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               HR Advantage
                                                                               Spring/Summer, 2009-Issue 19

                                       Administration Outlines Strategies
                                           to Close Budget Gap
                                                                                            Fall, 2008 Issue 17

On April 14, 2009, Governor Deval Patrick outlined various strategies for closing the budget gap. In addition to cost-
savings measures, the Governor intends to utilize federal stimulus funds, budget cuts, spending controls, staff furloughs
and the elimination of over 750 additional state positions to help close an immediate state budget gap of $156 million.
On May 4, the Governor announced that gap had grown by an additional $953 million.

One part of the fiscal relief plan is to implement mandatory furloughs for Executive Branch Managers. For the remainder
of fiscal year 2009, all Executive Branch managers are required to participate. The length of the furlough is determined
according to one‟s annual salary. Managers whose salaries exceed $75,000 will be required to take five days without
pay, while those earning between $50,000 and $75,000 will be required to take three days.

The Governor stated, “The historic downturn is hitting state government especially hard, leaving us with tough choices
among miserable options. We must take these painful but necessary steps today if we are going to position
Massachusetts for recovery and long-term economic success.”

               Federal Stimulus Recovery Funds
                    Reach Massachusetts

Massachusetts is in line to receive approximatley $8.7 billion dollars over the next two years as part of the Federal
Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The federal government has already allotted $437.9 million dollars for transportation
projects. Additional funds are targeted for investments in education, health care, and public safety. As Governor
Patrick stated on March 6, 2009, “Funds from the President‟s recovery bill come to us at a critical moment, and we are
well prepared to put these funds to work. Thanks to a careful review process, we will soon have shovels in the ground on
necessary road and bridge projects throughout the Commonwealth and start to put people back to work."

Governor Patrick also appointed a Director of Infrastructure Investment, Jeffrey Simon, to lead the Administration‟s
Economic Recovery Efforts. The Administration has created the Massachusetts Recovery Plan website which provides
informational updates pertaining to the implementation of the federal stimulus funds.
                       Governor Honors State Employees for
                            Outstanding Performance
                                                             On Friday, March 20 at the State House, Governor Deval Patrick
                                                             recognized 13 state employees (both groups and individuals) for
                                                             their outstanding dedicated public service in 2008. The awards
                                                             given through the state‟s Performance Recognition Program (PRP)
                                                             include the Manuel Carballo Governor‟s Award for Excellence in
                                                             Public Service, the Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Public Service Award
                                                             and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Workforce Mentoring
                                                             Award. Additionally, 321 employees statewide were recipients of
                                                             the Citation for Outstanding Performance. Citation winners were
                                                             recognized within their own agencies by their department heads.

                                                             “I commend these individuals for their outstanding service and
                                                             commitment to innovation,” said Governor Patrick. “Their hard
                                                             work allows us to provide the support and services our citizens and
                                                             businesses rely on.”

                                                             Secretary Leslie Kirwan of the Executive Office of Administration
                                                             and Finance, who also participated in the ceremony, said “These
    Governor Deval Patrick congratulates Mr. Jeff
    McCue, Director of Human Resources for the
                                                             employees have gone far above and beyond the call of duty. Their
    Executive Office of Health and Human                     dedication and commitment help us make state government
    Services and this year’s recipient of the                responsive to the needs of the people we serve.”
    Rooney Award.

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               HRD’s Natalie Wadzinski Recognized by
                Massachusetts Mentoring Partnership
                                                                             The 3 annual Youth Mentoring Day was held at
                                                                             the State House on February 23, 2009. It was a
                                                                             day to support mentoring programs and to
                                                                             recognize those special honorees who work so
                                                                             diligently to support our youth.

                                                                             Natalie Wadzinski, HRD Policy Developer, who
                                                                             coordinates the State Employees Responding as
                                                                             Volunteers Program (SERV) on a part-time basis,
                                                                             was recognized by the Mass Mentoring Partnership
                                                                             (MMP). Natalie was recognized for the wonderful
                                                                             work she has done on the SERV program as part
                                                                             of the mentoring recruitment process.

