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Construction Workers Hand Lotion


Construction Workers Hand Lotion

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									                                      Another George A. Davis Exclusive…

                                Construction Workers Hand Lotion
                               This hand lotion was developed for the rugged conditions of the
                               construction worker. Just apply a small drop to your hands once or
                               twice a day. Construction Workers Hand Lotion will soothe rough,
                               dry, cracked, and chapped hands – leaving them soft and smooth.
                               No.                       Size                                            Price
                               2HL                       2 oz.                                           $12.95
                               4HL                       4 oz.                                           $18.95
                               8HL                       8 oz.                                           $24.95

                 Mayes Squangle                                         New! (by Customer Recommendation)

                                                                                Dexter Poultry Knife

                                                                 Stain-free, high carbon steel 3 ¼” blade. Sofgrip black
                                                                 handle with finger guard for secure grip.

                                                                 No.                                              Price
                                                                 P152HG                                           $10.95

                                                                     NEED A TOOL THAT’S NOT IN THE CATALOG?
                                                                  We are happy to accept customer recommendations
                                                                  for tools to include in our next catalog.
                Ideal for Making Miters
                                                                  Whenever possible, we will special-order a tool that
This tool can also be used as a T-square for marking
                                                                  we do not have in stock.
metal or squaring the end of covering.
                                                                  Speak with Floyd (800-368-3066) about any special
No.                                             Price
B45                                             $14.95

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