   $358 410

Operating                                                        $ 68 108

Brokerage                                                        $ 6 550

Vehicle Replacement                                              $ 9 490

SAAP Income Sub Total                                            $442 558

NON SAAP INCOME                                                  $ 77 630

Operating Sub Total                                                         ($161 778)

TOTAL INCOME                                                     $520 188


Salaries / Salaries On Cost / Call Outs                          $328 410

Superannuation                                                   $ 30 000

Salaries Sub Total                                                          $358 410

Operating                                                                   $161 778

TOTAL EXPENDITURE                                                           $520 188

                                     MWSAS’ Projected Budget 2005-2006

                PROJECTED SALARY BUDGET 2005/ 2006


Salaries / Salaries On- Cost /Allowances        $ 328 410
Superannuation                                  $ 30 000

Total Income                                    $ 358 410


Salaries/Salaries On-Cost /Allowances          $ 316 410
Superannuation                                 $ 30 000
Workcover                                      $ 12 000

Total Expenditure                              $ 358 410

                  PROJECTED OPERATING BUDGET 2005/ 2006


SAAP Income:
Operating                                              $ 68 108
Brokerage                                              $ 6 550
Vehicle Replacement                                    $ 9 490
SAAP Total                                                        $ 84 148

Other Income:
Residents/Utilities fees                               $ 67 000
Telephones                                             $ 4 000
Interest                                               $ 6 500
Membership fees                                        $ 130

Sub Total                                                         $ 77 630

TOTAL                                                             $161 778

                           MWSAS’ Projected Budget 2005-2006

(12) Transitional Properties Rent                     $ 39 200
Office Rent                                           $ 9 620
Resident Fees Refund                                  $ 4 000
Client Expenses                                       $ 2 000
Insurances                                            $ 9 000
Motor Vehicles Expenses                               $ 11 500
Mileage / Parking                                     $ 1 500
Electricity and Gas                                   $ 15 000
Telephones                                            $ 18 000
Security                                              $ 3 000
Repairs Maintenance                                   $ 11 000
Cleaning                                              $ 3 000
Photocopier                                           $ 3 000
Postage / Printing / Stationery                       $ 4 000
Training / Conference/ Meetings/Travelling            $ 5 000
Subscriptions / Educat. tools                         $ 1 500
Office Amenities                                      $ 3 000
Auditors fees                                         $ 4 000
Advertising / Marketing                               $ 800
Occupational Health & Safety                          $ 900
Brokerage                                             $ 6 550
Vehicle Replacement                                   $ 9 490
Computer / Internet                                   $ 3 000

TOTAL                                                            $ 168 060

                          MWSAS’ Projected Budget 2005-2006


Held on Wednesday, 8 September 2004 at 11.30 a.m. at the Education Development Centre, Cnr.
Port Road and Milner Street, Hindmarsh.

1.     WELCOME

       The Chairperson, Marta Lohyn welcomed members and guests present. Special welcome
       was made to Hon. Angus Redford, MLC, Hon. Trish Worth, MP, Hon. Sandra Kanck,
       MLC, Hon. Joan Hall, MP and the guest speaker - Hon. Michael Atkinson, Attorney
       General, Minister for Justice, Minister for Consumer Affairs and Minister for Multicultural


       Laura Hormazabal, Laurel Clewlow, Lan Nguyen, Dora Ayala, Steve Lawler, Nick
       Weisenberg, Eleonor Bourchier, Vicky Lachlan, Hon. Lea Stevens MP, Hon. Francis
       Bedford MP, Hon. Jane Lomax-Smith MP, Jenny Dennis, Hon. Stephanie Key MP, Hon.
       Mike Rann Premier SA, Hon. Justice Murray, Libby Hoggarth, Peter Bicknell, Mark
       Cronshaw, Malcolm Downes, Kevin Liston, Liz Ahern, Sonia Nachiappan, Angela
       Condous, Mireta Blackmore, Hon. Carmel Zollo MLC, Robyn Gillies, Hon. Penny Wong
       Senator, Sue Mutton, Vivian Hope, Julie Greig, Hon. Jay Weatherill MP, Hon. Dean
       Brown MP, Sue Ashby, Hon. Nick Xenophon MLC, Hon. Julian Stefani MLC, Desi
       Alexandridis, Maria Dmistrjanski, Eugenia Tsoulis, Hon. Vinni Ciccarello MP and
       Jacqueline Riviera.

