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                                                        CRACK FILLER
                                                            FAST SETTING WATERPROOF
                                                            REPAIR & SEALING MORTAR
                                                                       Professional Grade
AQUA-STOP CRACK FILLER is a professional                •   Active water leaks must be stopped first using
grade cementitious, waterproof repairing and sealing        SUPER-STOP, Aquaseal’s ultra fast setting
mortar. It consists of rapid setting Portland cement,       cementitious water stop compound.
specially treated quartz sand and a compound of         •   Spalled or honeycombed areas must be
active chemicals which react with moisture and free         thoroughly cleaned and chiseled back to sound
lime in the mortar and concrete creating insoluble          concrete prior to repair.
crystalline complexes. This penetrates deep into the    •   Surface of repair area must be well moistened
concrete and blocks the capillaries where the               and damp prior to application. DO NOT APPLY
waterproofing chemicals remain active for the life of       TO DRY CONCRETE.
the structure, resisting strong hydrostatic pressure
and preventing water ingress.                           Mixing
                                                        •   Always add powder to water NEVER water to
Features                                                    powder.
•   Ready to use, just add water and apply              •   A 10lb bag of powder should be mixed into 12oz
•   Resists strong hydrostatic pressure                     – 16oz of clean water and stirred thoroughly to a
•   Can be applied to positive or negative water            trowelable mortar consistency. Start off with
    pressure side of the structure                          12oz and add more water until desired
•   10 lb bag will make enough product to repair            consistency is reached.
    a crack 1” x 1” x 10 feet when mixed with the       •   Mix only as much material as can be used within
    appropriate amount of water                             30 minutes.
•   Inorganic with no odor or fumes
•   Safe for areas in contact with potable water        Application
•   Permanently active for the life of the structure    •   Do not apply AQUA-STOP CRACK FILLER in
•   Commercial and residential applications                 temperatures below 40F (5C) or to a frozen
•   Can be applied to damp and wet surfaces                 substrate.
•   Tested to a depth of 200 feet                       •   This product is not recommended for use in
                                                            expansion or contraction joints.
                                                        •   Do not apply to a dry surface - surface must be
Surface Preparation                                         pre-wetted with water before product is applied.
Like all good building practices, preparation is very
                                                        •   After proper surface preparation and routing of
important to ensure that the product will work with
                                                            crack to recommended width and depth, apply
100% effectiveness.
                                                            product with a trowel filling the cavity flush with
    applied to bare concrete. Any paint or coatings
    must first be removed by paint stripper or
    mechanical means.                                   Curing
• The surface should be rough (feel like fine           •   AQUA-STOP should be applied as a surface
    sandpaper) to ensure good adhesion and                  treatment over the entire wall as soon as AQUA-
    bonding. if the surface is smooth, then “rough-         STOP CRACK FILLER has set (approx. 1-2
    up” using a mechanical or hand wire brush, or           hours). If this is not practical, leave the mortar
    mild acid wash.                                         surface rough so that the subsequent application
• Cracks should be routed out to a U-shape                  of AQUA-STOP can bond.
    configuration, approx. 3/4” wide and a minimum      •   For exterior applications, provide protection
    depth of 1”. Tie holes should be roughened prior        against extreme weather conditions during the
    to filling.                                             setting period.
Packaging & Coverage                                               Storage and Shelf Life
•    AQUA-STOP CRACK FILLER is supplied in a                       AQUA-STOP CRACK FILLER must be stored in a
     10lb bag. Mix up only amount required for the                 dry enclosed area in the pail supplied or off the
     area you are repairing as the working time is                 ground. Shelf life in un-opened container is 12
     only 30 minutes.                                              months from date of manufacture.
•    A 10lb bag will produce enough material to
     repair a crack 1” x 1” x 10 feet.                             Limited Warranty
                                                                   It is the responsibility of the customer to determine
Safety                                                             the suitability of the product for the intended purpose.
•   Refer to MSDS                                                  Factors such as temperature, surface preparation
•   This product contains Portland cement and silica               and applicator’s skill are beyond the control of the
    and is highly alkaline. Avoid contact with skin                company. Therefore, the manufacturer’s liability is
    and eyes.                                                      limited to the replacement of the defective material
•   Wear rubber gloves and protective eyewear                      only.
    during mixing and application.
•   After any contact with the skin, wash with plenty
    of clean water. In case of eye contact, rinse
    immediately with plenty of clean fresh water for a
    minimum of 10 minutes, and seek medical

Technical Information

                TEST                                   RESULTS                                        METHOD
Color & Aggregate State                  Gray Powder
Potable Life                             30 – 40 minutes
Compressive Strength                     2400 psi (17 MPa) @ 1 day                    ASTM C-109
                                         4000 psi (27 MPa) @ 28 days
Flexural Strength                        660 psi (4.6 MPa) @ 1 day                    ASTM C-348
                                         820 psi (5.7 MPa) @ 28 days
Shrinkage                                0.04% at 28 days                             ASTM C-596
Potable Water                            Approval                                     ANSI/NSF Standard 61

All data are an average of several tests under laboratory conditions. In practice, climatic variations such as temperature,
humidity and porosity of substrate may affect these values.

                                                     Manufactured in the USA
                                    Aquaseal USA, Inc., P.O. Box 2444, Niagara Falls, NY 14302
                          Toll Free: 1-888-282-3861 or 877-AQUASEAL / E-mail:

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