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Are you ready for the Christmas shopping season

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The growth in Christmas spending this year is expected to double over
last years figures, with the growth in internet sales expected to be
increased by at least 20%, and maybe as much as 50%.

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A consumer survey reports that 56% of people said that they plan to start
their shopping using the internet, and more than 60% said that they plan
to start their Christmas shopping before the end of October!

So you need to be getting your business ready now for the Christmas
season if you haven’t already done so, you don’t want to miss out on
those sales.

If you have a website that   you can edit easily yourself, you can make
these changes immediately,   and start your Christmas marketing campaign
quickly. Then, if you have   a mailing list, as soon as your site is ‘set
up’ for the festive season   you need to use your list to let your
customers know.

Keeping in touch with your customers is the key to increasing your sales
and this is, of course, especially true in the holiday season.

When so many smaller retailers are competing for consumer attention you
need to reach out to your customers before somebody else beats you to it.

Many of your competitors are   already sending their Christmas marketing
emails out as you read this.   As more than 60% of shoppers are buying
early this year, you need to   capture their attention by sending your
marketing message out before   the holiday rush starts.

Why not include an incentive? A special offer is always a good marketing
tool, you could offer free postage, or buy 3 get one free, or send them a
coupon code for your shopping cart that will give them a discount of some

Did you know that more than 79% of consumers say that free postage is an
important factor in deciding where to buy?
If you offer a discount or special offer, make it time sensitive, that is
give the recipient a set time in which to use it. The fact is that if
people do not respond soon after receiving your offer, then they probably
won’t respond at all, so give them a good   reason to buy now by limiting
the time in which the discount or special   offers is available.
If you are looking for new customers this   Christmas why not invest in a
short Google Adword campaign specifically   targeted for the season, its
only a couple of months away and it could   prove to be one of your best

And finally, why don’t you send a Christmas greetings email to your
clients, thank them for their business and let your customers know that
they are important to you.

So don’t let the grass grow under your feet, set up your site now ready
for the Christmas shopping season, and reach out to your customers before
someone else does!

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