                                                                             Natalie‟s mentoring outreach efforts included
                                                                             working information tables at GIC Health Fairs at
                                                                             eight locations across the state, including Boston,
                                                                             Brockton, Fall River, Danvers, Haverhill, Worcester,
                                                                             Amherst and Holyoke and information sessions in
Pictured: David Shapiro, President and Chief Executive Officer of the
                                                                             Boston, Chelsea, New Bedford, Fall River,
Massachusetts Mentoring Partnership; Natalie Wadzinski, Policy               Framingham and Springfield.
Developer, Human Resources Division and Paul Dietl, Chief Human
Resources Officer, Human Resources Division                                  Natalie encourages state employees to volunteer
                                                                             for the numerous offerings under the SERV
                                                                                                         Spring/summer Issue,Page 2
Everybody Wins! Metro Boston (EWMB) is the Boston-based affiliate of Everybody Wins! USA; a national literacy and
mentoring nonprofit organization. The Everybody Wins! Metro Boston Power Lunch Program teams state employee
volunteers with elementary school students in grades 1-5, in cities including Boston, Everett and Framingham.
Employees meet and read to their students 1.5 to 3 hours per month during students‟ lunch breaks. The session not
only assists students with reading comprehension and vocabulary skills, but provides them with the opportunity to
meet and talk to a positive role model. One power lunch reader commented, “I would recommend mentoring to others
because it does not require money or special talent. You just need to be yourself and be willing to be a caring,
consistent, adult role-model in a young person‟s life. What better gift can you give a child than the gift of time?”

As provided by the Everybody Wins! Metro Boston the typical middle income first grader has had 1700 hours of picture
book reading time. The average low income student of that age has had only 25 hours. These astonishing statistics
have prompted many state volunteers to become mentors.

Currently there are thirty five reading mentors statewide, involved in the Everybody Wins! Metro Boston Power Lunch
Program. In addition, the overall participation in mentoring programs offered in conjunction with SERV is increasing.
There are an additional 20+ state employee volunteers involved in programs such as SMILES Mentoring in New
Bedford and Fall River, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay, Springfield School Volunteers, Inc and Boston
Partners in Education.

All state employees are encouraged to participate in a mentoring program. If you wish to volunteer, please contact
Natalie Wadzinski at 617-878-9710 or visit the SERV website for additional information.


                                                   The Human Resources Division (HRD) is pleased to welcome
                                                  Catherine Noyes, as the new Civil Service Director. Cathie brings
                                                  over twenty-four years of management experience from financial and
                                                  retirement services to HRD.

                                                  Cathie‟s extensive project management experience, coupled with her
                                                  knowledge of workflow and web design, will assist her in enhancing
                                                  online services. She hopes to reduce the paper flow for both
                                                  applicants and appointing authorities by making automated services a

                                                  When asked about potential challenges she may face, she stated, “In
                                                  this fiscal climate, doing more with less and dealing with the
                                                  uncertainties can be a challenge. However, we will work through the
                                                  challenges.” She acknowledged the civil service certification team
                                                  will be ready to assist those municipalities and state agencies facing
   Ms. Cathie Noyes, Civil Service Director       layoffs. As Director, she wants to ensure the appointing authorities
         Human Resources Division                 are applying the rules and guidelines associated with civil service
                                                  layoffs correctly.

Although Cathie recognizes that working in the public sector is a change in culture from her employment in the
corporate world, she stated, “There are a lot of parallels. Whether it is legal or customer service issues, the problems
are the same.”

Cathie is settling into her new position very nicely. She enjoys coming to work everyday and the helpfulness of her
HRD colleagues. She is excited about gaining knowledge in her new role and serving the public. When not at HRD,
Cathie enjoys movies, reading and socializing with friends at her favorite restaurant, Burton‟s Grill, in Hingham. It
ranks #1!

                                                                                                 Spring/summer Issue, Page 3
                                          Diversity Awareness in a not so
                                           Peanut Butter and Jelly World
                                             An Interview with Jean Comparetti,
                                                Acting Director of Training,
                                              Department of Mental Health
                                 Jean Comparetti brings over 20 years of training experience to her current position as
                                 Acting Director of Training at the Department of Mental Health. There is no such thing
                                 as a “typical day” for Jean. Whether it be writing and revising training curriculum or
                                 working with the Executive Office of Health and Human Services Center for Staff
                                 Development, she is always engaging in numerous and various projects.

Jean is a dedicated employee who values her current position. She stated, “I get to meet a variety of people at all
levels. Health and Human Service agencies are very people focused not only towards the clients they serve, but to the
staff as well.” One of Jean‟s greatest accomplishments is bringing effective diversity training and DMH‟s philosophy of
being “tenants of diversity” to the Commonwealth. She, along with Commissioner, Barbara Leadholm is committed to
continue diversity training and encouraging active discussions on diversity among staff.

For Jean, accepting people for who they are and where they are from is essential for tapping into their experiences and
making a better workplace. She believes that honoring a person‟s culture and what people can offer is realizing the true
meaning of diversity.

