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                                                2008 IDAHO INCOME TAX FORMS ORDER
10-24-08                       Forms are also available at: or by calling (800) 972-7660 toll free
Name of Taxpayer or Business                                                                                     Date

Mailing Address                                                                   Phone Number                   Check One -- Enclose Payment
                                                                                  (      )                           MAIL
Street No. or Rural Route                                                                                            PICK UP (order by 1-1-2009)
                                                                                                                     Tax Commission Office location
City, State and Zip Code + 4

                                                           BULK FORMS @ .05 each
                                                             Form description on page 2
       FORM                     QUANTITY         FORM             QUANTITY             FORM             QUANTITY                FORM        QUANTITY
      NUMBER                   REQUESTED        NUMBER           REQUESTED            NUMBER           REQUESTED               NUMBER      REQUESTED

       24                                            44                                 68R                                     89SE*
       39R                                           49                                 69*                                     96
       39NR                                          49C*                               70                                      96T*
       40                                            49E*                               71*                                     111
       40PA                                          49ER*                              71R                                     402*
       40V                                           49R                                75*                                     CG
       41                                            51                                 75HF
       41A                                           55*                                83*
       41ES                                          56*                                83R
       41ESR                                         65                                 84*
       41S                                           66                                 84R
       42                                            67*                                85*
       43                                            68*                                85R
   * Instructions separate and provided at no extra charge.
                                                                                                           QUANTITY            EACH
                       BOOKLETS @ $.40 each                             1.   Income Tax Form Guide                      x      $2.00
  FORM                                                      QUANTITY
 NUMBER                         DESCRIPTION                REQUESTED    2.   Bulk Forms                                 x      $ .05
 40/43            Individual Forms and Instructions
                  Booklet                                               3.   Booklets-Forms/Instr.                      x      $ .40
 41/41S           Corporate Forms and Instructions
                  Booklet                                               4.   Envelopes                                  x      $ .10
 65               Partnership Forms and Instructions
                  Booklet                                               5.   Forms Cost                             SUBTOTAL
 66               Fiduciary Forms and Instructions
                  Booklet                                               6.   Idaho residents add 6% sales tax

                                                                        7.   Nez Perce County residents
                                   OTHER                                     add .5% (1/2 of one percent ) local option tax.

 Guide            Income Tax Form Guide @ $2.00                         ADD POSTAGE FOR MAIL ORDERS ONLY
                  (formerly Package X) CD format only
                                                                        8. Postage for Income Tax Form Guide only:
 Envelope         Return envelope @ $.10
                  Dimension 9.5" x 6.5"
                                                                           One Income Tax Form Guide, add $1.00
                                                                           Two or more Form Guides, add $2.00

                      MAIL TO:                                          9.   Postage for loose forms, with or without Form Guide:
                     Attn: Forms                                             Orders $7.50 and under, add $4.50
             Idaho State Tax Commission                                      Orders $7.51 through $15.00, add $6.00
                      PO Box 36                                              Orders over $15.00, add $12.00
                 Boise ID 83722-0410                                                                    TOTAL PAYMENT DUE $
                                                         Instructions for Ordering

Print or type your name and address. List both your street address and post office box so we can use either the Postal Service or UPS
for the best shipping rate.

Check the box for either pick-up or mailing. You must pay postage if forms are mailed to you. If you want to pick up the forms, please
return your order by January 1, 2009. List your telephone number and the location of the Tax Commission office where you will pick up
the forms. We will call you when your order is ready.

Note: If you are ordering for a public or volunteer organization (i.e. public library or Tax Counseling for the Elderly) that provides blank
forms or booklets to walk-in customers, please complete this form. Write zero in the subtotal line and put the name of your organization
on the top of the form. If you have questions, please call 334-7660 in the Boise area or (800) 972-7660 toll free.

Enter the number of forms requested. Complete the cost section. You must enclose a check or money order payable to the Idaho State
Tax Commission.

Individual Forms and Instructions Booklet includes 40, 43, 39R, 39NR, 51, and instructions for each.

Income Tax Form Guide contains each of the income tax forms listed on the order form. Available on CD only.

Mail your order form and payment to:
         ATTN: FORMS
         PO BOX 36
         BOISE ID 83722-0410
                                                              Form Description*

    24       Idaho Grocery Credit Refund                                 70        Idaho Statement of Credit Transfer
    39R      Idaho Supplemental Schedule for Form 40                     71*       Idaho Biofuel Infrastructure Investment Credit
    39NR     Idaho Supplemental Schedule for Form 43                     71R       Recapture of Idaho Biofuel Infrastructure Investment Credit
    40       Idaho Individual Income Tax Return                          75*       Idaho Fuels Use Report
    40PA     Idaho Payment Agreement Request                             75 HF     Idaho Fuels Tax Refund Claim Heating Fuel ONLY
    40V      Idaho Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher                 83*       Idaho Small Employer Investment Tax Credit
    41       Idaho Corporation Income Tax Return                         83R       Recapture of Idaho Small Employer Investment Tax Credit
    41A      Idaho Supplemental Schedule of Affiliated Entities          84*       Idaho Small Employer Real Property Improvement Tax
    41ES     Quarterly Estimated Tax/Extension of Time Payment                     Credit
    41ESR    Underpayment of Estimated Tax                               84R       Recapture of Idaho Small Employer Real Property
    41S      Idaho S Corporation Income Tax Return                                 Improvement Tax Credit
    42       Supplemental Schedule for Multistate &                      85*       Idaho Small Employer New Jobs Tax Credit
             Multinational Businesses                                    85R       Recapture of Idaho Small Employer New Jobs Tax Credit
    43       Idaho Part-Year or Nonresident Income Tax Return            89SE*     Certification for Idaho's Small Employer Tax Incentives
    44       Idaho Business Income Tax Credits & Credit Recapture        96        Idaho Annual Information Return
    49       Idaho Investment Tax Credit                                 96T*      Idaho Magnetic Media Transmittal
    49C*     Idaho Investment Tax Credit Carryover                       111       Power of Attorney
    49E*     Property Tax Exemption Election Form                        402*      Idaho Individual Apportionment for Multistate Businesses
    49ER*    Recapture of Qualified Investment Exemption                 CG        Idaho Capital Gains Deduction
             from Property Tax
    49R      Recapture of Idaho Investment Tax Credit
    51       Estimated Payment of Idaho Individual Income Tax
    55*      Idaho Credit for Qualifying New Employees
    56*      Idaho Net Operating Loss Carryforward/Carryback
    65       Idaho Partnership Return of Income
    66       Idaho Fiduciary Income Tax Return
    67*      Credit for Idaho Research Activities
    68*      Idaho Broadband Equipment Investment Credit
    68R      Recapture of Broadband Equipment Investment Credit
    69*      Idaho Incentive Investment Tax Credit

   * Instructions separate and provided at no extra charge.

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