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                                                                                      INTELLICORP LIVEINTERFACE™ FOR SAP®


                  IntelliCorp’s (IC) LiveInterface™ for SAP is a comprehensive, integrated development environment
                  (IDE) for the SAP community to reduce the risk and time associated with integrating and moving
                  transactional and master data throughout the SAP lifecycle — migrations, upgrades, consolidations,
                  testing, etc. LiveInterface for SAP is a centralized workbench for those working within the SAP code
                  environment to accelerate the development of scalable, accurate and portable interfaces across all
                  instances of SAP. It is also NetWeaver compliant and SAP certified, supporting Unicode, all SAP
                  API’s, and protocols and integrates easily with industry-specific SAP modules.

                  Meeting the Data Management Challenges
                  Managing data and developing interfaces either internally (within your production SAP instance)
                  or externally to another SAP instance or 3rd-party application creates many challenges:
                  • Selectively extracting data from Production to a Test Instance
                  • Updating in a way which preserves database integrity and Unit-of-Work (UoW) integrity
                  • Identifying and extracting the correct data, at the right time
                  • Transporting the data between systems securely, once and only once
                  • Transporting the data record structure from the source to the target
                  • Retaining an audit trail of transport activities
                  • Developing an environment for transmission error detection, notification and recovery
                  • Employing an auto restart for error recovery
                  • Ensuring a secured data access
                  In today’s world, your SAP system has moved to center stage for managing all of your
                  Corporation’s mission-critical applications on a global basis. SAP controls the books,
                  manages the inventory, produces the product and oversees the entire the sales process.
                  Recognizing the importance of SAP is central to the success of your overall enterprise.
                  It should direct your data management standardization and integration design principles,
                  methods which optimize integration techniques. In addition, it needs to provide monitoring
                  and alert functionality to oversee and protect the integrity of your SAP data structures.

                  Data Management and Interface Development is a Lifecycle Issue
                  More than traditional IT systems, your SAP system changes constantly. This volatility can have a big
                  impact on all application integration needs. Changes range from version upgrades, to the addition
                  of new business processes or modules, to mergers and acquisitions which all require access to
                  your SAP data and interfaces to your SAP system be reconfigured and extended.

                  A Significant Cost Factor
                  The overall costs for an SAP system’s application interfaces, and data extractions including initial
                  development costs as well as ongoing maintenance, are roughly proportional to five factors:
                  • The amount of data (including custom) to be extracted
                  • The number of interfaces
                  • The amount of code that has to be written for each interface
                  • The level of developer expertise required to write the code
                  • The level of developer expertise required to maintain the code
                  The goal of the SAP project manager or IT Director should be to reduce the effects of the latter
                  two factors as much as possible. In fact, Forrester Research states that “Ongoing management
                  costs run 45% of the initial purchase - per year! Persistent customization and integration costs top
                  the list.”


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            And yet most companies do not budget adequately for the initial and on-going development of
            interfaces, much less the costs of interface maintenance. In addition, the unusually high turn-over
            rate of trained SAP staff further exacerbates the problem. The need to retrain new staff, or out-
            sourcing the work, results in drawn-out, and expensive interface development costs.
            Addressing all of the various data needs is much more than moving data elements from point A
            to point B. Both transactional and master data movements have unique needs tied to specific
            requirements. The interfaces must be carefully designed, keeping in mind the need to stay
            within the existing data structures while addressing unique user specifications working within
            aggressive timelines.

            LiveInterface for SAP Is Designed to Meet
            Multiple Data Management and Interface Needs
            LiveInterface is IC’s SAP application integration environment, designed for building SAP interfaces
            from the ground up. It is the only interface application product, built within SAP that provides for
            this full spectrum of needs. LiveInterface was designed specifically for, and exists within your SAP
            system. Consequently, it is able to take advantage of its unique access to SAP’s data dictionary,
            database and operating environment, thereby enabling the development of powerful interface
            programs which are monitored during execution and respond to exceptional conditions.
            LiveInterface is a complete environment, with a uniform approach to all SAP interfaces and
            interface mechanisms; LiveInterface provides a consistent development and management
            environment for your critical data integration programs. LiveInterface for SAP is also NetWeaver
            compliant, supporting all SAP APIs, Unicode and protocols, and integrates easily with industry-
            specific SAP modules. Helpful development wizards empower programmers not familiar with
            ABAP to quickly and easily build interfaces, while the corresponding ABAP code is simultaneously
            generated behind the scenes.

            With LiveInterface, customers are able to:
            • Utilize LiveInterface’s library of pre-built test interfaces for Production extracts
            • Quickly develop new interfaces using all approved SAP interface mechanisms
            • Quickly build complex interfaces where they don’t exist
            • Eliminate the need for custom programming — even junior staff can build SAFE
              and optimized interfaces
            LiveInterface’s many features and workbench structure provides the environment and functionality
            to address a full range of integration needs.
            Optimized code is generated in the background — automatically. The more successful
            interface solutions address these issues up front, by being easier to maintain, providing a standard
            and uniform approach to building and maintaining interfaces and by being more flexible.