One challenge Jean was recently faced with was trying to organize staff trainings for those employees who work 24/7
shifts. Oftentimes, due to limited resources, staff was unavailable to fulfill the daily training session times that were
required. Jean, in partnership with Sandra Borders, HRD‟s Director of the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity,
solved the problem by making the training times more flexible to accommodate the trainees‟ schedules. Jean discussed
how this was a great help to all affected and how staff became more receptive to the training, itself.

Jean acknowledged the success of the diversity training. She said, “Although the impact is slow, people are more
aware of what they say and how they say it. From what they‟ve learned at diversity training, they are quicker to
apologize if they say something that has offended another”. For example, Jean discussed how during training
sessions, the term “ouch” is used if someone feels offended. This term is now becoming part of DMH‟s common
language as employees use the term in situations outside of the training environment. Jean was really pleased at how
the simple use of this term, raised awareness and generated meaningful dialogue.

One piece of advice Jean offers to new trainers is to let the participants drive where the discussion is going during a
session. Instead of stopping the conversation if not all areas of the training is covered, trainers should continue a lively
conversation that brings out emotion and intensity. These types of discussions, Jean believes are the most valuable.

Jean stresses the need to honor and pay attention to the various backgrounds of the people around us. She stated,
“We don‟t live in a peanut butter and jelly world. It‟s so important for us to respect each other, even in simple ways, and
to treat each other with respect.”

Jean hopes to oversee additional diversity trainings in the future and continue those awareness activities, discussion
groups and ways for people to eliminate the “ouch” factor not only in their professional lives, but personal lives as well.

                                                                                                   Spring/summer Issue, Page 4
                   Governor Honors State Employees for
                        Outstanding Performance
(Continued from Page 2)
The Manuel Carballo Governor‟s Award is given annually to ten
employees or groups of employees who exemplify the highest
standards of public service. In 2008, they were: Eric Friedman of
the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Vickie
Green of the Department of Workforce Development, Pearline
Hines of the Department of Public Health, Sandra Mayrand of the
University of Massachusetts Medical School, the Disaster Recovery
Team from the Office of the State Comptroller, the Streamlining
Access to Child Care Team from the Department of Early Education
& Care, and the Department of Transitional Assistance, the Health
Care Project Team from the Department of Revenue, the Northeast
Region Bedford Team from the Department of Mental Retardation,
the Park Passport & Box Construction Team from the Department
of Conservation and Recreation, and the Private Passenger
Automobile Managed Competition Team from the Division of

The Eugene H. Rooney, Jr. Public Service Award highlights human
resource development as a planned, continuous effort to provide
personal and professional growth opportunities that will enhance
employee competency levels. The Rooney Award was given to Jeff
McCue, Director of Human Resources, at the Executive Office of
Health and Human Services.
                                                                                    Governor Deval Patrick
                                                                                    congratulates Marissa Cutts, former
Recipients of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Workforce                           Director of Re-Entry Services at the
Mentoring Award play a vital role in preparing the Commonwealth‟s                   Department of Correction and
workforce of tomorrow by serving as a teacher, role model and                       recipient of the Commonwealth of
                                                                                    Massachusetts Workforce
confidante to either a subordinate or peer in the workplace.                        Mentoring Award.
Recipients of this award were Ellie Carey from the Department of
Mental Retardation and Marissa Cutts from the Department of

To view photos from the ceremony, please visit the HRD website.

ASK HRD:                         WHAT IS THE ROLE
                            OF THE ACES COORDINATOR
The ACES Coordinator is the main point of contact for agency managers on the online evaluation system,
Achievement and Competency Enhancement System (ACES). The role of the agency ACES Coordinator includes:

     Providing managers an overview of the evaluation process;
     Notifying managers on each stage of the evaluation cycle (Planning, Progress Review, Final Review,
      Signature), and its due dates;
     Monitoring managers progress on each ACES stage through Dashboard Reports;
     Ensuring that HRCMS is up-to-date with the manager‟s functional title, supervisor information, email
      address, and ACES eligible flag;
     Ensuring that ACES forms are in ACES Coordinator phase while ACES final ratings and merit pay is being
      finalized by the Secretariat;
     Moving ACES Forms to Signature Stage after receiving Secretariat direction and HRD approval on the
      ACES rating distribution worksheets;
     Ensuring that ACES forms are manually signed and placed in employee personnel folders;
     Making any updates to supervisor information, email address, or functional title in between data uploads (for
      those with administrative access); andLiaison to the Human Resources Division on ACES questions unable
      to be answered at the agency-level.
                                                                                              Spring/summer Issue,Page 5
                                     Human Resources Division Job
                                            Shadow Day 2009
                                             By Mary Cappadona, Human Resources Director

