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									          TOP 10 POINTS TO CONSIDER IN A

                            Business integration provides you with two primary things: real-time access to
                            business information, and the insight needed to manage all of your critical
                            processes. With business integration you see how business processes are
  webMethods has more       performing, predict what might happen in the future and adjust those
  than 1,250 customers      processes rapidly to address the changes faced by your business. Using
  worldwide, including      business integration you can create new applications across your enterprise
  Global 2000 leaders       and realize significant increases in business process productivity.
  such as Wells Fargo,      A complete business integration platform will help harness your IT assets and
  Apple, Eastman            construct the complex business processes that drive your enterprise. Selecting
  Chemical Company,         and deploying the right integration solution will give your company a key
                            competitive differentiator, increase revenues, reduce costs, and help you
  International Paper,
                            deliver the best service to your customers.
  Office Depot, Henkel
  KG&A, American            In short, with business integration you can realize the full value of your IT
                            investments and have a direct impact on your enterprise.
  Electric Power (AEP)
  and Applied Materials.
                            What to Look for in an Integration Vendor
                            Selecting the right business integration vendor is a challenge. The number of
                            vendors promising a comprehensive and unified integration solution grows
                            daily, as does the variety of approaches to solving the integration problem.
                            While it is essential to focus on what is critical for your company, it is also
                            important to evaluate vendors using a common set of metrics. This
                            document uses customer feedback taken from a broad portfolio of
                            evaluations to offer key factors and considerations to use when selecting an
                            integration software vendor:
                                Track record of customer success
                                Proven corporate strength
                                Speed of implementation
                                Mature architecture
                                Strong partner network
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1. Customer Success
The most important consideration is this: has the vendor made companies
similar to yours successful? What is the vendor’s track record, how do they
treat customers, and how do their customers view them?

Why is this important?
    References. This is the biggest indicator of customer success. Talk to
    some of the current customers using the product and find out what they        “We're very pleased
    have to say about the vendor’s contributions to their success. Be sure to     with webMethods'
    determine that the reference has placed integrations into production.
                                                                                  solutions, and are
    Methodology and best practices. Ask the direct question: “How will you        equally impressed with
    make me successful with your product?” Consider the answer carefully.         the company's intelligent
    Look for a proven methodology to help you architect your integration
    solution that not only gets you into production quickly, but also enables
                                                                                  and innovative approach
    you to stay in production as your enterprise integration needs change.        to partnerships.
                                                                                  webMethods has been a
    Strong professional services, training and technical customer support. It
    is very important to select a vendor that provides you with mentoring,
                                                                                  strong advocate for
    training, and “lighthouse” services that allow you to be self-sufficient in   Motorola's success from
    your implementation. Evaluate the quality of the customer support             the beginning, and has
    offerings and look for high customer satisfaction levels taken from           been integrally involved
    independent surveys.                                                          from design and
    Look for how actively the vendor solicits customer feedback to the            planning, down to the
    future of the product. Determine how the vendor will address your             flawless execution. The
    future requirements and how the vendor will incorporate customer              technical conversations
    feedback into the future product roadmap.                                     between our two
Why webMethods?                                                                   companies have borne
                                                                                  innovative technology
    Production events. webMethods is the only vendor to report publicly
                                                                                  solutions that drive value
    the number of projects that go live, a figure that now exceeds 160
    projects a quarter. This means that more than one company per day             for our business."
    somewhere around the world is starting to get a positive return on their      Toby Redshaw,
    webMethods investment.                                                        Corporate Vice
                                                                                  President of
    Customer focus. webMethods’ Global Customer Services group is                 Information
    dedicated to helping customers achieve successful implementation of           Technology Strategy
    webMethods products. The GCS provides complete lifecycle support in           and Business
    the implementation of webMethods’ integration solutions through world-
    class education, consulting and technical support services.
                                                                                  Motorola, Inc
    Proven Integration Methodology. webMethods integration
    methodology, GEAR, represents the best practices and experiential
    knowledge gained from a vast portfolio of successful projects. GEAR is
    a proven guide for high-quality projects that are on-time, on-budget and
    easy to maintain.
    Customer Satisfaction. webMethods’ revenue from existing customers
    consistently averages greater than 50% - a great measure of customer

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                              2. Corporate Strength
                              Corporate strength addresses a fundamental question: Does it make good
                              business sense to select this vendor as a partner?

