Landlord's Five Day Notice

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									This is a letter used by a landlord when a tenant is behind on rent. This letter is
delivered by the landlord to the tenant and notifies the tenant that he or she must either
pay the rent due within five (5) days or vacate the premises. The form contains both
standard clauses and opportunities for customization to reflect the terms of the lease
agreement. This is useful for a landlord that wants to collect back rent from a tenant
that currently occupies the property in states that require five (5) days notice.
                                         EVICTION NOTICE


You are hereby notified that there is now due to the undersigned landlord the sum
of____________ dollars ($__) rent for the premises located at__________________, County
of_________________________, State of___________________, described as follows:

You are hereby further notified that payment of said sum so due has been and is hereby
demanded of you, and that unless payment thereof is made on or before _____ (__) days after
you are served with this Notice, your lease of said premises will be terminated.

Only FULL PAYMENT of the rent demanded herein will waive the landlord's right to terminate
your lease under this Notice, unless the landlord agrees, in writing, to continue the lease in
exchange for receiving partial payment.

Dated this___day of__________, 20_____.

_____________________________________ _____________________________________
Landlord/Managing Agent Address

STATE OF________________________________ AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE (When served
by a person not an officer), COUNTY OF_______________________________:

____________________________, being duly sworn, on oath deposes and says that on
the______ day of ____________, 20___he/she served the within notice on the tenant named as

____ By    delivering a    copy   thereof                            to   the   within   named   tenant,
____      By delivering a copy thereof to_________________________________, a person above
          the age of ____ (__) years, residing in or in charge of the within described premises.
____ By sending a copy thereof to said tenant by** registered/certified mail, return receipt
____ By posting a copy thereof on the main door of the within described premises, no one
     being in actual possession thereof.

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Signature of Notice Server

Subscribed and sworn to before me this ___day of_________,____

Notary Public

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