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                       IT Users Discuss New Ways to
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                         3 Companies Eliminate Tape, Reduce Backup
                         Windows and Reinvent Their DR

                                                       September 2006

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  D ATA D O M A I N   I   Contents

                                             IntroductIon . .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3

                                             troutman.sanders.LLP. .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 5

                                             thomas.weIseL.Partners.. .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 7

                                             synoPsys,.Inc . . .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 10


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                                             concLusIon . .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 13

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Data Domain DD400 Enterprise Series - 2005                                                                                                                  2
      D ATA D O M A I N           I   Enterprise Protection Storage

                                                                         ’ ...year-over-                up,,.has.,.and.recently.imposed.                                                                                           disk.backup.and.recovery.
 retention.and.availability.are.                                                                     market ...deduplication.of.
                                         “Data Domain is a pioneer in the disk-to-disk               data.significantly.changes.
                                         backup space,” said Heidi Biggar, analyst for     ,.             the Enterprise Strategy Group. “The company                                                                     dramatically.reducing.both.
                                         uses intelligent data deduplication software
 enterprise’s.It..             to reduce the capacity needed to store backup
 environments.are.demanding.             data by about 20:1 — a metric validated by                  making.wide.area.backup.
 a.more.comprehensive.strat-             ESG Labs. By extending the same technology                  an.operational.reality ...Its.,.secu-          to remote backups, Data Domain makes it           
 rity.and.high.availability.than.        possible for organizations to move data over      
                                         the WAN ef ciently and cost-effectively,          
                                         effectively eliminating the need for               ...
                                         error-prone, cumbersome, and non-secure                     as.a.result,.It.managers.           tape vaulting processes.”
 one.of.the.most.hotly.                                                                              gain.faster,.more.reliable.                                                                           recoveries,.reduced.backup.
 arena ..                                                                                           windows.and.centralized.
 curiously,                protection.levels.are.elevated.and.costs.are.reduced ..
 for.enterprise.backup.and.recovery                      this.paper.chronicles.the.implementations.and.

 estimates.that.10%.of.all.recovery.attempts.from.               ,.but.for.years.tape.was.the.only.economically.         ...tape.            ...representing.a.diverse.

 cartridges.were.also.portable,            ,,.


 inherent.handling.risks ...disk,.while.reliable,.was.           


 data—which.often.can.require.10.times.or.more.the.              …                                those.requirements ...

   D a t a D o m i n Ways 0 E n t e r Enterprise r i e s - 2 0 0 5
IT Users DiscussaNewD D 4 0to Protect p r i s e S e Data- September 2006                                                         3
  D ATA D O M A I N            I    Enterprise Protection Storage,.each.manager.                             synopsys,.Inc .,            ,.share.the.roI.and. ...              
troutman.sanders.LLP,                            solutions .

              “ ...It.actually.

              John Thomas
              Information Technology Manager
              Troutman Sanders LLP

              and.more.reliable ..we’d.been.working.with.tape, .”

              Kevin Fiore
              Vice President, Director of Engineering Services
              Thomas Weisel Partners

              “ ...our.tape..
    ,.but.they.really.were.not .”

              John Mincarelli
              Director of IT
              Synopsys, Inc.

  Users D o m a n D D 4 0 to Protect r i s e S e i e s
ITD a t a Discuss iNew Ways 0 E n t e r pEnterpriser Data-- September 2006
                                                             2005                                                                 4
            D ATA D O M A I N           I    Enterprise Protection Storage