                              Why is this important?
                                 Long-term vendor and product viability. As in all maturing markets, the
                                 business integration market is consolidating. It is therefore critical to
                                 select a vendor who will be there for the long term and whose products
                                 will be there for the long term.
                                 Financial strength. As the economy fluctuates, it is important that the
“The integration solution        vendor has a healthy financial position and is making the right amount of
was going to be the              investments in R&D to address your current and future problems.
foundation for many of           Industry leadership. If you are going to partner with a vendor for the
our operations today and         long haul, you want to select a vendor that is recognized by the industry
in the future. We needed         as a leader and that will continue to lead future innovations to maximize
a solution that could            the return on your integration investments.
support us in the long run
                              Why webMethods?
and webMethods was a
great fit. webMethods            Product Viability. The components of the webMethods Fabric suite
was able to not only             are proven, reliable, and mature. The webMethods Broker first shipped
                                 in 1997, Integration Server in 1998, and Servicenet (a comprehensive
provide us with an               Web services framework) was available in 2003, ahead of any other major
impressive vision for their      integration vendor. In April of 2005, webMethods announced its latest
solutions, but also show         version – webMethods Fabric 6.5, continuing the legacy of innovation
that with diverse                that has been the hallmark of the company.
capabilities, their              Vendor Stability and Strength. webMethods has a strong cash
solutions could scale with       balance, the best customer base in the industry, is pro-forma profitable
Unisys as our company            and cash positive.
continues to grow. We            Corporate Commitment. The CEO and senior executives leading the
were able to see the value       company in Finance, Product Development and Marketing have all been
very quickly.”                   with the company for more than 6 years and are committed to the
                                 continued success of webMethods and its customers.
Neil Kevles, Application         Industry Leadership. webMethods is the only pure-play integration
Integration Technologies         vendor on the Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) Board of Directors
manager, Unisys.                 and is recognized as a leader by leading industry analyst firms.

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3. Speed of Implementation
Integration software doesn’t deliver a return on investment until it has been
successfully implemented and deployed. The faster you move into
production, the faster you can realize returns and drive real value to your
business. Look for a vendor that is able to get you into production. Faster.

Why is this important?
    An integration vendor should demonstrate a focus for getting you into
    production via the tools and processes that facilitate rapid
    implementation, not just on technology.
    An integration solution should have a common graphical interface that
    minimizes or even eliminates the need for coding. This speeds
    development, eliminates the need for specialty skills and resources, and    “webMethods'
    simplifies deployment.                                                      integration solutions
    In today’s business world, the competitive advantage goes to those who      have allowed Hitachi
    can adapt the fastest. For sustained success, flexible processes are        America to align our
    mandatory, enabling an organization to adjust quickly in an ever-changing   operations more closely
    environment                                                                 with those of our
Why webMethods?                                                                 customers. In a matter
                                                                                of 20 days, Hitachi
    Get there faster. Many vendors claim their products require less
    development effort, but few have reliable data to back up their
                                                                                America was able to
    arguments. We say it again: webMethods is the only vendor to report         deploy webMethods
    publicly the number of projects that go live, a figure that now exceeds     software improving the
    160 projects a quarter.                                                     efficiency and
    Single, Role-Based User Interface. The “My webMethods” portal               connectivity of our IT
    provides task-based, personalized monitoring and management across all      systems.”
    webMethods Fabric products. The same role-based interface is used by
    IT staff to monitor systems, services, and processes, and by business       Greg Hattori,
    users to monitor business processes and KPIs.                               Director, Electronic
    Software, not services. As a software vendor and a company that is          Business Solutions,
    100% focused on integration, webMethods is driven to make its products      Information
    efficient and productive. Supplementing software sales with large           Technology Group,
    consulting contracts is not part of the company’s core mission.             Hitachi America

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                             4. Manageability
                             A frequently overlooked requirement is the ability to manage, monitor and
                             optimize the system once the integration solution has been deployed. Look
                             for a vendor that has addressed manageability as a core capability, not an