                                                                                       INTELLICORP LIVEINTERFACE™ FOR SAP®


                                                                    With LiveInterface, your developers create more
                                                                    capable interfaces with less code, and the code
                                                                    they do write is much simpler. LiveInterface
                                                                    provides a uniform approach to any type of SAP
                                                                    interface. This allows your developers to focus
                                                                    on the business logic and the unique mapping
                                                                    requirements of each interface. LiveInterface
                                                                    takes care of the complex, and often neglected
                                                                    infrastructure requirements, automatically. The
                                                                    details of working with IDOC’s, BAPI’s, BDC’s
                                                                    and the other SAP mechanisms are handled
                  LiveInterface’s ABAP Code Generator
                                                                    automatically by LiveInterface, behind the scenes
                  and with no design or programming effort by you. Not only can your team develop interfaces
                  faster, but the interfaces are much easier and less costly to maintain. Much less ABAP/4 expertise
                  is required, and the amount of code that has to be maintained is significantly reduced compared
                  to other solutions. Our customers regularly report the time to develop interfaces is reduced by
                  40% – 70% using LiveInterface – we’re confident your savings will be comparable.
                  Radio button wizards and built-in shortcuts reduce the complexity. Transporting business data
                  inside of SAP and between systems is often set aside to lower priorities in a project and forced to
                  comply with short, catch-up schedules when the need is finally addressed. This often puts great
                  stress into the project schedule and presents multiple challenges for the IT staff to handle.
                  With little more than a click of a few radio buttons and check boxes, LiveInterface can create:
                  • Simple flat file interfaces supplemented with MQSeries support, if necessary
                  • CPI-C peer-to-peer communications with another computer
                  • BAPI’s or an RFC from a client/server application
                  Those “not able to complete transmission” problems are handled by LiveInterface automatically
                  and with very little effort on the part of your IT staff.

                  Built-in Error Recovery and Resiliency
                  LiveInterface has built-in capabilities for handling data and transaction errors. LiveInterface
                  automatically generates the following characteristics into every interface program:
                  • Commit and rollback logic to ensure that each interface program can be rerun
                  • Status records to maintain the rerun and monitoring statistics for each unit of work
                  • An activity log for post-execution review of actions performed
                  • Control totals to tally records read, records written, successful and unsuccessful actions, etc.
                  • Alert notifications for any or all detected error conditions
                  Within a unit of work, LiveInterface not only validates the various bits of data (e.g. does this date
                  field contain a valid date), but it also caches all the values in case a transaction at the SAP end
                  does not complete successfully. This enables LiveInterface to “rollback” the unit of work, preventing
                  a data integrity problem in the SAP database itself.
                  Whenever LiveInterface detects such an error, it can raise an Alert via e-mail, FAX, page, phone or
                  even initiate a Workflow event. The error can then be followed-up by a system administrator or a
                  functional user using LiveInterface’s HealthBench. This helpful utility provides powerful capabilities
                  for discovering failed transactions, drill-down capabilities for fast error identification and correc-
                  tion, and re-running the transaction with the corrected data.


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            Built-in Alert Notification
            LiveInterface can actively raise alerts when error
            conditions arise. Within LiveInterface, the Alert
            Monitor can be configured to take any or all of
            the following actions:
            • Send R-Mail to a specified user or users
            • Invoke customized error responses; such
              as calling a pager
            • Raise an SAP event to start one or more
              background jobs
                                                                     Alert Notification Selector
            • Send a fax to a remote recipient
            • Start a Workflow process
            Once alerted, the user can quickly determine
            which interface executions were successful or
            unsuccessful through a series of displays. For
            any run of any interface program, the customer
            can access the activity log to examine the actions
            But it’s only half the job to know about the
            failures. The other half of the job is to do
            something about them — to fix and re-upload
            the failed data, or to report on the failure back
            to the source machine, for example. For those
                                                                     SnapShot™ Central SAP Data Monitoring Tool
            executions that are partially or totally unsuccessful,
            LiveInterface provides a number of reprocessing
            tools to resubmit failed work.

            Data Monitoring and Management Monitoring
            LiveInterface also provides a complete audit trail with adjustable logging and saved-data
            details. LiveInterface “SnapShot” provides a central monitoring point of management for SAP
            data movement, providing recovery and rollback when needed. LiveInterface HealthBench allows
            you to see a particular interface’s status and drill down to quickly identify and recover from any
            errors. You can also send alerts detailing more than 500 conditions to e-mail, pager, phone or fax.