On Thursday, March 12, 2009, fourteen sophomores           The experiences with the hosts were as varied as the
from the Boston Collegiate Charter High School spent       units themselves. Four students participated in an
four hours at the Human Resources Division learning        interactive mock arbitration hearing with John Langan
about the work of the agency. Job Shadow Day is a          and Steve Perry from the Office of Employee
program which was developed by Junior Achievement          Relations. While Louis Chan and Colin Blair explained
to provide high school students with engaging,             to their student the type of research they conduct on
academically enriching, and experiential learning          behalf of HRD. Mike Chandrankunnel and Dana
sessions in work-readiness education and career            Gulserian demonstrated the accounting process within
perspectives. Each of the units within HRD helped with     the Finance & Administration Unit. Steve White and
Job Shadow Day either by hosting a student, doing a        Matt Knosp introduced their student to the Civil Service
workshop for the students or helping with logistics.       testing process and explained the Unit‟s interaction
                                                           with their customers. Mike Hurblin and Chuck Meredith
The day began with an overview of the Human                showed their charge the ropes at the Information
Resource Division‟s mission and an overview of each        Technology Unit. Betzaida Herrera and her colleagues
units functions by Chief Financial Officer Brian Hickey.   at the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity
This was followed up by an interactive workshop of the     demonstrated the unit‟s resume bank and explained
HRD portal by Director of Information Technology, Rob      their programs. Lisa Pollack showed her student the
Garon. Lisa Pollack did a live demonstration of the        work of the Organizational Development Group
Commonwealth Employment Opportunities website              including CEO. Donna Aylward from the Workers‟
using one of the student‟s information to apply for a      Compensation Unit, described the duties of the
position. After this workshop students were matched up     Utilization Review section within the Worker‟s
with their HRD hosts and spent the next hour and a         Compensation process while Russ Gilfus detailed the
half learning about their hosts‟ unit and job. Boston      role of the Litigation Unit to his student. Finally John
Collegiate Charter High School Principal Jenna             Marra and the Legal Unit clarified their role in
Ogundipe, who accompanied the students on Job              representing HRD in various venues.
Shadow Day, requested that each host ask their
student to “Tell me about yourself.” This helped
students become comfortable talking about
themselves, an important skill they will need in job

                                                           Juanita Allen, Recruitment and Outreach Manager did
                                                           a fabulous workshop on resume writing. She explained
                                                           what type of words to use and how to write a resume
                                                           that will be effective in getting an interview. She also
                                                           provided students will several templates to write their
                                                           own resumes. Students and Hosts then shared a pizza
                                                           lunch and participated in a wrap up session explaining
                                                           what they learned at Job Shadow Day. All participants
                                                           indicated that they enjoyed the experience and the
                                                           students sent their hosts thank you notes for hosting

                                                                                          Spring/summer Issue, Page 6
Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault And
Stalking In The Workplace:
Is Your Agency Ready To Deal
Effectively With It?
Written by Jean Haertl, Director Of Workplace And Domestic Violence
Prevention, and Imad Sandakly, Instructional Designer/Trainer, Learning And
Training Development Unit

What would your agency do if an employee were to give a restraining
order that applies to the workplace to a manager or supervisor in
your agency? Does your agency understand and know how to
develop and administer a workplace safety plan? What would your
agency do if a perpetrator of domestic violence, sexual assault or
stalking was working in the office? How would your agency respond if
an employee reveals that they are being stalked at work?
These questions are not hypothetical. They are real situations that
require managers, supervisors and HR professionals to respond
quickly and sensitively. Responding effectively requires expertise,
training, and a full understanding of the Commonwealth‟s policies
and protocols pertaining to domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in the workplace.

What Do Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault And Stalking Have To Do With
The Workplace?
Domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking statistics underscore the fact that abuse frequently
impacts the safety of victims in the workplace and impacts an organizations bottom line. The
Department of Justice estimates that domestic violence alone costs U. S. businesses between 3-
                                    6 billion dollars a year in medical expenses, legal costs,
   “Domestic violence alone         reduced productivity and absenteeism. Statistics show that
   costs U. S. businesses           74% of employed battered women were harassed by their
   between 3-6 billion dollars      partner while at work and ¼ of stalking victims missed work as
   a year in medical                a direct result of this crime. (Source: Employer against
   expenses, legal costs,           domestic; Illinois Coalition against Sexual assault,
   reduced productivity and         2002; NIJ 2006). In June 2008, citing the recent spike in
   absenteeism.”                    domestic violence homicides in Massachusetts, Governor
      -Department of Justice        Deval Patrick declared domestic violence a public health
                                    emergency. The number of domestic violence homicides more
than doubled from 15 in 2005 to 42 in 2007, and there have been 19 killings so far this year.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the state‟s largest employer, has assumed a leadership
role in response to domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in the workplace. In 2001, The
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Human Resources Division established the Domestic Violence
in the Workplace Prevention Program. This program was expanded in 2007 in response to
Executive Order #491, a new policy issued by Governor Deval Patrick that includes remedies for
victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in the workplace. (Continued on Page 8)