                             Why is this important?
                                It follows that if your integration solution is used to build a mission-
                                critical business process, then the integrations and the components that
                                support those integrations are also mission-critical. Therefore, the
                                integration components need to be managed and monitored and refined
“"webMethods Fabric
                                The ability to manage business processes and the integration components
has been central to our
                                that support those processes is key to lowering TCO over time. The true
ability to reduce the cost      value of integration to your business can only be realized when it is put
of transacting business         into production. And, that TCO is maximized when the information is
and streamlining our            available to optimize these integrations.
purchasing process while        Businesses are looking to Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) as the
also giving our suppliers       best way to leverage their IT assets and to provide their organizations
optimum flexibility in          with the agility needed to be competitive in today’s economy. Simply
conducting business. We         making a collection of Web services available on the network does not
now have better visibility      make an SOA. In fact, the unmanaged proliferation of Web services will
                                quickly result in a chaotic mix of systems and interfaces, which is not
into our orders across          unlike the situation that companies have faced with other technologies.
locations, reduced errors
and redundancies and         Why webMethods?
increased levels of             Advanced SOA Infrastructure. webMethods Fabric is based on a
operational efficiency.”        Service-Oriented Architecture foundation and incorporates management
                                capabilities that enable companies to realize the full potential of SOA on
Arwin Teschers,                 an enterprise scale. Through out-of-the-box Web service management
Manager, eBusiness,             and registry capabilities, any integration service company can be quickly
Henkel                          and easily turned into a manageable service, without rework, enabling
                                faster deployment of SOA-based applications.
                                Beyond basic monitoring. webMethods enables true business process
                                optimization by combining BPM and BAM, allowing business processes
                                to become smart by virtue of being pre-instrumented to report on key
                                performance indicators. The insight gained from business activity
                                monitoring directs the organization’s attention to where improvements
                                can be made.
                                Predict what’s next. webMethods Fabric includes patent-pending
                                fingerprinting technology to predict business, service, or other exceptions
                                based on observed events correlated with previous problems, a unique
                                capability amongst integration vendors.

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5. Independence
There are an increasing number of entrants into the integration software
space, from platform vendors to niche solution vendors. The platform
vendors are in the market to support broader objectives, such as selling more
development software or application user seats; or to patch up shortcomings
in their offerings. Niche solution vendors provide limited offerings for a
certain technology area such as Web services or composite applications. Be
cautious of vendors for whom integration is just a sideline. They might not
be in the market for the long term.

Why is this important?                                                            “webMethods is an
                                                                                  important part of our
    The winner is…heterogeneity. It is a fact of corporate life that your IT
    environment was, is, and always shall be heterogeneous and disparate. An
                                                                                  operations. By
    independent integration vendor with no allegiance to a given technology       leveraging the
    or application system will always be your best hedge against the reality of   webMethods solution,
    heterogeneity.                                                                we have been able to
    Leverage best-of-breed: An independent vendor provides you with a             rapidly and reliably
    true best-of-breed solution for your enterprise integration. Evaluate         integrate key business
    carefully the claims of vendors that claim best-of-breed but either locks     processes, increase
    you into their application paradigm or into their proprietary architecture.   productivity and
    Integration solutions from someone other than an independent                  operating efficiencies,
    integration vendor are naturally prone to a form of bias to the non-          and achieve visibility
    independent vendor’s core application, hardware, or technology. Simply        across our operations.
    put: how committed is that vendor to building high performance                With the webMethods
    integrations that do not include their core product as an end-point?
                                                                                  integration technology,
    Independent integration vendors are free from any parochial ties that         Logitech has gained a
    may prevent them from supporting all critical industry standards. This is     centralized and forward-
    critical as industry standards provide a mechanism and protocol to
    communicate and exchange information with your business partners and          looking infrastructure
    customers. Support for these standards enables you to realize cost            for our business process
    savings and a reduction on the total cost of ownership.                       automation
Why webMethods?
    Greater agility. With a 100% focus on integration, webMethods is able         Dan Poulin, CIO,
    to be more responsive to changing customer and market requirements.           Logitech
    Track record. webMethods has an established track record. Many of
    the platform vendors are late to market with key integration technologies
    and have few customers with enterprise-wide business integration
    Technology independence. It is inevitable that technology will change.
    Being independent of a specific technology platform allows webMethods
    to bridge the gaps between incompatible systems as well as to bridge the
    divide between legacy and future technologies. webMethods has
    customers integrating 30-year old mainframe systems with applications
    based on the latest Web services standards.