            LiveInterface Meets All of Your Interface Challenges
            Selective Data Migrations for Testing
            Creating master data for test scenarios historically has been a challenge for both the technical
            team as well as the functional groups. The solutions have ranged from having the functional teams
            create dummy master data manually, or creating a full client copy of production in a test system.
            Either solution can be tedious, time-consuming, disruptive and very costly. LiveInterface comes
            complete with pre-built interfaces to extract selected sub-sets of production master data to your
            test environment. This pre-configured library includes support for a number of standard scenarios
            for testing common functionality such as sales orders, purchasing requisitions, etc. In addition,
            LiveInterface's intuitive format makes the creation of data extractions to support scenario testing
            of custom processes a snap.

                                                                                          INTELLICORP LIVEINTERFACE™ FOR SAP®


                  Massive Data Migrations for Consolidations
                  Providing technical support for system upgrades or consolidating SAP instances, where you need
                  to move massive amounts of master data has always been a challenge. Often source data is either
                  formatted incorrectly, found in multiple locations, or is missing entirely. In virtually all projects, this
                  has typically been a tedious and time-consuming effort. IC’s LiveInterface can extract production
                  master data selectively from the source system and transfer the data to the target SAP system or
                  to flat files. It automatically scans the input files for data records that are out-of-order. It also scans
                  for units of work that are out-of-order, missing, incomplete, or contain duplicate data.
                  LiveInterface’s unique performance optimization features further enhances the migration of
                  massive volumes of data. Concurrent, parallel processing of units of work, dynamically adjustable
                  degrees of audit logging and data storage, bypassing of superfluous database updating, and
                  detailed run-time analyses of performance snags are features offered by LiveInterface which
                  enable unequaled throughput of large volumes of data. LiveInterface also incorporates trigger
                  mechanisms (including SmartHooks) for each Transaction family. This can greatly help to transfer
                  data automatically from one system to another in a real-time environment. This is an extremely
                  powerful feature enabling you to keep two systems synchronized for a specific area.
                  Moreover, it maintains an audit trail of interface activity and a single repository for problem
                  resolution. These features can be used to quickly pinpoint execution problems. There are also
                  capabilities to easily find where to restart the process. Customers can add their own messages
                  to the activity log when their interface programs execute. Customer messages are interleaved
                  with LiveInterface’s log messages in chronological order.

                  Data Conversions
                  SAP shops often want to export data and convert it to formats for use by 3rd-Party applications,
                  legacy systems and business intelligence reporting tools. Fast and intuitive wizard-based data
                  mapping simplifies the task and built-in monitoring and management facilities ensure your data
                  conversion stays on track.

                  Building Mission-Critical Interfaces
                  Integration is accelerated through automated interface development. LiveInterface customers
                  have found that they are able to build interfaces 30% to 70% faster. In most cases, over 80%
                  of the code in an ABAP/4 program is “administrative.” LiveInterface is delivered with a library
                  of run-time subroutines that handle these tasks so the developer is free to concentrate on the
                  application-specific portions of interface development.
                  Resources are used more efficiently reducing interface development and maintenance costs.
                  Junior as well as senior ABAP/4 developers can use LiveInterface with ease. The LiveInterface
                  code generator produces ABAP/4 code with a consistent style and structure for each interface
                  reducing not only the initial development cost of the interface programs but also their entire
                  lifecycle maintenance costs.
                  Complex interface programming activities are simplified by using “wizards” to implement
                  operations such as:
                  • Data field mapping and data type conversions
                  • SAP Workflow event invocation
                  • BAPI container data loading and retrieval
                  • CPI-C communications
                  • IBM MQSeries message posting and reading
                  Because the development effort is simplified, even junior ABAP/4 programmers can implement
                  highly reliable interface programs with little effort.


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            Preserve Your Current Interface Investment
            Are you concerned about the investment you have already made in existing interfaces?
            Don’t worry. You can leverage this investment by re-using the logic developed in existing
            ABAP interfaces and subroutines by calling these from within a LiveInterface component.
            Or, you can simply copy-and paste the logic. These newly imported interfaces will then inherit
            the same monitoring, run-time, management, alerting features, and drill-down analysis for
            quick-and-easy corrections that LiveInterface provides to all components within its evironment.

            System Requirements
            LiveInterface can be installed and utilized on any combination of hardware/software platforms
            of SAP, mySAP ERP or mySAP Business Suite.
            • LiveInterface is compatible with all SAP releases 3.0d through the current generally available
              releases, mySAP ERP and mySAP Business Suite including NetWeaver and BI/BW
            • At least 30 MB of free disk space is required for installation.

            For More Information
            LiveInterface for SAP is available as part of the NetProcess tool suite, as well as an individual
            component through subscription or purchase. For more product, sales or partnership information,
            please email or call 508 621 1600.


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