1.2    PRESENT

       Milenka Vasekova*, Marta Lohyn*, Jacky Dakin*, Jan Dolman*, Ele Wilde*, Margaret
       Bako*, Rosica Blagojevic*, Joanne Shanahan*, Jarmila Almassy*, Esther Grima*, Arafa
       Mohamoud*, Helen Kayal*, Judy Cheng*, Natalie Golubovic*, Angela Prodromou*,
       Coralia Dominguez, Van Le*, Lina Gontcharov*, Senobar Kakavand*, Mary Keth,
       Annabel L. Smith, Teresa Von Wasserling*, Maria Barredo, Giang Le Huy, Cynthia Caird,
       Phil Maynard, Janet Belchamber, Granaz Mousim, Hirut Bogale, Harry Alevizos, Bryan
       Hughes, Cuc Ho, Rex Ranger, Gilian Cordell, Sophie Allovache, Hon. Joan Hall MP,
       Marryanne Childs, Tanya Hunter, Tina Stephenson, Hon. Angus Redford MP, Colleen
       Wright, Rene Weal*, Isabel Fforde, Linh Nguyen, Aldona Pretty, Enaam Oudih, Giuliana
       Otmarick, Jelena Poljak-Fligic, Hon. Michael Atkinson MP, Chrisoula Louca, Hon. Sandra
       Kanck MP, Leonor Miranda-Estay, Frances Mc Inerney, Sara Azadegan, Roy Meli, Marj
       Ellis, Steve Ryan, Beth Arnold, Hon. Trish Worth, MP and Yenenesh Gebre.

       Note:* for MWSAS’ association members

1.3    QUORUM

       Association members present: 20
                               Annual General Meeting's Minutes 8 September 2004

      The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 17th September 2003, were accepted
      by members as a true and accurate record. Moved by Marta Lohyn, seconded by Jacky
      Dakin. All in favour.


      No business arising.



      Marta Lohyn presented her report during which she talked about the progress of the
      2003/2004 financial year with the overall challenges and achievements of the Migrant
      Women’s Support & Accommodation Service.

      Marta paid special tribute to MWSAS' former Treasurer and founding member Judith
      Blake, for her commitment to MWSAS and women's issues.

      She has raised concerns regarding migrant women without income, whose circumstances
      reflect the extreme vulnerability of migrants and refugees in our society.
      She acknowledged MWSAS' uniqueness in terms of its ethno specificity and its distinctive
      responses to the needs of NESB women and children, and explained how alarmed she was
      when the new service agreement's definition omitted to specify the migrant service status
      of MWSAS. The definition was eventually reinstated.

      Marta referred to the crisis in Beslan, Russia and explained how deeply concerned,
      MWSAS as a service for women and children, felt about the tragic events in which so
      many very young and innocent lives were lost. She invited MWSAS' Russian-speaking
      welfare worker Lina Gontcharov to offer prayers, prior to the presentation by African


      Milenka Vasekova outlined an overview of last year's MWSAS' events and developments
      on service delivery, operational, staffing, management and other levels.

      She commented how pleased she was with MWSAS' achievements in relation to outputs
      and clients’ outcomes, as the service again managed to exceed aimed targets in both, the
      provision of outreach support and in the area of emergency accommodation. She pointed
      out that the level of demand for MWSAS' services was consistent with the findings of the
      SAAP Data and Research Advisory Committee, which confirmed that although domestic
      violence was the most commonly cited reason for female clients seeking SAAP assistance,
      it was even higher among female Indigenous clients and female NESB clients.           In
      addition, DRAC figures have shown that clients from NESB had almost twice the chance
      of having no income compared to other SAAP clients as observed by MWSAS.
      Milenka thanked all staff and the management committee for their commitment and paid
      special tribute to the 20 th Anniversary of the establishment of the Migrant Women’s
      Support & Accommodation Service Inc., that will be due in 2005.


      Jacky Dakin was invited to read the Treasurer's report, as MWSAS farewelled it's
      Treasurer Judith Blake, who passed away on 11 August 2004.

      Jacky Dakin read out the Treasurer's report and accounted for the income and expenditure
      of MWSAS during the 2003/2004 financial year, and presented the Projected Budget for
      the following financial year.

      She made comments regarding the upgrade of equipment and maintenance, asking that it
      be noted that MWSAS' level of operating funding in relation to maintenance has remained
      the same as it was when MWSAS operated with only 3 houses, whereas the current
      number of Transition Houses MWSAS has is 11.

      The Treasurer's report requested that it be noted that SAAP workforce has been stagnating
      on the same salary levels for almost a decade, unlike nursing, teaching or other
      professions, which presents difficulties in recruiting and retaining qualified and
      experienced staff.

      She then presented the Auditor’s report to the members and moved that it would be
      accepted. It was seconded by Jan Dolman and accepted by all present.

      The Treasurer moved that the Association members should re-appoint the Auditor Steve
      McEwen (Moore, Stephens, PM) for the 2004/2005 financial year. It was seconded by
      Marta Lohyn. All were in favour.

      The Projected Budget for 2004/2005 financial year was moved by Jacky Dakin, seconded
      by Milenka Vasekova and accepted by all present.

      Upon the completion of the presentation of reports, the Chairperson Marta Lohyn moved
      that the Chairperson's, Manager's and Treasurer's Reports be accepted by the association
      members. Seconded by Ele Wilde. All were in favour.