Key Highlights                        Troutman Sanders LLP
Business Profile
Troutman Sanders LLP is an            “,.I.remember.coming.
Atlanta-based international law       in.on.monday.morning.and,,.all.of.our.backups.were.
firm with over 600 attorneys.
                                      completed .”
Legal                                 John Thomas
                                      Information Technology Manager
Challenges                            Troutman Sanders LLP
Increasing difficulty meeting
backup windows, backup tape
failures, difficulty with remote
restores from tape, limited
bandwidth prohibited remote site
                                      Customer                                       be.lost.from.the.unavailability.of.even.a.
replication via WAN.                                                        .
Solutions                             troutman.sanders.LLP,,.
3 Data Domain DD 460 Restorers,
4 DD 430s, 6 DD 410s and Data         Troutman.sanders’.tape.backup.
Domain DD Replicator Software.
10TB of backup data efficiently       firm.with.over.600.attorneys.serving.
protected. Complete replacement
of tape technology at remote sites,.hong.
(11 remote sites go completely
tapeless).                            Kong,.London,.new.york,.norfolk,.     ....But.the.shortcomings.
                                      raleigh,.richmond,.tysons.corner,.             of.a.tape-based.backup.system.had.
                                      Virginia.Beach.and.washington,.d .c ..         been.brewing.for.some.time.and.the.
  RECOVERY: Data is now repli-
  cated via WAN from multiple         the.full-service.firm.offers.a.broad.
  states and countries to a central
  facility ensuring fast recover-     array.of.over.30.practice.areas.including.     exacerbated.the.need.for.change:..“we.
                                      corporate,.finance,,.litigation.   had.been.dealing.with.tape…”.says.
• COST SAVINGS: Reduced tape                                                         thomas ...“…
  media costs, existing network .
  infrastructure leveraged for                                             
  DR, no tape handling costs, no
  travel to troubleshoot hardware
                                      Customer Challenges                            companies,.experiencing.tape.failures.
  failures or manage restores. 12
  sites now go to tape at a single                                         
  location for weekly archiving.
• RELIABILITY: Backup/restores                                                       both.growing.and.‘more.of.the.same’.
  are fast, verifiable instanta-      virtually.all.companies,
  neously, no failures to date.
                                      industry.presents.its.It.managers.with.        just.didn’
                                      unique.challenges ...John.thomas,.             for.our.backups.going.forward .”...
  Simple centralized manage-
  ment for all locations.             It.manager.for.troutman.sanders,.
• PERFORMANCE: Backup/restore“…is.         with.multiple.sites.conducting.their.
  windows significantly reduced.
  At one office, Exchange backup      unlike.any.other.I’ ..Very.        own.local.backups,.the.scenario.
  window was reduced from 11                                               
  hours to 55 minutes.                demanding
                             ..If.       efforts
Backup Software
Veritas Backup Exec         ,.
Pre-Data Domain Architecture  
Tape: LTO-1 & DLT-4                                                                  difficult,
                                      immediately .”..
                            ,.a.client’     recoveries .

     D a t a D o m i n Ways 0 E n t e r Enterprise r i e s - 2 0 0 5
  IT Users DiscussaNewD D 4 0to Protect p r i s e S e Data- September 2006                                                      5
         D ATA D O M A I N        I    Enterprise Protection Storage

 Data Domain Solution                                                      “
 while.troutman.sanders.evaluated.a.variety.of.non-                        and,,.all.of.our.backups.,.thomas.found.that,.“                      were.completed,”.says.thomas .,                       Business Benefits
 buck’                    software,.troutman.sanders.has.eliminated.both.
 us .”                                                           
                                                                           previous.tape-based.backup.processes ... .c ..offices,.wan.                       troutman’s.sites.currently.backup.approximately.                          
 data.domain’ ...with.the.                         fully.automated.and.centrally.controlled,.significantly.
 success.of.the.intercontinental.pilot,.they.moved.                              ..tape.
 and.remote.disaster.recovery.plan,.using.a.many-to-                                   handling.charges.for.the.12.offices.have.also.been.,                    eliminated ...Both.atlanta.and.richmond.            ,.for. ...a.combination.                        example,.thomas.notes.that.the.backup.time.for.a.
 balance.of.remote.offices ...                                    ...average.compression.ratios.
 today,        .
 richmond.facilities ....most.of.troutman’s.existing.                      Perhaps.most.important.of.all,             ’            
 (                       completion.of.the.backup ...“the.nice.thing.about.
 data.domain.restorers                                    instantaneous,”.says.thomas ...“
 backups ..currently,.once.a.week,          
 richmond.or.atlanta.locations.for.archiving ...tape.             .”.
 other.offices .

