Photographer's Contract Form by sarikagandhi


									Name of the Photographer or Photography Company

Address of the Photography Studio

Wedding Photography Contract Form

Date of the Wedding ________________
Location of the Wedding ______________
Wedding photography starts at _________ and ends at _________
Any other events and locations of the events that need to be photographed

This wedding photography agreement is between the photographer's name and
the client's name. The contact details of the client are given below.

Bride's name: _________________
Telephone no: _________________
Email id: ___________________

Groom's name: ________________
Telephone no: __________________
Email id: ____________________

Terms and conditions as deemed important by the photographer and the

Signature of the Client: _________________
Name of the Client: ___________________________

Date of Agreement: ______________________________

Signature of the Photographer: ____________________________

Name of the Photographer: ________________________________

Wedding Photography Contract Example

Given above is a standard wedding photography contract which is followed
by most photographers. This document may be subject to changes depending
on the terms and conditions that are finalized between the client and the
photographer. This sample wedding photography contract template will help
you get an idea as to how you can draft a wedding photography contract.

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