      MWSAS’ constitutional clause 5.1 - 5.23 concerning membership criteria was read out and
      displayed with the following 29 individual membership and 2 organisation
      membership applications received:

      Rene Weal, Lies Zuidland, Teresa Von Wasserling, Beth Arnold, Giang Le Huy, Marj
      Ellis, Jan Dolman, Rosica Blagojevic, Jacky Dakin, Margaret Bako, Marta Lohyn, Ele
      Wilde, Joanne Shanahan, Laurel Clewlow, Lan Nguyen, Dora Ayala, Lina Gontcharov,
      Arafa Mohamoud, Helen Kayal, Esther Grima, Van Le, Milenka Vasekova, Angela
      Prodromou, Natalie Golubovic, Senobar Kakavand, Judy Cheng, Jarmila Almassy, Laura
      Hormazabal, Coralia Dominguez, Working Women's Centre and Southern Domestic
      Violence Service.

      All applicants satisfied the eligibility criteria and the meeting endorsed their membership.

          Teresa Von Wasserling declared all positions vacant and instructed Milenka Vasekova to
          read out the constitution's criteria pertaining the Management Committee Elections that
          allows for up to 10 persons to be nominated in addition to the Senior Employee and Staff
          Representative of the Association. The following nominations were received:

          Marta Lohyn                   Coats Lohyn Psychologists
          Jacky Dakin                   Halifax House Consulting
          Lan Nguyen                    Vietnamese Community in Australia SA Chapter
          Joanne Shanahan               Police SA
          Rosica Blagojevic             Consumer Representative
          Ele Wilde                     Riverland Domestic Violence Unit
          Margaret Bako                 African/Sudanese Community
          Laurel Clewlow                University Senior College International
          Dora Ayala                    Centrelink

          There were no other nominations put forward, therefore all 9 nominations were accepted.
          All were in favour.


          Teresa Von Wasserling asked the current Chairperson Marta Lohyn to stand down and
          called for nominations for the Chairperson's position. Jacky Dakin nominated Marta
          Lohyn, to be re-elected as Chairperson. It was seconded by Jan Dolman.
          There were no other nominations received and Marta Lohyn’s re-election was endorsed by
          the Association members present.


          Please refer to 3.3 Treasurer’s Report.

Chairperson Marta Lohyn invited the meeting's participants to join in a communal prayer for the
people of Beslan followed by a minute of silence:

                      The Prayer for the Victims of Beslan's Tragedy

           'Dear Heavenly Father, today the tragedy of Beslan makes our hearts to bleed.

      It is impossible for us to comprehend the suffering, pain and grief of the people of Beslan.

     I know that you are the only one who can comfort their hearts and you are the only one who
                                         can ease the pain.

 So, now we come to you asking to take these affected by this tragedy into your hands, comfort
           them, ease the suffering and heal their physical and emotional wounds.

     Especially, we pray for the children for whom the wonderful day of the new school year was
                                        turned into a nightmare.
     We pray that they would be able to overcome all the emotional and physical pain and these
                          horrific memories would not destroy their lives.

We pray for the families that lost their little treasures, the children that lost their parents and all
                      the people of Beslan whose lives are ruined forever.

                Please, Lord, touch them all with your comforting and loving hand.

Dear Lord, we also pray that this tragedy will soften and change even the most bitter, angry and
                                          cruel hearts
                       that resort to such means to achieve their goals.

     Please change the people’s hearts so we will never learn the name of another town through
                                   such terrible circumstances.

I also pray that leaders of Russia, Chechnya and many other countries will find a peaceful way
                                  to reconcile their differences.

Please, let the tragedy of Beslan be a reminder in the hearts of all human beings, so these kind
                            of atrocities will never be repeated again'.


            Hon. Michael Atkinson, MP
             Minister for Justice
             Minister for Consumer Affairs
             Minister for Multicultural Affairs

         The Minister congratulated Marta Lohyn on her re-election as the Chairperson of

         He commented on the domestic violence campaign's ads on the national television and
         noted that there were no special provisions to target migrant communities.

         The Minister was pleased to advise that the State Government made available to the
         Migrant Women's Support and Accommodation Service Inc., a grant of $1,000.00 towards
         the cost of a Domestic Violence Radio Announcement for CALD Communities project,
         under the Multicultural Grants Scheme.

         The guest speaker acknowledged the important role MWSAS has in the field of domestic
         violence and emphasised the differences between cultural groups and the importance of
         service users' choice amongst the services. He referred to the upcoming 20 th Anniversary
         of MWSAS' operation and stated that domestic violence still remains a significant issue in
         Australia and South Australia, and that the role of MWSAS in this area continues to be
        Mary Keth, Hirut Bogale and Yenenensh Gebre

     Arafa Mohamoud introduced Mary, Hirut and Yenenensh who shared with the audience
     their experiences of migrating to Australia from their home countries in Africa.

8.   The formal Business of the Annual General Meeting closed at 12.30 pm.

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