   D a t a D o m i n Ways 0 E n t e r Enterprise r i e s - 2 0 0 5
IT Users DiscussaNewD D 4 0to Protect p r i s e S e Data- September 2006                                                          6
             D ATA D O M A I N               I    Enterprise Protection Storage

Key Highlights                             Thomas Weisel Partners
Business Profile
Thomas Weisel Partners is an               “of.everything.that.came.out.of.this.project,.it’
investment bank with 550 employees,’s.readily.accessible.that.I.find.most.
multiple offices in the US and an office
in Mumbai, India.                          comforting .”.
Industry                                   Kevin Fiore
Investment Banking                         Vice President, Director of Engineering Services
                                           Thomas Weisel Partners
Weekly full backups were taking
longer than desired, tape backups
present reliability challenges, faster     Customer                                           weekly.full.backups.initiated.Friday.
restores required.
Solutions                                   to.complete ...their.restore.speeds.
6 Data Domain DD 400 Enterprise
Series Restorers, Data Domain DD          ’s.
Replicator Software. Local backup
to disk at all sites, data replication     sectors.of.the.economy.including.the.              business.continuity.objectives ...“our.
for Disaster Recovery.
• EFFECTIVE DISASTER                       sectors ..Its.value-added.Investment.    
  RECOVERY: Remote site backup
  data is replicated quickly and           Banking,.Institutional.Brokerage,.       ,”.says.
  securely via WAN. Data avail-
  able at all times from 2 geo-
                                           and.equity.research.groups.focus.                  Kevin.Fiore,.Vice.President,.director.of.
  graphically distinct locations.          on.servicing.u .s   
• COST SAVINGS: Reduced                    emerging.growth.companies.and.                     Partners ...“
  expenditures on contracts for
  3rd party tape transportation            institutional.investors ..                ...
  and storage services by $3,000
  monthly, 2-4 hours per week of                                                    
  administration saved, reduced
  tape media costs.
                                 ,.Boston,.silicon.          something.faster.and.more.reliable ...
• RELIABILITY: Backup/restores
  verifiable instantaneously, fast         Valley.and.mumbai,.India,.thomas.                  we’d.been.working.with.tape,.and.we.
  restores from both local and
  replicated sites, on-site reten-         weisel.Partners.has.approximately.550.    .”
  tion exceeds 30 days at all sites.
                                           employees .
  Centralized administration,                                                                 Beyond.performance.and.reliability.
  automated backup processes.
  Eliminated tape at 3 of 4 sites.
                                           Customer Challenges                                considerations,.Fiore.recognized.
  Backup to tape is now once a                                                                that,,
  month, versus twelve times a
  month.                                   thomas.weisel.Partners.was.              
• PERFORMANCE: Weekly backup               encountering.backup.issues.that.         
  window reduced to less than 24
  hours, near real time restores,          were.not.uncommon.for.multi-site.                  maintained.for.the.transportation.and.
  centralized back up data synched in                                                         vaulting.of.tapes.for.disaster.recovery.
  one hour.
                                                  purposes ...
Backup Software
CommVault                        ,.
Pre-Data Domain Architecture               san.Francisco,.Boston.and.a.small,.but.
120-130 Spectralogic AIT 3 tape
drives, tape libraries, Iron Mountain,.India) ..
transportation and retrieval

      D a t a D o m i n Ways 0 E n t e r Enterprise r i e s - 2 0 0 5
   IT Users DiscussaNewD D 4 0to Protect p r i s e S e Data- September 2006                                                              
      D ATA D O M A I N           I    Enterprise Protection Storage                        thomas.weisel.Partners’.five.offices ..
architecture.was.quite.comprehensive.and.covered.                      however,
Libraries).which.“quickly.became.pricey.when.we.                       network.efficiency.during.remote.replication ...over.       ,.the.dd.
costs .”..                                                   
during.the.evaluation.period,.solution.provider.              .
data.domain .                                                          as.a.result.of.this.topology,.at.thomas.weisel.
Data Domain Solution                                         ,.offering.the.firm.
                                                              ...“                       hour.of.backup, ..we.know.that,.          ,
400.enterprise.series.restorers ....there.are.3-.dd430.       ...that’s.fantastic.
enterprise.restorers.for.local.backup/recovery.               .”,.Boston.and.mumbai.
offices                 Business Benefits
onsite.backup.and.recovery ..                                
of.“many-to-one”.and.“bi-directional”.replication.                     based.backup ...the.backup.timing.issues.that.first.
topologies,           ’s.                  resolved,.and.its.weekly.backup.window.has.been.            ...Fiore.reports.that.the.                          lowest.compression.rate.he.experiences.from.any.of.
locations       ,.this.being.on.his.
replica.set.of.san.Francisco’       ...
york,.Boston.and.mumbai.backup.locally.and.then.                       all.other.sites.maintain.much.higher.compression. ...each.                rates .. ...
once.a.month, .                 ,
                                                             ’                        continuity.objectives.both.locally.and.remotely,.
domain’                           tremendously.cutting.down.the.firm’s.exposure.
technology.enables.cost.effective.local.backups.for.          ..