©2005, webMethods, Inc.                                       6
                           6. Mature Architecture
                           Integration software will become the critical glue between your business
                           processes, services and the underlying applications in your environment, and
                           the connections to your business partners. With such a central role, it is vital
                           that the solution you choose is based on a mature and proven architecture.

                           Why is this important?
                               A mature architecture will manifest itself in key characteristics such as
                               high performance, availability, and scalability that validate that the
                               vendor’s solution is built-to-last and has been put through its paces.

“We expect that by             A service-oriented architecture has proven over time to be able to
                               address new technologies readily without the need for massive shifts in
building our                   the foundations of the integration solution. It should be noted that
infrastructure strategy        because the leading industry analysts support the importance of a service-
around webMethods'             oriented architecture, many vendors claim the SOA mantle without
technology, Rich               merit. Look for a vendor that has a solution built from the ground up
Products will be able to       with a service-oriented architecture.
achieve significant            A strong, mature architectural foundation addresses the enterprise’s
operational efficiencies       current integration needs, but is also the platform upon which future
and cost savings over          technologies can be easily built. A mature architecture makes a solution
time. webMethods'              that can bridge past, present and future possible.
solutions have enabled         An integration solution with a mature architecture will allow you to
Rich Products to benefit       absorb and unify new technologies as they evolve, while continuing to
from an integrated             leverage applications built on older technologies. This will shield you
                               from the dual technology risks of obsolescence on the one hand, and the
infrastructure that can        bleeding-edge of technology on the other.
support the future
development and growth     Why webMethods?
of our organization and        Mature foundation. The core elements of the webMethods platform
improve the services we        were developed more than 8 years ago. Unlike vendors who have first or
provide for our                second generation products – with limited production references – as
customers."                    their centerpiece, webMethods’ solution has evolved from successive
Dave Gwozdz,                   iterations and the experience gained from widespread deployments.
Rich Products                  Unified platform. Some vendors have a collection of overlapping
                               products that customers have to integrate before they can make any
                               progress. webMethods took the strategy early on of uniting
                               complementary, best-of-breed capabilities into a single platform. As a
                               result, the webMethods solution is not only the most mature, but has
                               best-in-class functionality in all the key areas.
                               Proven architecture. The flexibility of the webMethods platform is due
                               to the fact that it was designed with a service-oriented architecture from
                               its inception. All of its capabilities take advantage of service-orientation
                               making it easier to generate reusable business services from existing
                               application functions.

                                                   7                              ©2005 webMethods, Inc.
7. Completeness
Look for a solution that is able to address a set of distinct technology
requirements – services integration, process assembly, and business
optimization. Be aware of vendors that disguise disparate and overlapping
offerings as completeness.

Why is this important?
   Service Integration – Your application infrastructure needs to be
   integrated in a modular way. This creates an inventory of reusable
   business services from existing applications.
                                                                                   "A single,
   Process Assembly – Your business services must be able to be combined
   and re-combined quickly to improve processes or even create new ones.           comprehensive solution
                                                                                   was our vision. The
   Business Optimization – Your services need to be intelligent, feeding
   back information and collecting the necessary metrics to gauge
   operational performance and even predict future operational events.             platform from
                                                                                   webMethods has
   If an integration solution lacks completeness, you will be forced to
                                                                                   provided us with a
   introduce additional tools to address your business requirements later.
   This limits the reusability of the integration solution, increases complexity   simple and flexible
   in development and maintenance, and forces you to be the integrator.            method for automating
   If an integration solution is a set of disparate and overlapping offerings,
                                                                                   business transactions
   your cost to implement this solution as part of a services engagement will      and a secure
   greatly increase your overall total cost of ownership.                          environment to facilitate
Why webMethods?                                                                    communications between
   Best-in-class functionality. webMethods offers best-in-class                    Office Depot and our
   functionality in all the key areas from integration to process assembly to      customers."
   business optimization. The webMethods platform is the first integration         James Morris,
   solution to combine traditional integration, SOA and event-driven               Director of
   processing. Some vendors only offer capabilities in niche areas such as         ECommerce
   Web services or composite applications.                                         Development,
   Integrated suite. Some vendors offer integration functionality that is          Office Depot
   acquired technology over many years each with its own tools,
   administration interfaces, and so on. Recognizing that business processes
   aren’t constrained by boundaries, webMethods has a single integrated
   suite that combines the functionality in one environment and toolset.
   No dependencies. Some integration vendors rely heavily on other
   companies for critical technologies like application adapters, Web
   services support or other emerging technologies. While partnerships can
   be an asset, they are a liability when a customer has to deal with multiple
   providers for support and rely on the vendors to keep product versions