                                                                                   Spring/summer Issue, Page 7
Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault And
Stalking In The Workplace:
Is Your Agency Ready To Deal
Effectively With It?
(Continued from page 7)

                   In January of 2009, the Human Resources Division‟s Training and Learning
                   Development Group partnered with participants of the Governor‟s Council to
                   Address Sexual and Domestic Violence to leverage a state-wide network of
                   domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking prevention expert advisory
                   faculty. This advisory faculty launched the Commonwealth‟s first 3-Day Train-
                   the-Trainer Program, showcasing the standardized curriculum to be used in all
                   Executive Branch training targeting domestic violence, sexual assault and
                   stalking prevention. Lt. Governor Tim Murray, Sheridan Haines, Executive
                   Director of the Governor‟s Council to Address Sexual and Domestic Violence,
                   Stephanie Decandia, Director of System Advocacy and Policy Development at
the Boston Area Rape Crisis, Jean Haertl,
Director of Workplace and Domestic
Violence Prevention in the
Commonwealth, and the senior staff of
Jane Doe, Inc. addressed an audience of                                                           Pictured at left:
                                                                                                  DVSA and Stalking
45 participants from the Executive Branch,                                                        Train-the-Trainer
and Jane Doe, Inc.                                                                                participants,
                                                                                                  training faculty,
                                                                                                  and members of
Is Your Agency Ready To                                                                           HRD.
Respond Effectively To Issues
Of Domestic Violence, Sexual
Assault And Stalking In The

The Human Resources Division remains committed to ensuring that managers, supervisors and
HR professionals receive the essential policy, training, and case consultation support to assist in
working more effectively with victims and perpetrators. The state-wide Advisory Faculty Network
is available to support you as you address victims and perpetrators in the workplace. To learn
more about the services offered by the Human Resources Division and the state-wide Advisory
Faculty, please visit us at: Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking Awareness in the
Workplace. You may also access the page through HRD main site at:

  Mark Your Calendar
  The Human Resources Division will be offering a 3-day DVSA & Stalking Train-the-
  Trainer class on October 6, 7 and 8. Notice for enrollment will be provided 3 months
  prior to class.

  uman Resources Division will be
  offering a 3-day DVSA & Stalking                                                   Spring/summer Issue, Page 8

  Train-the-Trainer class on October
     Climbing the Ladder to Personal and
             Professional Success
HRD-Training and Learning Development Delivers
         Talent Development Program
                                                    By Carol Miller, Instructional Designer and Trainer,
                                                     Learning and Training Development Unit

Change is in the air! It is everywhere and a fact of our lives. Knowing what tools to use to personally and
professionally get the job done is vital in this era of change. New technology can increase workflow and
produce high quality work and workers. As things change, new skills need to be developed and old skills

To this end, Training and Learning Development, in collaboration with AFSCME, Council 93, Unit 2 and SEIU
509, began offering a series of training classes through their Career Ladders Program in January 2009. To
date, over 200 AFSCME and SEIU 509 members have enrolled and attended these classes.

The Career Ladders Program provides quality skill development classes for their membership at no cost. The
classes, designed in collaboration with representatives of the bargaining units and the HRD-Training and
Learning Development Group, meet in Boston, as well as Taunton, Westborough and Brockton. The classes
are designed to meet the specific needs of union members.

AFSCME, Council 93, Unit 2, Course Offerings:
    Dealing with Difficult Behaviors in the Workplace: provides participants with strategies and skills to
     effectively deal with difficult behaviors in the workplace from co workers, supervisors, managers and

       Securing Your Parachute: Résumé Writing and Interviewing Skills: a half day workshop that focuses on
        practical tips to create an effective résumé and straightforward advice on interviewing for a new position.

       Perspectives on Supervision: a one day session targeted to employees who are interested in moving up
        to a supervisory level.

SEIU 509 Course Offerings:
    Perspectives on Supervision: a one day session targeted to employees who are interested in moving up
       to a supervisory level.

