So you think you have an Idea - Exodus moving into the business phase by gavintonks


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What is the right idea………………

Ideas are ten a penny and not every idea is reinventing the wheel, McDonalds
and Burger King did not invent a hamburger they just found ways to make them
faster, sell quicker and more of them than anyone before.

So what’s your idea?
A new cell phone, an app, a website, every person dreams of the perfect
business that will assail them with wealth yachts and Lear jets, sadly many will
not see those dreams come true as we deal with two distinct personalities.

The salesman, he can sell anything sells the concept the idea, gets you all going
but there is no delivery. He is so busy selling he has not considered all the iffy
bits in his mind, like after sales, delivery and all the other effort that requires a
succesful business. We have a classic example with Google phone which is sold
on line but when people, needed help with problems, there was no where to go.

Salespeople are a cog in a complex environment that is a business and few
salespeople make it on their own in business, despite the fact, that having a
sales personality is critical to being a well rounded business person.

The entrepreneur however has a dream, a vision and passion, and with his idea
in hand he creates a plan to achieve his goal which is getting his product out
there sold and the money back in his bank where hopefully it stays.

Every wave that knocks an entrepreneur down will see the true die hard getting
up again and coming back to stand there again this time with the proper tools. He
knows that every obstacle, can be overcome and if he wants it badly enough.

The true entrepreneur also knows he can achieve his goal with well planned
achievable bite sized steps within the concept of his overall vision. He will
eventually stand there in the waves and turn them to his advantage.

So look again at your list of potential ideas, write a couple of words for each in
terms of what you think will sell. Spend some time in selling environments and
see what people are actually buying. Take specific shops and see how long the
stock sits on the shelf before it moves.

These steps are critical to the success of a business and not the success or
exuberance of the idea on its own.

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