©2005, webMethods, Inc.                                       8
                             8. Scalability
                             As integration and Web services becomes a vital element of your enterprise
                             infrastructure, look for a provider that is able to scale with your requirements
                             and as your business grows.

                             Why is this important?
                                 A future-proof integration solution must be able to scale as your
                                 enterprise needs grow. You should have confidence that your integration
                                 solution will not reach a point of obsolescence as the needs of the
"Corporate Express has           enterprise naturally evolve. The solution should provide the capacity you
experienced real business        require today while positioning for the demands of the future.
results with webMethods
                                 Look for an integration solution that derives scalability from an
Fabric. webMethods is            architecture that was optimized from the start for business process
helping Corporate                integration. Some vendors’ solutions are based on message-oriented
Express build a                  middleware that was designed to solve a different business problem.
reusable, scalable               True system scalability involves more than just the messaging layer.
integration infrastructure       An integration solution should provide you with flexible deployment
to seamlessly integrate          options that maximize performance and use of integration resources. A
the interfaces between           key indicator is the capability to host and distribute integration resources
our existing systems,            remotely and enable a geographically distributed, yet integrated
and rapidly assemble             enterprise.
new processes to add to      Why webMethods?
our strategic application
                                 Scalable tools. Integration is inherently complicated, from the need to
portfolio. We are                handle complex data structures, exception conditions, and performance
leveraging the power of          requirements. Products that are designed for simple departmental
webMethods business              requirements are unable to scale. webMethods allows organizations to
optimization to gain             meet the most demanding performance requirements through a multi-
real-time visibility into        threaded infrastructure optimized for high message and data volume
our critical processes."         throughput and low transaction latency.
                                 SOA and Web Services. webMethods extends SOA beyond simple
Sandy McGregor,                  Web services standards by incorporating features that enable the
Director of Integration          widespread deployment of Web services in an enterprise setting. These
Architecture, Corporate          include advanced registry services, security, transactionality, audit,
Express Corporation              monitoring capabilities and so on. The webMethods platform is designed
                                 to meet data center operational requirements, including the performance
                                 and scalability to handle enterprise-level business transaction volumes,
                                 and the reliability to ensure 24x7 availability.
                                 Distributed execution. webMethods has a unique architecture that
                                 allows the execution of a business process to be distributed across
                                 multiple servers. In practice, this provides the flexibility to deploy
                                 business process logic across the network in a way that best fits a
                                 customer’s environment. With most competing solutions, a business
                                 process is constrained to a single server process.

                                                     9                              ©2005 webMethods, Inc.
9. Partner Network
Look for a vendor that is supported and endorsed by the other software and
consulting partners that you rely on.
                                                                                 “We needed to integrate
Why is this important?                                                           our corporate legacy
   A vendor’s roster of partners is an important indicator of the efficacy of    systems with best-of-
   the vendor’s product. In particular, note the number of partners that are     breed applications such
   using the integration vendor as part of their own product offering. This is   as i2's Discovery
   the ultimate endorsement of confidence and trust in the integration
   vendor’s technology and ability.
                                                                                 Knowledge Manager.
                                                                                 We chose webMethods
   Strategic ISV partners. Look for strong partnerships between the              for three reasons: first,
   integration vendor and leading ISVs whose applications are being
   integrated. Again, pay particular attention in those cases where the          technology excellence,
   integration software is imbedded in the ISV’s product. This provides you      second, it provided the
   assurance that the ability to integrate to the ISV’s software is well         most strategic 'on-ramp'
   established.                                                                  for the value added
   Strong system integrator partnerships. A healthy sign for an integration      services we offer our
   vendor is the existence of a strong network of system integrators that        customers, and, finally
   have developed a practice around the vendor solution and have a large         the fact that
   number of trained personnel that can implement the vendor’s solutions         webMethods software
                                                                                 was already integrated
Why webMethods?
                                                                                 with i2's applications."
   The choice of enterprise software vendors. An unmatched list of
   enterprise software companies – including GXS, and Oracle– embed
   webMethods’ technology in their product offerings. Given the rigorous         Brad Hudon,
   evaluations conducted by these companies this is a tremendous                 Director of IT
   validation. Specifically, with regards to GXS, webMethods Fabric will be      Development,
   used to power the GXS Trading Grid, which serves over 30,000                  Future Electronics
   customers worldwide.
   Best-of-breed strategy. webMethods has a strategy of focusing on
   integration as a core competency and partnering with the leaders in
   related industries to provide customers with choices for best-of-breed
   SI Partners: Leading system integrators such as BearingPoint, Deloitte
   and TCS rank webMethods as one of their premier integration vendor in
   terms of revenue or influence in the marketplace. Crowe Chizek, the #3
   audit firm in North America, relies on webMethods as its only strategic
   integration partner.