       Supervisory Leadership Skills Program: a three-day program designed to provide practical tools and
        information to enhance the core supervisory leadership skills of existing supervisors.

For more information about either program, please contact Deidre Travis Brown at the Training and Learning
Development Group.

                                                                                                 Spring/summer Issue, Page 9
CHRO Commentary                                                        For the HR Professional:
Paul D. Dietl                                                          Events, Meetings &
Chief Human Resources Officer                                          Teleconferences
         Agencies Continue to Shine During                                       Corporate Leadership Council
             Gloomy Fiscal Forecast                                               Meetings/Teleconferences:

Thank you to all of you who have been working so tirelessly             Building a High Performance Workforce
to improve HR functions and simultaneously deal with the                Teleconference | June 18, 2009
current fiscal situation. Despite this busy and challenging
period, agencies continue to participate and offer support
for the numerous exciting initiatives that include:                     Improving Employee Engagement in the Economic
        HRCMS Upgrade – Fit Gap Sessions
                                                                        Teleconference/June 24, 2009
        Hackett Study (Phase I)- We will share details
        later this summer.
        Hay Classification Study                                       Recovering after Restructuring, Downsizing, and
        IT Consolidation                                               Difficult Times
        SERV Program                                                   Teleconference/June 25, 2009

I appreciate that agencies worked cooperatively to provide
key resources and insights during the most difficult of times           Building a Global Work-Life Proposition
for the Commonwealth. We are planning to take the results               Teleconference | June 29, 2009
from these initiatives to shape a multi-year strategic plan.

The level of support and commitment from state agencies
has been amazing. The ability for agencies to re-prioritize
projects, dedicate staff to HRD to assist on our current
projects and remain focused will have long-term, positive
results.                                                                 To register for any of the above teleconferences
                                                                          please visit the Corporate Leadership Council
I want to offer our services to any agency that may need                                     Website.
assistance with implementing staffing changes, and for
most of us, that means also working with challenging
budgets. I urge agencies to continue to develop creative
methods to recognize our best employees and redouble                    You will need to request access to the site if you
our communications effort during difficult times. Many                          do not already have an account.
thanks to those who have remained positive and continue
to work to improve our HR systems.

                                        Paul D. Dietl
The Human Resources Division has commenced a job classification study with the partnership of the HayGroup, a global
human resources consulting firm through June, 2009. We will continue to partner with agencies in an ongoing effort to
update titles each year.

This exciting opportunity providees HRD with the necessary tools for updating and developing competency-based job
specifications that provide the foundation for a talent management model. HRD is working with Hay in utilizing a web-
based job data collection system that will asssit us in compiling the study results that will shape the content of the revised
job specifications. We appreciate the assistance from the agencies and subject matter experts for their time and

This project will have long-term, valuable results. Being able to provide current specifications that accurately reflect the
core duties and competencies of the postion, will enable hiring agencies to attract and retain the most qualified and
talented individuals. As always, we appreciate your assistance during this exciting initiative. Please contact your HRD
analyst in the Organizational Development Group if you have any questions about the study.
                                                                                                    Spring/summer Issue, Page 10
                                                       HRD Profiles
                                                                       Michael Chandrankunnel
                                                           Chargeback Manager, Finance and Administration Unit

                                          Mike Chandrankunnel is a native of Long Island, New York, who graduated from Boston
                                          College (BC) with a Bachelors Degree in Biology and completed his graduate degree from
                                          Suffolk University with an MSF in Finance. Mike now works as Chargeback Manager in the
                                          Human Resources Division‟s Finance and Administration Unit.

                                          The main purpose of his position is to ensure the accurate accounting, billing and revenue
                                          collection for the HRD‟s chargeback program for the Workers‟ Compensation Unit and the
                                          Workers‟ Compensation Litigation and Training Services. Mike is also responsible for analyzing
                                          and creating program reports.

Although the numerous financial spreadsheets Mike deals with on a daily basis can be complex, he really enjoys his current position.
Mike did not originally plan on a career in the public sector, he fell into it and stayed with it because he enjoys working for the
Commonwealth, even during difficult and challenging times. When asked about his feelings on the current state of the economy, he
commented, “While the current economic climate is difficult and there are still major and complex issues to sort through, I t hink with the
proper public-private initiatives, the economy will strengthen and grow.” Mike continues to maintain a positive outlook, even during this
tough time in our state‟s economy.

Regarding any advice he would give to individuals seeking public sector employment he stated, “Working for the Commonwealth can
be fulfilling and challenging. The Commonwealth is involved in a myriad of services and issues that effect the lives of its
citizens daily.”