   D a t a D o m i n Ways 0 E n t e r Enterprise r i e s - 2 0 0 5
IT Users DiscussaNewD D 4 0to Protect p r i s e S e Data- September 2006                                                       
      D ATA D O M A I N         I    Enterprise Protection Storage

system.automation.have.reduced.the.amount.time.he. .

times.monthly) ...

that.I.find.most.comforting,”.says.Fiore ...

   D a t a D o m i n Ways 0 E n t e r Enterprise Data- September 2006
IT Users DiscussaNewD D 4 0to Protect p r i s e S e r i e s - 2 0 0 5   
            D ATA D O M A I N            I     Enterprise Protection Storage

Key Highlights                         Synopsys, Inc.
Business Profile
Synopsys, Inc. is a leading provider   “, .”
of electronic design automation
(EDA) software and services.
                                       John Mincarelli, Director of IT, Synopsys, Inc.
Electronic design automation
                                       Customer                                          on.the.location,
Synopsys had experienced                                                       ,.
hardware, mechanical failures,
and bottlenecks at remote field        synopsys,.Inc ..(nasdaq:snPs).is.a.     
sites which lacked dedicated IT
resources for troubleshooting.   ..each.remote.field.
Each remote field site stores about
2 terabytes of data and Synopsys       automation.(eda) 
has more than a petabyte of disk
online worldwide.                            synopsys.has.more.than.a.petabyte.of.

                                       circuits.(Ics),.field-programmable.gate. .
5 Data Domain Restorers at head-
quarters; 6 Restorers at remote        arrays.(FPgas)
international sites; 10 terabytes of                                                     Previously,.most.of.the.remote.sites.
data protected.                        (socs)
                              .                          were.equipped.with.tape.libraries.and.a.
• RETURN ON INVESTMENT:                                                                  sun.server.running.VerItas.netBackup ..
  With Data Domain, Synopsys’
  backup costs have been CUT ’s.products.enable.                    the.tape-based.infrastructure.created.
  IN HALF at each field site. Cost
  savings achieved by eliminating      semiconductor,.computer,.               
  tape and backup server infra-
  structure, centralized admin-        communications,.consumer.electronics.
  istration and reduced number                                                           •’t.
  of vendors and maintenance
  agreements.                                                                              even.two.years.old,.backups.often.
                                                                                           failed ..tapes.would.frequently.jam,.
• BETTER PERFORMANCE: Synop-           performance,.increase.productivity.and.
  sys experiences data compres-                                                   .
  sion rates that are 7 to 20 times
  higher than the previous tape                                                          • some.field.sites.did.not.have.
  based systems.                       to.silicon ..In.fact,
  ITY: WAN-based centralized                                                     
  administration. Backup times
  went from 18 hours to 2-6            to.silicon,
  hours. Backups now run reli-                                                             mechanical.issues,.creating.delays .
  ably. Restorers in the field have    to.the.most.difficult.challenges.that.
  performed failure-free.                                                                • using.multiple.and.separate.vendors.
• REPLICATION CAPABILI-                                                          ,.servers.and.
  TIES: Data Domain will allow
  Synopsys to back up data to a                                                  
  remote location, providing a                                                             headaches .
  full disaster-recovery solution      Customer Challenges
  if needed.

