Staff Directory for Housing Development by xyi12027


									                    DIVISION OF HOUSING DEVELOPMENT Staff Directory (May 2010)

NAME                       PROGRAM                TITLE                         TELEPHONE

Racer, Catherine                                  Associate Director            617-573-1300

McGuirk, Jo Ann                                   Deputy Associate Director     617-573-1301

Alberino, Nicole           LIP & HOP              Program Assistant             617-573-1313

Vacant                     HSF, CIPF & CATNHP     Director                      617-573-1310

Vacant                     HSF, CIPF & CATNHP     Program Coordinator           617-573-1303

Campbell, Elsa             LIP & HOP              Sr. Program Coordinator       617-573-1321

Chow, Betty                                       Administrative Assistant      617-573-1312

Cohen, Wendy               LIHTC                  Director                      617-573-1320

Duval, Matthew             HOME                   Program Coordinator           617-573-1324

Farmer, Theresa                                   Database Coordinator          617-573-1326

Frawley, Rebecca           HOME                   Director                      617-573-1318

Hall, Toni                 LIP                    Director                      617-573-1351

Hsu, Joanlin               HOME                   Program Coordinator           617-573-1315

Knudson, Carrie            HOME                   Program Coordinator           617-573-1325

Lesniak, Janice            LIP                    Program Coordinator           617-573-1327

Milito, Doreen                                    Accountant                    617-573-1307

Miller, Franklin           LIHTC                  Program Analyst               617-573-1316

Nelson, Andrew             HIF, FCF, CBH & Lead   Director                      617-573-1305

O'Meara, Michaelle         LIHTC                  Program Analyst               617-573-1319

Porrovecchio, Wayde                               Finance Manager               617-573-1306

Riley, Sharon              HSF, CIPF & CATNHP     Program Coordinator           617-573-1323

Seadale, Matthew           LIHTC                  Program Analyst               617-573-1317

Smiley, Rob                HIF, FCF, CBH & Lead   Program Coordinator           617-573-1314

Standish, Jillian          HSF, CIPF & CATNHP     Program Coordinator           617-573-1302

Tambiah, Jonathan          LIHTC                  Program Analyst               617-573-1311

Tobyne, Daniel             HSF, CIPF & CATNHP     Program Coordinator           617-573-1308

Wall, Michelle                                    Database Assistant (intern)   617-573-1274

Borin, Bertha                                     Program Assistant             617-573-1309

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