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Course title Pharmaceutics Laboratory lotion

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									                         An-Najah National University

                              Faculty of Pharmacy

      Course title: Pharmaceutics Laboratory (Course number: 102312)
      One (1) Credit Hour

      Prerequisite: Pharmaceutics I.

      Instructor: Abeer Abu Ghosh,

             The aim of any successful dosage form is to deliver the required
      drug concentration to the appropriate site of action so as to achieve the
      maximum therapeutic benefit, while minimizing the undesirable side
      There are many types of dosage forms administered by different routes to
      exert either systemic or local actions. In all dosage forms, standards of
      cleanliness, hygiene and sterility (if required) must be followed without
      compromise .
      The following sessions of pharmaceutical practice include the very basic
      principles of pharmaceutical dosage forms and the compounding of
      medicinal products on a small laboratory scale.

      This lab comprises an introduction to the basics of drug formulation.
      Students will get acquainted with the different dosage forms in which
      medicinal products are administered to patients, preparation skills,
      principles underlying the selection of formulation ingredients, packaging,
      preparing labels using Corel draw program and choice of storage
      conditions for the finished product.

Lab Schedule:

      Lab 1. Orientation & check-in (Presentation about the use of BP,
      USP & Corel Draw Program for Designing Label).

   Lab 2. The compounding of pharmaceutical solutions:
1 Syrup BP .
2nd Paracetamol elixir
   Lab 3. The compounding of pharmaceutical solutions:
1 Mouth wash lotion
2nd Simple linctus BP 1988 .
3rd Chloramphenicol 5% w/v ear drops.

Lab 4. Pharmaceutical Suspensions:
1st Paediatric Kaolin mixture BP 1980.
2nd Calamine lotion BP 1988 .

Lab 5. Pharmaceutical Suspensions:
1st Inhalation of menthol 3% , eucalyptus 8% .
2nd Magnesium trisilicate mixture BP 1988 .
3rd Amoxicillin suspension

Lab 6. Emulsions & Creams:
1st O/w emulsified lotion using HLB method.
2nd Cetrimide cream BP 1988.

Lab 7. Mid Term Exam

Lab 8. Emulsions & Creams:
1st Cold cream.
2nd O/w emulsion – Arachis oil emulsion ( dry & wet methods).

Lab9. Ointments:
1st Simple ointment BP 1988.
2nd Sulfur ointment BP 1980.

Lab 10. Ointments:
1st Povidone ointment.
2nd Finished Product quality control (Povidone ointment)

Lab 11.Ointments:
1st Emulsifying ointment.
2nd Whitefield’s ointment.
3rd Chlortetracycline ointment.

Lab 12. Pastes & Gels:
1st Compound zinc paste BP.
2nd Lubricating jelly.

Lab 13. Powders & Granules :
1st Dusting powder BPC 1973 .
2nd Methyl cellulose granules BP 1988.
3rd Na- Phosphate effervescent granules.

Lab 14. Suppositories & Pessaries:
1st Calibration of the moulds.
2nd Bismuth subgallate suppositories BPC.
3rd Diclofenac Na suppositories

  Final Exam (Theoretical)
  Final Exam (Practical)

  - Quiz: 5 marks
  - Laboratory skills: 10 marks.
  - Med term exam: 25 marks.
  - Final Exam (theoretical): 30 marks.
  - Final Exam (practical): 30 marks.


     - The British Pharmacopoeia
     - The United States Pharmacopoeia
     - Pharmaceutics, the science of dosage form design, M E
     - Pharmaceutical practice, Richard, R. M. E, 2004.

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