Backup Software                                                                          “
VERITAS NetBackup            ,.calif .,.
Pre-Data Domain Architecture                                                             said.John.mincarelli,.director.of.It ..
2-drive autoloaders with DLT           worldwide ..six.of.its.offices.also.serve.
drives; Solaris backup servers                                                           “
                                       china,.and.Bangalore,.India ..depending.          were.not .”

      D a t a D o m i n Ways 0 E n t e r Enterprise r i e s - 2 0 0 5
   IT Users DiscussaNewD D 4 0to Protect p r i s e S e Data- September 2006                                                           0
      D ATA D O M A I N           I    Enterprise Protection Storage

Data Domain Solution                                                   “Before,.we.had.expenses.for.three.different.vendors.
Based.on.past.experience,.synopsys.built.its.wish.                     mincarelli.said,.“,.we.cut.our. ..compatibility.with.          .”,.,.India.facility ..      
additionally,              , ..              low ..Backups.are.compressed.and.stored.for.30.days.,                       onsite,.simplifying.the.restore.process.and.further.
compression.and.attractive.pricing ..eventually,.             ..Because.of.,.so.                  the.increased.speed, ..                           on.time ..In.fact,
                                                                       2-6.hours ...
synopsys.evaluated.several.backup.options ..It.                        additionally,’s.capacity.optimized.                     exceptionally.reliable,
storage’s.                     date,.field.administrators.can.focus.on.
key.criteria,.as.a.disk-based.solution,.data.domain.                   other.responsibilities ..Previously,.one.of.the.field. ..                                     mincarelli).with.backup.issues.and.escalations.about.
onsite ..                                                              to.resolve,.it’s.been.more.than.eight.months.
                                                                       since.he’s.heard.any.problems.from.the.sites .
Plus,.synopsys.can.manage.all.administration.across.,.eliminating.the.                    “
need.for.local.administration .                              
                                                                       domain,”.says.Perumal ...“along.with.that,.it.has.

Business Benefits                                            ,
                                                                       and.time ..we’
                                                                       solution .”’
                                                                       Looking.ahead,.data.domain.replication.capabilities. ..By.
                                                                       needed ..
domain.capacity.optimization,.synopsys.cut.its.overall. ..

   D a t a D o m i n Ways 0 E n t e r Enterprise r i e s - 2 0 0 5
IT Users DiscussaNewD D 4 0to Protect p r i s e S e Data- September 2006                                                        
      D ATA D O M A I N           I   Enterprise Protection Storage

Data Domain:                                                     

Enterprise Storage Protection                                    ’s.deduplication.
                                                                           architecture .

                                                                           seamless.integration.into.the.existing.backup. ..recognizing.the.growing.
                                                                           procedures ...By.working.with.existing.backup.
based.backup ..this.reduction.makes.disk-based.
recovery ..
                                                                           backup/recovery.architecture ..
                                                                           and.associated.benefits,.see.table,.Data Domain
                                                                           Highlights, .
                                                        . ..

              Typical Data Reduction Rates

  Full Backup                 00%, all data backed up each time

  Incremental/differential    5% for files, 00% for databases

  Mirroring                   5%, changes absorbed into each mirror

  Snapshot, CDP               5%, only changes stored

  Deduplication               < %, eliminates redundant data and
                              compresses original occurrence

   D a t a D o m i n Ways 0 E n t e r Enterprise r i e s - 2 0 0 5
IT Users DiscussaNewD D 4 0to Protect p r i s e S e Data- September 2006                                                         2
   D ATA D O M A I N          I     Enterprise Protection Storage

                                             Data Domain Highlights
                    Product Features                                       Customer Benefits

                   Reduces storage and bandwidth          Makes WAN network vaulting affordable. Global
                   costs with Data Domain 20x Global      Compression reduces data sent to remote location
                   Compression™ technique                 while protecting data over any bandwidth and
                   Full support for all backup software   Data Domain requires no changes to existing
                   packages                               backup software providing ease of installation and
                                                          ongoing operations. Using a transparent approach
                                                          consolidates existing backup software processes.
                   Ease of operations                     Administrators can spend time on other important
                   Continuous data verification           Ensures data can always be recovered. If an
                                                          error occurs during transfer, Replication software
                                                          recovers automatically and restarts data transfer.
                   Reduces the amount of disk             Storage expenses are reduced. Both the originator
                   needed for backup data, provides       and replicated data remain fully accessible while
                   concurrency                            transfers are in progress without impact to
                   Eliminates redundant data needed       Improves recovery times for local and remote
                   for backup and recovery                operations.

