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					                                             THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                        EXECUTIVE OFFICE FOR ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCE
                                                 HUMAN RESOURCES DIVISION
                                                ONE ASHBURTON PLACE, BOSTON, MA 02108

 DEVAL L. PATRICK                                                                                                  LESLIE A. KIRWAN
     Governor                                                                                                           Secretary

TIMOTHY P. MURRAY                                                                                                      PAUL DIETL
  Lieutenant Governor                                                                                          Chief Human Resources Officer

           TO:          Municipal Appointing Authorities; Human Resources Directors; Fire Chiefs and
                        Police Chiefs

           FROM: Paul D. Dietl, Chief Human Resources Officer

           DATE: September 8, 2009

           RE:          Certification Delegation - Change in Civil Service Appointment Procedures

           As referenced in our August 7, 2009 Memorandum, the Human Resources Division (HRD) will be conducting
           Certification Delegation Information Sessions in the months of September and October of 2009. The information
           sessions will outline Municipal Appointing Authorities’ responsibilities for all hiring and promotions for police and
           fire public safety positions.

           The delegation of the hiring and promotion process provides municipalities with more decision-making authority
           and freedom to act and will expedite the selection process. With this delegation, municipalities are expected to
           make appropriate decisions, in accordance with Civil Service laws and regulations, during the selection process.
           HRD is available at all times to provide consultation, guidance and training on the selection process guidelines.

           HRD, when requested, will continue to issue lists for all entry-level police and firefighter vacancies. Upon
           establishment, departmental promotional lists will be sent to Appointing Authorities who may now promote
           candidates immediately when vacancies occur. HRD will continue to audit and approve all entry-level appointments
           for all communities under the federal consent decrees.

           We look forward to your feedback and suggestions for making this transition seamless.

           The list of the current scheduled informational sessions is attached. Please review the locations and reserve seats by
           emailing Matthew Knosp at
           or by calling me at 617-878-9875. As more informational sessions become available, our website will be updated
           accordingly. Please find us at

           If you have any questions, concerns or advice, please contact Sally McNeely at or Regina
           Caggiano at