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AuctionAds, the low-down - sell eBay items and earn

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Have you ever looked at those very successful eBay auctioneers and
wondered how they were able to sell things so quickly and easily? Well,
AuctionAds may help..

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Have you ever looked at those very successful eBay auctioneers and
wondered how they were able to sell things so quickly and easily? The
answer lies in marketing. How the product is portrayed, how many people
see it, and the amount of effort put into selling the product all are
components in determining how fast and how much an eBay item will go for.
AuctionAds is a tool that allows it's users to sell their products on
eBay with ease by having targetted traffic sent directly to their eBay
auction. This ingenius method connects eBayers with publishers in a way
like never imagined.

What exactly is AuctionAds?

AuctionAds is basically a sevice that connects eBay sellers with internet
publishers to display text links (sometimes with images) that link to the
auctioneers auction. AuctionAds banners look very similar to Google's
AdSense banners, and achieve basically the same goal: bring traffic to
create more revenue.

AuctionAds: The Benefits

While you may not know much about eBay, you can still earn from eBay.
Most eBayers don't take into account marketing/traffic into auctioning
off items, as they expect eBay to deliver the traffic. Although this may
be true in some cases, it is very untrue in most circumstances. eBay is
just a networking site that allows you to post your content.. you've got
to serve traffic to your content - the amount of money you make depends
on it. This is where AuctionAds comes in play. AuctionAds delivers
traffic in a clean, organic way that has outstanding results.

The interface

AuctionAds is easy to use and operates very similarly to AdSense. You
enter in information specific to your website so that it looks good with
your site. Say, you have a green-looking site - select green-looking
colors. It's as easy as that. The interface makes it very easy to
integrate AuctionAds banners into your content, so that you can deliver
the best results.

After the you have aligned every setting to your specifications (and
maybe added a campaign, as it is very similar to AdSense) , you click the
go button and code is delivered straight-away. Here's an example of the
code output:

You can notice that the code is embedded in a JavaScript tag and that it
looks surprisingly (or is it) similar to Google's AdSense. Hey, if you
come up with as good of an idea like AuctionAds, why waste time creating
a whole different styloe with Google's AdSense JavaScript approach has
worked very well for Google? I certainly would take the easy-route..

The code can be editted to match the style settings of your website and
to make the ads not stand out, but rather, fit in accordingly to your

The final outputted AuctionAd banner should look something like Google's
AdSense banner.
It looks very clean with your website and virtually all of the colors can
be changed to your specifications. A picture is included with every eBay
auction listed and shows a bit of information. This is unlike AdSense
because there are no images associated with Text Ads in AdSense. Good
work, AuctionAds.

Getting statistics and reports

Reporting is very easy-to-use and can output results according to your
needs. Here is an example output (wow, I didn't make very much money
You can even show reports according to individual campaigns to see how
well your other ads are doing and which ones produce the best results.

In Conclusion...

AuctionAds is a serious consideration for the start-up internet
entrepreneur looking to earn a few extra bucks per day. Since AuctionAds
pays you on commission, the higher sold item means more profit for you.
Just wait it out if you don't make a sale the first day. AuctionAds can
be your next money making endeavor! Check out the full article as

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