Mike strives for success on a daily basis. His educational background, coupled with his prior work experience, makes Mike a valuable
employee who works diligently to assist the employees and administrators he serves.

Mike is especially proud of his family. He enjoys spending time with his parents and siblings, trying out new restaurants, g oing to the
movies and volunteering. Although he is an avid Yankees (and sometimes Mets fan), he is greatly admired by his HRD colleagues!

                                                            Betzaida Herrera, Vietnam Era Veterans Coordinator
                                                                 Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity

                                           Betzaida Herrera was born and raised in Boston. Betsy currently works as the Vietnam Era
                                           Veterans Coordinator in HRD‟s Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity (ODEO).

                                           Betsy stated, “Since 1985, we have issued over 10,000 certificates of eligibility for affirmative
                                           action status to veterans. I was surprised and really happy when I read that, “For the first time
                                           in the Commonwealth‟s history of affirmative action, protected status had been extended
                                           beyond minorities and women, to include Veterans of the Vietnam Era (Formally Executive
                                           Order 235 now they are covered under EO478).”

 Betsy is also responsible for compiling, preparing, and distributing the ODEO Annual Report to appropriate personnel. She assists with
 reviewing agencies‟ Affirmative Action Plans and Diversity Plans. Betsy truly enjoys working as the Vietnam Era Veterans Coordinator.
 She commented, “I am so happy to say that this fiscal year is my first year in collecting data, and putting together my first Vietnam Era
 Veterans‟ Annual Report. I love to be able to help the veterans by reviewing and preparing their certificates for eligibility for affirmative
 action status. I also enjoy updating our website.”

 Betsy would like to see more services offered to assist all veterans, especially those returning from service. Supporting the troops really
 hits home as Betsy‟s cousin is currently serving in Iraq. Betsy hopes he can have a smooth transition back to civilian life and into the
 workforce. Betsy values the services offered through ODEO that assist veterans in connecting with career centers, shelters, local
 veterans agents and outreach services. She‟s happy to be part of the process helping those in need.

 It is clear that Betsy has found her true calling in the public sector. She enjoys helping people and knowing that she can make a
 difference in someone‟s life. She stated, ”I find that it is a wonderful privilege working for HRD. There is a UNIQUE TALENT in EACH
 and EVERY one of US. Also we, in HRD, provide so many resources to the public. With each unit coming together and working as a
 team, we all contribute in assisting our customers in meeting the needs of the citizens of the Commonwealth.”

 When not at HRD, Betsy is very busy at home, assisting her husband and caring for her 4 beautiful children: Josh 10, Caleb 8, Gabriel 6
 and Angelica 4. She considers herself “very blessed”. In her spare time, she enjoys writing in her journal about her children. She also
 loves to camp, read, fish and participate in family activities.

 As for a motto, Betsy lives by, “Be yourself and be the best that you can be”. It is very likely that she will be the first in line to welcome
 her cousin back from Iraq.                                                                                      Spring/summer Issue, Page 11
                                             LEGAL REVIEW:
                                           By The Human Resources Division‟s Legal Unit

 Thomas Pratt et al v. Paul Dietl-Human Resources Officer of the Commonwealth of Mass.
                          Superior Court Civil Action No. 09-1254

         On March 12, 2009 the Civil Service Commission (“Commission”) issued two decisions relating to the
Human Resources Division‟s (“HRD”) recent decision to employ the method of “banding” scores to establish the
2009 police officer promotional eligibility list. Although the practice of banding scores was first employed by the HRD
in 2008 to establish the entry-level police officer and firefighter eligibility lists, it is the first time this method of scoring
will be used to establish the police officer promotional list.
         In its first decision (Docket Nos. I-09-54, I-09-55, I-09-66) the Commission dismissed the
petitioners‟/appellants‟ petition to initiate an investigation into HRD‟s practice of banding pursuant to G.L. c. 31, §
2(a). Additionally, in that same decision the Commission denied the petitioners‟/appellants‟ request for an interim
order prohibiting HRD from banding the scores when establishing the 2009 promotional list.
         In the companion case (Docket Nos. E-09-65; E-09-60; E-09-67), the Commission dismissed the appeals
filed by several police officers individually and by three different unions on behalf of it members who took the
promotional examination. Pursuant to G.L. c. 31, § 2(b) the appellants challenged the proposed use of banding as
being in violation of Personnel Administration Rule PAR.07(4) and Chapter 31 generally. The Commission
dismissed the appeal on standing grounds holding that the appellants were not persons aggrieved as defined by the
statute since they could not show that their employment status was harmed in any way by HRD‟s decision to band
scores. Furthermore, the Commission held that the change in practice did not violate PAR.07(4).


