Introduction to robotics-Basic line follower by harikumaru

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									What is a Line Follower ?
 A line follower is an autonomous robot that can follow
 a line on the arena. The line is usually black or white in
 color with a contrasting background.

 The most basic arena consist of a closed loop
 containing curves as shown below.
The more advanced arena will consist of junctions ,
diversions, splits in track and inversion of the color of
the line.
How to tackle the problem
 The robot will have to sense the line and change its
 trajectory using the information received. The most
 simplest method is to have two sensors and a
 differential drive.
When the right sensor has detected a line the right
motor stops, thus effectively producing a turning
motion , which continues till both the sensors are
again in the white region. This way the robot follows
the line.
 The various parts of the system are

 Chassis
 Motors
 Wheels
 Sensors
 Power Source
 The body of the robot should be sturdy and easily
 workable . The different options include plywood, GI
 sheet and PVC foam sheet. Out of these the PVC foam
 sheet is the most effective in terms of workability and
 strength and is available in small quantities at a
 reasonable rate.
 The design of the robot will mainly depend on the size
 constraint and the specific requirements of the event.
 While designing keep in mind any future expansions
 and provide space for every component like the
PVC foam sheet can be easily drilled and connected
using nut and bolts.
 The different motors that are commonly used for
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