sanders,.thomas.weisel.Partners.and.synopsis,.Inc .,.                      data.domain’,.data.                          invulnerability.architecture.and.replication.
customers,.hundreds.worldwide                         technologies.are.enabling.ultra-reliable,.high.
storage.that,,.is.changing.                       work.seamlessly.with.all.leading.enterprise.backup.
storage.economics.and.disaster.recovery.strategies ...            .                    
sectors.and,.as.such,                    strategy,.a.Deduplication Checklist.follows.that.can.
been.more.important                .

   D a t a D o m i n Ways 0 E n t e r Enterprise r i e s - 2 0 0 5
IT Users DiscussaNewD D 4 0to Protect p r i s e S e Data- September 2006                                                      3
   D ATA D O M A I N           I      Enterprise Protection Storage

           Preparing.for.deduplication.makes.the.implementation.process.easier ..the.checklist.below.

                                                 Deduplication Checklist
              Compatibility with your existing             What changes, if any, are required to your existing backup
              backup applications                          processes? Assess difficulty of the implementation. Are
                                                           you prepared? Certify the backup vendor works with the
                                                           deduplication solution.

              Appliance or software based solution         Software-only solutions allow enterprises to re-use existing
                                                           or older disk systems, appliances normally include disk
                                                           storage and simplify installation.

              Sizing performance requirements              Significant reductions in storage may require several
                                                           iterations. Determine time needed to achieve the maximum
                                                           deduplication effect. What is the net expected storage
                                                           savings compared to full, incremental or differential

              Scalability for performance and              Assess instrumentation is provided to measure performance
              capacity                                     and capacity thresholds. Insure additional capacity and
                                                           processing power be added to keep up with data growth
                                                           or to improve backup and restore speeds. Verify upgrades

              Pointer security management                  Insure the pointers to the unique data segments are
                                                           protected from hardware, software and intrusion threats.
                                                           Losing these pointers means that the backups can no longer
                                                           be retrieved.

              Supports remote replication for disaster     Data reduction not only reduces the amount of storage
              recovery                                     required locally but also reduces the amount of network
                                                           traffic during replication, which can result in significant
                                                           bandwidth savings for remote backup and recovery.

              Pricing fit to budget                        Do you pay for storage capacity, by number of installed
                                                           solutions, or another scheme? What are the warranty
                                                           period and maintenance pricing considerations? Remember
                                                           not to confuse the initial acquisition costs (Capex) and the
                                                           ongoing operational expenses (Opex) when evaluating a
                                                           deduplication solution.

              Vendor readiness and positioning             Check out vendor reference installations. Verify the
                                                           vendor’s roadmap will address your future data protection

              Environmental savings                        Determine power, footprint and facilities savings for use in
                                                           cost-justification process

   D a t a D o m i n Ways 0 E n t e r Enterprise r i e s - 2 0 0 5
IT Users DiscussaNewD D 4 0to Protect p r i s e S e Data- September 2006                                                  4
      D ATA D O M A I N              I     Enterprise Protection Storage

About Data Domain
disaster.recovery’’™,.data.invulnerability.and.replication. ...,
domain,.visit.www .datadomain .com,.santa.clara,.ca. .com .

copyright.©,.Inc ...all.rights.reserved .
data.domain,.Inc ...this.publication.could.include.technical.
herein;,.Inc ..may.make.improvements.and/
the.product(s).and/or.the.program(s) ...reproduction.of.this.publication.without.prior.written.permission.
is.forbidden .“”,.Inc,, .,.Inc ...all.other.brands,.products,.service.names,.trademarks,.or.registered. ..

   D a t a D o m i n Ways 0 E n t e r Enterprise r i e s - 2 0 0 5
IT Users DiscussaNewD D 4 0to Protect p r i s e S e Data- September 2006                                                                         5
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