         Pursuant to G.L. c. 231A, § 2, the appellants brought forward a claim before the Suffolk County Superior
Court seeking a preliminary injunction against HRD. The appellants/plaintiffs sought to enjoin HRD from issuing the
police officer promotional eligibility lists with banded scores. The plaintiffs asserted that they had standing under
G.L. c. 231A to bring forward the claim to appeal the actions and decisions of HRD and the Commission.
Furthermore, the plaintiffs also contended that (1) they are likely to succeed on the merits of their claims because
HRD amended a rule without adhering to the provisions set out in chapter 31, § 4; and (2) that their interest will be
harmed by the banding because the bypass procedure will no longer be available to provide protection to the higher
scoring candidates.
         On April 15, 2009 the Superior Court ordered that HRD be enjoined from issuing the promotional list with
score bands until a decision on the merits in this matter is reached. The Court found that because HRD‟s decision to
apply the banding method was made without adhering to the required statutory review process, the plaintiffs had
shown a reasonable likelihood of success on the merits. With respect to the plaintiffs‟ claim of risk of harm, the
Court held a sufficient risk of harm was demonstrated even if the plaintiffs‟ employment status had not yet been
harmed by HRD‟s decision to band scores. Under G.L. 231A, § 1 it is not necessary for the plaintiff to show actual
harm before seeking declaratory relief. Moreover, the Court also reasoned that enjoining HRD from issuing the list
would not adversely affect the public interest as HRD contended. On the contrary, the court found that reaching a
decision on the merits of this case would further promote the interests of the public and would “ensure that the
system operates on „basic merit principles‟ as defined in G.L. c. 31, 1.

                                                                                                      Spring/summer Issue, Page 12
                              HRD SPOTLIGHT:
                      OFFICE OF EMPLOYEE RELATIONS
                                  By the Human Resources Division‟s Office of Employee Relations

The Human Resources Division‟s Office of Employee Relations (OER) is responsible for overseeing all of the
Commonwealth‟s Executive Department labor relations activity, including the conduct of all collective bargaining
negotiations. In addition, OER has oversight authority of collective bargaining activities for the Board of Higher
Education, UMass, County Sheriffs and Registries of Deeds.

In February 2009, OER, working in concert with agency labor relations representatives, successfully negotiated three
major labor contracts with Executive Branch unions: NAGE Units 1, 3 and 6; AFSCME-SEIU, Council 93/Local 888 Unit
2; and Local 509 SEIU, Units 8 and 10. These new three year agreements cover approximately 32,000 employees, and
will serve to ensure stable and harmonious labor/management relations through the middle of calendar year 2012. The
new contracts provide fiscally sound base salary increases, while also including provisions to help employees better
meet the challenges of balancing serious family matters with daily work life. These agreements are in various stages of
the ratification process, and we hope we will soon be able to forward a request for funding to the Legislature.

OER is highly indebted to the committed agency labor relations representatives that have worked with us in this
process, enduring long and arduous negotiations in order to provide the support, advice and technical expertise
necessary to make these agreements a reality. We also wish to recognize the continuing efforts of HRD, Information
Technology Division (ITD) and State Comptroller (CTR) staff to ensure seamless implementation of these agreements.

In other Executive Branch bargaining:

       OER continues negotiations for successor agreements with MOSES-Unit 9, SPAM-Unit 5A and the MNA-Unit 7.
       A newly formed bargaining unit of state firefighters (Local S28, IAFF) located at the Mass. Military Reservation,
        has commenced negotiations with OER on a new contract.
       Negotiations for successor agreements will commence for MCOFU- Unit 4, and COPS- Unit 5, and the
        Correction Captains-Unit 4A, in the coming months.
       Impact bargaining sessions with the unions and agencies experiencing layoffs and/or reorganizations continue
        where needed.

Other News:

       Pending a funding source, HRD has developed an RFP for a web-based, technologically advanced, enterprise
        wide employee grievance/arbitration record management system that will give executive branch agencies tools
        to monitor and report on the status of employee grievances, which affect productivity and potential liability. One
        key feature of the system sought would be the requirement that all arbitration awards would be available on line.

                                                                                                   Spring/summer Issue, Page 13
             Quarterly Quotes
Adhere to your purpose and you will soon feel as well as you ever
did. On the contrary, if you falter, and give up, you will lose the
power of keeping any resolution, and will regret it all your life.

                                                         --Abraham Lincoln

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