©2005, webMethods, Inc.                                     10
                             10.Coherent Product Strategy and Vision
                             A coherent product strategy is critical to gauge how the vendor will be able to
                             provide your integration needs over the long term. Look for a vendor with a
                             stable product portfolio, a clear product strategy and one that is not in the
                             midst of a technological change.

“"In our current             Why is this important?
solution we are already          Look for an integration vendor that has a vision for its solution and a
close to the customer to         plan to realize that vision. Interoperability between solution components
better understand their          and historical success for assimilating new components should be
buying habits so we can          considered as an indicator of the vendor’s ability to reach the stated
better serve them. To            vision. While acquisition is a perfectly viable method for growth, acquired
                                 components must be seamlessly integrated with the vendor’s core
take a step further in
                                 product offering. Otherwise, the result is a more complicated solution to
this area, and to                implement with higher development costs, and the prospect of future
optimize business                changes to consolidate functionality.
processes, we needed a
                                 Be on the lookout for vendors who have had to resort to extensive
solution that is prepared        overhauling of their products to remain competitive. For example, the
for the future; is in line       emergence of Web services forced some vendors with problematic
with our vision and can          architectures to rewrite their products to address this important
help us implement                technology. As a result, customers were forced to contend with migration
integrated solutions for         issues and furthermore to a new, unproven product.
our stores, distribution         With their limited resources, smaller vendors may be challenged to
centers, suppliers and           deliver major product changes, provide ongoing support to their installed
corporate systems. With          base, and adequately support any new customers.
all our stores set to        Why webMethods?
migrate to webMethods
over the next six                Evolutionary. webMethods was designed from the ground up on XML,
                                 Internet standards, and a service-oriented architecture. While other
months, we'll have more          vendors are trying to absorb acquisitions and establish new architectures,
relevant information at          webMethods has been able to build on a proven foundation.
our fingertips than our
                                 Completeness of vision. webMethods’ vision is to enable customers to
competition, which will          leverage SOA for business integration, the assembly of composite
help us save money in            applications, and the optimization of the processes supported by these
our supply chain and             applications. webMethods has created the most “SOA-enabled” and
improve service to our           purpose-specific product suite on the market to achieve these goals.
shoppers."                       webMethods’ goal is to make SOA real, make it useful, and make it

Peter van Kralingen,
Vice President of IT,
Albert Heijn.”

                                                    11                             ©2005 webMethods, Inc.
Selecting a business integration solution may be one of the most important decisions your company makes.
Choosing the right platform from a vendor that is committed to making that solution a success in your enterprise
will result in a strategic corporate asset that will yield returns for the long term. Not only will you get a return on
your integration investment, you will also see maximized returns from your entire IT portfolio.
As the leading independent integration vendor, webMethods has considerable experience in helping people select
an integration solution and then take that solution to production, where the true returns on investment are
realized. This document was designed to capture some of that experience as you consider your options.
We would be happy to speak with you directly about the specific needs of your business. If you would like to
contact webMethods directly, visit our website at .

                                                3877 Fairfax Ridge Rd
                                               Fairfax, VA 22030 USA

                                   ©2005, webMethods, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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